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Change Logs

Version: 5.5.1-bp150.2.3
* Sat Feb 12 2011
- Use the %icon_theme_cache_* macros to make sure the icon theme
  caches are created/updated. Add hicolor-icon-theme BuildRequires
  for this.
* Thu Dec 02 2010
- Update to 5.5.1
  + Add icons for Empathy.
  + Add better support for Ubuntu Karmic's panel applets.
  + Minor updates and clean-ups on some icons.
- Changes from 5.5
  + New, redesigned folders!
  + Add folder-xdg icons for Karmic/GNOME 2.28.
  + Add some new icons/update others for better Karmic support.
  + Minor bugfixes.
- Changes from 5.3
  + Change Green and Pink Palettes for better contrast.
  + Source pack can now build mix n' match themes like
  + Release a recreated "Tribute" variation as extras.
  + Release a dark "Carbonite" variation as extras.
  + Minor shadow/consistency fixes.
  + File manager icons are recolorable again.
  + Allow for unbranded installation (no gnome-colors logo).
  + Add icons for root terminals.
- Changes from 5.2.2
  + Fix Inkscape rendering bug in Karmic.
- Changes from 5.2.1
  + Fix make install in distribution tarball.
- Changes from 5.2
  + Minor consistency fixes.
  + Recreate all recolorable icons from source.
  + Gradient and stroke fixes to folders.
  + Better palette for Red (Wine) variation.
  + Add a new color variation - Pink (Illustrious).
  + GNOME-Colors now allows for creating custom color icon sets
    from the source package. This means GNOME-Colors now has
    infinite possible color variations, feel free to read the
    documentation and make your own in minutes!
- Changes from 5.1.1
  + Adjust permissions on newly added icons.
- Changes from 5.1
  + Minor cosmetic tweaks.
  + Make wireless icons more accurate (0% signal = 0 bars).
  + Backport document-revert icon from gnome's one-canvas.
  + Redo some application icons for better consistency and looks.
- Changes from 5.0
  + Redesign old HAL-9000 Hibernate icon.
  + Make suspend icons consistent with new media-actions coloring.
  + Redesign some tons of action icons with better and smoother
  + Add RapidSVN icons.
  + Minor cosmetic fixes to many icons.
  + Move project to SVN, include makefiles and update
  + Use new common library to reduce file size by as much as 4
    times! Users are encouraged to read documentation before
    installation, as the new gnome-colors-common folder is a
    required dependency for all icon sets.
- Changes from 4.5
  + New phone icons.
  + New wireless icons - more intuitive and informative at any
  + Redo all spherical icons with better radial gradients.
  + Add more app and mimetype syslinks.
  + Minor fixes.
- Changes from 4.3.5
  + Fix an oops, missing two .icon links in previous upload.
- Changes from 4.3.4
  + Create new Desktop icons.
  + Fix color of some gradients in scalable places folders.
  + Remove all animation folders gnome-icon-theme already ships.
  + Remove all emblems that are already inherited from
- Changes from 4.3.3
  + Redraw a few icons, make a few more icons common across sets.
  + Fix smaller wireless icons for light panels.
  + Add some more application links.
- Changes from 4.3.2
  + Redraw the smaller sizes of many icons for better looks.
  + Create a few new category icons.
  + Add more application links.
  + Minor consistency fixes.
- Changes from 4.3.1
  + New system icons and redo icons based on them.
  + Fix some minor positioning errors in some icons.
  + Redraw reboot/reload icon for 32, 24 and 22 px sizes.
  + Remove blur from gnome-colors logo in scalable version.
  + Add icons for a few more apps.
  + Redesign software update icons for better consistency and
    better metaphor.
- Changes from 4.3
  + Redraw entire Human icon set with a subtler, less vibrant
  + Minor fixes and redrawing of some icons.
  + Remove some old, deprecated stock icons.
  + Remove some evolution icons now that evolution uses the correct
  + Enable drag n' drop installation to Appearance preferences by
    not repackaging the icon sets inside the download package. It's
    still recommended to extract the package even after
    installation, in order to view the documentation files.
- Changes from 4.2
  + Copy icons in "stock" folders to "actions".
  + Delete scalable search animations, they are no longer used in
    GNOME 2.26.
  + Delete icons that were deprecated by GNOME before 2.24. GNOME
    2.24 or above is now recommended.
  + Minor color consistency fixes in Dust and Noble variants.
  + Manually optimize most of the scalable files for better size
    and performance.
- Changes from 4.1
  + More consistent media icons.
  + Brand new Dust with a better color palette.
  + Minor fixes.
- Changes from 4.0
  + Brand new icon set! GNOME-Dust, meant to be used with
    Shiki-Dust GTK theme.
  + Media icons are now aluminium-colored.
  + Made many application icons neutral/aluminium.
  + Hundreds of minor improvements to tons of icons.
  + Improve color variety greatly to avoid monotony.
  + New font icons.
- Changes from 3.9.4
  + Minor fixes to a few icons.
  + Removed some unnecessary icons.
- Changes from 3.9.3
  + Better syslink usage to avoid duplicate icons.
  + New go-home icons, so now it's actually a home.
  + Minor fixes to window icons.
  + Use better metaphors for a few icons.
  + Add System Testing icons for Jaunty.
- Changes from 3.9.2
  + Use rescue float icon for help, it's a better metaphor and more
  + New locale icons, as not to have any language/country
  + Tango appearance preferences icons are a better metaphor for
  + Add media-optical icons for better small sizes and update their
    related icons.
  + Minor fixes to some other icons.
- Changes from 3.9.1
  + Add Midori icons
  + Let Evince use their own icons instead of generic PDF ones.
  + Add some missing links for notifications.
  + New nautilus-actions icons.
- Changes from 3.9
  + New File Manager icons.
  + New virtualbox icons.
  + Fixed vmware icons.
  + Better metaphors for some other icons.
  + Minor fixes.
- Changes from 3.8.9
  + Remove firefox/thunderbird icons (now in "extras" package).
  + Minor fixes to more 16px icons.
  + New gnome-mplayer/smplayer icons.
- Changes from 3.8.8
  + Minor improvements in 16px media-action icons.
  + Use green instead of yellow as secondary color in human/wine sets.
* Wed Jun 10 2009
- Update to version 3.8.7:
  + Minor fixes to a few icons.
  + Add Gnote icons.
  + Fix minor issue with scalable remote folders.
  + Fix wrong colored icon in wise version.
  + New delete/trash/warning icons from one-canvas.
  + New inkscape icons.
  + Add back usb-creator icons.
- Changes from version 3.8.5:
  + Fix color of Add icon in wise version.
- Changes from version 3.8.4:
  + New multimedia icons.
  + Make cd-audio icon more consistent.
  + Remove more unneeded icons.
  + Create proper remove icon.
- Changes from version 3.8.2/3.8.3:
  + New text editor/edit/tomboy/alacarte icons.
  + Add a few more syslinks for mimetypes and apps.
  + Remove last few unnecessary icons.
  + Add back Transmission icons to fix small tray icon in Shiki-Colors.
  + Add some syslinks for xfce4 panel icons.
  + Minor fixes.
- Changes from version 3.8.1:
  + Fix Rhythmbox' library icon.
  + Removed a few remaining duplicate icons.
  + New phone and music player icons!
- Changes from version 3.8:
  + New hard drive and all related icons.
  + Minor enhancements to a few icons.
  + Tons of clean-up, optimized many links.
  + Removed icons for outdated/deprecated applications.
  + Removed icons for apps that ship the same ones.
- Changes from version (22 - May - 2009):
  + Forgot to add the new desktop icons in last release ?
  + Minor fixes to all the *-remote icons.
  + Created new Server and related icons.
  + New CD drive/removable drive icons from gnome-icon-theme's one-canvas.
- Changes from version (20 - May - 2009):
  + Created new printer icons!
  + Recreated all mimetypes for best consistency.
  + Minor touch-ups to some existing icons.
- Changes from version (19 - May - 2009):
  + Created new about/star icons.
  + Created new search and related icons for the larger sizes.
  + Cleaned up and improved mimetypes.
  + Miscelaneous improvements and cleanups.
- Changes from version (18 - May - 2009):
  + Refreshed many icons for style and consistency.
  + New package icons.
  + Revert to old printer icons.
  + Minor bugfixes.
- Changes from version (17 - May - 2009):
  + Removal of some unnecessary icons for even better filesize.
  + Added shadow to logout icons.
  + Added some more links to devices and apps for better device/GDM theming.
  + Better use of links on some icons to improve filesize.
  + Other minor fixes to improve consistency.
  + Changed ccsm icon to a prettier one.
* Thu May 14 2009
- Recompress source tarball to bz2.
- Do not make tar verbose when extracting the themes.
- Limit width of description lines.
* Wed May 13 2009
- Update to 3.3.2
  + Features
  - New icons
  - Removed some unnecessary icons, as latest gnome-icon-theme
    already include these
  - Fixed positioning on some mimetypes for improved consistency
  - Fixed some small bugs, found some 22px icons in 24px folder,
    so fixed those as well
  + Bug fixes
  - Remove the fix for exec attibute, 3.3.2 already fixed that
  - Remove unneeded parameters from fdupes macro
  - Fix index.theme files for openSUSE versions prior to 11.2
  - Fix package license, it is GPL v2
- Add Tango to the list of Inherited theme in 11.1 and earlier so
  that the thumbnail looks good in the appearance capplet.
* Mon May 11 2009
- Initial package for GNOME-colors icon themes.