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Loads environment variables from dotenv files


In most applications, < configuration should be separated from code>. While it usually works well to keep configuration in the environment, there are cases where you may want to store configuration in a file outside of version control.

"Dotenv" files have become popular for storing configuration, especially in development and test environments. In < Ruby>, < Python> and < Javascript> there are libraries to facilitate loading of configuration options from configuration files. This library loads configuration to environment variables for programs written in Haskell.

To use, call loadFile from your application:

> import Configuration.Dotenv > loadFile False "/my/dotenvfile"

This package also includes an executable that can be used to inspect the results of applying one or more Dotenv files to the environment, or for invoking your executables with an environment after one or more Dotenv files is applied.

See the < Github> page for more information on this package.

License: MIT



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