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* Tue Oct 03 2017
- Added patch:
  * gettext-
    + specify java soure and target level 6 to be able to build
    with jdk9
- Do not depend on gcc-java and do not build native binaries of the
  gnu.gettext.GetURL and gnu.gettext.DumpResource tools, since
  gcc-java is bound to disappear
- Build the gettext.jar using any java-devel provider and make the
  gnu.gettext.GetURL and gnu.gettext.DumpResource tools scripts
  running classes from this gettext.jar
- Clean the spec file a bit
* Sun Jun 19 2016
- GNU gettext
  * Fix unintentional soname bump
* Sat Jun 11 2016
- GNU gettext 0.19.8:
  * msgfmt now produces little-endian .mo files by default.
  * xml: xgettext and msgfmt now look for .its files in directories
    supplied through the GETTEXTDATADIRS or XDG_DATA_DIRS
    environment variable.
  * JavaScript: xgettext and msgfmt now recognize numbered
    arguments in format strings.
* Mon Apr 04 2016
- GNU gettext 0.19.7:
  * can now load custom string extraction rules in XML
    Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) standard
  * the existing XML-based language scanners (Glade, GSettings, and
    AppData) rewritten using ITS
  * Add msgfmt --xml option to merge translations back to the
    original XML document.
* Fri Sep 11 2015
- GNU gettext 0.19.6:
  * Support AppData file format
* Thu Jul 16 2015
- GNU gettext
  * fix build on old platforms where stpcpy and stpncpy is missing
* Fri Jul 10 2015
- GNU gettext 0.19.5:
  * drop gettext-check-allocated-size-for-static-segment.patch,
    is upstream
* Tue Mar 10 2015
- Add gettext-check-allocated-size-for-static-segment.patch from upstream
  * Check if the embedded segment size is valid, before adding it to
    the string length. Please see
* Tue Jan 27 2015
- GNU gettext 0.19.4:
  * The --keyword option of xgettext now accepts same argument
    number for both singular and plural forms.
  * Programming languages support:
  - C#: xgettext now properly handles Unicode characters encoded
    with surrogate pairs.
  - C/C++: xgettext now recognizes ISO/IEC 9899:2011 string
    literals prefixed by R, u8, u8R, u, uR, U, UR, L, or LR.
  - Shell: xgettext now properly recognizes Bash ANSI-C quoting
  * Bug fixes:
  - Fix integer overflow when reading certain MO files with
  - Avoid invalid memory access in various cases.  In particular,
    when the same argument number is specified for singular/
    plural arguments, and when checking Lisp and Scheme format
* Fri Oct 17 2014
- GNU gettext 0.19.3:
  * Fix xgettext mishandling of octal character escapes in C.
  * Fix autopoint infinite recursion with certain
  * The po/Makevars file has a new field MSGINIT_OPTIONS, that can
    be used to adjust msginit's operation.  This is particularly
    useful for controlling line wrapping behavior together with
* Tue Jul 15 2014
- Update to 0.19.2:
  * Fix xgettext crash in parsing empty string literals in C and Vala.
  * Autoconf macro trace in autopoint now works again with Autoconf 2.68
    or earlier.  It was a regression in 0.19.
* Tue Jun 10 2014
- GNU gettext 0.19.1:
  * Desktop Entry: msgfmt now always reads the po/LINGUAS file
  * Vala:  Bug fix in xgettext handling of "//" in string literals
  * po/Makevars.template now contains the newly added variables
  * msgfmt now treats errors in the PO file header as non-fatal
    In future Gettext versions, msgfmt will treat header errors as
    fatal and terminate the command execution.
- switch to xz tarball
* Tue Jun 03 2014
- GNU gettext 0.19:
  - Programming languages support:
  * Desktop Entry:
    xgettext and msgfmt now support .desktop files, used by
    desktop applications, as input and output.
  * GSettings:
    xgettext now supports GSettings schema file format used by
    GNOME applications.
  * JavaScript:
    xgettext now recognizes E4X (ECMA-357) constructs.
  * PHP:
    Single and double quotes around heredoc markers are now
  * Python:
    The acceptable format specifiers in the braced-syntax format
    strings is now limited to the Standard Format Specifiers, to
    reasonably avoid false-positives.
  * Scheme:
    The gettext shorthand form _"abc", used by GIMP script-fu, is
    now recognized by xgettext.
  * C and Vala:
    xgettext now recognizes C99-style Unicode character escapes.
  - The --add-location option of msgattrib, msgcat, msgcomm,
    msgconv, msgen, msgfilter, msggrep, msgmerge, msguniq, and
    xgettext commands now takes an optional argument 'never',
    'full', or 'file', to control the format of "#: ..." comments.
  - msgfmt now has --source option to keep generated .java file
    when running in Java mode.
  - msgattrib now has --empty option that sets msgstr to empty when
    clearing fuzzy flag.
  * msgexec and msgfilter pass the plural information to subprocess
    through the environment variable MSG{EXEC,FILTER}_MSGID_PLURAL
  * New built-in filters 'quot' and 'boldquot' have been added to
    msgfilter.  These filters convert Latin quotation marks ('...',
    "...") into Unicode quotation marks (for example, U+2018) if
    possible, similar to the sed commands used in po/Rules-quot and
  * The po/Makevars file has a couple of new options
    used to adjust the behavior of updating PO files on demand.
  * xgettext now strips prefixed string before the comment tag.
    This is useful to support C-style comment like this:
  * TRANSLATORS: first line
  * second line
  * /
  * In this example, the extracted comment does not contain "* " at
    the beginning of each line.
  * libgettextpo library:
  - Memory leak fixes in the PO file parser.
  * Documentation:
  - A complete example showing the use of GNU gettext in a
    GNOME 3 application has been added
* Sun Jan 12 2014
- GNU gettext
  * Add missing extern-inline.m4 into archive.
- verify source signature
* Mon Aug 12 2013
- Version 0.18.3 - July 2013
  * Runtime behaviour:
    On Mac OS X systems, the setlocale() function now properly
    invalidates loaded message catalogs when a locale has been set.
  * Programming languages support:
  - C++:
    The gnu::autosprintf class now provides an assignment
  - Glade:
    xgettext now supports GtkBuider file format used by Glade 3.
    xgettext now also extracts contexts (msgctxt) from Glade 2
    and GtkBuider files.
  - JavaScript:
    xgettext now partially supports JavaScript.  Since the
    current JavaScript specification (ECMA-262) does not define
    the standard set of formatting methods nor translation
    functions, the implementation supports only a limited
    set of formatting methods and translation functions commonly
    used in Gjs and other popular JavaScript implemenations and
  - Lua:
    xgettext now supports Lua, using ?ubomír Remák's lua-gettext.
  - Python:
    xgettext and msgfmt's format string checking now recognize
    Python format string in braced syntax (PEP 3101).  xgettext
    now also supports explicit string concatenation with '+' and
    handles platform dependent line terminators (LF/CR/CRLF)
  - Tcl:
    Bug fix in xgettext Unicode escape handling.
  - Vala:
    xgettext now supports Vala.
  * msgattrib now has --previous option to keep previous msgid when
    making messages fuzzy, similar to msgmerge --previous.
  * msgfmt now checks PO file headers more strictly with less
  * 'gettextize' now checks macro directories specified with
  * Portability:
  - msginit now does not require GNU sed.
  - The Makefile rule for generating en@quot and en@boldquot now
    uses @SED@ variable instead of hard-coded 'sed' command to
    allow users to supply GNU sed.
  * Future backward-incompatibilities:
  - In future Gettext versions, the files installed by
    'gettextize' will require Automake 1.10 or later.  This will
    improve the compatibility of user projects with newer
    Automake versions.
- Remove upstreamed patches:
* Sat Jun 15 2013
- Add glib2-devel libcroco-devel libxml2-devel to build requires to avoid
  using the included copies.
- gettext-configure.patch: Fix syntax in libxml check to avoid spurious
* Sat Jun 08 2013
- Update to version Version 0.18.2 - December 2012
  + xgettext now understands the block comment syntax of Guile 2.0.
  + libgettextpo library:
  * The initial msgstr of a new message is now "", not NULL.
  * Bug fixes in the functions po_message_is_range,
    po_file_check_all, po_message_check_all.
  + Installation options:
    The configure options --with-xz and --with-bzip2 can be used to
    specify alternate compression methods for the archive used by
    the 'autopoint' program. These options, together with
  - -with-git, allow to trade dependencies against installed
    package size. --with-xz has the highest compression rate,
    followed by --with-git, followed by --with-bzip2.
  + Autoconf macros:
  * The autoconf macros installed by 'gettextize' now work with
    the forthcoming Automake 1.14 and require Autoconf version
    2.60 or newer.
  + Portability:
  * Building on MacOS X 10.7, Cygwin 1.7.10, and newer 64-bit
    mingw is now supported.
- Remove obsolete patches:
  + gettext-codecleanup.patch
* Wed Mar 27 2013
- Added url as source.
  Please see
* Mon Sep 24 2012
- remove silent_rules from AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to make autoreconf
  succeed on older distributions.
- Rename po-mode.diff to gettext-po-mode.diff
* Sun Jul 22 2012
- Fix build with missing gets declaration (glibc 2.16)