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Change Logs

* Fri Oct 19 2018
- Update base-compat to version 0.10.5.
  [#]# Changes in 0.10.5 [2018.10.18]
  - Enable `BangPatterns` in `Prelude.Compat`.
* Wed Jul 18 2018
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
  and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.
* Tue Jul 17 2018
- Update base-compat to version 0.10.4.
  [#]# Changes in 0.10.4 [2018.07.03]
  - Make more modules `Trustworthy`. In particular, fix a regression in which
    `Prelude.Compat` was inferred as `Unsafe` by explicitly marking it as
  [#]# Changes in 0.10.3 [2018.07.02]
  - Backport the proper fixity for `($!)`, which was accidentally omitted in
  [#]# Changes in 0.10.2 [2018.07.02]
  - Sync with `base-4.12`/GHC 8.6
  - Backport `RuntimeRep`-polymorphic versions of `($!)` and `throw` to
    `Prelude.Compat` and `Control.Exception.Compat`, respectively
    (if using `base-4.10`/GHC 8.2 or later).
  - Introduce the `Data.Functor.Contravariant.Compat` module, which reexports
    `Data.Functor.Contravariant` if using `base-4.12`/GHC 8.6 or later.
    See `Data.Functor.Contravariant.Compat` in the corresponding
    `base-compat-batteries` release for a version with a wider support window.
  [#]# Changes in 0.10.1 [2018.04.10]
  - Add `Data.List.NonEmpty.Compat`.
  - Reexport `(Data.Semigroup.<>)` from `Data.Monoid.Compat` back to `base-4.9`.
  [#]# Changes in 0.10.0 [2018.04.05]
  - Sync with `base-4.11`/GHC 8.4
  - Backport `Semigroup((<>))` to `Prelude.Compat`.
    Note that the `Semigroup` class has only been in `base` since
    `base-4.9`/GHC 8.0, so accordingly, this can only be backported back
    to GHC 8.0. If you wish to have a version of `Prelude.Compat` that backports
    `Semigroup` to older GHCs (by conditionally depending on the `semigroups`
    library), use the `Prelude.Compat` module from the `base-compat-batteries`
  - Backport `(<&>)` to `Data.Functor.Compat`
  - Backport `iterate'` to `Data.List.Compat`
  - Backport `showHFloat` to `Numeric.Compat`
  - Backport a `RuntimeRep`-polymorphic `withTypeable` function to
    `Type.Reflection.Compat`. (This is only exported on `base-4.10`/GHC 8.2.)
  - Introduce the following modules, back until the oldest version of `base`
    that can support backporting them. If you wish to use them in conjunction
    with older versions of `base`, use the `base-compat-batteries` package.
  - `Control.Monad.Fail.Compat` (back until `base-4.9`/GHC 8.0)
  - `Control.Monad.IO.Class.Compat` (back until `base-4.9`/GHC 8.0)
  - `Data.Bifunctor` (back until `base-4.8`/GHC 7.10)
  - `Data.Bifoldable` and `Data.Bitraversable` (back until `base-4.10`/GHC 8.2)
  - `Data.Functor.Compose.Compat`, `Data.Functor.Product.Compat`, and
    `Data.Functor.Sum.Compat` (back until `base-4.9`/GHC 8.0)
  - `Data.Functor.Identity.Compat` (back until `base-4.8`/GHC 7.10)
  - `Data.Semigroup.Compat` (back until `base-4.9`/GHC 8.0)
  - `Data.Void.Compat` (back until `base-4.8`/GHC 7.10)
  - `Numeric.Natural.Compat` (back until `base-4.8`/GHC 7.10)
  - Introduce versions of modules with the suffix `.Repl`. These simply reexport
    the contents of their counterparts without the `.Repl` suffix to provide
    a globally unique namespace to import from in the event one wants to import
    `base-compat` modules into GHCi. (In `base-compat-batteries`, the
    corresponding suffix is `.Repl.Batteries`.)
* Wed May 16 2018
- Prefer the new %license attribute over %doc.