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Change Logs

* Sun Jan 07 2018
- Update to 1.39.0
  * Fixed answering call in AT module.
  * Improved support for Huawei E392 and E3131.
  * Fixed compatibility of binaries with Windows XP and 2003.
  * Improved support for ZTE MF667.
  * Updated list of GSM networks and countries.
- Update to 1.38.5
  * Added SMS_1_REFERENCE to SMSD run on receive environment
  * Improved logging of run scripts in SMSD
  * Improved support for Huawei E1780 and E1552.
  * Allow 0 for setuid/setgid in SMSD.
  * Added RunOnIncomingCall to SMSD.
  * Fixed SQL error when retry of multipart message
  * Added status code column
  * Fixed some SQL queries for Access and Oracle databases.
  * Add option to prefer GSM charset for USSD.
  * Sanitize international numbers stored in the database to always start with +.
  * Improved support for Telit devices.
  * Added USSD support to SMSD.
  * Fixed call hangup in SMSD with some modems.
  * Fixed decoding USSD response with some modems.
* Thu Oct 26 2017
- Explicitly package systemd service on suse_version >= 1330:
  depending on the dep chain, systemd is already detected (and
  causes build failures for unpackaged files).
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- update to 1.38.4
  * Improved support for Huawei E3531 and E1756.
* Sun Jul 30 2017
- forcefully enable PIE as automatism does not trigger.
* Sat Jun 17 2017
- Update to 1.38.3
  * Improved support for ZTE MF626.
  * Fixed USSD handling with longer codes.
  * Increased default value for StatusFrequency.
  * Improved SMSD response on signals.
  * Improved SMSD throughput on big queue.
  * Improved SMSD compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server.
- Update to 1.38.2
  * Improved support for Huawei K3765, E150 and E372.
  * Fixed decoding of unicode surrogates at message boundary.
  * Environment variable PHONE_ID for external program.
  * SMS compatibility with devices following old version of GSM 03.38.
  * Unicode is now preferred when handling USSD.
  * Improved decoding of MMS indication SMS.
- Update to 1.38.1
  * Fixed sending SMS to numbers starting with 000.
  * Fixed parsing of vcalendar files with VALUE=DATE-TIME.
  * Fixed compatibility with D-Link dwm-157.
  * Updated list of GSM countries and networks.
- rebase patch gramps-remove-gplv3-files.patch because of build
* Fri Dec 16 2016
- Update to 1.38.0
  * MySQL script for SMSD is compatible with strict mode.
  * Fixed USSD responses for some AT modems.
  * Fixed parsing network status for some modems (eg. Quectel UC15).
  * Fixed handling of emojis and other Unicode chars from supplementary plan.
  * Fixed compilation with C90 compiler.
* Fri Nov 25 2016
- Update to 1.37.91
  * Changed version of the shared library.
  * Improved support for ZTE MF100.
  * Ignore unsolicited +CLCC: reply.
  * Correctly report when some SMSD SQL backend is not compiled in.
  * Fix build of MySQL backend on Linux.
- Update to 1.37.90
  * Improved support Huawei K3770.
  * API changes in some parameter types.
  * Fixed various Windows compilation issues.
  * Fixed several resource leaks.
  * Create outbox SMS atomically in FILES backend.
  * Removed getlocation command as we no longer fit into their usage policy.
  * Fixed call diverts on TP-LINK MA260.
  * Initial support for Oracle database.
  * Removed unused daemons, pbk and pbk_groups tables from the SMSD schema.
  * SMSD outbox entries now can have priority set in the database.
  * Added SIM IMSI to the SMSD status table.
  * Added CheckNetwork directive.
  * SMSD attempts to power on radio if disabled.
  * Fixed processing of AT unsolicited responses in some cases.
  * Fixed parsing USSD responses from some devices.
* Sat May 28 2016
- Update to 1.37.3
  * Improved support for Huawei E398.
  * Improved support for Huawei/Vodafone K4505.
  * Fixed possible crash if SMSD used in library.
  * Improved support for Huawei E180.
- Update to 1.37.2
  * Fixed compilation of SMSD.
- Update to 1.37.1
  * Properly report errors in HEX encoded strings from SMSD SQL backends.
  * Configurable SMSD table names.
  * Improved support for Huawei E303.
  * Improved support for Vodafone K4511.
  * Improved support for Telit M2M modules.
* Thu Feb 18 2016
- Update to 1.37.0:
  * Improved compatibility with ZTE MF190.
  * Improved compatibility with Huawei E1750.
  * Improved compatibility with Huawei E1752.
  * Increased detail of reported errors from SMSD.
* Fri Aug 28 2015
- Update to 1.36.5:
  * Properly use timezones with SQLite in SMSD.
  * Improve support for Huawei E1752.
  * Fixed compilation on distros with old Glib.
  * Use advisory locking to prevent two Gammu instances share one device.
  * Include child process stdout and stderr in SMSD logs to ease debugging.
  * Fix string quoting with ODBC driver.
  * Added RunOnSent option to SMSD.
  * Store message reference in outbox in files SMSD.
  * Improved C API documentation in manual.
  * Updated list of GSM country codes and networks.
  * Fixed bash completition install path (Ville Skyttä).
  * Better logging of delivery report failures in SMSD.
  * Improved support for Huawei E3372.
  * Fixed compilation using MSVC.
  * Fix siemenssatnetmon (Daniel Glöckner).
  * Documentation improvements.
  * Fixed smsd startup with non existing folders.
  * Fixed possible stack overflows on Windows.
  * Compatibility with libdbi from git.
  * Fix siemenssatnetmon (Daniel Glöckner).
  * Fixed reconnecting to SQL server.
  * Don't split a surrogate pair between message segments (David Brown).
- Remove patches merged upstream:
  - Compatibility-with-libdbi-from-git.patch
  - gammu-smsd.lsb.patch
- Enable testsuite
- Clarify dependency on newer CMake
* Wed Apr 15 2015
- Fix compatibility with libdbi snapshot from Git we are using
* Tue Apr 14 2015
- Update to 1.36.0:
  * The python-gammu module is now shipped separately.
  * Removed usage of __TIME__ and __DATE__ macros in codebase.
  * Fixed encoding of special chars to iCalendar format.
  * Fixed decoding of priority from vTODO.
  * Avoid infinite loops with ignored messages.
  * Improved stability of checking phone SMS memory.
  * Fixed parsing of some backup files.
- Adjusted Source URL
- Python module is now shipped separately
- No more need for fake build date
* Mon Mar 02 2015
- Update to 1.35.0:
  * Fixed encoding of UTF-8 for higher code points.
  * Improved provided udev rules.
  * Fixed possible lock while getting network status in SMSD.
  * Various localization updates.
* Tue Dec 30 2014
- Update to 1.34.0:
  * Add phone power ON/OFF function.
  * Removed deprecated Python modules gammu.Data and gammu.Worker.
  * Store network name and code in SMSD tables.
  * Fixed build with recent clang compiler.
  * Fixed several possible issues found by Coverity scan.
  * Fixed possible crash on SMSD startup.
  * Fixed decoding unicode SMS messages.
  * Added identification for several Nokia phones.
  * Fixed compilation issues on various platforms.
  * SMSD now honors loglevel for all logging targets.
  * SMSD can automatically hangup incoming calls.
  * Correctly detect Network errors.
* Sun Jul 07 2013
- Updated to 1.33.0:
  * Various translation improvements.
  * Improved support for Huawei E173, thanks to Gautier Minster.
  * Fixed buffer overflow in MMS decoder.
  * Fixed several memory leaks.
  * Improved compatibility with Qualcomm devices (bug #1654).
  * Various documentation improvements.
  * Updated version of sms-gammu2android, thanks to Shadow Walker.
  * Fixed compilation on Mac OS X, thanks to Soren Jorvang.
  * Fixed SMSD with CheckSecurity = 0 (bug #1672).
- Require libGammu and libgsmsd in gammu-devel package instead of gammu.
* Fri Aug 10 2012
- Remove GPL-3.0 licensed files ( bnc#775397 )
* Tue Jul 31 2012
- Updated to 1.32.0:
  * Fixed auto installation of EventLog registry.
  * Improved support for Arduino GPRS shield (bug #1592).
  * Fixed communication with Cross PD1101wi (bug #1617).
  * Ignore another unknown block in Nokia phonebook (bug #1614).
  * Do not encode number when setting up diverts.
  From 1.31.90:
  * Improved compatibility with ES75 (bug #1586).
  * Changed API for call diverts.
  * Added support for call diverts in Python API.
  * AT backend supports manipulating with call diverts.
  * Added support for suspending/resuming SMSD using SIGUSR1/2.
  * Changed protocol for S60 applet.
  * S60 applet now handles SMS with new lines.
  * Improved support for Windows Event Log.
- Added xz as build requirement for openSUSE <= 12.1 (needed to unpack the
  package sources).
- Don't install the init script "gammu-smsd" (doesn't work correctly out of the
  box). Instead install it in the documentation.
- Build the package manual (html) for openSUSE > 11.4 (fails for <= 11.4 due to
  python-sphinx). Added gnu-free-fonts, graphviz, graphviz-gd and python-Sphinx
  build requirements for this. Added it in a separate subpackage (gammu-doc) to
  fix rpmlint warning "package-with-huge-docs".
* Fri Dec 23 2011
- Updated to 1.31.0:
  * Fixed compilation with latest libusb.
  * Improved error handling in SQL backend of SMSD.
  * SMSD documentation improvements.
  * Indonesian translation updates.
  From 1.30.92:
  * Improved vCard parser to better handle location for various fields, thanks
    to Vladimir Serbinenko for initial patch.
  * Fixed reading calls from some Nokia phones (bug #1553).
  * Improved text mode SMS parsing in AT driver, thanks to Vladimir Serbinenko.
  * Use glib's MD5 implementation if available.
  From 1.30.91:
  * Improved documentation for configuring Gammu.
  * Fixed parsing birthday from vCard in some cases.
  * Added option not to use configured logging in SMSD inject and monitor (bug
  * Added SMSD configuration LogFacility (bug #1539).
  * Fixed reading of data from OBEX phones (LP#891803).
  * Fixed double reply detection (bug #1544).
  * Increase maximal number of caller groups (bug #1541).
  * Cancel all calls on maketerminated call if we don't get call ID.
  * Fixed SMSC handling in some cases in SMSD (bug #1547).
  From 1.30.90:
  * Various documentation improvements.
  * Detect Alcatel style reply on CPIN response (bug #1502).
  * Fix build on some Win32 systems (bug #1496).
  * Make jadmaker handle names with spaces (Raphaël Droz).
  * Display 8-bit messages in hex (Nicolas Pitre).
  * Do not use AT+CUSD=2 on some phones (bug #1508).
  * Fixed gammu-monitor with Windows service (bug #1515).
  * Cleanup of contrib directory.
  * Better support for Samsung AT phones (bug #1513).
  * Fixed handling of MMS notification SMSes (bug #1530).
  * Fixed CPIN reply handling (bug #1532).
  * SMSD checks for PIN status just after connect (bug #1532).
  * Fixed various MSVC compilation issues.
* Sat Jul 23 2011
- Updated to 1.30.0:
  * Improved SMSD logging of configuration settings.
  * Fix possible crash in fbus2 driver.
  * Fix possible crash of ODBC driver on Windows (bug #1482).
  * Fixed usage of dbi plugins from Python module.
  From 1.29.93:
  * Properly initialize atobex driver with Sony-Ericsson phones.
  * Updated list of country and network codes.
  * Escape fields in SQL queries (bug#1415).
  * Escape fields in PostgreSQL SQL script (bug#1415).
  * Default to GSM encoding for text messages in SQL backend for SMSD.
  * Add option to override which SQL dialect to use in SMSD (bug #1427).
  * Improved m-obex protocol support, thanks to Vladimir Serbinenko.
  * Various fixes for Samsung B2100, thanks to Vladimir Serbinenko.
  * Fix check for AT+CPROT support (bug #1438).
  * Fix memory leak in s60 protocol driver (bug #1441).
  * Reverted change to SignalStrength because of SQL escaping we have now
  (bug #1380).
  * Improved vCard parser to handle vCards from Gmail.
  * Fixed LDIF parser to cope with multiple LDIF in single file.
  From 1.29.92:
  * Documentation improvements and fixes.
  * Saner error handling in Windows serial driver.
  * Cleanup in SMSD internals.
  * Added ODBC driver to SMSD.
  From 1.29.91:
  * Added screenshot function for Sony-Ericssonn phones (Márton Németh).
  * Fixed parsing of some Nokia SMSes (bug #1402).
  * Properly report error on deleting non deletable entries (bug #1396).
  * Slower switch from m-obex to AT (bug #1382).
  * Faster initialization for AT phones without enabled echo.
  From 1.29.90:
  * Fix detection of MySQL libraries (bug #1370).
  * Changed default connection settings to at and ttyACM0 (bug #1078).
  * Add new API call to abort existing operation (bug #1155).
  * Change database structure to avoid using reserved word Signal (bug #1380).
  * Possibility to limit time of day for SMS in SMSD (bug #1203).
  * Enforce limits on SMS payload length.
  * Made GSM_SMSCounter public (bug #1356).
  * Support for S60 phones using Series60 applet (bug #423).
  * Do not fail on 0x7b field in Nokia 3600s phonebook (bug #1385).
  * Disabled two stage probing for most protocols.
  * Fixed saving of SMS backups (bug #1392).
  * Screenshot functionality for DCT4 phones (bug #1390).
- Spec file updates:
  * Remove some not needed conditionals for openSUSE BuildRequires:.
  * Added unixODBC-devel in BuildRequires:.
  * Better fix for rpmlint warning "file-contains-date-and-time".
  * Fixed rpmlint warning "doc-file-dependency".
  * Compile package with RPM_OPT_FLAGS.
  * Fixed locales removal if suse version is not set.
  * Minor other updates.
- Modified gammu-smsd.lsb.patch to fix also the "init-script-runlevel-4"
  rpmlint warning.
* Fri Mar 18 2011
- Spec file updates:
  * Use UTC time/date for "Remove build time references" fix.
  * Don't clean buildroot in %install section.
  * Change permissions of gammu-smsd in %install section.
  * Add rc-symlink for gammu-smsd.
  * Fix for empty %postun check on non-SUSE distros.
  * Minor other updates.