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Change Logs

* Wed Feb 13 2019
- Add geany-plugins-fix-compat-libgit2_0.28.patch: Fix build with
  new libgit2 0.28 api.
* Sun Dec 16 2018 Michael Ströder <>
- Update to version 1.34:
  + General:
  - New plugin: vimode: A Vim Mode for Geany (PR #735)
  - Improve Travis testsuite to run also "make distcheck"
  + Geanyctags:
  - Use base path as relative to the project file path (#698, PR #755)
  - Add apostrophes around generated tags file (PR #739)
  + GeanyLua:
  - Update Scintilla symbols for Geany 1.34 (PR #776)
  - Update glspi_keycmd.h from geany-master (PR #759)
  + Markdown:
  - Port plugin to Webkit2GTK (PR #746)
  + PoHelper:
  - Consider dash a separator when rewrapping messages (PR #696)
  - Do not leave spaces at the start of a line when rewrapping (PR #696)
  - Make sure to only replace header fields in the actual header (PR #696)
  - Update X-Generator header if present (PR #696)
  - Use Geany-Plugins version for the plugin (PR #696)
  - Fix: for locating line breaks (PR #696)
  - Fix: Properly break all multiline strings on multiple lines (PR #696)
  - Fix: regular expression replacement when no matches are found
  + Scope:
  - Add GTK3 support (#PR #750)
  + Updatechecker:
  - On Windows, the common ca-certificates bundle is included in
  - the installer for proper SSL certificate verification (PR #768)
  + Workbench:
  - Add option "Expand on hover" (PR #727)
  - Import base path on "Add project..."
  - Allow to remove files or directories
  - Support live update (PR #695, #659)
  + Internationalization:
  - Updated translations: de, es, pt
Version: 1.33-bp150.1.3
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- Update to version 1.33:
  + General:
  - Rename plugin geanylatex to latex
  - utils lib: added new function
  + Addons: Show color tip and start Color Chooser with double
    click (gh#geany/geany-plugins#664)
  + GeanyLua:
  - Add filetype to set in geany.newfile()
  - Add function geany.reloadconf() (gh#geany/geany-plugins#653)
  - Fix right-trim.lua (gh#geany/geany-plugins#670)
  - Update glspi_keycmd.h to match latest Geany version
  - Update to match latest Geany's Scintilla API
  + PrettyPrinter: Allow to pretty print a selection only
  + Spellcheck:
  - Remember 'Check while typing' setting between sessions
    (gh#geany/geany-plugins#667, gh#geany/geany-plugins#680)
  - Support Enchant 2.0 and later (gh#geany/geany-plugins#674)
  + Treebrowser: Fallback to "text-x-generic" icon if info lookup
    fails (gh#geany/geany-plugins#682)
  + VC: Remember the commit dialog size
  + Workbench:
  - Add "Create file here..."/"Create directory here..."
  - Renamed "folder" to "sub-directory"
  + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 28 2018
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner.
* Tue Dec 19 2017
- Update to version 1.32:
  + General:
  - New plugin: Workbench (gh#geany/geany-plugins#460).
  - Add a common utils library (gh#geany/geany-plugins#622).
  + Addons - Mark Word: Deselect when the selection changes
  + GeniusPaste - Enable HTTPS for
  + GitChangebar - Add the possibility to undo hunk at cursor
    position (gh#geany/geany-plugins#531).
  + PrettyPrinter - Add saving and loading of preferences in/from a
    file (gh#geany/geany-plugins#494, gh#geany/geany-plugins#581).
  + ProjectOrganizer:
  - Close dir created with g_dir_open() in some special cases as
    well as don't keep directories open when enumerating their
    children (gh#geany/geany-plugins#605).
  - Use stock icons instead of the ones provided by the plugin
  + Scope:
  - Only allow selection of folders for "working dir"
  - Add tooltips to toolbar buttons (gh#geany/geany-plugins#617).
  + XmlSnippets - Activate unit tests for the plugin.
  + Updated translations.
- Adopt the use of %make_build macro rather than raw make command,
  following the best practices.
- Pass --docdir=%{_docdir}/%{name} to configure, fixing the
  documentation location.
- Reflecting the above change, point fdupes to this new location.
- Add ldconfig post/postun scriptlets now that the package shipps a
  shared library.
* Sat Sep 16 2017
- Update to version 1.31:
  + General:
  - New plugin: keyrecord (gh#geany/geany-plugins#460).
  - Add a note to plugins which are currently orphaned and might
    not receive further fixes (gh#geany/geany-plugins#540).
    Affected plugins:
    . Geanydoc.
    . GeanyExtrasel.
    . GeanyInsertNum.
    . GeanyLua.
    . GeanyPG.
    . GeanyPrj.
    . GeanyVC.
    . PrettyPrinter.
    . Scope.
    . Shiftcolumn.
    . Treebrowser.
  + Addons: Enable Mark Word also for newly opened documents
  + Automark: Extend documentation (gh#geany/geany-plugins#582).
  + GeanyDoc: Make OK the default button in interactive mode
  + GeanyExtrasel: Fix issues related to Scintilla Rectancle select
  + GeanyLua, GeanyMacro, GeanyNumbersBookmarks: Pass a GdkKeymap
    to gdk_keymap_* functions to prevent crashes on Windows and
    critical warnings on other platforms
  + GeniusPaste: Update configuration for shipped pastebins
  + GitChangebar: Fix spurious line wrapping
  + LineOperations: Add a feature to keep unique lines
  + PrettyPrinter: Add missing README, COPYING, NEWS and AUTHORS
    files (gh#geany/geany-plugins#580).
  + ProjectOrganizer: Fix a crash by ensuring project is open
    before trying to expand the tree (gh#geany/geany-plugins#555,
    gh#geany/geany-plugins#557, gh#geany/geany-plugins#559).
  + Scope: Correct a misleading error message
  + Spellcheck:
  - Stop processing if the document gets invalid to prevent
    crashes while file gets closed during long check runs
  - Add style mappings for Rust and PHPSCRIPT.
  + Updatechecker: Remove deprecated soup call
  + Updated translations.
* Tue Jul 11 2017
- Rename misleadingly named macro %%{gtk3_enable} to
  %%{gtk3_ready} and set it to true (1). Used to distinguish
  between gtk-ready plugins and those that are not yet so in the
* Wed Mar 08 2017
- Update to version 1.30:
  + Automark:
  - Fix a possible crash if nothing is selected for automarking.
  - Replace internal usage of deprecated functions.
  + Commander:
  - Fix a possible crash on startup with latest GTK3.
  + Debugger: Fix a possible crash if debug-modus is enabled
  + Geanyctags:Show online help via help button
  + GeanyDoc:
  - Improve compatibility with Gtk3.
  - Allow to use current word as initial text in interactive
    mode (gh#geany/geany-plugins#457).
  + GeanyLua:
  - Remove deprecated GeanyFunctions from interface provided by
    this plugin (gh#geany/geany-plugins#439).
  - Fix build with latest Scintilla
  + GeanyPy: Sync with upstream GeanyPy version
  + Lineoperations: Add support for selections
  + Lipsum: Add a space before restarting Lorem Ipsum text
  + Markdown:
  - Allow exporting Markdown as HTML
  - Fix relative paths (gh#geany/geany-plugins#501).
  + PairTagHighlighter:
  - Add keybinding for jumping to matching tag
  - Improve compatibility with Gtk3
  + ProjectOrganizer:
  - Show online help via help button
  - Remember expanded directories in the sidebar when reloading
  + Spellcheck: Treat underscore as word separator
  + Tableconvert: Fix markup of documentation.
  + Treebrowser:
  - Fix a possible memory leak (gh#geany/geany-plugins#478).
  - Add a keybinding to follow current file
  - Allow to show menu also with Shift+F10
  - Fix a bug addding files to file list again and again when
    using refresh-function and no file is selected.
  - Don't change directory on project save
  + Updated translations.
- Bump the version of libgeany0 in BuildRequires to 1.29
  (following changes).
- geanydoc now builds with gtk3, so restore it to the allowed
* Thu Jan 26 2017
- Update to version 1.29 (boo#1022222):
  + General:
  - Rename plugin GeanyLipsum to Lipsum
  + Addons:
  - Add a function to deselect marked words with one click
  + Commander:
  - Add keybindings for triggering a particular filter type
  + GeanyGenDoc:
  - Fix typos in README (gh#geany/geany-plugins#476).
  + Git-Changebar:
  - Fix an issue access the git repository in combination with
    libgit2 0.24.2.
  - Fix an off-by-one issue in tooltip hunk width calculation
    cropping 1px on the right.
  - Fix handling of documents starting with a BOM
    (gh#geany/geany-plugins#483, gh#geany/geany-plugins#482).
  + Spellcheck:
  - Strip single quotes from words' beginning and end
  - Fix a memory leak on duplicate dictionaries
  + Treebrowser:
  - Fix a typo in configuration parsing causing option for
    "open new files" have not being save/restored correctly
    (gh#geany/geany-plugins/#469, gh#geany/geany-plugins#473).
  + Updated translations.
* Mon Sep 19 2016
- Drop pkgconfig(vte) BuildRequires: geany-plugins still uses vte2
  which is not compatible with the GTK3 build of geany. This change
  does not result in any difference, since the package switched to
  GTK3 a while ago and the GTK2/VTE2 based plugins have not been
  shipped since then anyway.
* Wed Jul 20 2016
- Update to version 1.28:
  + General:
  - Rename plugin GeanySendMail to SendMail
  - Fix some inconsistency in plugins' READMEs
  + Windows build: Update dependencies shipped with the package.
  + Addons:
  - tasks: Strip comment-closing sequence from task text
  - tasks: Do not extract tokens from non-comments
  + Debugger: Fix escaping target executable path if it contains
    non-ASCII (gh#geany/geany-plugins#416,
  + GeanyGenDoc: Fix build with old rst2html
  + GeanyLaTeX:
  - Fix a conditional end of undo action. Without an undo-action
    might run forever (gh#geany/geany-plugins#416).
  - Improve support for GTK3 (gh#geany/geany-plugins#410).
  + GeanyLipsum: Add ellipsis to menu item requiring further user
    input (gh#geany/geany-plugins#452).
  + GeanyMacro: Fix GTK3 support (gh#geany/geany-plugins#410).
  + GeanyNumberedBookmarks: Fix GTK3 support
  + GeanyPrj: Fix GTK3 support (gh#geany/geany-plugins#410).
  + GeanyPy: Fix build with current Geany
  + PairTagHighlighter: Fix a crash when the tag name is missing
    (gh#geany/geany-plugins#442, gh#geany/geany-plugins#446,
  + Prettyprinter: Fix several memory leaks
  + ProjectOrganizer: Fix duplicated tab in Project Properties.
  + Scope: Fix dependency checks on Windows
  + Shiftcolumn: Fix handling of end-to-start selections
- Changes from version 1.27: See
  /usr/share/doc/packages/geany-plugins/NEWS or online at
- Update file list:
  + geanylatex, geanymacro, geanynumberedbookmarks, geanyprj
    are GTK3 compatible now.
  + New plugin: lineoperations.
* Tue Feb 16 2016
- Disable pkgconfig(webkit-1.0), as we do not want to use this as
  it is unsupported by upstream.
* Tue Jan 12 2016
- Geany was switched to build against gtk3, so also switch
  this -plugins package to gtk3 too:
  + Disable the following plugins because they do not build
    against gtk3: Debugger, DevHelp, GeanyDoc, GeanyGenDoc,
    GeanyLaTeX, GeanyMacro, GeanyNumberedBookmarks, GeanyPrj,
    Geanypy, Markdown, MultiTerm, Scope, WebHelper.
  + Update BuildRequires:
  - Update geany version to 1.26.
  - Replace pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0) by pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0).
  - Replace pkgconfig(gtkspell-2.0) by pkgconfig(gtkspell3-3.0).
  - Remove gconf2-devel, no longer required after the switch to
* Thu Dec 31 2015
- Update to version 1.26:
  + General: Add a note about deprecating Waf build system --
    will be removed with 1.27.
  + Addons:
  - Add new feature to copy path of current file into clipboard
  - Update bookmark list also on any line changes in the
    document (SF#129, SF#39, #284).
  - Add GTK3 support (#271).
  + GeanyPy: Fix Python library loading on Debian based systems.
  + GeanyVC:
  - Add GTK3 support (#300).
  - Little improvements on commit dialog (#300).
  + GitChangeBar: Add support for libgit2 0.23 (#283).
  + Multiterm: Make a lot of strings translatable (#254).
  + Pohelper: Fix untranslated and fuzzy count in the stats
    dialog (#292).
  + ProjectOrganizer: Fix some features when the sidebar was
    never visible.
  + Scope: Use Geany spawn: maximum GDB line length fixed to
    1MB, no CPU time wasted when IDLE under Windows, 3
    preferences deleted.
  + Spellcheck: Add an option to show spelling suggestion on top
    of the context menu instead of in a submenu (still default)
    (#287, #290).
  + Updated translations.
- Update requied libgeany version in BuildRequires.
- Remove conditional from pkgconfig(libgit2) BuildRequires: Now
  builds with the version in factory.
* Sun Jul 26 2015
- Update to version 1.25:
  + removed geany-plugins-GCond-usage.patch, fixed upstream
  + removed geany-plugins-gdb-7_7.patch, fixed upstream
  + disabled geany-plugins-lua-5_2.patch: it breaks GeanyLua build
  + General:
  - GProject is renamed to ProjectOrganizer
  - New plugin Automark
  - New plugin GeanyCtags
  - New plugin GitChangeBar
  - New plugin Overview
  + Addons:
  - Improve URI selection
  + Autoclose:
  - Add Whitesmith style bracket formatting support
  + CodeNav:
  - Implement Go to File feature
  + Commander:
  - Improve sorting algorithm
  + Debugger:
  - Fix crash with GDB 7.7
  + GeanyLaTeX:
  - Fix automatic capitalization of multi-byte characters
  + GeanyVC:
  - Add support for WinMerge external diff viewer
  + ProjectOrganizer:
  - Add an "external directory" feature
  - Add find tag by name
  - Add ignored file patterns
  - Performance improvements in tag generation using updated Geany
  + MultiTerm:
  - Fix build with recent Vala versions
  + PairTagHighlighter:
  - Fix clearing previous indicators (PR #200)
  + PoHelper:
  - Add a statistics dialog
  - Fix handling of plural forms
  + Scope:
  - Fix building on GNU/Hurd (PR #146)
  + Spellcheck:
  - Don't check code of scripting languages embedded in HTML
  - Add option to perform a spell check on document open (closes
    SF #137)
  + Tableconvert:
  - Improve handling of non-LF line ends
  - Add support for DokuWiki syntax
  + WebHelper:
  - Add support for basic bookmarks
  + Internationalization:
  - Update translations: de, fr, pt, ru
* Wed Nov 19 2014
- Debugger
  + Add geany-plugins-GCond-usage.patch: Fixed bug SF#116
    that made the whole application crash because of GLib (bnc#906659).
  + Add geany-plugins-gdb-7_7.patch: Fixed bug SF#112 that
    made the whole application crash because of GDB (bnc#906659).
* Mon Apr 21 2014
- Update to version 1.24:
  + New plugin Pohelper.
  + New plugin PairTagHighlighter.
  + New plugin Autoclose.
  + New plugin Geanypy (Python bindings).
  + New plugin Defineformat.
  + Build system improvements.
  +Commander: Add Gtk3 support.
  + Debugger: Fixing a crash when re-loading plugin.
  + GeanyGenDoc:
  - Add Gtk3 support.
  - Fix a memory leak.
  + GeanyExtraSel: Add "Toggle Rectangular/Stream".
  + GeanyInsertNum:
  - Add Gtk3 support.
  - Increase maxlines to 250000.
  + GeanyLipsum:
    + Add Gtk3 support.
  - Ensure whitespace between repetitions of Lorem Ipsum text.
  + GeanyLua:
  - Add Gtk3 support.
  - Re-enable build with C89.
  + GeanyMiniScript: Add Gtk3 support.
  + GeanyPG: Improve portability and check for system requirements.
  + GeanyVC:
  - Add support for Subversion 1.7.
  - Limit the display of diff output to 16 KB to not freeze the
    UI on huge commit-diffs.
  - Show line and column of the cursor in the commit message text
  + GProject:
  - Add Gtk3 support.
  - Display content-type-specific icons for files in the sidebar.
  - Make toolbar buttons insensitive when no files displayed.
  - Smaller fixes and improvements.
  + Markdown:
  - Add Gtk3 support.
  - Fix scroll jumping behavior.
  + Multiterm: Implement the other config VTE properties.
  + Prettyprinter: Add Gtk3 support.
  + Scope:
  - Add Gtk3 support.
  - Add support for registers.
  - Various fixes and improvements.
  + Shiftcolumn: Removed default keybindings.
  + Spellcheck:
  - Add Gtk3 support.
  - Fix check for default language if LANG contains UTF-8.
  - Remove check while typing idle callback when unloading the
  - Improve stripping of whitespace and punctuation characters.
  - Fix crash when closing a document quickly after modifying it.
  + Tableconvert: Add support for HTML tables in markdown files.
  + TreeBrowser:
  - Add Gtk3 support.
  - Don't collapse expanded child of node when node gets
  - Add and improve some keybindings.
  - Add a way to open newly created files.
  - Focus editor on file open.
  + Updatechecker: Fix comparing major versions.
  + WebHelper: Add Gtk3 support.
  + Updated translations.
* Sun Mar 24 2013
- Update to version 1.23:
  + Add new plugin Commander
  + Add new plugin markdown
  + Add new plugin Scope
  + Removing plugin geanyGDB
  + Improvement of error handling in
  + Improvement of general documentation
  + Buildfix with waf on Windows-Systems
  + Addons:
  - Fixing of memory leaks
  - Little rewordings
  + Devhelp:
  - Fix API-calls for older GTK-versions
  - Fix a signal to avoid crash on closing of Geany
  + GeanyGenDoc: Improvement of waf-build.
  + GeanyLaTeX: Fix installation path for documentation.
  + GeanyLua:
  - Update of Scintilla bindings to 3.2.0
  - Improve pointer->int casts
  - Revisiting mechanism to find Lua-package on configuration-time
  + GeanyMacro: Fix some typos.
  + GeanyPG: Fix adding of \0 when encryption a selection
  + GeanyPrj: Buildfix for function not marked as external.
  + GeniusPaste:
  - Fixing of memory leaks
  - Fixing of a invalid memory free
  + Spellcheck: Perform a recheck/clear when toggling 'check while
    typing' (sf#3495051)
  + Tableconvert:
  - Rework to be more generic.
  - Improvement of LaTeX-tables being created.
  + Treebrowser:
  - Added backspace to browse up a directory.
  - Eexpand/collapse with spacebar.
  + Webhelper:
  - Show the currently hovered link in the statusbar.
  - Don't use deprecated GTK API.
- No longer pass --enable-geanygdb to configure, as the geanygdb
  plugin has been dropped by upstream.
* Wed Mar 20 2013
- Spec-cleanup using format_spec_file service.
* Wed Aug 15 2012
- Update to version 1.22:
  + General:
  - Autotools build system improvements
  - Add new plugin GeanyMiniScript
  - Add new plugin GeniusPaste
  - Add new plugin MultiTerm
  - Disable GeanyGDB by default on build with autotools
  + Addons:
  - Add word wrapping addon
  + Debugger:
  - Fix build with --as-needed
  - Fix crash on 64 bit platform (sf#3449480)
  - Use asynchronous methods when possible not to freeze the UI
  - Display thread information in the stack window
  - Properly handle spaces in filenames
  - Various other bugfixes and improvements
  + Devhelp:
  - Bundle libdevhelp 2.32
  - Remove support for Google Code Search
  + GeanyLaTeX:
  - Fix crash with recent Geany versions
  - Ignore files autogenerated by biblatex in suggestions for
  + GeanyLua:
  - Fix build with recent GLib
  + GeanyMacro:
  - Add support for editing macros events
  - Support search next/search prev
  + GeanyNumberedBookmarks:
  - Only save file status if non-empty
  - Add support for saving file status next to the file itself
  - Save non-numbered bookmarks too
  + GeanyPG:
  - Fix build with --as-needed
  - Fix encryption to an untrusted key
  + GeanyPrj:
  - Add "find in project" keybinding
  - Add a setting to hide the sidebar
  + GeanyVC:
  - Go to the selected line upon blame
  - Add support for displaying the VC menu in the menubar
  + GProject:
  - Fix a crash when a project file is missing
  - Support Geany 1.22
  + Tableconvert:
  - Fix SQL tables generation
  + TreeBrowser:
  - Fix permissions on new files (sf#3415045)
  - Add "create new file" and "create new directory" keybindings
  + WebHelper:
  - Fix crash with recent versions of WebKitGTK
  - Save and restore inspector docking state
  + Updated translations.
- Pass --enable-geanygdb to configure to enable the gdb plugin.
* Tue Jan 10 2012
- Use versioned BuildRequires where they are specified in the build
- Add geany-plugins-lua-5_2.patch: Fix build with lua 5.2.
* Wed Nov 16 2011
- Update to version 0.21.1:
  + Add geanylatex/doc/ to autotools build system.
- Changes from version 0.21:
  + General:
  - Renew autotools build system
  - Add new plugin Debugger
  - Add new plugin Devhelp
  - Add new plugin GeanyPG
  - Add new plugin GeanyMacro
  - Add new plugin GeanyNumberedBookmarks
  - Add new plugin Tableconvert
  - Add new plugin XMLSnippets
  + Addons:
  - DocList addon: Add preference to define the order of the
    documents in the list (sf#3204573)
  - Tasks addon: Activate and update the task list when the Tasks
    addon is enabled
  + GeanyLaTeX:
  - Moved LaTeX-menu to a separate menu inside Geany main menu
  - Added a feature to autocapetlise letters on typing on begin
    of a sentence
  - Added a way to put a icon for \LaTeX{}-wizard into Geany's
    main toolbar
  - Added a dialog for inserting BibTeX references based on
    available *.bib-files
  - Upgrade plugin API to version 199
  - Ensure to not insert {} after \^ and \_
  - Adding a keystroke to toggle inserting {} after ^ and _
  - Fix an issue with wrong inserted formating using a keybinding
  - Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
  - Various bugfixes and memory leak fixes.
  + GeanyLipsum:
  - Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
  + GeanySendMail:
  - Some minor cleaning up of code
  - Fix for an isue with replacing of command string in case of
    %r has not being used
  - Don't double free a variable which might ended up inside a
    segmentation fault when using plugin function more than once.
  - Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
  + GeanyVC:
  - Some smaller fixes for compiler warnings and memory leaks
  - Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
  + Spell Check:
  - Reduce artifacts on partially checked words
  - Improve 'Check as you type' feature, make it more reliably
  + Tableconvert:
  - Adding new plugin, helping on converting tabulator separated
    list into table supporting LaTeX, HTML and SQL so far.
  - Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
  + Updatechecker:
  - Fix an issue with init threads for older GTK/glib versions by
    updating to Geany API version 203.
  - Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
  - Fix a typo inside waf-build system
  + WebHelper:
  - Fix creation of configuration directory in some cases.
  - Fix missing update of navigation buttons on anchor links.
  - Fix thread initialization problem.
  - Fix some issues with keybingins on secondary windows.
  - Add a keybinding to show/hide web view's window (sf#3156262).
  - Allow for better configuration of secondary windows.
  + Updated translations.
- Re-enable webhelper plugin by uncommenting pkgconfig(webkit-1.0)
- Add pkgconfig(vte) BuildRequires for the new debugger plugin.
- Add libgpgme-devel BuildRequires for the new GeanyPG plugin.