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Change Logs

* Mon Apr 16 2018
- Update to version 1.6.2
  * Issue #315: Worked around slow load of QPrinter constructor in
    Fedora 27 by lazy loading the printer settings only when needed
    for printing or print preview rather than during application
  * Fixed line break tokenizing to not include paragraph breaks.
* Mon Apr 09 2018
- New upstream release, update to version 1.6.1
  * Worked around an issue with Qt version 5.10 that causes the
  application to occasionally crash when reloading the currently
  opened document or when opening a new document due to the text
  cursor not being set to the beginning of the document before
  clearing the editor and loading the new document.
* Mon Apr 09 2018
- Run spec-cleaner
- Drop not needed scriplets
* Sun Apr 08 2018
- Update to version 1.6.0
  * HTML live preview is now in a split pane view rather than in a
  separate window.
  * New options were added to hide HUD windows while typing, in full
  screen mode, or in live preview mode.
  * A new button was added to the status bar and a new shortcut was
  added to the View menu in the menu bar to toggle hiding/showing the
  open HUDs.
  * Github's cmark-gfm can now be detected and used as a Markdown
  * Block quotes and code blocks now have an inobtrusive background
  color to differentiate them.
  * Buttons have been added to the status for existing features.
  * HUD windows and scrollbars can be stylized to have square or
  rounded corners in the Settings, and are no longer theme dependent.
  * New "Typewriter" focus mode was added by @hirschenberger.
  * The style sheet and Markdown processor to use with the HTML live
  preview can now be selected in their own dialog box accessible both
  from the status bar at the bottom of the window and from the menu bar
  in the Settings menu.
  * The "Copy HTML" button has been moved to the "status bar" at the
  bottom of the main window.
  * The "Copy HTML" button / menu bar option can copy just the selected
  Markdown text as HTML (using the currently selected Markdown
  processor). It will still copy the entire Markdown text document and
  convert it to HTML in the system clipboard if no text is selected.
  * Themes now support options for emphasis color and block text color.
  Note that emphasis color will also affect the color of headings, and
  block text color will affect the color of block quotes and code blocks.
  * Issue #302: ghostwriter will now look for default Qt
  translations on the standard Qt translations path
  (for standard buttons/text). These default Qt translations
  have been included in the Windows installer translations
  folder and portable Windows Zip, and will be loaded automatically
  based on the currently selected application language.
  * Some tweaks have been made to the parsing/highlighting of
  emphasized text to handle nested emphasis cases better. As part
  of this effort, ghostwriter uses a Qt 5-specific regular
  expression class that is not available in Qt 4. As such,
  ghostwriter can no longer be built with Qt and must be built with
  Qt 5.
  * Issue #272: Fixed issue with Focus mode where inserting
  matching characters around a selection was causing the application
  to crash.
  * Issue #260: Added compatability with Pandoc version 2 and
  MultiMarkdown version 6.
  * Fixed issue where HTML preview scrolls to the top if the new
  HTML from a modified document matches the old HTML, even if the
  markup used in the source document did change.
  * Fixed issue where current word is not live spell checked if the
  user switches the text cursor to a different line.
  * Fixed issue where prompt to reload a file that has been modified
  externally was being displayed multiple times per file change. This
  seems to have been triggered by some editors like Sublime Text that
  perform multiple file saves for a single file modification.
  * Issue #228: Selected text can now be dragged and dropped to a
  different location within the editor.
  * Fixed issue where if setext heading markup line is selected and
  deleted with the cursor position beginning at the end of the previous
  line, the heading is not removed from the Outline HUD.
  * Fixed issue where Preview HTML menu item and button were not in
  sync to appear checked or unchecked.
  * ghostwriter now clears the Outline HUD when loading or reloading
  a document to prevent a crash in case bad data is in the HUD.
  * Fixed copy HTML issue to ensure Markdown text has proper formatting
  (i.e., greater than signs aren't converted to >).
  * ghostwriter will now search in the mozilla-dicts installation
  location for dictionaries on OpenBSD.
* Fri Nov 03 2017
- Update suggested packages and recommend virtual package markdown
* Sun May 28 2017
- Update suggested packages
* Sat May 27 2017
- Update to version 1.5.0
  * HUD windows can now be closed using the Esc key when they have
  * A new option has been added to highlight double spaces at the
    end of a line.
  * Github-style task lists can now be made using the * and +
    bullet point characters, in addition to the - character.
  * Support for ConTeXt and wkhtmltopdf when exporting to PDF with
    Pandoc has been added.
  * Auto-matching characters for selected text now respects the
    existing preferences for the matching done while typing without
    text selected.
  * Typing a single quote (') will no longer result in a second
    quote being automatically inserted after the cursor if the
    cursor is positioned in the middle of a word.
  * Most settings have been moved into a new Preferences dialog to
    accommodate the ever increasing number of application options.
  * Font size can now be increased by pressing Ctrl+=or decreased
    by pressing Ctrl+-. It can also be changed by using Ctrl and
    the mouse wheel.
  * When exporting to other file formats, the output file will be
    opened after export with its default application.
  * E-books created using Pandoc will now also be generated with a
    table of contents.
  * When passing in a file path via the command line, a new file
    will be created with that path if it does not already exist.
  * When typing a * character, ghostwriter would auto-insert a
    second '*' character in anticipation of emphasized text. The
    auto-inserted second * will now be removed if a space is typed
    to accommodate a bullet list instead.
  * Rudimentary support for HiDPI has been added. See notes below.
  * Various performance enhancements and tweaks have been made
    under the hood.
  * Hyphenated words are now considered one word for spell checking
  * ghostwriter can now be built from its source tarball without
    needing git to be installed.
  * Linux desktop file now specifies that ghostwriter can open only
    one file from the command line rather than multiple files.
  * Ctrl+M now opens the HTML Preview instead of Ctrl+W. This is to
    avoid a conflict with closing windows in Linux.
  * Copy and paste no longer makes the word count jump.
  * Sundry minor fixes have been added.
* Sun Feb 19 2017
- Split lang subpackage and generate/install translations
- Suggest MultiMarkdown-5 as well
* Thu Sep 08 2016
- Update to version 1.4.2:
  * Issue #113: Full screen clock now displays time based on
  * Issue #119: Null characters, which had been breaking the HTML
    preview, are no longer inserted when typing over selecting text.
  * Issue #121: Code fences are now correctly highlighted when they
    contain blank lines.
  * Issue #123: Statistics HUDs now have proper padding when
    alternating row colors is enabled.
  * Issue #125: The translations folder has been moved up one
    folder for the portable distribution of ghostwriter.
  * Sundry minor fixes have been added.
* Mon Aug 15 2016
- Update to version 1.4.1:
  * Pressing backspace at the end of a line no longer deletes
    adjacent line breaks.
  * Renaming a theme no longer removes its background image.
  * Main window is now rendered correctly when transitioning
    between full screen mode and maximized. Main window also
    remembers its normal size upon being restored from maximized
    after having been in full screen mode previously.
* Wed Jul 27 2016
- Update to version 1.4.0:
  * The time of day optionally displays in full screen mode.
  * The recent file history size has been increased to 10.
  * The menu bar will optionally auto-hide in full screen mode when
    the mouse is not hovering over it.
  * All new Hemingway mode button will disable backspace and
    delete keys.
  * Two new HUDs display statistical information on the current
    writing session and document.
  * Auto-matched characters can be customized.
  * Pandoc PDF export now has better defaults for margins and
  * Shortcut keys using Alt now use Ctrl to avoid conflicts with
    OS shortcut keys and to better accommodate non-USA keyboards.
  * High DPI scaling has been enabled for Qt 5.6 and above.
  * Dragging and dropping an image into the editor will now insert
    the image link at the mouse location.
  * Classic Light and Classic Dark themes have new color palettes.
  * Various aesthetics have been added to the main window.
  * New application translations are available for the following
    + German
    + Italian
    + Japanese
    + Portuguese (Brazil)
    + Russian
  * Sundry other fixes have been added.
* Thu May 05 2016
- Trim description to relevant parts.
* Sat Apr 30 2016
- Initial package for version 1.3.1