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Snap: A Haskell Web Framework (core interfaces and types)


Snap is a simple and fast web development framework and server written in Haskell. For more information or to download the latest version, you can visit the Snap project website at <>.

This library contains the core definitions and types for the Snap framework, including:

  1. Primitive types and functions for HTTP (requests, responses, cookies,

post/query parameters, etc)

  1. A monad for programming web handlers called "Snap", which allows:
  • Stateful access to the HTTP request and response objects

  • Monadic failure (i.e. MonadPlus/Alternative instances) for declining to

handle requests and chaining handlers together

  • Early termination of the computation if you know early what you want to

return and want to prevent further monadic processing

/Quick start/: The 'Snap' monad and HTTP definitions are in "Snap.Core".

License: BSD-3-Clause



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