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Change Logs

* Wed Feb 08 2017
- Fix RPM groups again. Drop useless %clean section.
  Update descriptions.
* Fri Jan 27 2017
- update to 0.10.0
  for all relevant changes see
  * This release introduces a new Dirfile Standards Version (also numbered
    10), which adds three new field types (INDIR, SARRAY, SINDIR), and also
    field namespaces.  This is the first update to the Dirfile Standards
    since 2012.
- Added BuildRequires libbz2-devel and flac-devel to support the
  corresponding encodings
* Thu Sep 08 2016
- update to 0.9.4
  for all relevant changes see
  * BUG FIX: Arbitrarily-long reads of FLAC-encoded files now work.
    Previously, each FLAC frame was written to the start of the
    output buffer, overwriting the previous frame, and leaving most
    of the buffer uninitialised. Reported by S. J. Benton.
  * BUG FIX: Data read from FLAC-encoded 1-byte types are now correct.
    Previously, although all data requested was read, only the first
    half would be returned, encoded as 16-bit data (i.e., with a
    zero-byte between every sample).
* Sun Jul 24 2016
- update to 0.9.3
  for all relevant changes see
  API Changes:
  * gd_verbose_prefix() can now be used on invalid dirfiles. Previously,
    this function would return GD_E_BAD_DIRFILE when passed an invalid
    DIRFILE pointer.
  * BUG FIX: When trying to access a LINTERP table file in a non-existent
    directory, GetData now reports the correct error (No such file or
    directory). Reported by Johanna Nagy.
  Library Changes:
  * GetData can now read SIE files containing the optional nine-byte
    header (which can be created by daisie). When read by GetData,
    information in the header is completely ignored (because the GetData
    metadata contains all the necessary information). GetData never
    writes the header, but calls to gd_putdata() will preserve an
    existing header. Calls which re-code the file (like gd_alter_endianness(),
    gd_alter_raw(), &c.) will result in an existing header being deleted.
  * BUG FIX: Filenames and line numbers appearing in GD_E_FORMAT
    error strings returned by gd_error_string() are correct again.
    This bug also affected parser metadata sent to a registered parser
  * BUG FIX: On platforms where char is signed, the library no longer
    rejects field names containing bytes with the top bit set.
- remove patch fix_test_alter_entry_scalar3r.diff included in this
* Sun Mar 27 2016
- added patch fix_test_alter_entry_scalar3r.diff to fix the test
  alter_entry_scalar3r on 32 bit
* Thu Mar 24 2016
- update to 0.9.2
  * BUG FIX: When using a FLAC-encoded reference field, gd_nframes()
    no longer leaks file descriptors.
  * BUG FIX: A segfault in gd_entry_list() introduced in 0.9.1
    has been fixed. Reported by Christian Trippe.
  * BUG FIX: A descriptor leak on error has been plugged
    in gd_desync().
  * BUG FIX: A segfault triggered by encountering an I/O error
    while writing metadata has been fixed.
  * BUG FIX: Memory leaks in the FLAC and ZZIP encodings, plus
    single-byte leaks in gd_add_string() and gd_madd_string() have been plugged.
  * BUG FIX: gd_alter_entry() and gd_[m]alter_spec() no longer
    mangle the values of entry parameters when asked to remove scalar field codes. Reported by Dan Horák.
  * PYTHON BUG FIX: Fixed a potential segfault in dirfile.get_carray()
    on platforms where sizeof size_t != sizeof int. Reported by Dan Horák.
  * PHP BUG FIX: Calling gd_discard or gd_close on a persistent
    dirfile now does nothing, instead of closing the Dirfile and corrupting the persistent resource.
* Fri Feb 19 2016
- update 0.9.1
  * Use perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker instead of perl-Modul-Build at
    build time. Relevant BuildRequries where therefore changed.
  for all relevant changes see
* Mon Oct 19 2015
- update to 0.9.0
  * the legacy (pre-0.3) API is no longer built by default
  for all relevant changes see
* Wed Sep 02 2015
- Explicitly require Perl-Module-Build at build time.
  Fixes the Tumbleweed build
* Mon Aug 10 2015
- update 0.8.9
  * BUG FIX: The metadata writer now correctly stores bytes in the range
    0x01 through 0x1F to the format files (encoded as hex escape sequences:
  * BUG FIX: A number of memory leaks associated with error returns from
    libary functions have been fixed.
  * BUG FIX: Attempting to create a new field or alias with the name of
    an existing dangling alias now fails with error GD_E_DUPLICATE, as it
    should.  Reported by Alexandra Rahlin.
  * BUG FIX: Random-access reads on a RAW field with a frame offset no
    longer result in mispositioning of the field's I/O pointer, which
    previously would result in returning data from the wrong part of a
    field.  Reported by S. J. Benton.
  * BUG FIX: The return value of gd_nframes() is now correct when using a
    sample-index encoded field as the reference field.
  * BUG FIX: The sample-index encoding no longer creates sequential records
    with the same value.
  * F77 and F95 BUG FIX: Passing zero as the field code length (F77) to
    GDFLSH GDSYNC GDRCLO, or, equivalently, an empty string as the field
    code to fgd_flush, fgd_sync, fgd_raw_close now causes operation on all
    fields, as with passing NULL to the corresponding C API functions does.
    This is what the documentation said these functions did all along.
  * PYTHON BUG FIX: Accessing the prefix or suffix member of fragment
    objects no longer leaks memory if the other affix is non-NULL.
* Fri May 15 2015
- update to 0.8.8
  * Fixes build on 32bit
- update to 0.8.7
  * BUG FIX: Opening a Dirfile read-write (GD_RDWR) no longer fails if
    /INCLUDEd fragments are read-only.  Reported by Alexandra Rahlin.
  * BUG FIX: Several fixes have been made to the sample index encoding
    (SIE) engine, which should now produce properly encoded data when
    performing random writes.
  * F95 BUG FIX: Passing the empty string to fgd_reference() now returns
    the current reference field without modifying it, instead of crashing.
  * PYTHON BUG FIX: Querying dirfile.reference no longer causes a crash on
    an empty dirfile.  Reported by Alexandra Rahlin.
  * PYTHON BUG FIX: Memory leaks have been fixed in functions returning
    lists of field names or other metadata lists.  Reported by Alexandra
  * PYTHON BUG FIX: On error, dirfile.get_string() no longer segfaults or
    leaks memory.
* Mon Dec 08 2014
- update to 0.8.6
  * BUG FIX: Computation of LINCOMs with complex valued input fields now
    correctly happens in the complex plane.  As a side effect, gd_native_type()
    now also correctly reports such LINCOM fields to be complex valued.
  * BUG FIX: The gd_[m]add() functions now ignore zero-length scalar strings.
    Previously they would store these invalid field codes, causing problems
  * BUG FIX: Returning complex-valued CARRAYs as purely real now works.
    Previously only the first element requested would be returned, the remaining
    output buffer containing uninitialised data.
  * BUG FIX: Entry members spf, bitnum, numbits, and period are now completely
    ignored by gd_[m]add() when corresponding named scalars are specified.
    Previously, an invalid value in these members would result in the entry
    being rejected, even though the rest of GetData ignored the invalid, unsued
  * BUG FIX: The parsing of the \x and \u escape sequences is now correct.
  * BUG FIX: A scalar field code specified for the last factor in a POLYNOM
    entry is no longer ignored by gd_[m]add().
  * BUG FIX: gd_[m]add() no longer rejects MPLEX fields with negative count_val.
  * BUG FIX: DIVIDE fields with complex-valued divisors are now properly
  * BUG FIX: Complex-valued POLYNOM and RECIP fields are now computed properly
    when the library is built in ANSI C mode.
  * BUG FIX: gd_alter_entry() no longer corrupts the DIRFILE when modifying
    named scalars of MPLEX fields.
  * BUG FIX: Writing complex-valued MPLEX fields no longer corrupts the stored
  * BUG FIX: gd_bof() now returns the correct number (i.e.: zero) when reporting
    the beginning of field of derived fields shifted to before the start of the
    dirfile.  Previously, this function incorrectly returned values ranging from
    zero to one less than the samples-per-frame of the requested field.
  * BUG FIX: gd_flush(), gd_sync(), gd_raw_close() no longer segfault when
    operating on a LINCOM with only one input field.
  * BUG FIX: gd_seek() now works correctly on PHASE fields; previously, the
    sign of the PHASE shift was flipped.
  * BUG FIX: gd_seek() now correctly positions the virtual I/O pointer of the
    INDEX field.
  * BUG FIX: gd_framenum_subset() now returns the correct value when passed a
    field_end which is beyond the end of field, and then is required to
    extrapolate outside of the specified frame range.
  * BUG FIX: gd_error_string() now produces the correct string when reporting
    an out-of-range poly_ord encountered by gd_add_polynom() and similar.
  * BUG FIX: gd_[m]alter_spec() no longer ignore co-efficients specified for
    POLYNOM entries.
  * BUG FIX: gd_alter_encoding() now deletes the internal cache of RAW filenames
    of the affected fragment; previously, these old, cached filenames could lead
    to I/O errors when reading and writing the re-encoded RAW data files.
  * BUG FIX: Calling the Legacy API function GetFormat() on a Dirfile with MPLEX
    or WINDOW fields no longer results in a segmentation fault.
  * BUG FIX: Attempts to read past the EOF of a gzipped field no longer results
    in an I/O error, but successfully returns no data.
  * BUG FIX: The internal recursion counter wasn't being properly reset on
    certain error conditions, leading to spurious GD_E_RECURSE_LEVEL errors
    being returned from valid calls.
* Sat Sep 07 2013
- update to 0.8.5
  * A spurious debugging statement has been removed from the Python
  * The zzslim encoding framework, indadvertantly broken in 0.8.4,
    should once again work.
* Mon Jul 01 2013
- update to 0.8.4
  for a complete list of features. This includes
  * seeking to a negative sample number with gd_seek now properly fails
  * reading sample zero of a gzipped RAW field now always works
  * /REFERENCE directives in subdirfiles are no longer corrupted on write
  * NumPy arrays returned by the Python dirfile.getdata() method are now
    the correct length
- enable build of perl-bindings
* Fri Mar 29 2013
- update to 0.8.3
  * BUG FIX: Several bugs on big-ended systems have been fixed.  Reported by
    Dinar Valeev.
  * BUG FIX: Adding an entry via gd_[m]add() with a negative CARRAY scalar index
    no longer results in an internal error or worse when the added field is later
  * BUG FIX: Changing a CONST field to a real floating point type using
    gd_alter_const() (or similar) no longer results in the value of the field
    being corrupted.
  * BUG FIX: A bug in the parser's tokeniser has been fixed to prevent spurious
    "unterminated token" syntax errors.  Typically this would only be seen when
    using gd_strtok() to tokenise an (apparently innocuous) user-supplied string,
    but a carefully crafted format file could also be made to get gd_open() to
    produce it.
- dropped patches getdata-ppc64.patch, getdata-bigendian.patch and
  getdata-arm.patch which were included upstream
* Mon Feb 04 2013
- sset gd_unaligned_ok for ARM (getdata-arm.patch)
* Thu Jan 31 2013
- set gd_unaligned_ok on ppc64 too (getdata-ppc64.patch)
- fix getdata on bigendian (getdata-bigendian.patch)
* Thu Dec 13 2012
- update to 0.8.2
  * BUG FIX: trailink symlinks in paths no longer confuse the library
  * BUG FIX: reading the first sample of an MPLEX mo longer causes
    an internal error
* Thu Aug 23 2012
- update to 0.8.1
  for a complete list of changes. This includes:
  * BUG FIX: A segfault when negotiating symbolic links in file
    paths, typically manifesting in gd_open calls, has been fixed.
  * BUG FIX: gd_strtok now saves a copy of the string passed to it,
    as the documentation suggests it should.  Previously it cached
    the pointer itself.
  * BUG FIX: A number of minor memory leaks, mostly occurring when
    the library encounters an error, have been fixed.
* Fri Jul 06 2012
- update to 0.8.0
  for a complete list of changes. This includes:
  * Dirfile Standards Version 9 has been released.  It adds two new field
    types: MPLEX, which allows multiplexing multiple low-rate channels in
    one high-rate one, and WINDOW, which extracts a portion of a field
    based on the value of a second field.