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Change Logs

* Tue Apr 16 2019 Jan Fajerski <>
- Update to 0.16.2
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Redact notifier URL from logs to not leak secrets embedded in the URL
  * Allow sending of unauthenticated SMTP requests when smtp_auth_username is not supplied
* Fri Feb 08 2019 Jan Fajerski <>
- Update to 0.16.1:
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Do not populate cluster info if clustering is disabled in API v2
- Update to 0.16.0:
  + Deprecate API v1
  + Remove api/v1/alerts/groups GET endpoint
  + Revert Alertmanager working directory changes in Docker image back to /alertmanager
  + Using the recommended label syntax for maintainer in Dockerfile
  + Change alertmanager_notifications_total to count attempted notifications, not only successful ones (#1578)
  + Run as nobody inside container
  + Support w for weeks when creating silences, remove y for year
  + Features:
  * Introduce OpenAPI generated API v2
  * Lookup parts in strings using regexp.MatchString in templates
  * Support image/thumb url in attachment in Slack notifier
  * Support custom TLS certificates for the email notifier
  * Add support for images and links in the PagerDuty notification config
  * Add support for grouping by all labels
  * [amtool] Add timeout support to amtool commands
  * [amtool] Added config routes tools for vizualization and testing routes
  * [amtool] Support adding alerts using amtool
  + Enhancements:
  * Add support for --log.format
  * Add CORS support to API v2
  * Support HTML, URL title and custom sounds for Pushover
  * Update Alert compact view
  * Support adding custom fields to VictorOps notifications
  * Add help link in UI to Alertmanager documentation
  * Enforce HTTP or HTTPS URLs in Alertmanager config
  * Make OpsGenie API Key a templated string
  * Add name, value and SlackConfirmationField to action in Slack notifier
  * Show more alert information on silence form and silence view pages
  * Add cluster peers DNS refresh job
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Fix unmarshalling of secret URLs in config
  * Do not write groupbyall and groupby when marshaling config
  * Make a copy of firing alerts with EndsAt=0 when flushing
  * Respect regex matchers when recreating silences in UI
  * Change DefaultGlobalConfig to a function in Alertmanager configuration
  * Fix email template typo in alert-warning style
  * Fix silence redirect on silence creation UI page
  * Add missing callback_id parameter in Slack notifier
  * Throw error if no auth mechanism matches in email notifier
  * Use quoted-printable transfer encoding for the email notifier
  * Do not merge expired gossip messages
  * Fix "PLAIN" auth during notification via smtp-over-tls on port 465
  * [amtool] Support for assuming first label is alertname in silence add and query
  * [amtool] Support assuming first label is alertname in alert query with matchers
  * [amtool] Fix config path check in amtool
  * [amtool] Fix rfc3339 example texts
  * [amtool] Fixed issue with loading path of a default configs
- Update to 0.15.3
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Fix alert merging supporting both empty and set EndsAt property for firing alerts send by Prometheus
- Update to 0.15.2:
  + Enhancements:
  * [amtool] Add support for stdin to check-config
  * Log PagerDuty v1 response on BadRequest
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Correctly encode query strings in notifiers (#1516)
  * Add cache control headers to the API responses to avoid IE caching
  * Avoid listener blocking on unsubscribe
  * Fix a bunch of unhandled errors
  * Update PagerDuty API V2 to send full details on resolve
  * Validate URLs at config load time
  * Fix Settle() interval
  * Fix email to be green if only none firing
  * Handle errors in notify
  * Fix templating of hipchat room id
- Update to 0.15.1:
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Fix email template typo in alert-warning style
  * Fix regression in Pager Duty config
  * Catch templating errors in Wechat Notify
  * Fail when no private address can be found for cluster
  * Make sure we don't miss the first pushPull when joining cluster
  * Fix concurrent read and wirte group error in dispatch
- Update to 0.15.0:
  + [amtool] Update silence add and update flags
  + Replace deprecated InstrumentHandle
  + Validate Slack field config and only allow the necessary input
  + Remove legacy alert ingest endpoint
  + Move to memberlist as underlying gossip protocol including cluster flag changes from to
  + Move Alertmanager working directory in Docker image to /etc/alertmanager
  + The default group by is no labels.
  + Features:
  * [amtool] Filter alerts by receiver
  * Wait for mesh to settle before sending alerts
  * [amtool] Support basic auth in alertmanager url
  * Make HTTP clients used for integrations configurable
  + Enhancements:
  * Support receiving alerts with end time and zero start time
  * Sort dispatched alerts by job+instance
  * Support alert query filters active and unprocessed
  * [amtool] Expose alert query flags --active and --unprocessed
  * Add Slack actions to notifications
  + Bug Fixes:
  * Register nflog snapShotSize metric
  * Sort alerts in correct order before flushing to notifiers
  * Don't reset initial wait timer if flush is in-progress
  * Fix resolved alerts still inhibiting
  * Template wechat config fields
  * Notify resolved alerts properly
  * Fix parsing for label values with commas
  * Hide sensitive Wechat configuration
  * Prepopulate matchers when recreating a silence
  * Fix wechat panic
  * Allow empty matchers in silences/filtering
  * Properly configure HTTP client for Wechat integration
* Thu Mar 15 2018
- fix config token in alermanager.yml hipchat_url -> hipchat_api_url
* Wed Mar 14 2018
- spec: fix argument for %fdupes
- Update to 0.14.0:
  + Enhancements:
  * Allow templating PagerDuty receiver severity
  * Include receiver name in failed notifications log messages
  * Add mesh metrics
  + Bug fixes:
  * Don't notify of resolved alerts if none were reported firing
  * Notify only when new firing alerts are added
  * Don't count alerts with EndTime in the future as resolved
* Thu Jan 25 2018
- Update to 0.13.0
* Thu Jul 27 2017
- Add BuildRequires: fdupes
* Thu May 25 2017
- Initial version