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Change Logs

* Thu Jun 11 2015
- Force gnu89 inline semantics
- invalid-cast.patch: fix invalid cast
* Tue Sep 16 2014
- Fix devel package requires by letting the pkgconfig dependency
  generator act (Add pkg-config BuildRequires and remove all
  explicit Requires from the -devel package).
- Add gnokii-date-time.patch: Do not include __DATE__ or __TIME__
  in binaries.
* Wed Apr 11 2012
- Move the mysql/postgres smsd plugins from devel subpackage to
  smsd subpackage, where they really belong.
* Fri Feb 24 2012
- Add gnokii-suid_flags.patch: respect SUID_CFLAGS/SUID_LDFLAGS
  when building the suid binary mkgnokiidev.
- Set SUID_CFLAGS to -fPIE and SUID_LDFLAGS to -pie in %build. This
  fixes bnc#743142.
- Add libX11-devel and libXpm-devel BuildRequires: they used to be
  implicitly brought in, but are needed after the xorg-x11
  packaging change. Only do this for 12.2 and later, though, to not
  break build on older systems.
* Sat Dec 03 2011
- Update to version 0.6.31:
  + libgnokii updates
  - add gn_lib_phone_change_driver() function to allow replacing
    used driver in runtime
  - GSM number type is rather mask than define; use it as such
    when parsing the input
  - avoid overruns in phonet
  - print names of config files it tried to open only if none
    could be used
  - fix setting alarms for zero length events read from icalendar
    files (eg. birthdays)
  - fix sms encoding: don't break multibyte characters when
    creating multipart messages
  - add possibility to disable setting serial port speed and
    DTR and RTS bits
  - change the order of lookup for the config file
  - add id for Nokia 3109c and for Nokia C1-01 to misc.c only;
    both use model=series40
  - fix gn_sms_send() so the message could be resent  (Pawe? Kot)
  - make the vcard reader handle also BDAY, TITLE, NICKNAME, ORG,
    X-SIP;POC and X-WV-ID
  - make the vcard reader handle also empty fields in N and in
    ADR (like in addresses without a PO Box)
  - support for compressed messages is not implemented yet
  - make the vcard writer handle also the date property in DC,
    MC, RC (the reader will ignore it) and ignore X-GNOKII-70 and
    X-GNOKII-71 (they are part of the N property)
  - make the vcard reader unfold correctly when lines end with CR
  - make the vcard writer fold lines at the 75th character
  - add id for Nokia 1280 to misc.c only; it doesn't support many
    commands because it's a Series 30; use model=series40
  - add id for Nokia 2700 clasic (series40)
  - add id for Nokia C2-03
  + nk6510 driver updates
  - fix calendar handling issues (few off-by-ones)
  - implement deletecalendarnote for series40 3rd+ Ed
  - handle TODOs and Notes in series40 3rd+ Ed
  - avoid segfault reported by Chuck when unexpected smsc
    information arrives
  - fix writing birthday entries to phonebook
  - fix setting speed dials with location > 255
  + gnokii updates
  - create path to gnokii-errors even on Windows
  - allow to specify custom path for gnokii-errors
  - make the output of --getspeeddial more readable (show SM or
    ME instead of a number) and consistent with the arguments of
  - -setspeeddial
  + fake driver updates
  - add multipart message to SMS inbox
  - add ability to use --writephonebook
  + smsd updates
  - do not call GetSMSC every time SMS is sent
  - NULL freed pointers
  + xgnokii updates
  - set icon "phone" for all windows when using gtk+ 2.6 or later
  + at driver updates
  - correctly initialize memory type on WritePhonebookExt
  - Samsung SGH-U600 suppots extended phonebook
  - AT+SBPW=0,... is not supported for SM memory
  - Samsung B2100 encodes phone numbers
  - Return GN_ERR_EMPTYLOCATION also for phones that return error
- Add gnokii-xgnokii.patch: Fix typo which stops xgnokii from being
  built and installed.
- Add libtool BuildRequires and call autoreconf, as the above patch
  touches and we need to rebootstrap.
- Remove _service.
- Change license tag to spdx identifier.
* Thu May 05 2011
- Use %set_permissions instead of deprecated %run_permissions in
- Add readline-devel and sqlite3-devel BuildRequires for additional
* Sun Mar 13 2011
- Update to version 0.6.30:
  + support for phonet
  + fix SMS parsing
  + add ids for some more models
  + fix calendar crash
  + fix --reset hard handling
- Drop gnokii-new-libpcsc-lite.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sat Feb 12 2011
- Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
  + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
    least one desktop file.
- Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
  can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
- Split lang subpackage.
* Mon Jan 17 2011
- Add gnokii-new-libpcsc-lite.patch, that we apply on 11.4 and
  later: fix build with libpcsc-lite >= 1.6.0. Taken from git.
* Wed Apr 28 2010
- Update to version 0.6.29:
  + Gnokii updates:
  - make SMS and MMS commands suggest using --showsmsfolderstatus
    to know which memory types are supported
  - fix command with multiple arguments handling in --shell
  - show reference number also for sendlogo() and sendringtone()
  - fix random segfault when using --deletecalendarnote
  + Libgnokii updates:
  - add more debug information to encoding functions
  - add ids for Nokia 2760, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 5310
    XpressMusic, Nokia 6700 classic and Nokia 6085 to misc.c (use
    model=series40 for all)
  - add TA and CB memory types to gn_str2memory_type() and to
    gn_memory_type2str(); they were only in
  - use more standard config file locations:
    %APPDATA%\gnokii for Windows
    $HOME/Library/Preferences/gnokii for MacOS X
    $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gnokii for others (following
  - fallback to use mbrtowc()/wcrtomb() or mbtowc()/wctomb() if
    iconv_open() fails
  - fix sending multipart 8-bit SMS
  - fix SMS encoding
  - fix SMS splitting into parts (concatenated messages with
    UCS-2 encoding)
  - add dependency on glib
  - make --writephonebook work on Series40 3rd Ed+
  - when reading phonebook dump unknown blocks in debug mode
  + Many driver updates
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gnokii-vcal_c-bufferoverflow.patch: fixed upstream.
* Wed Feb 24 2010
- Update to version 0.6.28:
  * build system updates
    o fix Mac OS X build    (Pawe? Kot, Daniele Forsi, Jeff Rafter)
    o fix NetBSD build and enable Bluetooth support (Daniele Forsi)
    o use = instead of == in configure to be compliant with sh
    syntax                                          (Guido Falsi)
    o add options to disable mysql/postgres smsd plugins
    compilation                                     (Alin N?stac)
    o use strdup instead of strndup - fixes FreeBSD < 8 compilation
    (Guido Falsi)
    o remove deprecated kernel modules for DKU2 cable; supported
    DKU2 driver uses libusb (connection = dku2libusb)
    (Daniele Forsi, Pawe? Kot)
    o remove patches/freebsd-ltmain_sh.patch since it is no more
    needed                           (Daniele Forsi, Guido Falsi)
    o fix setenv()/unsetenv() build on Solaris          (Pawe? Kot)
    o fix getopt_long() build on Solaris                (Pawe? Kot)
  * libgnokii changes
    o print more verbose messages on device locking problems
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o add GN_ERR_LOCKED error code                      (Pawe? Kot)
    o strip trailing '\r's when parsing vcard files     (Pawe? Kot)
    o enable Bluetooth support for FreeBSD            (Guido Falsi)
    o fix segfault on sending long sms                  (Pawe? Kot)
    o fix off by one bug in atbus_rx_statemachine() found with
    valgrind                           (Daniele Forsi, Pawe? Kot)
    o fix retval of char_ucs2_encode()   (Daniele Forsi, Pawe? Kot)
    o autodetect bluetooth channel for gnapplet         (Pawe? Kot)
    o don't use default rfcomm channel since we have autodetection
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o add id for Nokia 1209 to misc.c only; use model=series40 but
    you will get limited functionality because this phone is a
    Series 30                                            (ncrfgs)
    o add a gn_lib_init() function to translate libgnokii messages
    also when the library is used by programs other than gnokii,
    xgnokii and smsd; only programs that DON'T connect to a phone
    need to call it explicitely                   (Daniele Forsi)
    o set To headers instead of From headers when saving to mbox
    outbox messages                                    (analyzer)
    o add gn_mms_get() and gn_mms_delete() functions (decoding to
    text and MIME formats is incomplete and subject to change)
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o assign random reference ids to sent SMS (was always 0)
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o fix splitting unicode multipart messages          (Pawe? Kot)
    o with multipart message always send the smallest part as the
    last one                                          (Pawe? Kot)
    o represent more statuses with enum gn_power_source
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o correctly decode non-ascii characters in default alphabet
    messages                                          (Pawe? Kot)
    o when sending multipart sms return reference numbers for all
    the parts                                         (Pawe? Kot)
    o add GN_SMS_Unknown to gn_sms_message_status   (Daniele Forsi)
    o fix decoding SMS-STATUS-REPORT     (Daniele Forsi, Pawe? Kot)
    o set GN_SMS_USER_DATA_MAX_LENGTH to 256            (Pawe? Kot)
    o replace GNOKII_API bool with GNOKII_API int for the function
    definition                                        (Pawe? Kot)
    o introduce better bool definition             (Fabian Groffen)
    o correctly encode GN_GSM_NUMBER_Alphanumeric   (Daniele Forsi)
    o use UCS-2 internal representation when sending SMS; it will
    allow better recognition for non-ascii but default alphabet
    characters                                        (Pawe? Kot)
    o fix off-by-one bug in base64_encode               (Pawe? Kot)
  * gnokii updates
    o strip the trailing newline when --entersecuritycode did not
    read from a terminal                          (Daniele Forsi)
    o add --getmms and --deletemms commands         (Daniele Forsi)
    o deprecate -l option --sendsms; gnokii will now detect itself
    long sms                                          (Pawe? Kot)
    o more efficient way to get all smses               (Pawe? Kot)
    o add SEC option to --entersecuritycode to input security code
    (supported by nk6510 and nk6100 drivers)     (Ladislav Michl)
    o make --sendsms refuse alfanumeric destination "numbers" to
    catch typos and make --savesms accept them because it's
    useful for testing                            (Daniele Forsi)
    o allow sending an empty SMS                        (Pawe? Kot)
  * at driver updates
    o initialize reg_notification and reg_callback_date (Pawe? Kot)
    o fix --getnetworkinfo on some phones (Siemens S55) with
    unregistered SIM                                  (Pawe? Kot)
    o accept also +CCLK and +CREG responses without double quotes
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o fix --getphonebook segfault (bug #25378)          (Pawe? Kot)
    o make Huawei phones notify SMS arrival (they seem to send
    notifications only to the second port, eg /dev/ttyUSB1)
    fixes  (Daniele Forsi)
    o cache GetBattery as it is extensivly used by --monitor and
    doesn't change too frequently                     (Pawe? Kot)
    o make GetBattery understand also 2 (no battery) and 3 (power
    fault)                                        (Daniele Forsi)
    o if AT+GMM fails, try AT+CGMM (Huawei E220 doesn't support
    +GMM but supports +CGMM); fixes #26039            (Pawe? Kot)
    o accept also +CREG responses with an odd number of digits in
    the Cell ID field                             (Daniele Forsi)
    o when setting a new memory name use the current encoding
    instead of forcing "GSM" encoding             (Daniele Forsi)
  * nk6510 driver updates
    o fix segfault on deletesms with S40_30             (Pawe? Kot)
    o sanity checks for number of messages in folder; increase max
    sms number in folder to 1024                      (Pawe? Kot)
    o implement GN_OP_GetMMS and GN_OP_DeleteMMS    (Daniele Forsi)
    o don't fallback to S40_30 mode on every error      (Pawe? Kot)
    o SMS status is sometimes not returned - check for reply length
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o improve detection of SMS and MMS with S40_30 and correctly
    decode UCS2 SMS and read/unread/sent/unset status; also fix
    reading SMS from non-IN folders               (Daniele Forsi)
    o enable input of security code (this driver now supports PIN
    and SEC and throws an error for other codes)  (Daniele Forsi)
    o distinguish between "file not found" for --getfile (return an
    error) and "empty directory" for --getfilelist (do not return
    an error)                                     (Daniele Forsi)
    o when an empty file folder is cached always use a timeout > 0
    since 0 means "no timeout" and the list is never refreshed;
    this also affects reading SMS from S40_30     (Daniele Forsi)
  * gnapplet driver updates
    o fix string type argument length passed to the phone
    (Pawe? Kot)
  * documentation updates
    o in sample gnokiirc mention that the rfcomm_channel parameter
    is ignored when using the FBUS protocol       (Daniele Forsi)
    o in gnokii man page add details to --writephonebook and
    remove reference to non existant -i parameter (Daniele Forsi)
    o add comments to all functions in common/gsm-encoding.c
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o in sample gnokiirc mention that on Win32 a COM port with a
    number greater than 9 is named like \\.\COM10 (Daniele Forsi)
    o in sample gnokiirc for Win32 mention that
    port = aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff is valid too         (Daniele Forsi)
  * smsd updates
    o fix segfault when using the nk6100 driver     (Daniele Forsi)
    o add examples directory with action files      (Daniele Forsi)
    o print short version on every startup; it should bring better
    bugreports                                        (Pawe? Kot)
    o reading SMS from S40_30 would stop working when inbox becomes
    empty (fixed in the driver)                   (Daniele Forsi)
    o enable sending long sms with postgresql module    (Pawe? Kot)
    o rollback autodection of first sms position. First position
    now defaults to 1 and can be changed to 0 with -0,
  - -firstpos0 command line argument              (Jan Derfinak)
  * xgnokii updates
    o use Icon=phone instead of Icon=cellphone            (Ariszló)
  * fake driver updates
    o implement GetSMS for testing                      (Pawe? Kot)
    o generate reference id for SendSMS                 (Pawe? Kot)
    o add SMS-STATUS-REPORT sample SMS for GetSMS testing
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o add more testcases for GetSMS                     (Pawe? Kot)
  * translation updates
    o updated French translation                             (Ploc)
    o updated Italian translation                   (Daniele Forsi)
  * utils updates
    o add gnokii-configure utility (not installed by make install
    because it depends on Python and libglade)    (Daniele Forsi)
  * nk7110 driver updates
    o fix segfault on getsms and deletesms when raw_sms->number < 1
    (Daniele Forsi)
  * pcsc driver updates
    o deprecate model=pcsc and connection=pcsc values; use
    model=APDU and connection=libpcsclite instead (Daniele Forsi)
  + Add gnokii-vcal_c-bufferoverflow.patch, from upstream git.
* Tue Mar 17 2009
- updated to 0.6.27
  * build system updates
    o move config.rpath from config/ to toplevel        (Pawe? Kot)
    o remove all m4 macros except ac_expand_dir.m4 and
    acx_pthread.m4                                    (Pawe? Kot)
    o use -N instead of -r in addition to -O option to make new
    wget happy                                        (Pawe? Kot)
    o be compatible with systems where iconv() is not in glibc
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o make Mac OS X use glibtoolize instead of libtoolize in
    ./                                  (Daniele Forsi)
  * win32 updates
    o make it build again                             (Jari Turkia)
  * nk6510 driver updates
    o advance progress indicator for file download in place
    (Yoni Rabkin)
    o detect empty/invalid SMS locations                (Pawe? Kot)
    o support two bytes for raw location numbers also for reading
    and deleting SMS (it was already supported for saving) this
    partially fixes reading SMS with Nokia Series 40 3rd Edition
    phones and other newer and older phones       (Daniele Forsi)
    o replace SMS reading implementation for Series40 3rd Edition
    and later phones                                  (Pawe? Kot)
    o support new memory types for SMS on series40: DR (Drafts) and
    OUS (Outbox, items to be sent)                    (Pawe? Kot)
  * libgnokii updates
    o re-add iconv detection, fixes problem with non-ASCII messages
    and data, spotted by Daniele Forsi           (Bastien Nocera)
    o add callback function for advance progress indicator
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o translate country names if iso-codes package is installed;
    see INSTALL for details                       (Daniele Forsi)
    o edit MCC list to be closer to and edit
    country list to be closer to iso-codes        (Daniele Forsi)
    o Add the new gn_phonebook2vcardstr() and
    gn_vcardstr2phonebook() functions, to manipulate strings
    rather than filedescriptors when parsing phonebook entries
    (Bastien Nocera)
    o Add similar gn_calnote2icalstr(), gn_icalstr2calnote(),
    gn_todo2icalstr(), and gn_icalstr2todo() functions
    to manipulate calendar entries               (Bastien Nocera)
    o steal rfcomm channel autodetection code from
    gnome-phone-manager                               (Pawe? Kot)
    o make gn_sms_send() propagate the reference number from its
    local data->raw_sms to caller's data->sms     (Daniele Forsi)
    o add unconditional divert type (reason)            (Pawe? Kot)
    o fix potential stack corruption with long phone names; fixes
    [#23941] (  (Pawe? Kot)
    o add ids for Nokia N73 (model=at), Nokia 7373 and Nokia 3500
    Classic (model=series40) to misc.c only       (Daniele Forsi)
    o print out an overrun frame when detected          (Pawe? Kot)
    o gn_file_list struct supports an arbitrary number of files in
    the directory                                     (Pawe? Kot)
    o add new memory types for SMS: SR (Status Reports), DR
    (Drafts) and OUS (Outbox, items to be sent)       (Pawe? Kot)
    o increase max number of SMS folders supported from 24 to 64
    (many phones handled by the nk6510 driver support 20 folders
    created by the user and more than 4 folders created by the
    phone)                                            (Pawe? Kot)
  * documentation updates
    o updated Polish translation                        (Pawe? Kot)
    o updated Italian translation                   (Daniele Forsi)
    o update Nokia DKU2 rules sample file for udev  (Daniele Forsi,
    Pawe? Kot)
    o update gnokii man page with --answercall --hangup --divert
  - -keysequence --enterchar --listnetworks --getnetworkinfo
    and --showsmsfolderstatus that were missing and add details
    to --dialvoice and --setspeeddial             (Daniele Forsi)
  * gnokii updates
    o make --getsms accept at most 6 arguments, not 5 so that
    gnokii --getsms SM 1 2 -d -f myfile actually works; exit
    immediately (and do not delete SMS if --delete was specified)
    when user answers "no" to overwrite prompt    (Daniele Forsi)
    o make --sendsms, --savesms, --getsms and --deletesmsfolder
    return with more specific error codes GN_ERR_WRONGDATAFORMAT,
    appropriate, instead of -1 or GN_ERR_FAILED   (Daniele Forsi)
    o add country name to --listnetworks output     (Daniele Forsi)
    o error message for too long text provided to --sendsms --long
    would sometimes print wrong max size          (Daniele Forsi)
    o Use the new gn_phonebook2vcardstr() function (Bastien Nocera)
    o fix handling of arguments in --savesms: make it actually
    accept -l|--location and at most 12 parameters, not 10
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o make --sendsms print the reference number of sent SMS
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o align --showsmsfolderstatus output -- folder abbreviation can
    have up to 3 chars                                (Pawe? Kot)
    o implement --shell option that will allow run more than one
    gnokii command inside one session                 (Pawe? Kot)
    o sms folder abbreviation may be 3-char             (Pawe? Kot)
    o extend max SMS folder name length                 (Pawe? Kot)
  * at driver updates
    o workaround for Sagem myW-8 (in atsag.c) and other phones (in
    atgen.c) returning the wrong answer to GN_OP_GetModel
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o fix segfault on empty addressbook entry last name on Samsung
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o fix detecting current charset with AT+CSCS?   (Daniele Forsi)
    o fix encoding issues (again)                       (Pawe? Kot)
    o fix GetMemoryStatus timing out on some Sony Ericsson phones
    (Bastien Nocera)
    o fix changing folders in some cases on Sony Ericsson phones
    (Bastien Nocera)
    o fix GetMemoryStatus being wrong when some phonebook entries
    contained non-ASCII characters               (Bastien Nocera)
    o decode date/time for --getphonebook DC MC RC on phones that
    also encode number, eg Sony Ericsson          (Daniele Forsi)
    o fix divert call commands invocation               (Pawe? Kot)
    o be more verbose when the phone doesn't support PDU SMS mode
    (Carles Pina i Estany)
    o fix phonebook reading for phones that add spaces after commas
    in +CPBR: response                            (Daniele Forsi)
    o fix folder list parsing for wavecom modems   (BORBELY Zoltan)
    o make phonebook work on all Samsung phones; make extended
    phonebook configurable; FIXME: detect which phones support
    extended phonebook                                (Pawe? Kot)
    o support SMS memory names longer than 2 chars  (Daniele Forsi)
    o Sagem was reported to encode numbers (bug #24116) (Pawe? Kot)
    o let it use also connection = tcp to use an Ethernet to serial
    adapter or a phone connected to a remote PC   (Daniele Forsi)
    o Samsung SHG-L760 was reported to respond to some commands
    without echoing the original request              (Pawe? Kot)
  * xgnokii updates
    o display longer model names in Options dialog  (Daniele Forsi)
  * smsd updates
    o fix potential segfault with file module on empty input SMS
    (Jan Derfinak)
    o allow to send multiline SMS with file module   (Jan Derfinak,
    o don't use variable after it is freed              (Pawe? Kot)
    o default module is file module                     (Pawe? Kot)
  * link layer updates
    o usb_open() on DKU2 device just once -- otherwise it doesn't
    work on FreeBSD                                   (Pawe? Kot)
* Tue Oct 07 2008
- fixed incorrect encoding for the synchronized entries
* Tue Sep 16 2008
- bluez-libs is dropped
* Mon Sep 15 2008
- adjust buildrequires
* Fri Jul 25 2008
- updated to 0.6.26
  * translation updates
    o search translations in $(localedir) and use exactly the same
    code in gnokii, xgnokii, smsd and gnokiid     (Daniele Forsi)
  * at driver updates
    o use AT+GMM to get the model name as it gives a more readable
    output for Sony Ericssons and makes no difference for other
    tested phones                      (Pawe? Kot, Daniele Forsi)
    o support 4-bytes cell id                           (Pawe? Kot)
    o cache pdu mode not to issue the command with every sms
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o cache output of AT+XXXX=? commands which can be reused
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o handle extended registration status in a sane way (Pawe? Kot)
    o better handle encoding issues wrt numbers and memory types;
    some phones want them to be encoded using encoding being set
    (like Sony Ericsson) some want them as ascii (like Nokia)
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o optimize number of commands sent to the phone for multiple
    operations like reading entire phonebook or entire inbox
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o better handle empty +COPS responses               (Pawe? Kot)
    o handle +CREG notifications (registration status)  (Pawe? Kot)
    o correctly parse output for +CREG with LAC bytes swapped
    (Pawe? Kot)
    o add separate files for LG and Sagem phones        (Pawe? Kot)
    o for GN_OP_GetSMSCenter always provide a default name and set
    default_name field because AT protocol never provides a name
    (Daniele Forsi)
  * gnokii updates
    o support 4-bytes cell id                           (Pawe? Kot)
  * libgnokii updates
    o do line unfolding/folding when reading/writing vCards and
    limit subentry size to 61 bytes (fixes in part
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o handle no '\n' at the end of the config file      (Pawe? Kot)
    o don't allocate memory for comments for in-memory config
    representation                                    (Pawe? Kot)
    o comments in the config files may be started at any position
    in the line                                       (Pawe? Kot)
    o add missing quotes to #define LIBGNOKII_VERSION_STRING
    (Daniele Forsi)
  * smsd updates
    o avoid "duplicated message" error with concatenated messages
    on MySQL                                          (Pawe? Kot)
    o more verbose debug information                    (Pawe? Kot)
  * pcsc driver updates
    o implement GN_OP_GetSMSCenter for --getsmsc    (Daniele Forsi)
  * nk6510 driver updates
    o for GN_OP_GetSMSCenter provide a default name if a name isn't
    received; fix setting default_name field; when phone numbers
    are empty do not copy the string "(none)"     (Daniele Forsi)
  * nk7110 driver updates
    o for GN_OP_GetSMSCenter provide a default name if a name isn't
    received; fix setting default_name field; when phone numbers
    are empty do not copy the string "(none)"     (Daniele Forsi)
* Fri Jul 25 2008
- updated to 0.6.25
  * at driver updates
    o correctly handle different length memory names (like F10) so
    that phone can respond with ERROR             (Daniele Forsi)
    o fix call notification for phones that reply with "+CRING: "
    instead of "+CRING: VOICE"                    (Daniele Forsi)
    o now it can decode status report SMS           (Daniele Forsi)
  * pcsc driver updates
    o make it compatible also with libpcsclite 1.3.1+
    (Pavel Kankovsky)
    o implement the functions to support --deletesms and
  - -deletephonebook; deleted items are completely overwritten
    with 0xff                                   (Pavel Kankovsky)
    o implement the functions to support --getsecuritycodestatus
    and --entersecuritycode PIN                 (Pavel Kankovsky)
    o now it can decode status report SMS           (Daniele Forsi)
  * libgnokii changes
    o make char_bcd_number_get() decode non numeric codes "*#pbc"
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o tm_mon in tm struct starts from 0         (Wies?aw Ochmi?ski)
    o make vCard output of gn_phonebook2vcard() compliant with
    RFC2426 using underscores instead of hyphens (vCards created
    by previous versions are still read) and always generating
    the "N:" property; (fixes a part of      (Daniele Forsi)
    o split phonebook entry information (previously in
    gnokii mbox file output and use "None" instead of "Unknown"
    for GN_PHONEBOOK_GROUP_None                   (Daniele Forsi)
    o make gn_vcard2phonebook() parse and store the "N:" property
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o move declaration of gn_get_connectiontype() from
    gnokii-internal.h to gnokii.h because it is a public function
    (Daniele Forsi)
    o merge from devel branch the functions to convert enum values
    into localized strings             (Pawe? Kot, Daniele Forsi)
    o use the new function to convert enum values into localized
    strings to output vCard category              (Daniele Forsi)
    o rewrite gn_sms_pdu2raw() to decode also status reports
    (this is used by atgen.c and pcsc.c)          (Daniele Forsi)
  * gnokii changes
    o allow to use --entersecuritycode with another gnokii command
    (Pavel Kankovsky)
    o all specialized functions return gn_error         (Pawe? Kot)
    o use the new functions to convert enum values into localized
    strings (merge code from devel branch with minor changes)
    (Daniele Forsi)
  * nk6100 driver updates
    o Nokia 3210, 3310 and 3330 do not support caller groups (tested
    for NSE-8, NHM-5 and NHM-6, guessed for NSE-9 and NHM-5NX)
    so return GN_PHONEBOOK_GROUP_None on reading   (Daniele Forsi)
* Tue Mar 25 2008
- updated to 0.6.24
  * libgnokii changes
    o prepare new API for config handling; it will allow third
    party applications to use own configuration
    o add id for Nokia 5300 to misc.c only; use model=series40 in
    gnokiirc for this and similar phones
    o create a new function moving code from atgen.c to split raw
    fields of a PDU coded SMS and copy them to gn_sms_raw struct
    for later decoding
    o change gn_memory_type2str() to be the inverse of
    gn_str2memory_type(), ie converting a numeric gn_memory_type
    like GN_MT_ME into a short string like "ME"; converting into
    a more user friendly string like "Internal memory" is now
    done by gn_memory_type_print()
  * at driver updates
    o in ReplyGetSMS() use the new function to split raw fields of
    a PDU coded SMS (code refactoring, no functional changes)
    o do not segfault when AT+COPS? returns only the first value
    as in +COPS: 0
    o AT protocol supports only one SMS Center, so pretend that its
    location is number 1 and return GN_ERR_INVALIDLOCATION
    when requested SMSC location is not 1
    o use gn_str2memory_type() and the new gn_memory_type2str() to
    convert memory arguments
    o implement the functions to support --showsmsfolderstatus for
    up to 4 folders
    o fix setting the current memory on Sony Ericsson phones
    o force the encoding to be GSM when we're expecting an "ASCII"
    answer, fixes a lot of functionality on Sony Ericsson, Samsung
    and Sagem phones.
    o in GN_OP_SaveSMS set data->raw_sms->number with location
    number where message was stored, as expected by gnokii
  - -savesms
    o in Sony Ericsson driver atsoer.c fix off by one command
    string length in se_at_memory_type_set()
    o parse date and time if sent by phone when reading phonebook
    entries (eg DC, MC, RC memories)
  * pcsc driver updates
    o implement --getsms from SM memory; this can read deleted SMS
    o implement the functions to support --showsmsfolderstatus
  * documentation updates
    o add to gnokii man page the missing options of --sendsms
    command (--8bit, --concat, --animation and --wappush) and
    document all its other long options
    o try to make an impression that all the phones are supported
  * gnokii updates
    o make --getsmsc understand the "end" keyword
    o the -f and -F options of --getsms now output short memory
    names for X-GSM-Memory
    o use the new gn_memory_type2str() to show memory name instead
    of numeric ID in --showsmsfolderstatus output
  * nk6100 driver
    o use "SIM card" instead of "SMS Inbox" as SM folder name for
  - -showsmsfolderstatus
* Tue Feb 19 2008
- updated to 0.6.23
  * documentation updates
    o add further details for logo commands to gnokii man page
    and fix --getwapsetting/--writewapsetting
    o update xgnokii/ChangeLog
  * build system updates
    o don't include packaging directory in the release tarballs
    o don't allow to build without debug
    o switch build system to automake
    o allow silent (make -s) build
    o add missing includes on glibc 2.7
    o get rid of XGNOKIIDIR
    o add --disable-smsd option to disable smsd compilation and
  * libgnokii updates
    o update gsm network list
    o use defines instead of hardcoding values
    o correct FBUS sequence number initialization
    o make the function gn_get_connectiontype() visible even when
    compiling with -fvisibility=hidden
    o remove deprecated gn_cfg_read() function
    o initialize active call table with Idle state for checking
    active calls
  * xgnokii updates
    o avoid to use hardcodes
    o avoid segfault on calendar fetching
    o display a dialog to inform the user that some functions in
    the Calendar window are not yet implemented ("Save to phone",
    "Send via SMS", "Import from file", "Export to file"); also
    make menu items for "Add reminder", "Add call", "Add
    meeting", "Add birthday", "Delete note" work
  * pcsc driver updates
    o provide more information to the --identify command
    o implement --getnetworkinfo
  * gnokii updates
    o trailing \n with --sendsms was not calculated into sms length
    but it was added into sms text; as the result if \n was 161st
    char in the sms and it was the last one we were telling user
    that just one sms will be sent and we sent two
  * nk6510 driver updates
    o print out rf level information in debug mode even it gnokii
    structures are not initialized
    o add call notification handler
    o attempt to "fix" problem with getting folder list on some
    Series40 phones
* Wed Nov 28 2007
- updated to 0.6.22
  * build system updates
    o make install and install-devel work correctly
    o xgnokii.pc should be installed with install-devel
    o add MS Visual C++ 2008 project files
  * at driver updates
    o make CNMI mode argument configurable in at_driver_instance
    o don't fallback to default memory type if desired one is not
    o new specific driver for Motorola
  * xgnokii updates
    o change the way phonebooks entries are deleted
    o make sure it didn't copy subentries from previously read
    phonebook entry
    o fix moving phonebook entries from SIM to phone and vice versa
    o when a phonebook entry is successfully saved or deleted do
    not process it again
    o do not let the user write phonebook names longer than the
    space allocated by libgnokii
  * link layer updates
    o reset link layer status when resending message
    o extend buffer for the reply as a workaround for libusb
    o improve DKU-5 initialization again
  * libgnokii updates
    o export delivery report status as enum, not only text
    o use businessCategory for caller group number when exporting
    and importing phonebook entries in LDIF format (instead of
    businessGroup and callerGroup)
    o add function to return connection name
    o make gn_gsm_initialise() print the "phone instance config" in
    a format that can be copied into gnokiirc
  * nk6510 driver updates
    o don't free driver instance too early