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Templating language with similar syntax and features to Liquid or Jinja2


ED-E is a templating language written in Haskell with a specific set of features:

  • Logicless within reason. A small set of consistent predicates and expressions

for formatting and presentational logic are provided.

  • Secure. No arbitrary code evaluation, with input data required to be fully

specified at render time.

  • Stateless. Parsing and rendering are separate steps so that loading, parsing,

include resolution, and embedding of the compiled template can optionally be done ahead of time, amortising cost.

  • Markup agnostic. ED-E is used to write out everything from configuration

files for system services, to HTML and formatted emails.

  • Control over purity. Users can choose pure or IO-based resolution of

'include' expressions.

  • No surprises. All parsing, type assurances, and rendering steps report

helpful error messages with line/column metadata. Variable shadowing, unprintable expressions, implicit type coercion, and unbound variable access are all treated as errors.

License: MPL-2.0



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