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The Haskell LaTeX library


This library implements the LaTeX syntax and provides some useful abstractions.

Some of the things you can do with HaTeX are:

  • Write LaTeX documents with all the advantages you already have in Haskell:

recursion, type system, high order functions, ...

  • Create a LaTeX backend for your own program.

  • Parse a LaTeX file and obtain its Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).

  • Pretty-print Haskell values in LaTeX.

  • Generate TikZ scripts (images!) easily.

Browse the 'examples' directory in the source distribution to see some simple examples. It might help you to get started. The HaTeX User's Guide is available at <>. We also have a mailing list (<>) and an IRC channel ('#hatex'). If you just want to read a short introduction, read the "Text.LaTeX" module.

If you prefer to write in LaTeX and all you want is to /program/ some parts of the document, or if you already have the LaTeX document written and you just want to add some automatically generated LaTeX code somewhere, check haskintex: <>. It allows you to embed Haskell in LaTeX. It also makes you easy to use HaTeX within a LaTeX document.

License: BSD-3-Clause



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