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Change Logs

* Thu Aug 03 2017
- Updated with latest spec-cleaner version 0.9.8-8-geadfbbf.
Version: 0.10.2-bp154.1.12
* Sat Nov 20 2021 Peter Simons <>
- Update tasty-quickcheck to version 0.10.2.
  Upstream has edited the change log file since the last release in
  a non-trivial way, i.e. they did more than just add a new entry
  at the top. You can review the file at:
* Fri Dec 18 2020
- Update tasty-quickcheck to version
  - ---------------
  The only point of this release is to introduce compatibility with GHCs back to 7.0
  Note, however, that these changes are not merged to the master branch, and the
  future releases will only support the GHC/base versions from the last 5 years,
  as per our usual policy. To test with even older GHCs, you'll have to use this
  particular version of tasty-quickcheck (or have the constraint solver pick it
  for you when testing with older GHCs).
  The source of this release is in the `support-old-ghcs` branch of the tasty
* Thu Dec 17 2020 Ond?ej SĂșkup <>
- disable %{ix86} build
* Tue Aug 18 2020 Peter Simons <>
- Replace %setup -q with the more modern %autosetup macro.
* Tue Jun 09 2020
- Add tasty-quickcheck at version
Version: 0.8.4-2.2
* Sun Jul 10 2016
- Update to version 0.8.4 revision 0 with cabal2obs.
* Mon Feb 22 2016
- initial version tasty-quickcheck-0.8.4