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Change Logs

* Thu Apr 29 2021 Ondřej Súkup <>
-  drop persistent.patch
* Tue Apr 06 2021 Ondřej Súkup <>
- add persistent.patch - support new persistent library
* Wed Mar 31 2021 Ondřej Súkup <>
- drop atto.patch
* Thu Mar 25 2021 Ondřej Súkup <>
- add atto.patch fixing build with attoparsec-0.14+
Version: 10.20220127-bp154.1.23
* Thu Jan 27 2022 Peter Simons <>
- Update git-annex to version 10.20220127.
  git-annex (10.20220127) upstream; urgency=medium
  * New v10 repository version (with v9 as a stepping-stone to it).
    v8 remains the default version for now.
  * In v10, object files are locked using separate lock files. This allows
    the object files to be kept non-writable even in repositories where
    core.sharedRepository is set.
  * The v10 upgrade will happen automatically, one year after the v9
    upgrade, in order to allow time for any old git-annex processes that
    are not aware of the locking change to finish. Or git-annex upgrade
    can be used to upgrade to v10 immediately.
  * In v9 upgrade, set filter.annex.process. This makes git add/checkout faster
    when there are a lot of unlocked annexed files or non-annexed files, but can
    also make git add of large files to the annex somewhat slower.
    If this tradeoff does not work for your use case, you can still unset
  * export: When a non-annexed symlink is in the tree to be exported, skip it.
  * import: When the previously exported tree contained a non-annexed symlink,
    preserve it in the imported tree so it does not get deleted.
  * enableremote, renameremote: Better handling of the unusual case where
    multiple special remotes have been initialized with the same name.
  * Recover from corrupted content being received from a git remote,
    by deleting the temporary file when it fails to verify. This prevents
    a retry from failing again.
    (reversion introduced in version 8.20210903)
  * adb: Added ignorefinderror configuration parameter.
  * Avoid crashing when run in a bare git repo that somehow contains an
    index file.
  * Reject combinations of --batch (or --batch-keys) with options like
  - -all or --key or with filenames.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Thu, 27 Jan 2022 13:25:19 -0400
* Wed Jan 19 2022 Ben Greiner <>
- Update git-annex to version 8.20211231.
  * Improved support for using git-annex in a read-only repository,
    git-annex branch information from remotes that cannot be merged
    into the git-annex branch will now not crash it, but will be
    merged in memory.
  * addurl, youtube-dl: When --check-raw prevents downloading an
    url, still continue with any downloads that come after it,
    rather than erroring out.
  * Fix locking problems when annex.pidlock is set and concurrency
    is enabled eg with -J.
  * Improve error message display when autoinit fails due to eg, a
    permissions problem.
  * export: Avoid unncessarily re-exporting non-annexed files that
    were already exported.
  * Improve git command queue flushing so that eg, addurl of
    several large files that take time to download will update the
    index for each file, rather than deferring the index updates to
    the end.
  * sync: Better error message when unable to export to a remote
    because is configured to a
    ref that does not exist.
  * Fix build with ghc 9.0.1
  * Fix build with old versions of feed library.
- git-annex 8.20211123 was released with these changes:
  * Bugfix: When -J was enabled, getting files could leak an
    ever-growing number of git cat-file processes.
  * Support git's new "ort" resolver, which became the default in
    git 2.34.0, and broke the test suite and automatic merge
    resolution of a conflict between an annexed file and a
    non-annexed file.
  * importfeed: Display url before starting youtube-dl download.
- Move to _service checking out the upstream source directly
- Avoid compiling and linking the binary a second time in the
  install phase and a third time in the check phase
* Sat Nov 20 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20211117.
  git-annex (8.20211117) upstream; urgency=medium
  * filter-process: New command that can make git add/checkout faster when
    there are a lot of unlocked annexed files or non-annexed files, but that
    also makes git add of large annexed files slower. Use it by running:
    git config filter.annex.process 'git-annex filter-process'
  * Fix a typo in the name of youtube-dl
    (reversion introduced in version 8.20210903)
  * git-lfs: Fix interoperability with gitlab's implementation of the
    git-lfs protocol, which requests Content-Encoding chunked.
  * importfeed: Fix a crash when used in a non-unicode locale.
  * migrate: New --remove-size option.
  * uninit: Avoid error message when no commits have been made to the
    repository yet.
  * uninit: Avoid error message when there is no git-annex branch.
  * metadata --batch: Avoid crashing when a non-annexed file is input,
    instead output a blank line like other batch commands do.
  * metadata --batch --json: Reject input whose "fields" does not consist
    of arrays of strings. Such invalid input used to be silently ignored.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Wed, 17 Nov 2021 12:18:49 -0400
* Mon Nov 01 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20211028.
  git-annex (8.20211028) upstream; urgency=medium
  * Removed support for accessing git remotes that use versions of
    git-annex older than 6.20180312.
  * git-annex-shell: Removed several commands that were only needed to
    support git-annex versions older than 6.20180312.
  * Negotiate P2P protocol version with tor remotes, allowing
    use of protocol version 1. This negotiation is not supported
    by versions of git-annex older than 6.20180312.
  * Fix bug that caused stale git-annex branch information to read
    when annex.private or is set.
  * git-annex get when run as the first git-annex command in a new repo
    did not populate all unlocked files.
    (Reversion in version 8.20210621)
  * Fix using lookupkey and info inside a subdirectory of the git repository.
    (Reversion in version 8.20211011)
  * Avoid some sqlite crashes on Windows SubSystem for Linux (WSL).
  * Call annex.freezecontent-command on the annex object file
    after it has been moved into place in annex/objects/. This allows
    the hook to freeze the file in ways that prevent moving it, such as
    removing the Windows delete permission.
    Thanks, Reiko Asakura.
  * addurl: Support adding the same url to multiple files at the same
    time when using -J with --batch --with-files.
  * When retrieval from a chunked remote fails, display the error that
    occurred when downloading the chunk, rather than the error that
    occurred when trying to download the unchunked content, which is less
    likely to actually be stored in the remote.
  * Avoid crashing tilde expansion on user who does not exist.
  * test: Put gpg temp home directory in system temp directory,
    not filesystem being tested.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Thu, 28 Oct 2021 11:58:29 -0400
* Tue Oct 12 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20211011.
  git-annex (8.20211011) upstream; urgency=medium
  * Added annex.bwlimit and config to limit
    the bandwidth of transfers. It works for git remotes and many
    but not all special remotes.
  * Bug fix: Git configs such as annex.verify were incorrectly overriding
    per-remote git configs such as
    (Reversion in version 4.20130323)
  * borg: Significantly improved memory use when a borg repository
    contains many archives.
  * borg: Avoid trying to extract xattrs, ACLS, and bsdflags when
    retrieving from a borg repository.
  * Sped up git-annex smudge --clean by 25%.
  * Resume where it left off when copying a file to/from a local git remote
    was interrupted.
  * sync --content: Avoid a redundant checksum of a file that was
    incrementally verified, when used on NTFS and perhaps other filesystems.
  * reinject: Fix crash when reinjecting a file from outside the repository.
    (Reversion in version 8.20210621)
  * Avoid cursor jitter when updating progress display.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Mon, 11 Oct 2021 12:52:14 -0400
* Sun Sep 05 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210903.
  git-annex (8.20210903) upstream; urgency=medium
  * Deal with clock skew, both forwards and backwards, when logging
    information to the git-annex branch.
  * GIT_ANNEX_VECTOR_CLOCK can now be set to a fixed value (eg 1)
    rather than needing to be advanced each time a new change is made.
  * Misuse of GIT_ANNEX_VECTOR_CLOCK will no longer confuse git-annex.
  * add: When adding a dotfile, avoid treating its name as an extension.
  * rsync special remote: Stop displaying rsync progress, and use
    git-annex's own progress display.
  * Many special remotes now checksum content while it is being retrieved,
    instead of in a separate pass at the end. This is supported for all
    special remotes on Linux (except for bittorrent), and for many
    on other OS's (except for adb, external, gcrypt, hook, and rsync).
  * unused: Skip the refs/annex/last-index ref that git-annex recently
    started creating.
  * Fix test suite failure on Windows.
  * New --batch-keys option added to these commands:
    get, drop, move, copy, whereis
  * Added config. This can be used to run some
    forks of youtube-dl.
  * Run cp -a with --no-preserve=xattr, to avoid problems with copied
    xattrs, including them breaking permissions setting on some NFS
  * add, import: Detect when xattrs or perhaps ACLs prevent removing
    write permissions from an annexed file, and fail with an informative
  * Fix support for readonly git remotes.
    (Reversion in version 8.20210621)
  * When downloading urls fail, explain which urls failed for which
  * web: Avoid displaying a warning when downloading one url failed
    but another url later succeeded.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Fri, 03 Sep 2021 12:00:46 -0400
* Wed Aug 04 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210803.
  git-annex (8.20210803) upstream; urgency=medium
  * whereused: New command, finds what files use a key, or where a key
    was used historically.
  * Fix a bug that prevented getting content from a repository that
    started out as a bare repository, or had annex.crippledfilesystem
    set, and was converted to a non-bare repository.
  * Fix retrieval of content from borg repos accessed over ssh.
  * sync: When --quiet is used, run git commit, push, and pull without
    their ususual output.
  * merge: When --quiet is used, run git merge without its usual output.
  * sync, merge, post-receive: Avoid merging unrelated histories,
    which used to be allowed only to support direct mode repositories.
    (However, sync does still merge unrelated histories when importing
    trees from special remotes, and the assistant still merges unrelated
  * sync, merge: Added --allow-unrelated-histories option, which
    is the same as the git merge option.
  * Fix bug that caused some transfers to incorrectly fail with
    "content changed while it was being sent", when the content was not
  * Fix bug that could prevent pointer files from being populated,
    in a repository that was upgraded from v7.
  * fsck: Detect and correct stale or missing inode caches.
  * Fix a rounding bug in display of data sizes.
  * git-annex get when run as the first git-annex command in a new repo
    did not populate unlocked files.
    (Reversion in version 8.20210621)
  - - Joey Hess <>  Tue, 03 Aug 2021 12:20:09 -0400
* Thu Jul 15 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210714.
  git-annex (8.20210714) upstream; urgency=medium
  * assistant: Avoid unncessary git repository repair in a situation where
    git fsck gets confused about a commit that is made while it's running.
  * addurl: Avoid crashing when used on beegfs.
  * --debug output goes to stderr again, not stdout.
    (Reversion in version 8.20210428)
  * init: Fix misbehavior when core.sharedRepository = group that
    caused it to enter an adjusted branch and set annex.crippledfilesystem
    (Reversion in version 8.20210630)
  * assistant: When adding non-large files to git, honor annex.delayadd
    configuration. Also, don't add non-large files to git when they
    are still being written to.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Wed, 14 Jul 2021 12:22:55 -0400
* Thu Jul 01 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210630.
  git-annex (8.20210630) upstream; urgency=medium
  * Fixed bug that interrupting git-annex repair (or assistant) while
    it was fixing repository corruption would lose objects that were
    contained in pack files. Also the assistant might sometimes have
    crashed with the same result.
  * repair: Fix reversion in version 8.20200522 that prevented fetching
    missing objects from remotes.
  * sync: Partly work around github behavior that first branch to be pushed
    to a new repository is assumed to be the head branch, by not pushing
    synced/git-annex first.
  * Added annex.freezecontent-command and annex.thawcontent-command
  * Improve display of errors when transfers fail.
  * Dropping an unused object with drop --unused or dropunused will
    mark it as dead, preventing fsck --all from complaining about it
    after it's been dropped from all repositories.
  * addurl, importfeed: Added --no-raw option that forces download
    with youtube-dl or a special remote. In particular this can avoid
    falling back to raw download when youtube-dl is blocked for some
  - - Joey Hess <>  Wed, 30 Jun 2021 11:48:16 -0400
* Tue Jun 22 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210621.
  git-annex (8.20210621) upstream; urgency=medium
  * New matching options --excludesamecontent and --includesamecontent
  * When two files have the same content, and a required content expression
    matches one but not the other, dropping the latter file will fail as it
    would also remove the content of the required file.
  * drop, move, mirror: When two files have the same content, and
    different numcopies or requiredcopies values, use the higher value.
  * drop --auto: When two files have the same content, and a preferred content
    expression matches one but not the other, do not drop the content.
  * sync --content, assistant: When two unlocked files have the same
    content, and a preferred content expression matches one but not the
    other, do not drop the content. (This was already the case for locked
  * sync --content, assistant: Fix an edge case where a file that is not
    preferred content did not get dropped.
  * filter-branch: New command, useful to produce a filtered version of the
    git-annex branch, eg when splitting a repository.
  * fromkey: Create an unlocked file when used in an adjusted branch
    where the file should be unlocked, or when configured by annex.addunlocked.
  * Fix behavior of several commands, including reinject, addurl, and rmurl
    when given an absolute path to an unlocked file, or a relative path
    that leaves and re-enters the repository.
  * smudge: Fix a case where an unlocked annexed file that annex.largefiles
    does not match could get its unchanged content checked into git,
    due to git running the smudge filter unecessarily.
  * reinject: Error out when run on a file that is not annexed, rather
    than silently skipping it.
  * assistant: Fix a crash on startup by avoiding using forkProcess.
  * init: When annex.commitmessage is set, use that message for the commit
    that creates the git-annex branch.
  * Added annex.adviceNoSshCaching config.
  * Added --size-limit option.
  * Future proof activity log parsing.
  * Fix an exponential slowdown when large numbers of duplicate files are
    being added in unlocked form.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Mon, 21 Jun 2021 12:17:24 -0400
* Thu Apr 29 2021 Ond?ej Súkup <>
-  drop persistent.patch
* Thu Apr 29 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210428.
  git-annex (8.20210428) upstream; urgency=medium
  * New annex.private and configs that can
    prevent storing information about a repository and remotes in the
    git-annex branch.
  * initremote: Added --private option to set up a private special remote.
  * importfeed: Made "checking known urls" phase run 12 times faster.
  * Added --debugfilter (and annex.debugfilter)
  * diffdriver: Support unlocked files.
  * forget: Preserve currently exported trees, avoiding problems with
    exporttree remotes in some unusual circumstances.
  * fsck: When downloading content from a remote, if the content is able
    to be verified during the transfer, skip checksumming it a second time.
  * directory: When cp supports reflinks, use it.
  * Avoid excess commits to the git-annex branch when stall detection is
  * git-annex-config: Allow setting annex.securehashesonly, which has
    otherwise been supported since 2019, but was missing from the list of
    allowed repo-global configs.
  * init: Fix a crash when the repo's was cloned from a repo that had an
    adjusted branch checked out, and the origin remote is not named "origin".
  * Fix some bugs that made git-annex not see recently recorded status
    information when configured with annex.alwayscommit=false.
  * When mincopies is set to a larger value than numcopies, make sure that
    mincopies is satisfied. Before, it assumed a sane configuration would
    have numcopies larger or equal to mincopies. It's still a good idea
    not to configure git-annex this way.
  * Avoid more than 1 gpg password prompt at the same time, which
    could happen occasionally before when concurrency is enabled.
  * Fix build with persistent-
  - - Joey Hess <>  Wed, 28 Apr 2021 12:13:24 -0400
* Tue Apr 06 2021 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- add persistent.patch - support new persistent library
* Wed Mar 31 2021 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- drop atto.patch
* Wed Mar 31 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210330.
  git-annex (8.20210330) upstream; urgency=medium
  * Behavior change: When autoenabling special remotes of type S3, weddav,
    or glacier, do not take login credentials from environment variables,
    as the user may not be expecting the autoenable to happen, or may
    have those set for other purposes and not intend git-annex to use them.
  * New annex.supportunlocked config that can be set to false to avoid
    some expensive things needed to support unlocked files, if you do not
    use them.
  * Fix bug importing from a special remote into a subdirectory more than
    one level deep, which generated unusual git trees that could confuse
    git merge.
  * borg: Fix a bug that prevented importing keys of type URL and WORM.
  * borg: Support importing files that are hard linked in the borg backup.
  * export: When a submodule is in the tree to be exported, skip it.
  * import: When the previously exported tree contained a submodule,
    preserve it in the imported tree so it does not get deleted.
  * export --json: Fill in the file field.
  * rmurl: When youtube-dl was used for an url, it no longer needs to be
    prefixed with "yt:" in order to be removed.
  * rmurl: If an url is both used by the web and also claimed by another
    special remote, fix a bug that caused the url to to not be removed.
  * unregisterurl: Fix a bug that caused an url to not be unregistered
    when it is claimed by a special remote other than the web.
  * whereis: Don't include yt: prefix when showing url to content
    retrieved with youtube-dl.
  * webdav: Work around some buggy webdav server behavior involving
    renaming files.
  * Make --debug also enable debugging in child git-annex processes.
  * fsck: When --from is used in combination with --all or similar options,
    do not verify required content, which can't be checked properly when
    operating on keys.
  * Sped up git-annex init in a clone of an existing repository.
  * Improved display of errors when accessing a git http remote fails.
  * Fix build with attoparsec-0.14.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Tue, 30 Mar 2021 13:01:17 -0400
* Thu Mar 25 2021 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- add atto.patch fixing build with attoparsec-0.14+
* Thu Mar 11 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210310.
  git-annex (8.20210310) upstream; urgency=medium
  * When non-annexed files in a tree are exported to a special remote,
    importing from the special remote keeps the files non-annexed,
    as long as their content has not changed, rather than converting
    them to annexed files.
    (Such a conversion will still happen when importing from a remote
    an old git-annex exported such a tree to before; export the tree
    with the new git-annex before importing to avoid that.)
  * Added support for git-remote-gcrypt's rsync URIs, which access a remote
    using rsync over ssh, and which git pushes to much more efficiently
    than ssh urls.
  * unregisterurl: New command.
  * registerurl: Allow it to be used in a bare repository.
  * Prevent combinations of options such as --all with --include.
  * Fixed handling of --mimetype or --mimeencoding combined with
    options like --all or --unused.
  * Fix handling of --branch combined with --unlocked or --locked.
  * Fix support for local gcrypt repositories with a space in their URI.
  * uninit: Fix a small bug that left a lock file in .git/annex
  * Windows: Correct the path to the html help file for 64 bit build.
  * OSX dmg: Updated bundled git to 2.30.2 which fixes CVE-2021-21300.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Wed, 10 Mar 2021 13:58:15 -0400
* Tue Feb 23 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210223.
  git-annex (8.20210223) upstream; urgency=medium
  * annex.stalldetection can now be set to "true" to make git-annex
    do automatic stall detection when it detects a remote is updating its
    transfer progress consistently enough for stall detection to work.
  * When annex.stalldetection is not enabled and a likely stall is
    detected, display a suggestion to enable it.
  * Commands can be added to git-annex, by installing a program in PATH
    with a name starting with "git-annex-"
  * Fix a reversion that made import of a tree from a special remote
    result in a merge that deleted files that were not preferred content
    of that special remote.
  * Bugfix: fsck --from a ssh remote did not actually check that the
    content on the remote is not corrupted.
  * unannex, uninit: When an annexed file is modified, don't overwrite
    the modified version with an older version from the annex.
  * When adding files to an adjusted branch set up by --unlock-present,
    add them unlocked, not locked.
  * Fix an oddity in matching options and preferred content expressions
    such as "foo (bar or baz)", which was incorrectly handled as if
    it were "(foo or bar) and baz)" rather than the intended
    "foo and (bar or baz)"
  * Checksum as content is received from a remote git-annex repository,
    rather than doing it in a second pass.
  * Tahoe: Avoid verifying hash after download, since tahoe does sufficient
    verification itself.
  * unannex, uninit: Don't run git rm once per annexed file,
    for a large speedup.
  * When a git remote is configured with an absolute path, use that
    path, rather than making it relative.
  * get: Improve output when failing to get a file fails.
  * Fix build on openbsd.
    Thanks, James Cook for the patch.
  * Include libkqueue.h file needed to build the assistant on BSDs.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Tue, 23 Feb 2021 14:40:14 -0400
* Thu Feb 18 2021 Guillaume GARDET <>
- Update _constraints
* Wed Jan 27 2021
- Update git-annex to version 8.20210127.
  git-annex (8.20210127) upstream; urgency=medium
  * Added mincopies configuration. This is like numcopies, but is
    enforced even more strictly. While numcopies can be violated in
    concurrent drop situations involving special remotes that do not
    support locking, mincopies cannot be. The default value has always
    been 1, but now it can be set to higher values if desired.
  * Behavior change: When numcopies is set to 0, git-annex used to drop
    content without requiring any copies. Now to get that (highly unsafe)
    behavior, mincopies also needs to be set to 0.
  * Behavior change: git-annex trust now needs --force, since unconsidered
    use of trusted repositories can lead to data loss.
  * Behavior change: --trust and --trust-glacier options no longer overrides
    trust, since that can lead to data loss, which should never be enabled
    by an option other than --force.
  * add: Significantly speed up adding lots of non-large files to git,
    by disabling the annex smudge filter when running git add.
  * add --force-small: Run git add rather than updating the index itself,
    so any other smudge filters than the annex one that may be enabled will
    be used.
  * Fix --time-limit, which got broken in several ways by some optimisations
    in version 8.20201007.
  * When syncing changes back from an adjusted branch to the basis branch,
    include deletions of submodules.
    Thanks, Kyle Meyer for the patch.
  * Bug fix: export with -J could fail when two files had the same content.
  * Bug fix: Fix tilde expansion in ssh urls when the tilde is the last
    character in the url.
    Thanks, Grond for the patch.
  * Avoid crashing when there are remotes using unparseable urls.
    Including the non-standard URI form that git-remote-gcrypt uses for rsync.
  * Directory special remotes with importtree=yes now avoid unncessary
    hashing when inodes of files have changed, as happens whenever a FAT
    filesystem gets remounted.
  * Fix a bug that prevented git-annex init from working in a submodule.
  * Fix a bug in view filename generation when a metadata value ended with
    "/" (or ":" or "\" on Windows)
  * adjust: Fix some bad behavior when unlocked files use URL keys.
  * smudge: Fix some bad behavior when git add is run on an unlocked
    file that used an URL key.
  * Added GETGITREMOTENAME to external special remote protocol.
  * Windows: Work around win32 length limits when dealing with lock files.
  - - Joey Hess <>  Wed, 27 Jan 2021 11:09:25 -0400