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Properly streaming text


/New in version 0.0.2.x/: The new module 'Pipes.Prelude.Text' exports line-based 'Text' producers and consumers as a drop-in replacement for the 'String' material in 'Pipes.Prelude' and 'Pipes.Safe.Prelude'. They can be used as one uses 'Pipes.Prelude' without reference to the rest of this package. See the caveats in the documentation for that module.

The organization of this package follows the rule:

  • 'pipes-text : pipes-bytestring :: text : bytestring'

Familiarity with the other three packages should give one an idea what to expect where. The package has three principal modules, 'Pipes.Text' , 'Pipes.Text.Encoding' and 'Pipes.Text.IO'; the division has more or less the significance it has in the 'text' library.

The module 'Pipes.Text.IO' is present as a convenience. Official pipes IO uses 'Pipes.ByteString' together with the bytestring decoding functions in 'Pipes.Text.Encoding'. In particular, the 'Pipes.Text.IO' functions use Text exceptions, while 'Pipes.Text' uses the standard pipes practice of breaking with a failed parse. Thus, for example, the type of 'decodeUtf8' is

  • 'decodeUtf8 :: Monad m => Producer ByteString m r -> Producer Text m

(Producer ByteString m r)'

where any unparsed bytes are returned.

'Pipes.Text.IO' and 'Pipes.Prelude.Text' use version 0.11.3 or later of the 'text' library; older versions of 'text' can be used with the flag '-fnoio'.

License: BSD-3-Clause



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