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Change Logs

* Sun Feb 10 2019
- Update skylighting to version 0.7.6.
  [#]# 0.7.6 -- 2019-02-08
  * Depend on skylighting-core 0.7.6.x.
* Sun Dec 02 2018
- Update skylighting to version 0.7.5.
  [#]# 0.7.5 -- 2018-12-01
  * Depend on skylighting-core 0.7.5.x.
  * Add J, sml, typescript.
* Wed Oct 10 2018
- Update skylighting to version 0.7.4.
  [#]# 0.7.4 -- 2018-10-08
  * Depend on skylighting-core 0.7.4.x.
* Thu Aug 30 2018
- Update skylighting to version 0.7.3.
  [#]# 0.7.3 -- 2018-08-27
  * Add Sylighting.Syntax.Default and 'default' language. This
    just highlights everything as normal text.
  * Require base >= 4.8.  Drop support for ghc 7.8.
* Wed Jul 18 2018
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
  and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.
* Fri Jul 13 2018
- Update skylighting to version 0.7.2.
  [#]# 0.7.2 -- 2018-06-08
  * Require skylighting-core >= 0.7.2.
* Mon May 14 2018
- Update skylighting to version 0.7.1.
  * Split skylighting into skylighting-core (BSD3) and skylighting (GPL)
    (#37, Jonathan Daugherty).  skylighting-core (BSD3 licensed) includes
    the core library functionality and the source of the XML syntax, but
    not the compiled Syntax modules, and skylighting (GPL2 licensed)
    includes Syntax modules compiled from the XML syntax files.
  * We discontinue support for GHC before 7.10 (because we need to support the
    reexport-modules Cabal directive.)
  * Print message about loaded syntax defs to stderr (#36).
  * New module Skylighting.Loader, exporting
    `loadSyntaxFromFile` and `loadSyntaxesFromDir` (Jonathan Daugherty).
  * Adjust tests to load xml definitions dynamically.
  * Add ANSI color output (Alexander Ronald Altman, #22).
    + New package dependencies: `ansi-terminal` and `colour`.
    + New module: `Skylighting.Format.ANSI`, exporting `formatANSI`,
    (also reexported from the module `Skylighting`).
    + In `Skylighting.Types`, new types `ANSIColorLevel` and
    `Xterm256ColorCode`, and a new field `ansiColorLevel` in
    + Main `skylighting` executable now supports ANSI output (use
    `ansi` as argument to `--format`), which is now the default output
    format. A new flag `--color-level` has been added to select
    the number of colors (with options `16`, `256`, `true`, and
    the default `auto`).
  * Reword error for missing contexts in IncludeRules.
  * Use ordNub instead of nub for missingIncludes.
  * Fixed tokenizer exceptions (#31).  Previously `throwError`
    did not actually generate `Left` results in `tokenize`,
    because of the way the MonadPlus instance worked. Rewrote
    the TokenizerM monad from scratch so that exceptions would
    not be skipped.
  * Improved error message about undefined contexts.
  * Makefile: use cabal for bootstrap target.
  * README: remove stack bootstrap instructions.
    You can no longer bootstrap with stack, because it
    insists on building ALL the executables the first time,
    and of course that can't be done with this library.
  * Use quickcheck for fuzz test.
  * Small improvements to fuzz tests in test suite.  We now
    ensure that we print the random text on test failure.  Also,
    we now run the test with many smaller samples rather than
    one big one.
  * Add aeson lower bound (because of toEncoding) (#28).
  * Fix line spacing and overflowing content in generated HTML
    (David Baynard, #25, see jgm/pandoc#4128).
    + Fix empty line height, explicitly
    + Ensure long lines scroll on screen
    + Only apply colour to the outer div
    + Don't reset line number colour
    + Fix borders on empty code lines
    + Collapse divs correctly.
  * Changes to Style types and JSON instances.  Previously we could not
    successfully round-trip through JSON.
    + `tokenStyles` is now a map rather than an association list.
    + We now use `line-number-color` instead of `line-numbers` at
    the top level in the JSON instances, falling back to
    `line-numbers` in `editor-colors`, for KDE theme compatibility.
    + We use `line-number-background-color` at the top level, falling
    back to the text background color.
    + We use `text-color` at the top level, falling back to the `text-color`
    of the `Normal` token style if it exists, for KDE compatibility.
    + We use `background-color` at the top level, falling back to
    the `background-color` in `editor-colors`, for KDE compatibility.
    + A round-trip JSON test has been added.
  * HTML formatting: fix color, bgcolor when numbering enabled.
    Previously, the code got the color and background color
    the numbers were supposed to get.  See jgm/pandoc #4103.
  * Updated syntax descriptions for bash, clojure, commonlisp, diff,
    dockerfile, doxygen, doxygenlua, fsharp, hamlet, haskell, haxe,
    java, javascript, julia, latex, literate-curry, literate-haskell,
    makefile, mediawiki, monobasic, ocaml, prolog, r, relaxng, scala,
    sci, sql-mysql, sql-postgresql, sql, xslt.
  * test program:  use --accept instead of --regen.
  * HTML formatter: always use an a element (rather than a div)
    for source lines.  The divs were invalid, because code
    elements must contain phrasing content.  Previously we used
    a elements when line anchors were called for, but there is
    no clear reason not to use them always.
  * skylighting binary: add doctype to generated HTML.
  * Fixed regression in `data-line-number` attributes in HTML
    output.  We should not include the `lineIdPrefix` in
    front of this.
  * Fixed typo in css (Artymort).
  * Fixed travis build times.
  * `FormatOptions`: added `lineIdPrefix` (jgm/pandoc#4031).
    This is needed because a web page may contain several
    code samples, and we need to make sure that the ids on
    lines are unique.
  * HTML formatter: use `lineIdPrefix` in ids for lines.
  * HTML formatter: Don't put href attributes on divs.
  * HTML output: remove outer div.  This prevented margin
    collapsing between the pre and surrounding block elements,
    and often gave us excess white space around code blocks.
    See jgm/pandoc#3996.
  * Updated XML definitions from KDE repository.
    Changed: actionscript, ada, agda, alert, alert_indent, asn1, awk, bash,
    boo, c, changelog, clojure, cmake, coldfusion, commonlisp, cpp, cs, css,
    curry, d, dockerfile, dot, doxygen, doxygenlua, eiffel, email, erlang,
    fortran, fsharp, gcc, haskell, haxe, isocpp, java, javascript, jsp, julia,
    lilypond, lua, m4, makefile, matlab, maxima, mips, modelines, modula-2,
    monobasic, objectivec, objectivecpp, ocaml, octave, opencl, pascal, perl,
    php, pike, postscript, prolog, purebasic, python, r, relaxng,
    relaxngcompact, rest, rhtml, ruby, rust, scala, scheme, sci, sql-mysql,
    sql-postgresql, sql, tcl, tcsh, verilog, vhdl, xml, xslt, xul, zsh.
  * Added support for powershell, using definition from KDE repository.
  * Stop terminating long builds on TravisCI (Kyle Ondy).
  * Removed ToJSON/FromJSON instances for KeywordAttr,
    WordSet, Matcher, Context, ContextSwitch, Rule, Syntax
    (added in 0.3.5).  Creating these increased the memory
    requirements for compiling skylighting to a degree not
    justified by the usefulness of these instances.
  * Added ToJSON/FromJSON instances for all basic types.
  * Added some background colors to 'kate' style, matching default.theme,
    and made FromJSON for Style sensitive to background-color.
  * HTML formatting: do not use `div` elements for source
    lines in inline output.
  * HTML formatting changes (David Baynard).  Note that these
    changes may require changes in hard-coded CSS that is
    used with skylighting's HTML output.
    + Wrap lines of source code in a `div` with `display` set to
    `inline-block`.  The `div`s make per-line processing easier.
    They cannot be set as `display: block` as that introduces extra
    new lines when copying and pasting.
    + Render line numbers in html using CSS pseudo elements rather than
    a table.  The line numbers are always produced, as `data-line-number`
    attributes, and css to display them as `::before` elements are
    always produced. The option to switch on line numbering only
    toggles a class; this means it is possible to toggle line numbering
    without re-running skylighting.
    + If the `linkAnchors` option is set, wrap with an `a` element rather
    than a `div`, set so that clicking the line number (and only the
    line number) will jump to that line.
    + Code wraps by default when html is printed, with wrapped lines
  * Updated xml syntax definitions and clojure test.
  * Improved 'make update-xml' target.
  * Updated version bound for criterion.
  * Revert change from 0.3.2; now entities from a DTD are
    resolved if the DTD element is included.  This is needed
    for agda.xml and some others.  If you want to use a custom
    xml definition without needing language.dtd, just remove
    the reference to language.dtd in your xml file.
  * Added `case` keyword for ats (Hanwen (Steinway) Wu).
  * Parse xml definitions without resolving entities from
    language.dtd.  This allows xml definitions to be used even
    when language.dtd isn't available.  Existing definitions
    don't rely on the two or three entities definied in
    language.dtd, so this is harmless.
  * Small optimizations.
  * Use handwritten parser for Float instead of regex.  Fixes
    jgm/highlighting-kate#57 (again).
  * Added float parsing tests.
  * Use parsec parsers, not regex, for CStringChar and CChar.
  * Rewrote Int, Hex, Oct, CStringChar, CCHar parsers with parsec
    instead of regex.  This speeds things up.
  * Don't include leading + in Int, Hex, Oct parsers.  That gives
    bad results for things like `i+1`.
  * Store literal binary-encoded representations of the Syntax
    structure in Skylighting.Syntax.*.hs, instead of the
    structure itself.  This works around a problem ghc has
    compiling modules with large structures.  This indirect method
    produces faster compile times and avoids massive memory usage by
    ghc (especially in profiling builds).  For background see  Closes #7.
  * Types: Internals of 'WordSet' are no longer exposed.
  * Restore Data, Typeable, Generic instances for basic types.
    To do this, we remove reCompiled field from RE (API change).  Instead, we
    have the tokenizer compile regexes the first time it encounters them,
    memoizing the results.  Performance is not significantly worse.
  * Skylighting.Syntax.*:  use string representation of the Syntax,
    which is then 'read', rather than including the code for the data
    structure directly (#7).  This indirect method produces faster compile
    times and avoids massive memory usage by ghc (especially in profiling
    builds).  For background see
  * Use -fprof-auto-exported for profiling builds.
  * Added benchmark for xml syntax definition parsing.
  * Patched perl.xml (improperly escaped regex) (#8).
    This fixes a perl regex compilation error for regex patterns
    with backslash as delimiter, e.g. m\a\.
  * Add a flag to build with system pcre (Felix Yan).
* Thu May 19 2022
- Update skylighting to version
  * Allow mtl 2.3.
  * Update syntax defs from upstream: bash, cmake, go, haxe, lua, zsh.
  * Add nix.xml (#149).
  * Add Pygments styles for `Import` and `BuiltIn` token types (#147,
    Bryan A. Danielak).
  * Use StrictData.
  * Remove unused dependencies (silences cabal warnings) (Andreas Abel).
* Fri Feb 18 2022
- Update skylighting to version 0.12.3.
  [#]# 0.12.3
  * Add scss, sass, systemverilog, orgmode.
  * Update xml definitions from upstream: bash, css, python, r, zsh.
* Wed Jan 19 2022
- Update skylighting to version 0.12.2.
  [#]# 0.12.2
  * Parser: handle context shift to external context, e.g.,
    `BashOneLine##Bash`.  Closes #139 (issue with Dockerfile).
  * Update xml files from upstream:
    bash, cmake, markdown, objectivecpp, php, sql-postgresql, sql, stan, zshr
  * Fix formatting in `Color` doc-comment (Janek Spaderna).
  * Add stan.xml (Brian Ward).
* Thu Aug 03 2017
- Updated with latest spec-cleaner version 0.9.8-8-geadfbbf.
* Sun Feb 12 2017
- Update to version with cabal2obs.
Version: 0.12.2-bp154.1.17
* Wed Jan 19 2022 Peter Simons <>
- Update skylighting to version 0.12.2.
  [#]# 0.12.2
  * Parser: handle context shift to external context, e.g.,
    `BashOneLine##Bash`.  Closes #139 (issue with Dockerfile).
  * Update xml files from upstream:
    bash, cmake, markdown, objectivecpp, php, sql-postgresql, sql, stan, zshr
  * Fix formatting in `Color` doc-comment (Janek Spaderna).
  * Add stan.xml (Brian Ward).
* Mon Nov 01 2021
- Update skylighting to version 0.12.1.
  [#]# 0.12.1
  * Update syntax definitions:  bash, cmake, dockerfile,
    gnuassembler, markdown, spdx-comments.
  * Support hex escapes using `\x` in regex char classes (#135).
    These occur in a number of syntax definitions and weren't
    correctly interpreted before. Thanks to @Agnishom.
  * Support regex property syntax, e.g. `\p{Lu}`.
  * Regex: support `\B` (non-word-boundary).
* Mon Sep 20 2021
- Update skylighting to version 0.12.
  [#]# 0.12
  * Properly handle include elements in keyword lists (#124).
    A number of syntaxes (e.g. typescript, scala) include keyword
    lists from other syntaxe,s and previously we weren't able to
    handle this.
    There are several pieces to this change.  We need to store lists
    where other Syntaxes can look them up, so we add an `sLists`
    field to `Syntax` [API change], and modify the parser to fill this.
    We change lists so that their values are not just a `Text`, but a
    `ListItem` that can either be a textual value or an include directive,
    specifying a `ListName` (syntax name and list name).
    The `Keyword` constructor for `Matcher` now takes, instead of a
    `WordSet`, Either a `ListName` or a `WordSet` (API change).
    Skylighting.Parser now exports `resolveKeywords` (API change),
    which modifies all `Keyword` matchers in a syntax so that Left
    values with a `ListName` become Right values with resolved `WordSet`s.
    The tokenizer applies this function automatically to the SyntaxMap
    given in Config.  But it is more efficient to do this conversion
    just once, rather than every time `tokenize` is called. So we have
    `loadSyntaxesFromDir` call it on the `SyntaxMap`.  With this
    optimization, there is not an appreciable performance cost to the
    changes described above.
  * Skylighting.Regex: Fix bug with regexes like `a{10}b` (#133).
    This requires exactly 10 a's; previously we interpreted it as
    "at least 10."
  * skylighting-extract: take a directory as argument rather than files.
    This allows us to use `loadSyntaxesFromDir`.
  * Update xml syntax definitions from upstream:
    julia, cmake, cpp, isocpp, markdown, python, toml.
* Mon Jul 19 2021
- Update skylighting to version 0.11.
  [#]# 0.11
  * Skylighting.Regex: Support regex subroutines (#118).  For example,
    `(?1)` is replaced by the regex in the first capturing group.  So far
    we only support this simple, absolute form, not the relative
    form `(?-1)` supported by some engines (but not used, I think, in
    KDE's syntax highlighters).  This change involves an API change:
    Regex in Skylighting.Regex has a new Subroutine constructor,
    and the Recurse constructor has been removed.  Instead of Recurse we use
    Subroutine 0, which unifies the code.
  * Skylighting.Regex: handle e.g. `[\1]` and `[\123]` (without
    initial 0) as octal escapes (#118).  These occur in the zsh.xml
    syntax definition.
  * Pull xml definitions for bash, cmake, python, zsh from upstream.
  * README: Add a note about pulling syntax definitions from upstream (#138).
    Update build instructions for recent cabal versions (#131).
* Mon Jun 21 2021
- Update skylighting to version
  * Added swift grammar definition (Igor Ranieri).
  * Simplify instructions for two-step build.
  * Fix link to KDE documentation.
* Tue Mar 23 2021
- Update skylighting to version
  * Regex: Allow lookaheads to capture groups.  Previously
    captures in lookaheads, like `(?=(a*))`, were ignored.  This
    led to errors highlighting xml and probably other formats (#121).
  * Throw an exception if a capture group isn't defined (with 'dynamic')
    rather than simply having getCapture fail so that the rule fails.
    This will make it easier to debug issues like #121.
* Mon Mar 22 2021
- Update skylighting to version 0.10.5.
  [#]# 0.10.5
  * Fix regression from 0.10.3 with Haskell highlighting of Char (#120).
  * Update xml syntax definitions from upstream.  Updated
    syntaxes: abc apache asp bash bibtex boo c changelog clojure
    cmake commonlisp cs curry d diff djangotemplate doxygen
    elixir elm email erlang fortran-fixed fortran-free fsharp
    hamlet haskell haxe html idris ini javascript-react
    javascript json julia kotlin latex lex lilypond
    literate-curry literate-haskell makefile markdown
    mathematica maxima mediawiki metafont modula-2 mustache nasm
    nim noweb ocaml octave opencl perl powershell prolog pure
    python r roff ruby rust sed spdx-comments sql-mysql
    sql-postgresql tcl tcsh toml typescript verilog xml xslt xul
    yacc yaml.  Not updated: rhtml (causes an error on our test
    suite), zsh (has a regex we can't parse).
* Sun Mar 14 2021
- Update skylighting to version
  * Fixed logic for checking line-end-context (#119).
  * Use NonEmpty for the context stack.
  * Remove unneeded build-depends.
* Tue Mar 02 2021
- Update skylighting to version 0.10.4.
  [#]# 0.10.4
  * Move from hxt to xml-conduit for XML parsing.
    This gives about a 4X speedup in parsing syntax definitions.
    It also reduces the pandoc build dependency footprint, as we
    depend on xml-conduit anyway and now no longer need to compile
    HXT and its dependencies.
    There are improvements in accuracy as well: the change to
    xml-conduit improved parsing for one of the prolog rules;
    a matcher that should have been for tab characters had been set for a
    space instead.
  * Removed some unnecessary build-depends in skylighting-extract.
* Tue Feb 23 2021
- Update skylighting to version 0.10.3.
  [#]# 0.10.3
  * Add support for raku (#114).
  * Reimplement PR #40 and add haskell.xml.patch (#116).
  * Update syntax definitions: actionscript ada asp awk bash
    bibtex boo c cmake cpp cs d elm email fasm fsharp glsl
    gnuassembler go haskell haskell idris isocpp
    javascript julia latex lilypond makefile mediawiki metafont
    mustache objectivec objectivecpp octave opencl perl php
    php powershell prolog purebasic raku rest ruby sed
    spdx-comments sql-mysql sql-postgresql sql typescript
    verilog vhdl.
  * Fix php.xml.patch so it applies again.
* Fri Dec 18 2020
- Update skylighting to version 0.10.2.
  [#]# 0.10.2
  * Update syntax definitions for abc, actionscript, asn1, ats,
    bash, boo, coffee, comments, cpp, cs, css, curry, d,
    djangotemplate, dockerfile, doxygen, dtd, elixir, graphql,
    groovy, hamlet, haskell, haxe, idris, ini, j, java,
    javadoc, javascript-react, javascript, jsp, kotlin, lex,
    lilypond, literate-curry, literate-haskell, m4, makefile,
    mandoc, markdown, mediawiki, mips, modula-2, modula-3,
    monobasic, mustache, nim, noweb, objectivec, objectivecpp,
    ocaml, opencl, pascal, perl, php, pike, postscript,
    prolog, protobuf, pure, purebasic, python, qml, relaxng,
    relaxngcompact, rest, rhtml, roff, ruby, scala, sci, sed,
    sgml, sml, spdx-comments, stata, tcsh, texinfo, verilog,
    xml, xorg, xul.
  * Re-insert CSS line needed to make line numbers appear in
    HTML.  See jgm/pandoc#6625.
* Thu Dec 17 2020 Ond?ej SĂșkup <>
- disable %{ix86} build
* Wed Nov 25 2020
- Update skylighting to version 0.10.1.
  [#]# 0.10.1
  * Regex: handle `(?|)` modifier.  This is used in bash.xml now.
    It resets the numbers of capturing groups in alternatives.
  * Improve regex handling of `{` and `}` not in quantifiers:
  - `{}` is literal (not a quantifier).
  - loose unescaped `{` and `}` that are not part of a quantifier are
    literal matchers.
  * Update xml syntax definitions from upstream.
    For: abc, actionscript, ada, agda, alert, apache, asn1, asp,
    ats, awk, bash, boo, c, clojure, cmake, coffee, coldfusion,
    commonlisp, cs, css, curry, d, djangotemplate, dockerfile,
    dot, doxygen, dtd, eiffel, elixir, elm, erlang, fasm,
    fortran-fixed, fortran-free, fsharp, glsl, gnuassembler, go,
    graphql, groovy, hamlet, haskell, haxe, html, idris, ini,
    isocpp, j, java, javadoc, javascript, jsp, julia, kotlin,
    latex, lex, lilypond, literate-curry, literate-haskell,
    llvm, lua, m4, makefile, markdown, mathematica, matlab,
    maxima, mediawiki, metafont, mips, modula-2, modula-3,
    monobasic, mustache, nasm, nim, noweb, objectivec,
    objectivecpp, ocaml, octave, opencl, pascal, perl, php,
    pike, postscript, povray, powershell, prolog, protobuf,
    pure, purebasic, python, r, relaxng, relaxngcompact, rest,
    rhtml, roff, ruby, rust, scala, scheme, sci, sed, sgml, sml,
    sql-mysql, sql-postgresql, sql, stata, tcl, tcsh, texinfo,
    toml, verilog, vhdl, xml, xorg, xslt, xul, yacc, yaml, zsh.
    Also added spdx-comments.xml and comments.xml, which are
    needed for these.  Closes #111 (latex bug in matrix).
* Fri Oct 23 2020
- Update skylighting to version
  * Add groovy syntax.
* Tue Oct 13 2020
- Update skylighting to version
  * Improve DetectIdentifier to ensure that identifiers can't
    include non-ASCII characters.
  * Fix identifier detection in non-ASCII context (#110).
  [#]# 0.10
  * Add instructions for submitting patches upstream to KDE (#106).
  * Synced syntax definitions from KDE repo.  Note that fortran
    has split into two: `fortran-fixed` and `fortran-free`.
  * Add test to ensure that all regexes in rules compile.
  * Regex: allow unescaped `}`.
  * Regex: allow empty regexes and groups.
  * Regex: support lazy and possessive quantifiers (#109).
  * Regex: support recursive regexes `(?R)` (#108).
  * Hide invisible line numbers from keyboard focus (#107, d10n).
    This fixes tabbing through elements on a page.
  * Remove some obsolete patches for xml definitions.
  [#]# 0.9
  * Use a pure Haskell regex implementation (in unexported module
    Text.Regex.KDE) instead of pcre.  The implementation is not
    as efficient as pcre, but it seems good enough for this
    application, and it is desirable to avoid depending on a C
    library.  (Available Haskell libraries weren't up to the
    task, because they don't do back-references, captures,
    lookahead/behind.) Some benchmarks (old/new):
    haskell (4.6/7.9) java (13.4/23.3) c (2.8/3.7) rhtml
    (4.7/6.1) lua (10.6/13.2) javascript (4.2/6.6).
    Though this is a significant slowdown, the tradeoff seems
    worth it to have a pure Haskell implementation.
  * Removed old `system-pcre` flag.
  * More efficient treatment of dynamic regexes.
    We put something in the Regex itself to represent the `%1`,
    and modify it later.  This allows us to cache dynamic
    regexes in a way we couldn't before.
  * Add support for TOML (#105, Shiming Wang),
    GraphQL, and Nim syntax (#102, Daniel Pozo Escalona).
  * Update xml definitions for actionscript, bash, boo, c,
    cmake, elm, erlang, glsl, isocpp, java, lua, m4, mediawiki,
    perl, powershell, scala, tcsh, xul, zsh.
  * Fix fallthrough behavior (don't always consume a token).
  * Fix word boundary detection.
  * Remove RegexException. (API change)
  * Skylighting.Regex now exports `isWordChar` and `testRegex`,
    as well as the constructors underlying the new `Regex` type.
  * Remove some obsolete xml definition patches.
  * Fix escaped % in dynamic regex.
* Wed Aug 19 2020 Michel Normand <>
- Add _constraints with 6GB min disk space for ppc64/ppc64le
* Tue Aug 18 2020 Peter Simons <>
- Replace %setup -q with the more modern %autosetup macro.
* Sun Jun 21 2020
- Update skylighting to version 0.8.5.
  [#]# 0.8.5
  * Respect dynamic flag on StringDetect elements (#99, Albert
  * Increase test timeout to avoid failures with qemu-emulated
    environments, such as qemu and riscv64 in Ubuntu builders
    (William Grant).
  * Fix attribute for opening double quote in sql-postgresql.xml
    (Benjamin Wuethrich).
  * Update syntax descriptions for javascript, bash, coffee,
    javascript-react, javascript, latex, sql-postgresql, typescript.
* Tue Jun 09 2020
- Update skylighting to version 0.8.4.
  [#]# 0.8.4
  * HTML output: use aria-hidden="true" on empty a elements
    unless numberLines is specified (in which case the element
    is still empty but will have content added by CSS).
    This is to avoid excess noise when the code blocks are
    read by screen readers.  See jgm/pandoc#6352.