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OpenGL utility library

Development/Libraries/C and C++

GLU offers simple interfaces for building mipmaps; checking for the presence of extensions in the OpenGL (or other libraries which follow the same conventions for advertising extensions); drawing piecewise-linear curves, NURBS, quadrics and other primitives (including, but not limited to, teapots); tesselating surfaces; setting up projection matrices and unprojecting screen coordinates to world coordinates.

License: SUSE-SGI-FreeB-2.0



Package Version Update ID Released Package Hub Version Platforms Subpackages
9.0.0-8.45 info GA Release 2020-06-06 15 SP5 Subpackages
  • x86-64
  • glu-debugsource
  • libGLU1-32bit
  • libGLU1-32bit-debuginfo
9.0.0-1.32 info GA Release 2018-05-25 15 SP1 Subpackages
  • x86-64
  • libGLU1-32bit