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Fast, online, error-correcting, monadic, applicative, merging, permuting, interleaving, idiomatic parser combinators


New version of the Utrecht University parser combinator library, which provides online, error correction, annotation free, applicative style parser combinators. In addition to this we provide a monadic and an idomatic interface. Parsers do analyse themselves to avoid commonly made errors.

This version is based on the module "Data.Listlike", and as a result a great variety of input structures ('Strings', 'ByteStrings', etc.) can be handled.

The modules "Text.ParserCombinators.UU.Demo.Examples", "Text.ParserCombinators.UU.Idioms" and "Text.ParserCombinators.UU.Demo.MergeAndpermute" contain a ready-made 'show_examples' function, which can be called (e.g. from 'ghci') to see e.g. the error correction at work. It contains extensive haddock documentation, so why not just take a look to see the correction process at work, and to get a feeling for how the various combinators can be used?

The file "Text.ParserCombinators.UU.CHANGELOG" contains a log of the most recent changes and additions.

The file "Text.ParserCombinators.UU.README" contains some references to background information.

We maintain a low frequency mailing for discussing the package. You can subscribe at: <>.

License: MIT



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