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Change Logs

* Sun Jul 10 2016
- Update to version 1.10.5 revision 0 with cabal2obs.
* Sun Jun 19 2016
- update to 1.10.5
  * Apply an optimization to generated to(1)/from(1) instances that factors
    out common occurrences of M1
  * Export internal typeclass names
  * Fix Haddock issues with GHC 7.8
* Mon May 23 2016
- update to
  * Fix Haddock parsing issue on GHC 8.0
  * Backported MonadPlus and MonadZip instances for U1, and made the Functor,
    Foldable, Traversable, Alternative, and Monad instances for U1 lazier to
    correspond with base-4.9
  * Backported Enum, Bounded, Ix, Functor, Applicative, Monad, MonadFix, MonadPlus,
    MonadZip, Foldable, Traversable, and Data instances (introduced in base-4.9)
    for datatypes in the Generics.Deriving.Base module
  * Added Generics.Deriving.Semigroup
  * Added GMonoid instance for Data.Monoid.Alt
  * Fixed a bug in the GEnum instances for unsigned Integral types
  * Added Safe/Trustworthy pragmas
  * Made instances polykinded where possible
  * On GHC 8.0 and up, Generics.Deriving.TH uses the new type literal-based machinery
  * Rewrote the Template Haskell code to be robust. Among other things, this fixes
    a bug with deriving Generic1 instances on GHC 7.8, and makes it easier to
    derive Generic1 instances for datatypes that utilize GHC 8.0's
  - XTypeInType extension.
  * Added deriveAll0 and makeRep0 for symmetry with deriveAll1 and makeRep1
  * AddedmakeRep0FromType and makeRep1FromType to make it easier to pass in the type
  * Added functions with the suffix -WithKindSigs to allow generating type synonyms
    with explicit kind signatures in the presence of kind-polymorphic type
    variables. This is necessary for some datatypes that use -XTypeInType to have
    derived Generic(1) instances, but is not turned on by default since the TH
    kind inference is not perfect and would cause otherwise valid code to be
    rejected. Use only if you know what you are doing.
  * Fixed bug where a datatype with a single, nullary constructor would generate
    incorrect Generic instances
  * More sensible GEnum instances for fixed-size integral types
  * Added GCopoint, GEnum, GEq, GFoldable, GFunctor, GMonoid, GShow, and GTraversable
    instances for datatypes introduced in GHC 8.0
  * Backported Generic(1) instances added in GHC 8.0. Specifically, Generic instances
    for Complex (base-4.4 and later) ExitCode, and Version; and Generic1 instances
    for Complex (base-4.4 and later) and Proxy (base-4.7 and later). Added GEnum,
    GEq, GFoldable, GFunctor, GIx, GShow, and GTraversable instances for these
    datatypes where appropriate.
* Mon May 16 2016
- package ghc-generic-deriving updated by st2obs
* Wed May 11 2016
- package ghc-generic-deriving updated by st2obs
* Sat Feb 13 2016
- ghc-generic-deriving generated by st2obs scritpt