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Version: 2.57.1-bp150.2.3
* Tue Apr 17 2018
- Export CXXFLAGS="-std=c++17" until upstream makes this the
  default again. Needed, as libsigc++-3.0 moved to C++17.
* Tue Mar 27 2018
- Update to version 2.57.1:
  + Gio: DataOutputStream::put_string(): Don't pass std:string by
  + gmmproc: Add _MEMBER_SET_STR() macro (bgo#793778).
- Update baselibs.conf to 2.58 following upstream ABI changes.
* Wed Feb 28 2018
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Thu Feb 22 2018
- Update to version 2.55.2:
  + Glib:
  - IOCondition: Add an IO_ prefix to the enumerator names;
  - TimeoutSource: Use monotonic time consistently (bgo#792524);
  - Ustring:
    . Replace 8√óformat() and 9√ócompose() with 1 respective
    variadic template;
    . Use std::initializer_list instead of pointer + size
  - VariantBase:
    . Add operator==() and operator!=() (bgo#789330);
    . cast_dynamic(): Remove noexcept(false).
  + Glib::Gio:
  - AppInfo: Update the name of the AppLaunchContext parameters;
  - Application: Fix property_resource_base_path()'s type;
  - DataInputStream:
    . Remove read_until*();
    . Fix the documentation of read_line_utf8().
  - InetSocketAddress, ProxyAddress: No guint16 in
  - Settings: set_int() and friends shall return bool
  - TlsClientConnection: Remove get/set/property_use_ssl3().
  + gmmproc:
  - Warn if parameter lists are not compatible;
  - _WRAP_METHOD_DOCS_ONLY: Optionally suppress @return section.
  - Add --exclude-file option.
  - Suppress the @return section if return type is void.
  - Write signal flags to .defs files.
  - Write default values of properties to .defs files.
  - Write default values of properties to generated
    documentation (bgo#785895).
  - Warn for unmatched deprecations in signals and properties.
  + Update documentation.
- Change License tag to LGPL-2.1-or-later complying with SPDX 3.0.
* Fri Sep 08 2017
- Repair duplicated package summaries.
  Do not run fdupes across hardlink boundaries.
* Fri Aug 25 2017
- Update to version 2.55.1:
  + Glib:
  - Object: Value_Pointer class should take only one template
  - Variant: Improved support for D-Bus object paths and
    signatures (bgo#785700).
  - Glib::Value_Flags<>: static_cast to correct type.
  + Gio:
  - Derive all interfaces directly from Glib::Interface
  - Application: OptionType: Make this an enum class.
  - BufferedInputStream, BufferedOutputStream, DataOutputStream:
    Implement Seekable.
  - CharsetConverter: Implement the Gio::Initable interface and
    call Initable::init() from CharsetConverter's constructor
  - Add FileDescriptorBased interface and make GUnixInputStream
    and GUnixOutputStream implement it.
  - MemoryInputStream, UnixInputStream: Implement
  - MemoryOutputStream, UnixOutputStream: Implement
  - TlsDatabase: create_certificate_handle_vfunc(): Fix memory
    leak, and correctly return nulltpr (bgo#783360).
  + gmmproc:
  - Accept curly braces in default values in _WRAP macros
  - Don't accept unpaired double quotes.
  - gmmproc: Fix _WRAP_ENUM for enumerators with apostrophes.
  - gmmproc, _WRAP_ENUM: Add optional CONV_TO_INT parameter.
  + Build:
  - Change the ABI to glibmm-2.56.
  - Really exclude DesktopAppInfo from on MacOS
  + Documentation:
  - miscutils: Update docs of get_*_name() from GLib.
  - Fix documentation of enum Glib::IOCondition.
- Bump so_ver and base_ver following upstream changes, also done
  for baselibs.conf, following this, also rename sub-packages.
- Run spec-clean, modernize spec.
* Tue May 30 2017
- Update to version 2.53.2:
  + Glib: ConstructParams: Do not increment allocation size twice.
  + Gio:
  - ActionMap: Really fix add_action_with_parameter()
  - UnixSocketAddress::create(): Remove a default value to avoid
    ambiguity (bgo#782592).
  + Gio::DBus: Proxy: Wrap call() and call_sync() methods
  + gmmproc: Use of static_cast<> instead of C-style casts.
  + Build:
  - Fix the build on MacOS, where glib doesn't have gdesktopinfo
  - Really use desktopappinfo.hg to fix the build.
  + Documentation:
  - Glib, Gio: Update documentation of in-class enums.
  - ActionMap: Improve add_action_with_parameter docs.
* Sat May 20 2017
- Update to version
  + Glib:
  - Use C++11 enum classes instead of old-style enums, and put
    many enums inside relevant class declarations.
  - RefPtr: Make this an alias for std::shared_ptr<> instead
  - Remove Glib::WeakRef. Use std::weak_ref<> instead
  - Object: Use g_object_new_with_properties() instead of
    (deprecated) g_object_newv() and (deprecated) GParameter.
  - IOChannel: Avoid creating a RefPtr to this (bgo#755037).
  - SignalProxy: connect(): Signals with non-void return values
    now have no default value for the "after" parameter, forcing
    application developers to think about whether they should
    connect before or after already-connected signal handlers,
    and default signal handlers. This is awkward but necessary.
    Just provide "true" to get the previous behaviour, or use
    connect_notify(). connect_notify(): Signals with void return
    values have no connect_notify(), because it is not useful
    with those signals (bgo#126213).
  + Gio:
  - Use C++11 enum classes instead of old-style enums, and put
    many enums inside relevant class declarations.
  - Remove duplicate ErrorEnum declaration.
  + ConstructParams:
  - Remove (hopefully really unnecessary) copy constructor.
  - C++11: =delete the operator=, instead of making it private.
  + Value:
  - Remove the CType alias, which should be unnecessary.
  - value_custom: Replace a template parameter with C++11 type
  - Value<RefPtr<T>>: Only use this specialization if T has
    get_base_type() (bgo#755037).
  + Variant:
  - operator bool(): Simplify to avoid clang++ warnings.
  - C++11: Variant: Replace throw(std::bad_cast) with
    noexcept(false) (rh#1438766).
  + Socket: Avoid creating a RefPtr to this (bgo#755037).
  + Gio:DBus:
  - Use C++11 enum classes instead of old-style enums, and put
    many enums inside relevant class declarations.
  + gmmproc:
  - _WRAP_ENUM(): Generate C++ enum classes instead of enums,
    and let the enums be inside class declarations (bgo#86864).
  + Build: Windows:  Visual Studio builds: Update ABI version.
- Changes from version 2.53.1:
  + Glib:
  - OptionGroup:
    . Don't allow copy or move.
    . Remove the OptionGroup& parameter in on_pre_parse(),
    on_post_parse() and on_error().
  - IOChannel, StreamIOChannel: Remove deprecated parts.
  - ustring: Add make_valid() (bgo#780075).
  - Remove (unused) Sequence and sequence().
  - Remove ListHandle, SListHandle, ArrayHandle, SArrayHandle,
    and StringArrayHandle, replacing them with std::vector in
  + gmmproc: _WRAP_METHOD(): Some more use of auto in generated
  + Build:
  - Change the ABI to glibmm-2.54.
  - Add some #include directives.
  - Visual Studio: Require Visual Studio 2017 and update the
    glibmm project.
- Bump so_ver to -2_54-1 in spec and baselibs.conf following
  upstream changes.
- Add a new base_ver define and set it to 2.54 to ease future
  version updates.
* Tue Mar 14 2017
- Update to version 2.51.5:
  + Gio:
  - Application: get_default(): Correct the reference counting.
  - Add PropertyAction.
  + Glib:
  - Remove Glib::unconst() because it is unused and unnecessary.
  - Variant: Add template specialization for std::tuple, and a
    test (bgo#777791).
* Thu Feb 23 2017
- Update to version 2.51.2:
  + Glib: Object construction: Add custom class init and instance
    init functions. An extra class init function is useful in
    Gtk::WidgetCustomDraw and Gtk::WidgetCustomSnapshot
  + Gio:
  - Action: #include <glibmm/variant.h>, for convenience
  - SimpleAction: Make set_state() public (bgo#777953).
  + Documentation: Glib::Variant: Explain how to create "maybe"
    type (bgo#778219).
* Wed Jan 11 2017
- Update to version
  + Glib:
  - Remove some deprecated API.
  - Variant: Remove the string specializations of cast_dynamic.
  - Glib::VariantType: Add get_item_types(), removing first() and
    next() (bgo#775741).
  + Gio:
  - init(): Set the global locale (bgo#661588).
  - ActionBase: get_state_hint_variant() now returns
  - ActionMap: add_action_with_parameter(): Register the
    parameter type, to make this work (bgo#774444).
  - ActionResult: Add is_tagged_vfunc().
  - Glib::Dispatcher: Implement the pimpl idiom (bgo#651942).
  - File, FileInfo, FileIOStream, FileOutputStream: Use
    Glib::ustring for (UTF-8) file attributes of string type
  - NetworkMonitor: Derive from Gio::Initable.
  - RemoteActionGroup: Rename some vfuncs to add _full().
  + Documentation:
  - ActionMap:
    . ActivateSlot: Mention add_action_bool().
    . ActivateWithParameterSlot: Be more specific (bgo#774444).
  + Build:
  - Update the Visual Studio project files.
  - Some minor cppcheck fixes.
* Wed Dec 07 2016
- Update to version
  + General:
  - Remove no_default_handler in some _WRAP_SIGNAL()s.
  - Build: examples/ Re-insert the dispatcher
  + Glib:
  - Dispatcher: Don't cast a HANDLE to an int on Windows
  - ObjectBase:
    . Remove connect_property_changed_with_return() and let
    connect_property_changed() return a sigc::connection.
    . Use std::forward_list for interface class pointers.
    . Replace extra_object_base_data map by instance data.
  - ObjectBase: overload get_property().
  - Main, IOSource: autodeduce type of fd field (bgo#770274).
  - Settings:
    . Add property_settings_schema(), and update
    . Make set_enum() + set_flags() usable (bgo#774647).
  - SettingsSchemaKey: Add missing value/range methods
  - SignalProxyNormal: Remove connect_() and connect_notify_(),
    adding connect_impl().
  - Rename SignalProxyDetailed to SignalProxyDetailedBase, and
    SignalProxyDetailedAnyType to SignalProxyDetailed.
    Remove SignalProxyDetailed# aliases (# = 0..6).
  - Source: Replace extra_source_data by instance data
  + Gio:
  - ActionMap::add_action_vfunc(): Const correction.
  - Application: Add dbus_register/unregister_vfunc (bgo#762191).
  - Menu: insert/prepend/add_item(): Const correction.
  - MenuAttributeIter: get_value(): Const correction.
  - MenuModel: get_item_atribute(): const correction.
  - RemoteActionGroup: Derive from Gio::ActionGroup.
  + Gio::Dbus:
  - Proxy: Fix memory leak in get_cached_property_names()
  - Proxy: Derive from (and implement) Gio::DBus::Interface.
* Sat Dec 03 2016
- Rectify RPM groups, replace old macros.
* Fri Dec 02 2016
- Update to version 2.51.1:
  + This is the first release of the glibmm-2.52 API/ABI.
  + Require C++14.
  + Use libsigc++-3.0 instead of libsigc++-2.0.
  + Remove lots of deprecated API.
  + Gio:
  - BufferedInputStream, InputStream, OutputStream: Add vfuncs,
    allowing implementation in C++ (bgo#572471).
  - SettingsSchemaSource::get_default(): Correct the reference
    count (bgo#774593).
  - Settings: Fix type of 'key' parameter of
    writable-change-event signal (bgo#773977).
  + Glib: ustring: Add cbegin() and cend().
- Change so_ver to -2_52-1, following upstream.
- No longer provide/obsolete glibmm24(-devel): this is now done by
  the new glibmm2_4 package.
- Replace pkgconfig(sigc++-2.0) BuildRequires with
  pkgconfig(sigc++-3.0), following upstream.
* Tue Sep 20 2016
- Update to version 2.50.0:
  + No changes since 2.49.7.
* Wed Sep 14 2016
- Update to version 2.49.7:
  + Gio:
  - AppInfo: Add launch_default_for_uri_async().
  - Application::get_busy(): return the bool (bgo#770304).
  - Drive: Add is_removable().
  - Settings:
    . set_uiint(): Deprecate for set_uint().
    . Add get/set_uint64().
    . Add get/set_int64().
  - giomm.h: Add include for settingsschemasource.h
  + Documentation: Glib::OptionGroup: Improve the documentation of
* Fri Aug 19 2016
- Update to version 2.49.5:
  + Glib: OptionContext: Wrap g_option_context_parse_strv().
  + gmmproc:
  - Add DocsParser::remove_c_memory_handling_info().
  - Add missing objects to glib/gio_extra_objects.defs.
  - Remove DocsParser::non_object_method_name().
  - swap() implementations: Use std::swap().
  + Documentation: Gio::SocketService: Update the class
* Thu Jul 21 2016
- Update to 2.49.4:
  + glib: Replace some use of some deprecated libsigc++ API.
  + Build: Really enable silent builds (bgo#768797).
* Mon Jun 27 2016
- Update to version 2.49.2:
  + Gio:
  - FilterInputStream: Added a constructor (bgo#572471).
  - FilterOutputStream: Correct the property_base_stream()
    return type (bgo#572471, bgo#572471).
  - InputStream: Added a constructor, is_closed(), has_pending(),
    set_pending(), clear_pending() (bgo#572471).
  - OutputStream: Added a constructor, is_closed(), is_closing(),
    has_pending(), set_pending(), and clear_pending()
  - Pollable, InputStream, OutputStream: Return -1 on error in
  + gmmproc:
  - Make recognize some GDK_PIXBUF macros.
  - Add optional argument err_return_value in _WRAP_VFUNC.
  + Build: Visual Studio build files: Update projects.
* Thu Jun 02 2016
- Update to version 2.49.1:
  + gmmproc:
  - Discard unused m4 sections.
  - Add 'deprecated' option in _WRAP_ENUM and _WRAP_GERROR.
  - _CLASS_GOBJECT(): Allow custom move operation implementations
    with _CUSTOM_MOVE_OPERATION() (bgo#756593).
  + Gio:
  - Added ListModel, ListStoreBase and ListStore<>, and tests
  - SocketAddress: Correct the constructor's implemention
  + Gio:DBus: Proxy: allow using GDBusProxy* conversion outside
    DBus namespace.
  + Glib:
  - FileAtrributeInfoList, Checksum, Module, RefPtr: Make
    operator bool explicit.
  - Property: Allow to set property nick, blurb, and flags
  - VariantBase: Add explicit operator bool(), deprecating
    operator const void*.
  + Documentation: Examples: Use libsigc++ 2.9/10 and its
    slot/signal<R(Args...)> syntax.