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Change Logs

* Thu Jan 11 2018
- Update to version 0.9.6:
  * Appdata: Updated format to newer standard.
  * added a primitive extract_desktop function to babelglade.
  * babelglade: add Python 3 support.
  * desktop extract: regard the desktop file spec for translatable
  * removed our copy of monkeysign.
  * rewrote babelglade using lxml instead of expat.
  * send: avoid BT restart when back has been pressed.
  * Generate translated desktop file.
  * Let python test run "nosetest tests".
  * setup: group the catalogs in a separate function.
  * test_bluetooth: Skip tests if pybluez is not available.
  * test_gpgmks: skip the tests if mks is not available.
  * tests: Avoid too broad exception clause.
- Add python-lxml BuildRequires: new dependency used during
  translation of the xml files.
* Tue Oct 03 2017
- Update to version 0.9.5:
  * Bluetooth support through BlueZ and Twisted
  * Translation support with Babel
  * Increased Python 3 compatibility
  * default to gpgme instead of monkeysign
  * Better resiliance for pathologic OpenPGP keys
- Drop python-monkeysign Requires: we switched to gpgme.
- Add python-Babel BuildRequires: new dependency for the
- Add python-gpg, python-pybluez and python-twisted Requires: new
* Fri May 26 2017
- Add version on python-monkeysign Requires, ease updates for
  users. Can be lowered to a Recommends in the future.
- Drop no longer needed pushd/popd call.
* Thu May 11 2017
- Update to version 0.9:
  * Widgets are now loaded from Glade files instead of
    created from Python code
  * The key downloader returns bytes rather than strings
  * Keyserver: Now using application/pgp-keys as MIME type
  * Barcode scanner: Removed GStreamer<1.6 compatibility
  * Barcode scanner: Moved to gtksink for reducing code
    and increasing compatibility with running in a VM
  * Barcode scanner: Moved to autovideosrc
  * Barcode scanner: Stopped logging every single message
  * ScalingImage: Respecting the height when calculating the scale
  * KeysPage: Renamed signals to match Gtk convention more closely
* Mon Jan 30 2017
- Update to version 0.8:
  * GetKeySection: Timing the HTTP request out to make the UI
    respond more quickly.
  * gpgmh: Handle no existing private keys.
  * gpgmh: Made get_usable_keys not abort when no keys exist.
  * QRImage: Switching monitors on left or right key.
  * QRCode: Added a tooltip for the (non-fullscreen) QRImage.
  * Keyserver: Defined the poll_interval to be 0.15 instead of the
    default 0.5.
  * Added a graphical exception hook.
  * gpgmeh: Added a gpgme based gpg library.
  * gpgmh: Conditionally load new gpg library with KEYSIGN_GPGME.
- Drop gnome-keysign-gpg-2.1-returncode.patch and
  gnome-keysign-gpg-2.1.patch: upstream now supports gpg 2.1.
- Require python-setuptools: it's a runtime dependency too.
* Sat Oct 22 2016
- Update to version 0.7:
  * Changed QR code to include an uppercase MAC.
  * UI improvements.
  * Logging improvements.
  * Refactored and deduplicated code.
  * Increased Python3 compatbility.
* Thu Jul 07 2016
- Update to version 0.6:
  * GetKey: Properly call TempKeyring, not TemporaryKeyring
  * Using gi.require for Gtk, Gst, and GstVideo
  * Increased py3k compatibilty
- Add gnome-keysign-gpg-2.1-returncode.patch: Improve GPG 2.1
  compatibility. Patch has been submitted to monkeysign upstream:
* Sat Jun 25 2016
- Add python-requests Requires: manadatory dependency.
* Thu Jun 16 2016
- Add gnome-keysign-gpg-2.1.patch: Fix executiong with GPG 2.1.
  Patch has been submitted to monkeysign upstream.
* Thu Jun 16 2016
- Initial package, version 0.5.