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Change Logs

* Mon Apr 06 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
- Update to 0.21.1
  - CTRL-R will remove duplicate commands
  - Supports tmux popup window (require tmux 3.2 or above)
  - bug fixes
* Fri Mar 13 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
- Update to 0.21.0:
  - --height option is now available on Windows as well (@kelleyma49)
  - Added --pointer and --marker options
  - Added --keep-right option that keeps the right end of the line visible when it's too long
  - Style changes
  - --border will now print border with rounded corners around the finder instead of printing horizontal lines above and below it. The previous style is available via --border=horizontal
  - Unicode spinner
  - More keys and actions for --bind
  - Added PowerShell script for downloading Windows binary
  - Vim plugin: Built-in floating windows support
  - bash: Various improvements in key bindings (CTRL-T, CTRL-R, ALT-C)
  - CTRL-R will start with the current command-line as the initial query
  - CTRL-R properly supports multi-line commands
  - Fuzzy completion API changed
  - Bug fixes
* Sat Jan 04 2020 Matej Cepl <>
- Update to 0.20.0:
  - Customizable preview window color (preview-fg and preview-bg
    for --color)
    fzf --preview 'cat {}' \
  - -color 'fg:#bbccdd,fg+:#ddeeff,bg:#334455,preview-bg:#223344,border:#778899' \
  - -border --height 20 --layout reverse --info inline
    Removed the immediate flicking of the screen on reload action.
    : | fzf --bind 'change:reload:seq {q}' --phony
    Added clear-query and clear-selection actions for --bind
  - It is now possible to split a composite bind action over
    multiple --bind expressions by prefixing the later ones with
    fzf --bind 'ctrl-a:up+up'
    [#] Can be now written as
    fzf --bind 'ctrl-a:up' --bind 'ctrl-a:+up'
    [#] This is useful when you need to write special
    [#] execute/reload form (i.e. `execute:...`)
    [#] to avoid parse errors and add more actions to the same key
    fzf --multi --bind 'ctrl-l:select-all+execute:less {+f}' --bind 'ctrl-l:+deselect-all'
  - Fixed parse error of --bind expression where concatenated
    execute/reload action contains + character.
    fzf --multi --bind 'ctrl-l:select-all+execute(less {+f})+deselect-all'
  - Fixed bugs of reload action
  - Not triggered when there's no match even when the command
    doesn't have any placeholder expressions
  - Screen not properly cleared when --header-lines not filled
    on reload
* Sun Nov 17 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to 0.19.0
  - Added --phony option which completely disables search functionality.
    Useful when you want to use fzf only as a selector interface. See below.
  - Added "reload" action for dynamically updating the input list without
    restarting fzf. See to
    learn more about it.
  - --multi now takes an optional integer argument which indicates the
    maximum number of items that can be selected
  - If a placeholder expression for --preview and execute action
    (and the new reload action) contains f flag, it is replaced to
    the path of a temporary file that holds the evaluated list.
    This is useful when you multi-select a large number of items
    and the length of the evaluated string may exceed ARG_MAX.
  - deselect-all no longer deselects unmatched items. It is now
    consistent with select-all and toggle-all in that it only affects
    matched items.
  - Due to the limitation of bash, fuzzy completion is enabled by
    default for a fixed set of commands. A helper function for easily
    setting up fuzzy completion for any command is now provided.
  - Info line style can be changed by --info=STYLE
  - Preview window border can be disabled by adding noborder to --preview-window.
  - When you transform the input with --with-nth, the trailing white spaces are removed.
  - ctrl-\, ctrl-], ctrl-^, and ctrl-/ can now be used with --bind
  - See for more details
* Sat Apr 20 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Remove pointless double extraction of tarball again.
* Thu Apr 18 2019 Matej Cepl <>
- Update to 0.18.0:
  - 0.18.0
  - Added placeholder expression for zero-based item index: {n}
    and {+n} fzf --preview 'echo {n}: {}'
  - Added color option for the gutter: --color gutter:-1
  - Added --no-unicode option for drawing borders in
    non-Unicode, ASCII characters
    preview process fzf still overrides LINES and COLUMNS as
    before, but they may be reset by the default shell.
  - Bug fixes and improvements See
  - Update to 0.17.5:
  - Bug fixes and improvements See
  - Search query longer than the screen width is allowed (up to
    300 chars)
- Patch build-mode-pie.patch removed as it is unneeded
  (we don't use Makefile anymore).
* Thu Dec 20 2018 Matej Cepl <>
- Add subpackage vim-fzf with the original vim plugin for fzf (there
  is also more extensive third party plugin on
* Mon Jun 11 2018
- update to 0.17.4
  * Added --layout option with a new layout called reverse-list.
  - -layout=reverse is a synonym for --reverse
  - -layout=default is a synonym for --no-reverse
  * Preview window will be updated even when there is no match for
    the query if any of the placeholder expressions (e.g. {q}, {+})
    evaluates to a non-empty string.
  * More keys for binding: shift-{up,down}, alt-{up,down,left,
  * fzf can now start when /dev/tty is not available by making
    an educated guess.
  * bash/zsh completion improvements
  * install and uninstall scripts support generating files under
    XDG_CONFIG_HOME on --xdg flag.
- remove sed patch for non-excecutable fix (merged upstream)
* Sun Apr 01 2018
- initial package