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Cairo backend for diagrams drawing EDSL


A full-featured backend for rendering diagrams using the cairo rendering engine.

This ultimately depends on a C library, via Haskell's FFI, and can be difficult to install on some platforms. If you are just looking for a quick way to visualize diagrams, try the diagrams-svg backend; if you want raster output like PNG, try the diagrams-rasterific backend; if you want to embed diagrams in LaTeX documents, try diagrams-pgf.

  • "Diagrams.Backend.Cairo.CmdLine" - if you're just getting started with

diagrams, begin here.

  • "Diagrams.Backend.Cairo" - look at this next. The general API for the cairo


  • "Diagrams.Backend.Cairo.Internal" - the implementation guts of the cairo

backend. Users should normally not need to import this module.

  • "Diagrams.Backend.Cairo.List" - render diagrams to two-dimensional lists of

colors (/i.e./ pixels).

  • "Diagrams.Backend.Cairo.Ptr" - render diagrams to buffers in memory.

License: BSD-3-Clause



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