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Haskell bindings to libpqtypes


Efficient and easy-to-use bindings to (slightly modified) libpqtypes, lipq extension that adds support for binary transport format and composite types.

Since modified libpqtypes is used, its source code is bundled along with the bindings. The differences between verbatim libpqtypes and the one used by this package:

  • per-thread global error structures were replaced by explicit passing of these

structures around so that there is no need to use bound threads.

  • handlers that take values to be put into the database were modified to always

expect pointers to objects, as opposed to previous situation where primitives were being taken by value (which was convenient if the library was used directly from C, but created inconsistency problems while trying to define bindings in a sensible way).

Examples can be found in the < examples> directory.

License: BSD-3-Clause



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