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* Tue Jul 11 2017
- update to 2.46
  * Fixes:
  * Selecting within and removal of GUI groups works again.
    This regression was introduced in 2.44.
  * "Bad symlinks" functionality works in the GUI again.
    This regression was introduced in 2.44.
  * Dangling symlinks are reported correctly for symlinks
    whose names end in 2 digits.
  * Empty directories now only lists actual empty dirs
    even if extra find parameters are specified.
  * Empty directories now ignore specified exluded paths, as
    they can impact whether an "empty" directory can be removed.
  * Single quotes in extra find params are now quoted,
    and no longer generate a syntax error.
  * Multiple adjacent spaces in command line params are preserved
    and no longer generate file not found errors.
  * Listing packages is supported for modern archlinux systems.
  * Improvements:
  * findup now includes zero length files by default.  This can
    be changed with -size +0c, or the new GUI min size option.
  * findup no longer reports/remerges duplicates when there
    are other files being checked that are the same size.
    (The GUI already had such logic in place).
  * findup supports symlinking duplicates as well as hardlinking.
  * "Select from same folder" is now less CPU and RAM intensive.
  * A renamed duplicate file no longer auto removes another
    item in the group from display, to allow deleting it etc.
* Fri Apr 03 2015
- Update to 2.44
  * Translations:
  * Added: Polish.
  * Updated: Galician,Czech,Spanish,France,Romanian,Serbian,
  * Fixes:
  * finded now doesn't report passed non empty directories when
    not recursing. This regression was introduced in 2.40.
  * The wildcard selection dialog is displayed correctly again
    in German locales. This regression was introduced in 2.42.
  * File metadata is now maintained when cleaning whitespace.
  * findup -d now supports file names with trailing whitespace.
  * Changed the complexity of deleting files from O((n/2)*(n+1))
    to O(n), n being the number of items in the GtkCList, not
    the number of items being deleted.
  * findns and findul now work with findutils >= 4.5.11
  * Improvements:
  * Add support for selecting all files from a the same folder
    as another file.
* Mon Sep 06 2010
-spec file cleanup
  * Sun May  2 20:57:07 UTC 2010 mrdocs at
- 2.42 release
  * Mon Oct 13 2008 mrdocs at
- first build server package
- reviewed by mw and move changelog into .changes file