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* Wed Mar 11 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- re-add BuildRequire for rubygem-ronn only on newer releases:
  - SUSE > 1550
  - openSUSE > 1500
- only create man pages on newer releases, as this requires rubygem-ronn
* Wed Mar 11 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
- Fix building at supported distributions
- Do not use source url when in fact we are modyfing sources
- Correct scriplet dependencies
- Track all sources
* Sat Mar 07 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- changes to packaging:
  Due to a bug in the go.mod file from upstream, this cannot be built using newer go versions.
  - added README.packaging
  - removed git-lfs-v2.10.0.tar.gz.sha256 as we need to repackage the tarball after fixing the modules
- update to 2.10.0
    Optimize pushes for multiple refs #3978 (@bk2204)
    Include ppc64le and s390x Linux builds in releases #3983 (@bk2204)
    Kerberos (SPNEGO) support for HTTP #3941 (@bk2204)
    Add support for local paths #3918 (@bk2204)
    Allow specifying HTTP version to use #3887 (@bk2204)
    t-duplicate-oids: use correct awk indexing #3981 (@bk2204)
    Improved proxy support #3972 (@bk2204)
    install: don't print error if run outside repository #3969 (@bk2204)
    debian: bump version of golang-go #3959 (@bk2204)
    lfshttp: Set valid default value for lfs.concurrenttransfers #3949 (@ganadist)
    Add nil-check on defer block of DoTransfer() #3936 (@exceed-alae)
    Retry batch failures #3930 (@bk2204)
    rpm: use old setup code on CentOS 7 #3938 (@bk2204)
    Interpret relative hook paths as relative to working tree #3926 (@bk2204)
    Handle missing cygpath gracefully #3910 (@bk2204)
    Update index before showing status #3921 (@bk2204)
    Honor lfs.url when deciding on transfer adapters #3905 (@bk2204)
    Implement retry logic to fix LFS storage race conditions on Windows #3890 (@slonopotamus)
    Avoid hang when using git hash-object --stdin --path #3902 (@bk2204)
    synchronize access to netrcCredentialHelper.skip #3896 (@nataliechen1)
    Improve license files #3973 (@bk2204)
    Add CI link to CI badge in README #3960 (@slonopotamus)
    Clarify output shown by git lfs status #3953 (@austintraver)
    Revert "ci: force Windows Git version to 2.22.0" #3903 (@bk2204)
    Better document pointer format constraints #3944 (@bk2204)
    Don't abort with newer Git when in a bare repo #3940 (@bk2204)
    Fix more Linux package issues #3932 (@bk2204)
    docs: explain shell metacharacters better #3920 (@bk2204)
    Reset the text attribute on export #3913 (@bk2204)
    Support schannel ssl backend #3868 (@nikola-sh)
    Allow migrate export to handle non-pointer files gracefully #3911 (@bk2204)
    git/gitattr: fix dropped test errors #3904 (@alrs)
    Accept all local references with git lfs push #3876 (@pluehne)
    Drop pre-1.6 Go compatibility code #3897 (@slonopotamus)
    tools/kv: Fix dropped test error #3882 (@alrs)
    Use different parser for cookiejar files #3886 (@ssgelm)
    Stop replacing files in LFS storage when downloading them concurrently on Windows #3880 (@slonopotamus)
    Fix error strings to follow Go guidelines #3871 (@slonopotamus)
    Miscellaneous release fixes #3866 (@bk2204)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- update to 2.9.1:
  This release fixes a few regressions, such as the ability to use HTTP/1.1 when
  required, addresses a race condition, and switches the cookie jar parser to
  something that's easier for distributions to package.
    Allow specifying HTTP version to use #3887 (@bk2204)
    synchronize access to netrcCredentialHelper.skip #3896 (@nataliechen1)
    Fix several causes of CI problems #3878 (@bk2204)
    Miscellaneous release fixes #3866 (@bk2204)
    Build artifacts during CI for easier testing #3892 (@bk2204)
    Use different parser for cookiejar files #3886 (@ssgelm)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- update to 2.9.0:
  This release adds support for DragonFly BSD, adds a new git lfs dedup command
  to save space if the file system supports it, adds support for file URLs,
  improves the performance when walking the repository, contains improvements
  to use HTTP/2 when available and cookies when required, and numerous other bug
  fixes, features, and modifications.
    Support fetching entire history of specific refs #3849 (@pluehne)
    Add support for CentOS 8 #3854 (@bk2204)
    Let git-lfs HTTPS transport send cookies #3825 (@kupson)
    Support DragonFly BSD #3837 (@liweitianux)
    HTTP/2 protocol support #3793 (@PastelMobileSuit)
    Add clonefile on Windows over ReFS support. #3790 (@kazuki-ma)
    Add new command git lfs dedup for file system level de-duplication. #3753 (@kazuki-ma)
    Support GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DIRECTORIES #3765 (@bk2204)
    ls-files: add support for reference range #3764 (@dvdveer)
    Add several additional distros for #3751 (@bk2204)
    Provide an option to track to handle paths literally #3756 (@bk2204)
    Optimize traversal of Git objects with URL remotes #3755 (@bk2204)
    Support for file URLs #3748 (@bk2204)
    Add clone file on MacOS X (darwin). #3745 (@kazuki-ma)
    Fix JSON comma problems in docs #3851 (@dyrone)
    Remove redundant comma in #3841 (@dyrone)
    More robust handling of parallel attempts to download the same file #3826 (@slonopotamus)
    Update wildmatch to v1.0.4 #3820 (@bk2204)
    Update to gitobj v1.4.1 #3815 (@bk2204)
    Fix build error when cross-compiling #3817 (@bk2204)
    Do not fail when multiple processes download the same lfs file #3813 (@slonopotamus)
    Fix Remote Name Parsing Bug #3812 (@nataliechen1)
    status: gracefully handle files replaced by directories #3768 (@bk2204)
    Avoid deadlock when transfer queue fails #3800 (@bk2204)
    Avoid a hang when Git is slow to provide us data #3806 (@bk2204)
    tasklog/log.go: print "done" messages with a trailing period #3789 (@ttaylorr)
    track: make --filename work with spaces #3785 (@bk2204)
    Fix couple of 'the the' typos #3786 (@pmeerw)
    Use an absolute path for smudging #3780 (@bk2204)
    Fix URL parsing with Go 1.12.8 #3771 (@bk2204)
    Fix remote autoselection when not on a branch #3759 (@bk2204)
    Replace deprecated SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR usage. #3739 (@kazuki-ma)
    Do not log skipped checkouts to file #3736 (@jw3)
    Fix typos across git-lfs repository #3728 (@kittenking)
    Accept legacy Git SSH URLs #3713 (@bk2204)
    ls-files --all man patch #3859 (@yamiacat)
    Reworked to use git ls-files in some circumstances instead of FastWalkGitRepo #3823 (@SeamusConnor)
    Clean up go.mod for Go 1.13 #3807 (@bk2204)
    Use FICLONE instead of BTRFS_IOC_CLONE. #3796 (@kazuki-ma)
    Remove unused pty code #3737 (@bk2204)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- update to 2.8.0:
  This release adds support for SOCKS proxies and Windows junctions, adds native
  packages for Debian 10 and similar distributions, reduces the number of
  situations in which running git lfs fetch --all is required, improves
  compatibility with Cygwin, and numerous other bug fixes and modifications.
    Don't fail if we lack objects the server has #3634 (@bk2204)
    Add support for Debian 10 #3697 (@bk2204)
    Migrate tags pointing to other tags #3690 (@bk2204)
    Add support for SOCKS proxies #3677 (@bk2204)
    Allow vendors to customize the version info #3636 (@bk2204)
    Wrap credential data to allow late credential prompting and update NTLM/SSPI to attempt SSPI login prior to prompting for credentials. #3617 (@AJH16)
    git-lfs locks should optionally denote own locks #3569 (@mstrap)
    tq/adapterbase: support rewriting href #3590 (@h-hirokawa)
    Handle Windows junctions properly #3560 (@bk2204)
    Allow specifying multiple insteadOf aliases #3550 (@bk2204)
    Make API documentation lock creation example less confusing #3648 (@bk2204)
    Use a download token when searching locks #3715 (@bk2204)
    Copy mode from original file when rewriting objects #3694 (@bk2204)
    Don't recurse into submodules when walking repository #3686 (@bk2204)
    Be more precise about what timestamps we accept #3680 (@bk2204)
    Canonicalize common directory paths on Cygwin #3671 (@bk2204)
    Ensure we always use correct Content-Type and Accept headers #3663 (@bk2204)
    Fix 'owner' lock field not documented as optional #3651 (@slonopotamus)
    Improve error handling in git lfs install #3624 (@bk2204)
    Properly handle config options for URLs with upper case letters #3584 (@bk2204)
    Detect Cygwin-style pipe TTYs as TTYs #3582 (@bk2204)
    Set push remote for pre-push #3579 (@bk2204)
    Switch from manually running go generate to using dh-golang to run it #3549 (@ssgelm)
    Install worktree hooks in the proper directory #3547 (@bk2204)
    Avoid nil pointer dereference on download failure #3537 (@bk2204)
    Avoid nil pointer dereference on unexpected failure #3534 (@bk2204)
    Update gitobj to v1.3.1 #3716 (@bk2204)
    Use default line endings for core.autocrlf=input #3712 (@bk2204)
    Fix CircleCI #3710 (@bk2204)
    Vendor in gitobj v1.3.0 #3685 (@bk2204)
    Update CONTRIBUTING #3673 (@bk2204)
    Fix typo in #3666 (@TBK)
    Make 'locked_at' required in JSON schema #3655 (@slonopotamus)
    Document a new batch error code #3639 (@bk2204)
    Fix invalid JSON in LFS locking API documentation #3650 (@slonopotamus)
    Fix invalid JSON in locking protocol docs #3644 (@slonopotamus)
    Various release updates #3623 (@bk2204)
    tq/adapterbase: fix typo enableHrefRerite to enableHrefRewrite #3594 (@h-hirokawa)
    Use git-lfs version of go-ntlm #3588 (@bk2204)
    Log test server standard error to log file #3577 (@bk2204)
    Don't set -extldflags unless LDFLAGS has a value #3545 (@hartzell)
    Retry on oversize file #3518 (@bk2204)
    Fix asset uploading during releases #3538 (@bk2204)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- Update to 2.7.2:
  This release is a bugfix release to address some build problems and a regression
  in handling URLs with uppercase letters.
    Switch from manually running go generate to using dh-golang to run it #3549 (@ssgelm)
    Properly handle config options for URLs with upper case letters #3584 (@bk2204)
    Update packagecloud.rb #3546 (@andyneff)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- Update to 2.7.1:
  This release is a bugfix release to address panics that could occur when certain
  types of upload or download problems happen.
    Avoid nil pointer dereference on download failure #3537 (@bk2204)
    Avoid nil pointer dereference on unexpected failure #3534 (@bk2204)
    Fix asset uploading during releases #3538 (@bk2204)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- removed additional BuildRequires that were added with 2.6.0
- Update to 2.7.0:
  This release adds better support for large files on 32-bit systems, adds
  attribute macros, fixes several file descriptor leaks, improves compatibility
  with Git's configuration parsing, and includes numerous other bug fixes and
    Add sles 15 support #1055 #3515 (@andyneff)
    docs/man/git-lfs-config.5.ronn: document GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE #3509 (@ttaylorr)
    commands/command_pointer.go: introduce --check option #3501 (@ttaylorr)
    Makefile additions for reproducible builds and asmflags #3444 (@Foxboron)
    locking: add flag to control modification of ignored files #3409 (@bk2204)
    build package for Ubuntu 18.10 aka Cosmic #3402 (@torbjoernk)
    Add support for retries with delays (ex. rate limiting) #3449 (@zkry)
    Trim embedded paths out of binaries #3443 (@bk2204)
    Ensure 32-bit Git LFS binaries can handle files larger than 4 GiB #3426 (@bk2204)
    Support attribute macros #3391 (@bk2204)
    tasklog: don't log progress status when stdout is not a tty #3349 (@steffengodskesen)
    locking: cache JSON response from server #3253 (@mstrap)
    tq: enable transfer debugging when GIT_CURL_VERBOSE is set #3341 (@bk2204)
    .circleci: don't use 'brew prune' #3514 (@ttaylorr)
    t/ remove unnecessary test #3513 (@ttaylorr)
    docs/man: fix inconsistency in 'git-lfs-ls-files(1)' #3496 (@ttaylorr)
    lfshttp: close body on redirect #3479 (@bk2204)
    status: handle deleted files gracefully #3482 (@bk2204)
    Fix hang in prune with too few file descriptors #3460 (@bk2204)
    Fix parameter name on List Locks API Documentation #3477 (@Erwyn)
    TST: Trim security context when checking permissions. #3476 (@QuLogic)
    command/env: ensure we honor lfs.url #3470 (@bk2204)
    Fix swapped case sensitivity in patterns #3433 (@bk2204)
    core.sharedRepository improvements for directories #3417 (@bk2204)
    Update the doc of whitelisted .lfsconfig keys #3423 (@keiko713)
    Rewrite URL config-matching #3392 (@PastelMobileSuit)
    git: close blob objects when finished #3379 (@bk2204)
    Avoid hang in repos cloned with --shared or --reference #3383 (@bk2204)
    commands/command_status.go: require a working copy #3378 (@ttaylorr)
    Fix test server API #3377 (@bk2204)
    vendor: don't remove necessary dependencies #3356 (@ttaylorr)
    filepathfilter: don't say file is both accepted and rejected #3360 (@bk2204)
    Support pushInsteadOf aliases when determining endpoints #3353 (@bk2204)
    Close attributes file #3347 (@mbsulliv)
    Fix humanize's FormatByteRate() to work with 0s duration #3340 (@saracen)
    Release automation #3510 (@bk2204)
    docs/man: update git-lfs-fetch(1) manpage #3488 (@ttaylorr)
    Update Cobra #3483 (@bk2204)
    Run go generate only on Windows #3480 (@bk2204)
    docs/man/git-lfs-migrate: make examples less confusing #3424 (@bk2204)
    Modify logic of 'migrate info' to process extensionless files #3458 (@zkry)
    Improve error message on missing object #3398 (@bk2204)
    docs/man: suggest using Git configuration for LFS keys #3394 (@bk2204)
    Document default value of migrate info --top= #3387 (@mloskot)
    Clarify minimum git version #3327 (@carlwgeorge)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- Update to 2.6.1:
    git: close blob objects when finished #3379 (@bk2204)
    Avoid hang in repos cloned with --shared or --reference #3383 (@bk2204)
    vendor: don't remove necessary dependencies #3356 (@ttaylorr)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- added two new BuildRequires needed by v2.6.0
- Update to 2.6.0:
  This release adds better support for redirecting network calls from a Git LFS
  API server to one that requires a different authentication mode, builds Git LFS
  on Go 1.11, and numerous other bug fixes and modifications.
    commands: list explicitly excluded patterns separately #3320 (@bk2204)
    Uninstall improvements #3326 (@bk2204)
    config: honor GIT_AUTHOR_DATE and GIT_COMMITTER_DATE #3314 (@bk2204)
    Add new .netrc credential helper #3307 (@PastelMobileSuit)
    Honor umask and core.sharedRepository #3304 (@bk2204)
    Support listing only filename tracked by git lfs using --name (-n) option
    [#3271] (@skashyap7)
    all: use Go 1.11.1 in CI #3298 (@ttaylorr)
    lfsapi/tq: Have DoWithAuth() caller determine URL Access Mode #3293
    commands: undeprecate checkout #3303 (@bk2204)
    Checkout options for conflicts #3296 (@bk2204)
    Makefile: build source tarballs for release #3283 (@bk2204)
    Encrypted SSL key support #3270 (@bk2204)
    Add support for core.sshCommand #3235 (@bk2204)
    gitobj-based Object Scanner #3236 (@bk2204) new core team members #3217 (@ttaylorr)
    Add build and releases for linux arm64 #3196 (@mmlb)
    Update packagecloud.rb #3210 (@andyneff)
    all: use Go modules instead of Glide #3208 (@ttaylorr)
    all: use Go 1.11 in CI #3203 (@ttaylorr)
    Fix formatting of INCLUDE AND EXCLUDE (REFS) #3330 (@jsantell)
    go.sum: add missing entries #3319 (@bk2204)
    Ensure correct syntax for commit headers in lfs migrate import #3313 (@bk2204)
    Clean up trailing whitespace #3299 (@bk2204)
    commands: unambiguously resolve remote references #3285 (@ttaylorr)
    Expand custom transfer args by using the shell #3259 (@bk2204)
    Canonicalize paths properly on Windows #3277 (@bk2204)
    debian/prerm: add --system flag #3272 (@Villemoes)
    t: make testsuite run under git rebase -x #3262 (@bk2204)
    git/gitattr: parse 'set' attributes #3255 (@ttaylorr)
    t: avoid panic in lfstest-customadapter #3243 (@bk2204)
    t: avoid using shell variables in printf's first argument #3242 (@bk2204)
    lfsapi: handle SSH hostnames and aliases without users #3230 (@bk2204)
    commands/command_ls_files.go: ignore index with argument #3219 (@ttaylorr)
    commands/command_migrate_import.go: install hooks #3227 (@ttaylorr)
    t: mark test sources as .PHONY #3228 (@ttaylorr)
    Pass GIT_SSH_COMMAND to the shell #3199 (@bk2204)
    Tidy misformatted files #3202 (@bk2204)
    config: expand core.hooksPath #3212 (@ttaylorr)
    locks: manage write permissions of ignored files #3190 (@ttaylorr)
  Misc nail_care #3325 (@ttaylorr)
    Update CONTRIBUTING #3317 (@bk2204)
    go.mod: depend on tagged gitobj #3311 (@ttaylorr)
    RFC: SSH protocol #3290 (@bk2204)
    Remove git lfs clone command from man #3301 (@gtsiolis) use GitHub issues instead #3286 (@ttaylorr)
    docs: add note about closing release milestone #3274 (@bk2204)
    CI improvements #3268 (@bk2204)
    docs/howto: document our release process #3261 (@ttaylorr)
    Create new lfshttp package #3244 (@PastelMobileSuit)
    CONTRIBUTING: update required go version #3232 (@PastelMobileSuit)
    go.mod: use latest #3223 (@ttaylorr)
    go.mod: pin to v1.0.0 #3218 (@ttaylorr)
    Update #3193 (@srl295)
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- converted to current golang packaging guidelines, fix errors, etc.
- hardcoded buildrequires for go1.10, as later versions break git-lfs in this version
- updates to new releases are being prepared in a later SR...
* Thu Jul 11 2019 Johannes Kastl <>
- change BuildRequires for rubygem-ronn to correctly work with all ruby versions on all Leap and Tumbleweed versions
* Fri Oct 12 2018 Robert Frohl <>
- Added manpages again for Tumbleweed and Leap 15
- Enabled unit tests
- Added Makefile_path.patch to fix make error
- Update to 2.5.2
  * Bugs
    + config: Treat [host:port]:path URLs correctly
    + tq: Always provide a Content-Type when uploading files
    + commands/track: Properly `lfs track` files with escaped characters in their name
- Update to 2.5.1
  * Features
    + tq: make Content-Type detection disable-able
  * Bugs
    + config: add origin to remote list
- Update 2.5.0
  * Features
    + commands/migrate: infer wildmatches with --fixup
    + Retry SSH resolution 5 times
    + Implement `migrate export` subcommand
    + Add `--no-rewrite` flag to `migrate import` command
  * Bugs
    + commands: warn if working copy is dirty
    + Ensure provided remote takes precedence over configured pushRemote
    + commands/command_migrate.go: loosen meaning of '--everything'
    + lfsapi: don't query askpass for given creds
    + config/git_fetcher.go: mark 'lfs.allowincompletepush' as safe
    + fs: support multiple object alternates
    + commands/checkout: checkout over read-only files
    + config/config.go: case-insensitive error search
    + Encoded characters in pathnames
    + Support default TTL for authentication tokens acquired via SSH
    + commands/status.go: relative paths outside of root
    + lfsapi: prefer proxying from gitconfig before environment
    + commands/track: respect global- and system-level gitattributes
    + git/git.go: pass --multiple to git-fetch(1) when appropriate
    + commands/checkout: fix inaccurate messaging
    + commands/migrate: do not migrate empty commits
    + git/odb: retain trailing newlines in commit messages
  * Misc
    + Set original file content type on basic upload.
    + change lfs.allowincompletepush default from true to false
    + replace git/odb with vendored copy
    + lfsapi/ssh.go: use zero-value sentinels
    + commands/checkout: mark 'git lfs checkout' as deprecated
- Update to 2.4.2
  * Bugs
    + lfsapi: re-authenticate HTTP redirects when needed
    + lfsapi: allow unknown keywords in netrc file(s)
- Update to 2.4.1
  * Bugs
    + lfsapi: canonicalize extra HTTP headers
    + commands/lock: follow symlinks before locking
    + lfs/attribute.go: remove default value from upgradeables
    + git: include SHA1 in ref-less revisions
    + Do not migrate the symlinks to LFS objects.
    + commands/uninstall: do not log about global hooks with --local
    + commands/run.go: exit 127 on unknown sub-command
    + commands/{un,}track: perform "prefix-agnostic" comparisons
    + commands/migrate: escape paths before .gitattributes
    + commands/ls-files: do not accept '--all' after '--'
    + tq: prevent uint64 underflow with invalid API response
  * Misc
    + remove reference to CLA from contributor's guide
    + .gitattributes link is broken
    + circle.yml: upgrade to 'version: 2' syntax
- Update to 2.4.0
  * Features
    + Support wildmatch-compliant options in `--include`, `--exclude`
    + Expand the specification to include relevant refspecs
    + Standardize progress meter output and implementation
    + Teach new flags, functionality to `git lfs ls-files`
    + Add new flags, functionality to `git lfs migrate`
    + New functionality in package `lfsapi`
    + Code cleanup in git.Config, package `localstorage`
  * Bugs
    + all: fix 32-bit alignment issues with `sync/atomic`
    + all: memory alignment issues on 32-bit systems.
    + command/migrate: don't migrate remote references in bare repositories
    + commands/ls-files: behave correctly before initial commit
    + commands/migrate: allow for ambiguous references in migrations
    + commands: fill in missing printf arg
    + config: Add `lfs.locksverify` to safe keys.
    + don't replace pointers with objects if clean filter is not configured
    + fsck: attach a filter to exclude unfetched items from fsck
    + git/githistory: copy entries from cache, elsewhere
    + git/githistory: migrate annotated tags correctly
    + git/odb: don't print extra newline after commit message
    + git/odb: extract identifiers from commits verbatim
    + git/odb: implement parsing for annotated `*Tag`'s
    + git/odb: retain newlines when parsing commit messages
    + lfs: PointerScanner is nil after error, so don't close
    + lfsapi: Cred helper improvements
    + lfsapi: retry requests changing access from none IF Auth header is empty
    + prune: always prune excluded paths
    + status: fix incorrect formatting with unpushed objects
    + tasklog: don't drop updates in PercentageTask
  * Misc
    + all: Nitpicks
    + all: introduce package 'tlog'
    + all: remove CLA
    + build: Specify the embedded Windows icon as part of versioninfo.json
    + config: add PushRemote() for checking `branch.*.pushRemote` and `remote.pushDefault` first
    + git/githistory: have `*RefUpdater` hold `*odb.ObjectDatabase` reference
    + progress: move CopyCallback (& related) to package 'tools'
    + progress: move `*progressLogger` implementation to package 'tools'
    + refspec docs
    + tasklog: introduce `*SimpleTask`
* Fri Jan 26 2018
- Drop manpages due to missing ronn package
- Add license
- Update to 2.3.4
  * Features:
    + commands: add git-lfs-migrate(1) 'import' subcommand
    + commands: add git-lfs-migrate(1) 'info' subcommand
    + Implement status --json
    + commands/uploader: allow incomplete pushes
    + git/odb/pack: improve git lfs migrate performance
    + git/odb/pack: introduce packed object reassembly
    + git/odb/pack: teach packfile index entry lookups
    + git/{odb,githistory}: don't write unchanged objects
    + commands: improve git clone performance with 'delay'
    + commands: mark git lfs clone as deprecated
    + commands: enable lfs.allowincompletepush by default
    + commands: teach '--everything' to git lfs migrate
    + commands: teach git lfs ls-files a '--debug' option
    + commands,lfs: warn on 4gb size conversion during clean
    + lfsapi/creds: teach about GIT_ASKPASS and core.askpass
    + commands/status: indicate missing objects
    + Allow using custom transfer agents directly
    + Add parameter for overriding LFS storage location
    + lfsapi: enable credential caching by default
    + commands/install: teach --manual to git-lfs-install(1)
    + add support for SSH_ASKPASS
    + git lfs migrate --verbose option
    + Support standalone custom transfer based on API URL prefix
    + bump default activity timeout from 10s -> 30s
    + 'git lfs install' updates filters with 'skip-smudge' option
  * Bugs:
    + Make pull return non-zero error code when some downloads
    + lfsapi: support cross-scheme redirection
    + sanitize ssh options parsed from ssh:// url
    + filepathfilter: interpret as .gitignore syntax
    + tq/basic_download: guard against nil HTTP response
    + commands: fix logged error not interpolating format
    + Retry on timeout or temporary errors
    + commands/uploader: don't verify locks if verification is
    + commands/clone: add new flags since Git 2.9
    + Make pull return non-zero error code when some downloads
    + tq/basic_download: guard against nil HTTP response
    + Bugfix: cannot push to scp style URL
    + support lfs..* values where url does not include .git
    + commands: fix logged error not interpolating format
    + commands/help: print helptext to stdout for consistency with
    + git lfs status --json only includes lfs files
    + git/odb: remove temporary files after migration
    + git/githistory: fix hanging on empty set of commits
    + migrate: don't checkout HEAD on bare repositories
    + git/odb: prevent cross-volume link error when saving objects
    + commands: only pass --jobs to 'git clone' if set
    + migrate: fix migrations with subdirectories in '--include'
    or '--exclude'
    + commands/migrate: fix hardlinking issue when different
    filesystem is mounted at /tmp
    + commands: make git lfs migrate fetch ref updates before
    + commands: remove '--above=1mb' default from git lfs migrate
    + filepathfilter: fix HasPrefix() when no '--include' filters
    + git/githistory/log: fix race condition with
    git/githistory/log tests
    + git/odb: fix closing object database test
    + git/githistory: only update local refs after migrations
    + locking: fix unlocking files not removing write flag
    + locks: fix unlocking files in a symlinked directory
    + commands: teach git lfs unlock to ignore status errs in
    appropriate conditions
    + git: expand GetAttributePaths check to include non-LFS
    + fix multiple git update-index invocations
    + tools: fix SSH credential cacher expiration
    + lfsapi: fix read/write race condition in credential cacher
    + lfs: fix cleaning contents larger than 1024 bytes over stdin
    + fsck only scans current version of objects
    + progress: fix writing updates to $GIT_LFS_PROGRESS
    + commands/track: resolve symlinks before comparing attr paths
    + test: ensure that empty pointers are empty
    + git/githistory/log: prevent 'NaN' showing up in
  * PercentageTask
    + tq: teach Batch() API to retry itself after io.EOF's
    + Improve invalid URL error messages
    + Fix double counting progress bug
    + trim whitespace from GIT_ASKPASS provided passwords
    + remove mmap usage in Packfile reader
    + git lfs clone: don't fetch for unborn repositories
    + ensure files are marked readonly after unlocking by ID
    + add files to index with path relative to current dir
    + better Netrc errors
    + only use askpass if credential.helper is not configured
    + convert backslash to slash when writing to .gitattributes
    + invoke lfs for 'git update-index', fixing 'status' issues
    + cache http credential helper output by default
    + FastWalkGitRepo: limit number of concurrent goroutines
    + handle scenario where multiple configuration values exist
    in ~/.gitconfig
  * Misc:
    + Add git-lfs-lock and git-lfs-unlock to help index
    + config: allow multiple environments when calling
    + Minor cleanups in help index
    + Add git-lfs-lock and git-lfs-unlock to help index
    + lfs: trace hook install, uninstall, upgrade
    + git/githistory: change "Rewriting commits" when not updating
    + commands: print IP addresses in error logs
    + commands: print current time in UTC to error logs
    + commands: Disable lock verification when using a standalone
    custom-transfer agent
    + docs/man: update git lfs migrate documentation with EXAMPLES
    + docs/man: recommend global per-host locking config
    + commands: use transfer queue's batch size instead of constant
    + add function to invoke Git with disabled LFS filters
    + config: warn on unsafe keys in .lfsconfig
    + glide: remove unused dependencies
    + script/build: pass '-{ld,gc}flags' to compiler, if given
    + spec: mention that an empty file is its own LFS pointer
    + Update to latest version of
    + lfs: indent contents of git lfs install, update
    + tq: increase default lfs.concurrenttransfers to 8
    + Update migrate docs example for multiple file types
    + only copy req headers if there are git-configured extra
    + update tracerx to add timestamps
* Tue May 16 2017
- Initial commit.