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Version: 1.28.0-bp150.3.3.1
* Fri May 03 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
- revert switch to singlespec. This is an insane complexification
  for no gain: git-review is a pure cli tool, not a module
  to import, and we never had a working python2- version anyway
  because all the tooling was excluded from packaging. So
  don't create packages that are unusable and deprecated.
* Fri May 03 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to 1.28.0 (bsc#1134089):
  * Support for auto-configuration of topic names based on the
  presence of keywords in the commit message is removed. Previously,
  keywords such as bug, bp or lp followed by a number would result
  in branch names containing the associated number, e.g. bug/123.
  This feature was OpenStack specific, was a frequent source of bugs
  and clearly wasn’t being used that often, given that StoryBoard
  is a thing now and no one had updated this feature to handle that metadata.
  * Fixed usepushurl to work when a read-only mirror being used as origin does not contain refs/changes from gerrit.
* Tue Jan 08 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 1.27.0:
  * Work with python3
- Remove patch in upstream: git-2.15-compat.patch
- Switch to source url downloads
- Switch URL to point to active site
- Switch to singlespec
Version: 1.25.0-bp150.2.4
* Mon Nov 13 2017
- add git-2.15-compat.patch: fix compat with git 2.15
* Thu Aug 27 2015
- Remove %{_sysconfdir}/git-review/git-review.conf from package.
  File is deprecated.
* Sat Jun 13 2015
- update to 1.25.0:
  * Add “git-review -l” to man page synopsis and usage doc
  * Add reviewers on upload
  * Update project links
  * Override E-mail in Gerrit integration tests
  * Fixed a dead link to the git-review docs
  * Provide an explanation on failed rebase
  * Switch to requests to support proxying of 'https'
  * Use plumbing rev-parse to get the branch name
  * Isolate tests from user/system git configuration
  * Push language override down into the cmd wrapper
  * git review -sv gets more verbose
  * Add utf-8 char support
  * Choose tracked branch for rebase when submitting
  * pbr should install the manpage
  * get_remote_url(): also honor url.*.pushInsteadOf
  * Support authentication in run_http_exc
  * Split README.rst into separate doc files
  * Handle correctly http error raise in run_http_exc
  * Fix encoding header
  * Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
  * Update tests to use Gerrit 2.9.2
  * Use 'no_proxy' env variable in addition to uppercase
  * Enable color support based on tty and config
  * get_remote_url(): honor any "url.<base>.insteadOf" config setting
  * Convert add_remote to use GitReviewExceptions
  * Prefer git-config over git-review config files
  * Isolate tests from user/system config
  * Switched documentation to point to storyboard
  * Fix ---list and "departement" typos in man page
  * Align git-review and python -m git_review.cmd behaviors
  * Define -T/--no-topic to disable review submit with topic
  * Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing
  * -F/--force-rebase has no effect if rebase is disabled by config
  * Remove useless constants
  * Improve windows support for git-review --setup
  * Fix groff warnings with manpage
  * Enabled hacking checks H305 and H307
  * Prevent long subjects in reviews causing spurious blank lines
  * added link to get-pip to readme
  * Disable ssh/scp password authentication during tests
  * Update tests to use Gerrit
  * Build universal wheels
* Mon Sep 22 2014
- Require python-setuptools to fix CLI
* Wed Jul 16 2014
- update to 1.24
  * Require python-requests
  * Update homepage on PyPI
  * Update requirements to OpenStack's recommendations
  * Update the README to mention dependencies
  * Ensure username is set for all tests
  * Provide nicer user message for missing remote ref
  * Fix a typo in HACKING.rst
  * Ignore newline in bp/bug search in commit message
  * Restrict tests SSH auth to only the provided key
  * Disable proxies for tests that clone over http
  * Keep track of gerrit.war and golden_site versions
  * Fix typo in manpage s/gireview/gitreview/
  * Correct git review -l over http(s)
* Fri Jul 04 2014
- Avoid source Url, we're packaging from git
* Thu May 22 2014
- update to 1.23.61:
  * Topic: do not use '(detached' when detached
  * Use gerrit 2.8.5 instead of gerrit 2.6.1 in tests
  * Allow to specify default scheme in .gitreview file
  * Correct test_remote to support branchs without upstream
  * Remove parsing of --help and variants from our code
  * Python2: fixed UnicodeEncodeError
  * Skip invalid unicode in commit messages
  * Git review assumes the wrong ssh default port
  * Add http(s) protocol support to fetch_review and list_reviews
  * git-review.1 manpage fix for groff warnings
  * Fix parsing of SCP-style URLs, as these are valid in Git itself
  * "git review --setup" failed in Chinese locale
  * Bump hacking version in requirements
  * Reduce testr concurrnecy to 2
  * Add http(s) protocol support to set_hooks_commit_msg
  * Retrieve remote pushurl independently of user's locale
  * Add http(s) protocol support to test_remote
  * Verify if every attached file exists. Attach gerrig.config
  * Wrap exceptions that occur while running external process
  * Make Gerrit port and dir selection deterministic
  * Don't try to attach known_hosts if it's not there
  * Remove tox locale overrides
  * Fix the regex for setting topic
  * Add 2m timeout to tests
  * Attach Gerrit logs and known_hosts to failed tests
  * Change test gerrit ssh/http ports offset
  * Correct .Fl typo WRT --compare in the manual page
  * Ignore content of merge commits in reporting
  * Remove empty lines from git log output
  * Preserve merges when doing a rebase
  * Split git rev-parse --show-toplevel --git-dir on newline
  * Prefer .gitconfig username
  * Add more deterministic port selection for Gerrit
  * Document source location as
  * Implement integration tests
  * Migrate to pbr
  * No longer check for new git-review releases
- remove git-review-username.diff: merged upstream
* Thu Oct 24 2013
- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)
* Wed Sep 11 2013
- Add patch git-review-username.diff to prefer .gitconfig username
- Update to version 1.23:
    Expand multiple commit submission warning.
* Mon Jun 03 2013
- Update to version 1.22
- Changes from version 1.20:
  + Allows easy cherry-picking of a change
  + See
* Wed Feb 27 2013
- Update to version 1.20:
  + Avoid symlinks in the manpage path
- Changes from version 1.19:
  + Allow download of reviews from deleted accounts
  + See
- Renamed from python-git-review, it's a tool not a library
- Install man-page in correct location
- Explicit %py_requires, since we don't have files in %python_sitelib
* Thu Sep 20 2012
- Update to 1.18:
  * Adds Python3 support and various bugfixes
- Package a default configuration file to disable the automatic check
  for new git-review releasess on PyPI. Otherwise git-review refuses
  to work when a new release is available on PyPI
* Thu May 24 2012
- Initial version