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Change Logs

* Mon Aug 23 2021
- Update to version 0.9.23:
  * Document changes and release 0.9.23
  * spec: Fix rpm build on centos7 and centos8
  * spec: Ignore byte-compiled python files
  * docs: Check for docbook2man too
  * docs: Use either python3 or python
  * Explicitly open the changelog file as utf-8
  * Fix gbp-builder-mock to honor configured options for mock
  * gbp-builder-mock: Update to work with current mock releases
  * spec: Swtich requires to python3 too
  * spec: Install setup-git-attributes command
  * Allow for more liberal version numbers
  * Avoid dpkg-parsechangelog
  * repo_setup: fix documentation generation
  * manpages: fix gbp-setup-gitattributes
  * tests/ Fix OS release check for Ubuntu.
  * Add tests for setup-gitattributes functionality
  * Install the setup_gitattributes script
  * scripts: Make setup_gitattributes future-proof
  * d/control: Capitalise Git throughout the package descriptions
  * d/control: Add the new subcommand to the package description
  * docs: Add a manpage for gbp setup-gitattributes
  * docs: gbp-clone: Document --defuse-gitattributes
  * scripts: Add setup-gitattributes subcommand
  * clone: Add --defuse-gitattributes
  * repo_setup: Add check/setup_gitattributes
  * gbp.git: Add support for long listing format (with object sizes)
  * gbp.git: Change list_tree to return an iterator
  * tests: Match the correct files in filter tests
  * clone: Don’t check out the Debian branch if it doesn’t exist
  * dch: Add support for the --local=suffix option
  * Add info about --git-ignore-branch when not on branch
  * import-dsc: Delete NULs from dpkg-parsechangelog output before parsing
  * zsh completion: update completion for "pull" and further new commands
  * Document changes and release 0.9.22
  * tests: Don't be fooled by 32bit userspace on amd64
  * manpages: Fix typo in gbp-buildpackage-rpm.1
  * Drop maintainer scripts
  * d/control: Bump supported python3 version
  * dh_missing: Ignore __pycache_
  * d/control: Switch to dh-compat 13
  * Update rpm component test submodule
  * rpm: Fix tags in rpm spec files
  * d/control: Require newer rpm
  * tests: Honor GBP_TESTS_NOCLEAN in rpm tests too
  * rpm: Fix tags in rpm spec files
  * rpm: Open tempfile in text mode
  * rpm: Stop decoding strings
  * autopkgtest: Set %_arch
  * Define %python_sitelib for autopkgtest
  * Document changes and release 0.9.21
  * tests: Fixup changelog test on Ubuntu
  * gitlab-ci: Use a more recent Ubuntu LTS
  * doctests/test_Changelog: Don't expect /etc/lsb-release
  * tests/ Don't expect /etc/lsb-release on Debian
  * import-ref: Fix help
  * docs: Correct "option" typo in gbp-buildpackage manpage
  * buildpackage: Fix tests and test arch override
  * buildpackage: Honor --git-arch for GBP_CHANGES_FILE
  * docs: Add example for exporting the source tree
  * import-orig: Refactor vcs_tag_parent
  * import-orig: Refactor vcs_tag_parent
  * import-orig: Fix a comment typo
  * salsa-ci: Skip reprotest
  * test_import_orig: Drop unused variable
  * test_import_orig: Fix typo
  * import-orig: Allow the post-unpack hook to filter tarball files
  * import-orig: expose unpacked sources dir to the postunpack hook
  * autopkgtests: Depend on @builddep@
  * smoketest: Avoid writing to ..
  * autopkgtest: Pass RPM macros on command line
  * spec: Don't fail on empty cache dir
  * spec: Include the correct file
  * policy: Fix typos
  * docs: Clarify that only tarball creation is affected.
  * docs: Drop --git- from dch invocation
  * Document changes and release 0.9.20
  * Make flake8 E741 happy
  * import_orig: Drop all upstream signatures with --upstream-signatures=off
  * git: Drop doctest
  * get_component_tarballs: Check for signature too
  * import-orig: Print all sources with `verbose`
  * upstreamsource: Add __repr__
  * Revert "import-orig: Print name of signature file we failed to import"
  * import-orig: Print name of signature file we failed to import
  * import-orig: Print name of signature file we failed to import
  * docs: import-ref: Fix wrong --upstream-tree default
  * pristine-tar: Escape '+' in match regexp
  * deb: git: Escape '.' on pristine-tar matches
  * doctest: Ignore exception detail
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Atilla ÖNTAŞ <>
- fixed buildrequires for Mageia packages
- fixed Group and License tags for Mageia packages
- fixed file list for Mageia packages
* Tue Mar 10 2020 Frank Schreiner <>
- intial package version 0.9.19