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A more progressive alternative to the "base" package


This package is intended for those who are tired of keeping long lists of dependencies to the same essential libraries in each package as well as the endless imports of the same APIs all over again. It also supports the modern tendencies in the language.

To solve those problems this package does the following:

  • Reexport the original APIs under the "Rebase" namespace.

  • Export all the possible non-conflicting symbols from the "Rebase.Prelude"


  • Give priority to the modern practices in the conflicting cases.

The policy behind the package is only to reexport the non-ambiguous and non-controversial APIs, which the community has obviously settled on. The package is intended to rapidly evolve with the contribution from the community, with the missing features being added with pull-requests.

License: MIT



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1.0.8-bp150.1.3 info GA Release 2018-07-30 15
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