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Change Logs

Version: 5.6-bp150.2.4
* Wed Apr 04 2018
- Update to 5.6
  * add Gmail-specific XOAUTH2 login support for IMAP.
  * fix references to version 4 in README.
* Thu Dec 28 2017
- Update to 5.5
  * added "record_mailbox" configuration parameter, to allow
    turning off the header getmail adds with this information.
* Fri Oct 13 2017
- Version bump to 5.4
  * bugfix: fix another error in logging an error condition. Thanks: "ng0".
- Changes from 5.3
  * bugfix: another case where an error condition resulted in getmail
    not displaying the correct message.  Thanks: "ng0".
- Changes from 5.2
  * bugfix: disconnection during IMAP IDLE could result in an error
    message rather than silently exiting.  Thanks: David Gray.
* Tue Jul 18 2017
- Version bump to 5.1
  * bugfix: if password_command parameter was used with a non-existent
    program, getmail would error out during the handling of that
    condition and not report the problem correctly.
- Changes from 5.0
  * new release numbering scheme; previous version numbers were just
    getting too high.
  * catch and ignore/exit cleanly after reset connection in IMAP IDLE
    mode. Thanks:  Stephan Schulz.
  * allow specifying an expected SSL certificate hostname, for when
    the server's certificate does not match the domain name used to
    connect to it.  Thanks:  "Andre".
  * fix error message not actually giving the header field name
    incorrectly specified as containing the envelope recipient address.
    Thanks:  Hardy Braunsdorf.
  * add new password_command configuration parameter for retrievers,
    allowing getmail to retrieve the account password from any
    arbitrary external command.  Suggestion:  "ng0".
* Sun Apr 30 2017
- added obs-service verify_file
- Version bump to 4.54.0
  * fix error running getmail_fetch introduced in 4.53.0.
- Changes from 4.53.0
  * fix plaintext version of docs not generated correctly.
  * fix `getmail --fingerprint` not logging server TLS fingerprint correctly
    with SimplePOP3SSLRetriever.
- Changes from 4.52.0
  * add `ignore_header_shrinkage` parameter to Filter_external for users who
    know it is normal for their particular filter to result in a smaller message
    header than the source message, for example when the filter encapsulates
    the original message in a simpler wrapper message.
  * EXPERIMENTAL: when deleting a message from an IMAP mailbox, set the \Seen
    flag in addition to the the \Deleted flag.  This apparently prevents
    the ever-innovatively-broken MSExchange from sending a spurious incorrect
    disposition-notification message to the sender of the message.  I do not
    know if this will cause problems with other broken IMAP server
    implementations; please send a report to the getmail-user's mailing list if
    you see odd behaviour with this change.
  * enable socket timeouts for IMAP SSL classes by default.  They were disabled
    in the code because they were incompatible with SSL in older versions of
    Python.  If you see problems with Python 2.6 or 2.7 now, please let me know.
- Changes from 4.51.0
  * fix exception when using MDA_External and an IMAP mailbox whose name
    contains non-ASCII chars.
- Changes from 4.50.0
  * maybe fix handling of OSX keychain passwords containing double-quote chars.
  * fix getmail erroring out on IMAP folders containing i18n chars.
- Changes from 4.49.0
  * make IMAP class only issue EXPUNGE command on mailbox close if we have
    actually deleted any messages from the open mailbox.  Makes use of read-only
    IMAP folders possible.
- Changes from 4.48.0
  * work around brain-damaged change in Python's poplib which causes
    message retrieval errors if any line of a message has more than
    2048 characters in it.
  * restore link to moved Marc mailing list archive.
- Changes from 4.47.0
  * try to work around pathological breakage in one random POP server
  * remove dead list archive from docs.
  * bugfix: if you combined IMAP IDLE mode with delete_after, getmail would,
    after remaining connected to the server for the number of days configured,
    begin deleting messages immediately after retrieval instead of after the
    configured delay.  Now fixed.
* Wed Oct 08 2014
- getmail 4.46.0 [bnc#900217]
  This release fixes several similar vulnerabilities that could
  allow a man-in-the-middle attacker to read encrypted traffic due
  to pack of certificate verification against the hostname.
  * fix --idle checking Python version incorrectly, resulting in
    incorrect warning about running with Python < 2.5
  * add missing support for SSL certificate checking in POP3 which
    broke POP retrieval in v4.45.0
- includes changes from 4.45.0:
  * perform hostname-vs-certificate matching of SSL certificate if
    validating the certifcate
  * fix missing plaintext versions of documentation
- includes changes from 4.44.0:
  * add extended SSL options for IMAP retrievers, allowing
    certificate verification and other features
  * fix missing plaintext versions of documentation
  * fix "Header instance has no attribute 'strip'" error which
    cropped up in some configurations
* Mon Sep 23 2013
- update to 4.43.0:
  + add IMAP IDLE support
- refreshed getmail-fix_paths.patch
* Fri Aug 09 2013
- Remove %clean phase as it is not required.
* Fri Aug 09 2013
- Version bump to 4.42.0:
  * fix problem with non-ascii characters in newly-added message header fields
    with output from Filter_classifier.  Thanks: "Gour"
- Changes from 4.41.0:
  * messages retrieved with POP could have a blank trailing line removed when
    delivered; fixed.  Thanks: Christoph Mitterer, Krzysztof Warzecha.
  * fix an ImportError when IMAP retriever used with getmail under Python 2.4.
- Changes from 4.40.3:
  * increase system recursion limit when run with Python 2.3, to prevent
    recursion errors in parsing some pathologically complex MIME emails.
    Thanks: Kenneth Pronovici.
- Changes from 4.40.2:
  * fix a backwards incompatibility with Python 2.3 and 2.4 introduced in
    getmail 4.38.0.  Thanks: Massimo Zambelli, Krzysztof Warzecha.
- Changes from 4.40.1:
  * again change protocol codes passed to OSX, as they're not only reserved
    codes, but also case-sensitive.  Use the ones an OSX user reports work
    properly.  Thanks: Tim Gray.
- Changes from 4.40.0:
  * convert SIGTERM to SIGINT so getmail can cleanup and exit normally if
    killed with a default signal.  Thanks: Carl Lei.
  * fix change which resulted in passing full protocol name to OSX keyring
    program, which can't handle it (restricted to 4-character code).
    Thanks: Tim Gray.
* Fri Aug 09 2013
- Fix the _service usage so we can submit to factory.
* Mon Mar 25 2013
- update to 4.39.1:
  * fix a bug that could crop up when retrieving mail via IMAP from Gmail, and
    the Gmail servers provided weird data in their header extensions.
* Mon Feb 25 2013
- update to 4.39.0:
  * fix an oldmail filename issue that occurred with certain non-ASCII
    characters in an IMAP mailbox name
- changes from 4.38.0:
  * fix retrieving mail from an IMAP mailbox with non-ASCII characters in its
    name causing difficult-to-understand unicode errors during delivery
- changes from 4.37.0:
  * handle IMAP servers which include "/" in message IDs better, so those
    messages aren't always thought to be new
  * record (IMAP) mailbox retrieved from in X-getmail-retrieved-from-mailbox:
    header field, and make it available as %(mailbox) substitution in
    MDA_external arguments
  * add delete_bigger_than option to allow removal of large messages after
    retrieval, even if not deleting messages otherwise
- changes from 4.36.0:
  * add support for retrieving POP/IMAP passwords from, and storing them to,
    the Gnome keyring
- changes from 4.35.0:
  * fix From_ quoting in mbox delivery; use of the Python stdlib function
    meant getmail was incorrectly using mboxo-style quoting instead of
    mboxrd quoting, probably since early in the v4 series
* Thu Oct 18 2012
- update to 4.34.0:
  * retrieve Gmail metadata (labels, thread ID, message ID) via IMAP extension
    and record it in new message headers
- changes from 4.33.0:
  * allow normal exit on interrupt (ctrl-c) to allow the user to abort message
    retrieval while still remembering already-retrieved messages as successfully
    delivered.  You may get a weird error message after you abort, since the
    server may be in the middle of delivering another message to getmail at the
- changes from 4.32.0:
  * prevent some nuisance stack traces if getmail cannot connect to the POP/
    IMAP server correctly
  * restore use_peek IMAP retriever parameter which accidentally got removed
    in 4.30
- changes from 4.31.0:
  * improved backwards compatibility with pre-v.4.22.0 oldmail files, so IMAP
    mail is not re-retrieved if you upgrade from a 4.22 or earlier to this one;
    no user action necessary
- changes from 4.30.2:
  * fix a nuisance stack trace that would be dumped if a connection failed in
    particular states
- changes from 4.30.1:
  * silence a nuisance deprecation warning about the sets module when running
    with Python >= 2.5 which was reintroduced in 4.29.0
- changes from 4.30.0:
  * fix breakage introduced in 4.29.0 where BrokenUIDLPOP3Retriever would fail
    with a TypeError at logout time
  * fix breakage introduced in 4.29.0 where deleted mail was not being expunged
    from the last (or only) folder retrieved from in an IMAP session
- changes from 4.29.0:
  * ensure getmail exits nonzero if a server refuses login due to a credential
- changes from 4.28.0:
  * ensure getmail exits nonzero if various error conditions (like POP/IMAP
    authentication failure) occur
  * python versions prior to 2.5.0 contain a bug when dealing with read-only
    IMAP mailboxes.  Monkey-patch imaplib when running with Python<2.5.0.
  * do IMAP modified-utf7 conversion of mailbox names containing non-ASCII
  * add special ALL value for retrieving mail from all selectable IMAP
    mailboxes in the account
  * change IMAP retrieval strategy to retrieve all messages from a mailbox,
    then move on to the next mailbox, etc.  Should result in increased speed,
    but if you set `max_messages_per_session` too low, this could result in
    later mailboxes not being retrieved from.
* Sun May 20 2012
- update to 4.27.0:
  * make use of IMAP BODY.PEEK configurable; set the IMAP retriever parameter
    `use_peek` to False to disable use of PEEK to get getmail's historical IMAP
* Sun Apr 15 2012
- update to 4.26.0:
  * switch to using BODY.PEEK in IMAP retrieval; upstream no longer see
    problems with this feature in my testing; if users experience
    incompatibility with any IMAP servers where 4.25.0 worked, contact upstream
* Sat Feb 11 2012
- update to 4.25.0:
  * add support for storing POP/IMAP password in OSX keychain
* Mon Dec 12 2011
- update to 4.24.0:
  * add an explicit expunge when closing an IMAP mailbox, for servers that
    incorrectly do not do this when the mailbox is closed
  * fix incorrect section reference for "mailboxes" parameter in documentation
  * fix getmail_fetch broken in 4.21.0
* Sun Nov 20 2011
- update to 4.23.0:
  * fix race if new message shows up in POP3 mailbox between running the UIDL
    and LIST commands
* Fri Nov 18 2011
- update to 4.22.2:
  * ffix an error when logging a bad response to an IMAP SELECT command,
    introduced in 4.21.0
* Sun Oct 02 2011
- update to 4.22.1:
  * fix BrokenUIDLPOP3Retriever breakage from 4.21.0