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A CTCP encoding and decoding library for IRC clients


CTCP (Client To Client Protocol) is a way of sending arbitrary data over an IRC network, which may include bytes not allowed in standard IRC messages. CTCPs are sent as a PRIVMSG or NOTICE, where the first and last characters as '\001' (SOH), and special bytes are escaped by encoding them into a two-byte sequence beginning with '\020' (DLE). CTCPs consist of command name (typically in upper-case) followed by list of space-separated arguments, which may be empty.

One use of CTCPs supported by the vast majority of IRC clients today is the ACTION command, typically invoked with /me. For example, if the user 'foo' in the channel '#bar' were to issue

> /me dances

everyone in the channel would receive the message

> :foo PRIVMSG #bar :001ACTION dances001

Other common uses of CTCP include requesting the name and version of a user's IRC client, their local time, determining ping times, and initiating file transfers (DCC).

Characters are escaped as follows:

['\000' (NUL)] '\020 \060' ("0")

['\012' (NL)] '\020 \156' ("n")

['\015' (CR)] '\020 \162' ("r")

['\020' (DLE)] '\020 \020'

All other appearences of the escape character are errors, and are dropped.

See <> for more details.

License: MIT



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