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Change Logs

Version: 2.6.7-bp150.3.3
* Fri May 18 2018
- boo#1080494: Add update-alternative configuration
- Run spec-cleaner
* Fri Feb 10 2017
- Update summary
* Tue Feb 07 2017
- Update to 2.6.7 (06-Nov-2016)
  - dropped fvwm-icon-440d675d14412ec0a123d4c977534ab688229148.patch
  * New fvwm features:
    A new default configuration which is available when fvwm
    doesn't detect a configuration file to load.
    A new conditional command "Desk n" can restrict matching
    windows to a specific desk.
    A new conditional command "Screen n" to restrict matching
    windows on a given Xinerama screen.
    New expansion variable "w.screen" to ascertain the Xineram
    screen number a window is on.
    New command "InfoStoreClear" to remove all items in the
  * Removed features:
    The old and unmaintained debian/ and rpm/ directories have
    been removed; use the maintainers' copies where available.
    VMS support has been removed.
    GTK1.x support has been removed.
    GNOME-specific window hints (pre-EWMH) have been removed.
    Some fvwm modules have been removed:
    FvwmDragWell (no replacement)
    FvwmGTK (no replacement)
    FvwmSave (no replacement)
    FvwmSaveDesk (no replacement)
    FvwmScroll (no replacement)
    FvwmTabs (no replacement, never worked anyway)
    FvwmTaskBar (use FvwmButtons)
    FvwmTheme (in core of fvwm as colorsets)
    FvwmWharf (use FvwmButtons)
    FvwmWinList (use WindowList command)
    FvwmWindowMenu (use WindowList command)
    FvwmIconBox (use the IconBox style instead)
  * New module features:
    FvwmButtons learned a new option "Colorset" to its
    ChangeButton command.
  * fvwm-menu-desktop updated:
    Renamed default menu to XDGMenu and changed the name
    of the FvwmForm to FvwmForm-XDGMenu-Config to not conflict
    with someone already using FvwmMenu.
    fvwm-menu-desktop will now load defaults from the
    FvwmForm-XDGMenu-Config data file.
    Improved dynamic menus by regenerating them on-the-fly.
    Added new options: --regen-cmd, --dynamic, and more.
  * Bug fixes:
    A bug introduced in 2.6.6 could cause applications with
    negative coordinates to be placed at strange positions. This
    affected for example acroread when switching to fullscreen
    mode. This has been fixed.
    FvwmButtons "Silent" option for dynamic ChangeButton commands
    no longer loops infinitely.
* Thu Aug 18 2016
- boo#877539 - wrong path in system.fvwm2rc:
  * Fix wallpaper path for 'init' and 'restart' commands.
  * Require default branding wallpaper package.
* Tue Aug 02 2016
- Update to 2.6.6
  * fvwm features:
  - Support for Russian from Ivan Gayevskiy.
  - EnvMatch supports infostore variables.
  - The option "forget" to the Maximize command allows to
    unmaximize a window without changing its size and position.
  - Windows shaded to a corner (NW, NE, SW, SE) are reduced to a
    small square.
  - New option "!raise" to the WarpToWindow command.
  - The new extended variables $[wa.x], $[wa.y], $[wa.width],
    $[wa.height] can be used to get the geometry of the EWMH
    working area, and $[dwa.x], $[dwa.y], $[dwa.width],
    $[dwa.height] can be used to get the geometry of the EWMH
    dynamic working area.
  - The Resize commands accept "wa" or "da" as a suffix of the
    width or height value.  If present, the value is a percentage
    of the width or height of the EWMH working area or the EWMH
    dynamic working area.
  - Fvwm is much more resilient against applications that flood the
    window manager with repeated events.
  * New module features:
  - FvwmForm supports separator lines.
  - New FvwmIconMan options:
  * Bug fixes:
  - Provide a wrapper for the deprecation of XKeycodeToKeysym and
    use XkbKeycodeToKeysym() where appropriate.
  - fvwm-menu-desktop is re-written and provides better support of
    the XDG menu specification.
  - Fix fvwm-menu-desktop keyError bug.  Use "others" if no desktop
    environment found.
  - FvwmIconMan had problems displaying the hilight colour on some
    systems (64 bit issue?).
  - Globally active windows cannot take the focus if the style
    forbids programs to take focus themselves (style
  - Windows no longer jump from one position to the other which
    could happen in some cases with SnapAttraction.  Windows now
    snap to the closest window (or screen edge).
  - Removing bindings had several strange side effects that are
    fixed now (removing too many bindings; old bindings showing up
    again after another is removed; possibly other effects).
  - Windows sometimes did not get expose events (i.e. did not
    redraw properly) if they were uncovered by moving a window
    above them.  This has been fixed.
  - FvwmConsole now causes much less network traffic.
  - Suppress bogus events sent to the modules when a window is
    resized with the mouse.
  - Properly handle the has_ref_window_moved flag for ResizeMove and
  - Removed some unnecessary redraws in FvwmPager.
  - The option "NoDeskLimitY" option of the GotoPage command did
    not work.
  - Negative coordinates in the "rectangle" option to the Menu
    commend did not work correctly.  This has been fixed.
  - Removes a slight graphics problem whith the ResizeMaximize
    command being invoked from a window button menu.
  - When an attempt to reparent a client window (i.e. decorate
    it) fails, fvwm no longer throws away all events but only the
    events for that window.
  - The ChangeButton command of FvwmButtons used to strip
    whitespace from the beginning and end of button titles and
    image paths.  This is no longer done.
- Remove patches now upstream
- Add upstream patch
    Expose: don't flush accumulated events
* Thu Mar 03 2016
- Clean up with spec-cleaner
- Remove 'system.fvwm2rc_' seems not to be used
- Fix module 'Command' see (boo#966650)
* Wed Oct 08 2014
- Rename config file to not have underscore at begining
* Tue Sep 30 2014
- fvwm-no-date-time.patch Do not include __DATE__ and __TIME__
  in binaries.
- Drop usage of xorg-x11-devel. pick only the needed packages.
* Wed Jul 24 2013
- Add patch fvwm-2.6.5-eventcrash.patch which should avoid that not
  set icon names will be freed  (bnc#778347)
* Thu Jul 18 2013
- Update to 2.6.5 + snpashot 2012/10/11
  - NEWS: Added FvwmForm Separators,
    fvwm-desktop-menu fixes.
  - libs/Bindings.c (AddBinding):
  - fvwm/builtins.c (FkeysymToKeycode):
  - fvwm/events.c (__handle_key):
    Add detection of XKeycodeToKeysym as deprecated, and provide a wrapper
    for it by way of fvwm_KeycodeToKeysym() to call the newer
    XkbKeycodeToKeysum() where needed.
  - libs/PictureImageLoader.c (PImageLoadSvg, PimageLoadXpm,
    Fix compilation errors.
  - fvwm/menu.c ( __scan_for_pixmap):
  - libs/PictureImageLoader.c (PImageLoadSvg, PimageLoadXpm,
    Add fvwm_msg() for hints about failed image load.
  - fvwm/events.c (HandlePropertyNotify):
    Fix XSizeHints problem with FVWM not correctly allowing resizing of
    windows when the hints are toggled with respect to FVWM processing
  - fvwm/placement.c ( __pl_position_get_pos_simple):
    When using "UnderMouse" for PositionPlacement, ensure we honor the EWMH
    working area by default if it's in use.
  - fvwm/fvwm.c (InstallSignals):
    Unblock signals when installing them.
    When signals are registered, ensure they're unblocked so as not to queue
    them up.
  - fvwm/infostore.c (get_metainfo_length):
  + fvwm/infostore.c (new_metainfo):
  + fvwm/infostore.c (insert_metainfo):
  + fvwm/style.c (style_parse_one_style_option):
    Make C90 compliant.
- Add patch fvwm-snapshot.patch for snpashot 2012/10/11
- Add patch fvwm-rsvg.patch to avoid internal rsvg-cairo.h included twice
- Add source bin/fvwm-menu-desktop-config.fpl as missed in 2012/10/11
- Modify patch fvwm-2.5.26-gcc-warnings.patch as fixed upstream
* Sat Mar 30 2013
- Add two missing build requires: librsvg-devel and libxslt-tools
* Tue Feb 07 2012
- update to 2.6.4
  new features:
  - FvwmIconMan no longer allows for itself to be transient
  - New command InfoStore -- to store key/value pairs of information
    to relieve the burden of the SetEnv command.
  - Speed-up improvements for fvwm-menu-desktop when generating XDG
    menus by removing unnecessary stat(2) calls.
  - BusyCursor and CursorStyle have been set to make the cursor look
    like a dot during Read/PipeRead commands, by default.
  Bug fixes:
  - FvwmRearrange now understands the "ewmhiwa" option when placing
  - Client gravity for subwindows is honoured for reparenting
    windows, such as with XEmbed, when changing the parent's
  - Conditional command processing of !Layer n
    has now been fixed.
  - Fixed handling of swallowed windows for transient FvwmButtons'.
  - fvwm-menu-desktop now looks in /usr/share/applications for KDE
    legacy mode.
  - fvwm-config no longer accepts "--is-stable", "--is-released",
* Tue Jan 03 2012
- update to 2.6.3
  dropped libpng patch
  New features over 2.5.26:
  * Support libpng 1.4 and 1.5.0's slightly newer APIs
  * New extended variable $[w.visiblename]
  * Style matching now honours the window's visible name
  * New style InitialMapCommand allows to execute any command when
    a window is mapped first.
  * New option to PrintInfo, "bindings" which prints out all of the
    Key, PointerKey, Mouse and Stroke bindings which fvwm knows about.
  * New differentiated options for SnapAttraction when snapping
    against screen edges:
  * New option to the BugOpts command
  * New BugOpts option QtDragnDropWorkaround to work around an oddity
    in handling drag-n-drop events to Qt applications.
  * New MenuStyle "UniqueHotkeyActivatesImmediate" and its negation
    "!UniqueHotkeyActivatesImmediate" to retain the menu until the
    user presses one of the menu keybindings to enact that change in
    the case where there's only one item defined in the menu at the
    specified hotkey.
  * New Style commands
  * New Resize argument to direction
  * Couple of changes to the Move command:
  * The EWMH working area is now honoured by default.
  * To move a window ignoring the working area, the option "ewmhiwa"
    can be used, similar to how the Maximize command works.
  * New expansion placeholder $[pointer.screen] to return the screen
    number the pointer is on.
* Fri Dec 02 2011
- remove uncommented patch
* Thu Dec 01 2011
- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Thu Sep 01 2011
- build with --no-copy-dt-needed-entries
  * no-copy-dt-needed-entries.patch
* Fri Mar 11 2011
- use of %find_lang is a MUST
* Mon Nov 08 2010
- remove support for pre-9.1
* Sun Apr 04 2010
- fix build with libpng14 (replace long deprecated functions)
* Mon Dec 28 2009
- Remove gnome-libs-devel, gtk-devel, gtkdoc, imlib-config,
  imlib-devel BuildRequires.
- Add xorg-x11-devel BuildRequires.
- Pass --disable-gtk to configure.
- Remove gtk subpackage: it's optional, and doesn't look that good.
- This is for fate#308601: remove gtk/gnome 1.x stack.