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Change Logs

Version: 1.1.4-bp152.1.3
* Wed May 06 2020
- Update jira-wiki-markup to version 1.1.4.
  * Fixed parsing of image parameters. Thumbnails and images with
    parameters were previously not recognized as images.
  * Fixed table detection in endOfParagraph parser: Tables were
    expected to have a space between the leading pipe(s) and the
    cell content. Lines like `||Name|` were erroneously not
    recognized as the beginning of a new block.
  * Don't escape colon/semicolon unless necessary: it is necessary
    to escape colons or semicolons only if they could otherwise
    become part of a smiley.
  * Colon `:` and semicolon `;` are now parsed as special
    characters, since they can be the first characters of an emoji.
  * Fixed parsing of words which contain non-special symbol
    characters: word boundaries were not set correctly if a word
    contained a dot `.` or similar chars.
  * Fixed incorrect emphasis parsing: digits were erroneously allows
    as the first characters after closing emphasis characters.
  * Lists are now allowed to be indented; i.e., lists are still
    recognized if list markers are preceded by spaces.
  * Support for colored inlines has been added.
  * New constructor `ColorInline` for type `Inline` (API change).
* Thu Dec 26 2019
- Add jira-wiki-markup at version 1.0.0.