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Version: 5.3.1-bp150.2.3
* Thu Aug 03 2017
- Updated with latest spec-cleaner version 0.9.8-8-geadfbbf.
* Thu Jul 27 2017
- Update to version 5.3.1.
* Mon Jun 19 2017
- Update to version 5.2.0 revision 1.
* Sun Feb 12 2017
- Update to version 5.2.0 with cabal2obs.
* Thu Sep 15 2016
- Update to version 5.0.1 revision 0 with cabal2obs.
* Sun Jul 10 2016
- Update to version 4.4.0 revision 0 with cabal2obs.
Version: 7.0.4-bp151.1.9
* Fri Nov 09 2018
- Update megaparsec to version 7.0.4.
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* Thu Nov 01 2018
- Update megaparsec to version 7.0.3.
  [#]# Megaparsec 7.0.3
  * Fixed the build with `mtl` older than `2.2.2`.
* Mon Oct 22 2018
- Update megaparsec to version 7.0.2.
  [#]# Megaparsec 7.0.2
  * Fixed the property test for `char'` which was failing in the case when
    there is a character with different upper and title cases.
  * More descriptive error messages when `elabel` or `ulabel` from
    `Text.Megaparsec.Error.Builder` are used with empty strings.
  * Typos fixes in the docs.
* Wed Oct 10 2018
- Update megaparsec to version 7.0.1.
  [#]# Megaparsec 7.0.1
  * Fixed a bug in `errorBundlePretty`. Previously the question sign `?` was
    erroneously inserted before offending line in 2nd and later parse errors.
  [#]# Megaparsec 7.0.0
  [#]## General
  * Dropped the `Text.Megaparsec.Perm` module. Use
    `Control.Applicative.Permutations` from `parser-combinators` instead.
  * Dropped the `Text.Megaparsec.Expr` module. Use
    `Control.Monad.Combinators.Expr` from `parser-combinators` instead.
  * The debugging function `dbg` has been moved from `Text.Megaparsec` to its
    own module `Text.Megaparsec.Debug`.
  * Dropped support for GHC 7.8.
  [#]## Combinators
  * Moved some general combinators from `Text.Megaparsec.Char` and
    `Text.Megaparsec.Byte` to `Text.Megaparsec`, renaming some of them for
    Practical consequences:
  * Now there is the `single` combinator that is a generalization of `char`
    for arbitrary streams. `Text.Megaparsec.Char` and `Text.Megaparsec.Byte`
    still contain `char` as type-constrained versions of `single`.
  * Similarly, now there is the `chunk` combinator that is a generalization
    of `string` for arbitrary streams. The `string` combinator is still
    re-exported from `Text.Megaparsec.Char` and `Text.Megaparsec.Byte` for
  * `satisfy` does not depend on type of token, and so it now lives in
  * `anyChar` was renamed to `anySingle` and moved to `Text.Megaparsec`.
  * `notChar` was renamed to `anySingleBut` and moved to `Text.Megaparsec`.
  * `oneOf` and `noneOf` were moved to `Text.Megaparsec`.
  * Simplified the type of the `token` primitive. It now takes just a matching
    function `Token s -> Maybe a` as the first argument and the collection of
    expected items `Set (ErrorItem (Token s))` as the second argument. This
    makes sense because the collection of expected items cannot depend on what
    we see in the input stream.
  * The `label` primitive now doesn't prepend the phrase ?the rest of? to the
    label when its inner parser produces hints after consuming input. In that
    case `label` has no effect.
  * Fixed the `Text.Megaparsec.Char.Lexer.charLiteral` so it can accept longer
    escape sequences (max length is now 10).
  * Added the `binDigitChar` functions in `Text.Megaparsec.Byte` and
  * Added the `binary` functions in `Text.Megaparsec.Byte.Lexer` and
  * Improved case-insensitive character matching in the cases when e.g.
    `isLower` and `isUpper` both return `False`. Functions affected:
  * Renamed `getPosition` to `getSourcePos`.
  * Renamed `getTokensProcessed` to `getOffset`, `setTokensProcessed` to
  * Dropped `getTabWidth` and `setTabWidth` because tab width is irrelevant to
    parsing process now, it's only relevant for pretty-printing of parse
    errors, which is handled separately.
  * Added and `withParsecT` in `Text.Megaparsec.Internal` to allow changing
    the type of the custom data component in parse errors.
  [#]## Parser state and input stream
  * Dropped stacks of source positions. Accordingly, the functions
    `pushPosition` and `popPosition` from `Text.Megaparsec` and
    `sourcePosStackPretty` from `Text.Megaparsec.Error` were removed. The
    reason for this simplification is that I could not find any code that uses
    the feature and it makes manipulation of source positions hairy.
  * Introduced `PosState` for calculating `SourcePos` from offsets and getting
    offending line for displaying on pretty-printing of parse errors. It's now
    contained in both `State` and `ParseErrorBundle`.
  * Dropped `positionAt1`, `positionAtN`, `advance1`, and `advanceN` methods
    from `Stream`. They are no longer necessary because `reachOffset` (and its
    specialized version `reachOffsetNoLine`) takes care of `SourcePos`
  [#]## Parse errors
  * `ParseError` now contains raw offset in input stream instead of
    `SourcePos`. `errorPos` was dropped from `Text.Megaparsec.Error`.
  * `ParseError` is now parametrized over stream type `s` instead of token
    type `t`.
  * Introduced `ParseErrorBundle` which contains one or more `ParseError`
    equipped with all information that is necessary to pretty-print them
    together with offending lines from the input stream. Functions like
    `runParser` now return `ParseErrorBundle` instead of plain `ParseError`.
    By default there will be only one `ParseError` in such a bundle, but it's
    possible to add more parse errors to a bundle manually. During
    pretty-printing, the input stream will be traversed only once.
  * The primary function for pretty-printing of parse
    errors?`errorBundlePretty` always prints offending lines now.
    `parseErrorPretty` is still there, but it probably won't see a lot of use
    from now on. `parseErrorPretty'` and `parseErrorPretty_` were removed.
    `parseTest'` was removed because `parseTest` always prints offending lines
  * Added `attachSourcePos` function in `Text.Megaparsec.Error`.
  * The `ShowToken` type class has been removed and its method `showTokens`
    now lives in the `Stream` type class.
  * The `LineToken` type class is no longer necessary because the new method
    `reachOffset` of the type class `Stream` does its job.
  * In `Text.Megaparsec.Error` the following functions were added:
    `mapParseError`, `errorOffset`.
  * Implemented continuous highlighting in parse errors. For this we added the
    `errorComponentLen` method to the `ShowErrorComponent` type class.
  [#]## Parse error builder
  * The functions `err` and `errFancy` now accept offsets at which the parse
    errors are expected to have happened, i.e. `Int`s. Thus `posI` and `posN`
    are no longer necessary and were removed.
  * `ET` is now parametrized over the type of stream `s` instead of token type
  * Combinators like `utoks` and `etoks` now accept chunks of input stream
    directly, i.e. `Tokens s` instead of `[Token s]` which should be more
    natural and convenient.
* Fri Aug 17 2018
- Update Cabal build information to support GHC 8.6.x.
* Mon Jul 09 2018
- Add megaparsec at version 6.5.0.