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* Wed Jan 25 2017
- Change Requires to enable use with php7
* Wed Jan 25 2017
- upstream upgrade to version (bnc#846355)
* Tue Jan 17 2017
- upstream upgrade to version (bnc#846355)
* Mon Nov 28 2016
- upstream upgrade to version (bnc#846355)
* Thu Aug 18 2016
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.37 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1642: Froxlor(php) Freezes when trying to configuring dovecot-smtp
  Bug #1606: systemd bootsettings
  Bug #1618: Cron lock file handling error
  Bug #1634: wrong intervals in SOAs served by pdns
  Bug #1635: Installatio
  Bug #1637: gentoo Repository down_
  Feature #53: Manage DNS Zones
  Feature #731: Rework DNS with power dns like table schema
  Feature #1196: [bind] Custom DNS settings field
  Feature #1624: [Feature Request] OPcache Einstellungen in den
  Feature #1638: Possibility of changing the dirfix_nofcgid.conf for mod_php
  Feature #1639: Separeted deactivation of warn-level for webspace and traffic
* Thu Jun 23 2016
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.36 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1570: Customer DOCROOT not accesable / forbidden in fresh Debian 8 w/ Apache 2.4
  Bug #1605: add insserv overrides for nscd and apache
  Bug #1613: Password reset link wrong behind nginx proxy
  Bug #1614: php5-curl requirement missing for debian
  Bug #1615: bind configuration broken since 0.9.35 if zonefiles are used
  Bug #1616: SSl Redirect
  Bug #1617: Domains with Custom Zone Files Not Being Built
  Bug #1619: Error setting termination_date
  Bug #1620: Error: Table ftp_users after new installation of froxlor is missing
  Bug #1621: Include nginx's default_server parameter within the default vhost config file
  Bug #1622: Missing /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf - could cause potential issues with future package upgrades
  Bug #1623: not empty zonefiles missing in froxlor_bind.conf
  Feature #786: [Backup] Mailbackup
  Feature #975: "Backup now" Option
  Feature #1544: Backup möglichkeit
  Feature #1574: customer selectable php version
  Feature #1576: Backup system
  Feature #1597: LE: support SNI and certs with multiple SANs
  Feature #1607: make webserver ssl protocols configurable like ssl ciphers
  Feature #1612: OPCache mit mod_itk
* Tue Apr 26 2016
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.35 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1519: Deleting and recreating a mail account ends up with no mail account
  Bug #1543: Customer cant create subdomain
  Bug #1564: Redirect-Code unveränderbar
  Bug #1569: Selection of custom PHP config has no effect once FCGID is enabled
  Bug #1599: vHost Template not work
  Bug #1600: ssl_cert_chainfile should only contain the intermediate certificate #334
  Bug #1601: FTP-SubUser kann Ordner "lib" nicht erstellen/löschen
  Bug #1603: Apache Configuration for Wheezy contains an error in acme.conf
  Bug #1604: Wrong acme configuration for Apache 2
  Bug #1609: Sometimes PHP Warning in letsencrypt cronjob Feature #1484: add missing directives in apache-config for php-fpm on freebsd 10.1
  Feature #1611: Show if a domain uses LetsEncrypt in domainlist (admin-account)
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.35-rc1 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1522: ProFTPd - relax TLS Options to prevent clients from failing at upload
  Bug #1585: Cannot login after timeout
  Bug #1586: Directory protection (apache basic auth) broken
  Bug #1588: FreeBSD: /scripts/jobs/cron_tasks.php - pw user mod -> pw usermod und loop
  Bug #1589: mail clients
  Bug #1590: Letsencrypt + Custom SSL
  Bug #1591: Entering an IPv6-Adress in the list of allowed AXFR servers leads to an error
  Bug #1595: insufficient error handling in admin_configfiles.php
  Bug #1598: specialsettingsforsubdomains doesn't get passed along if security question is asked while editing a domain
  Feature #1470: Please support for fully automatic DV TLS certificate issuance / revocation
  Feature #1509: Mehrere Standard-IPs
  Feature #1594: Make keysize for LE CSRs configurable
* Wed Feb 10 2016
- upstream upgrade to version (bnc#846355)
  Bug #611: fixed function.findDirs stops after first unreadable directory
  Bug #1517: fixed SUSE config files not accessible
  Bug #1550: fixed Read config file in panels
  Bug #1553: fixed frische Installation auf openSuSE 13.2
  Bug #1554: fixed Password Reset defect / MD5 hashed password recalculated to faulty hash
  Bug #1555: fixed PHP Notice: Undefined variable: domain in /var/www/froxlor/scripts/jobs/ on line 321
  Bug #1556: fixed libnss-mysql might return wrong username
  Bug #1559: fixed incorrect Mail Path
  Bug #1565: fixed vhosts f?r deaktivierte user werden erstellt
  Bug #1568: fixed ssl settings werden bei rewrite nicht angewendet
  Bug #1575: fixed Debian Wheezy postfix wrong sql statements or wrong
  Bug #1578: fixed Warnung bei Standard FTP-User
  Bug #1582: fixed Install prompt in Froxlor incorrect - Bind9 Start Error rndc: connect failed: #953: connection refused
  Bug #1583: fixed SSL aktiv obwohl kein Zertifikat hinterlegt wurde
  Feature #1562: added always_populate_raw_post_data when create php-fpm config file
  Feature #1566: added Apache 2.4 als Auswahl im Setup
  Feature #1567: added orange/warning color in web- and traffic-progress bars (admin/customer overview)
* Wed Sep 16 2015
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.34 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #545: add access to older statistics when using awstats
  Bug #957: added managesieve/sieve to configuration-templates of dovecot
  Bug #1400: added support for apache mpm-itk
  Bug #1485: check for existence of ssl-files and if not, do not create ssl-related vhost-settings
  Bug #1486: added possibility to specify umask when using FCGID
  Bug #1488: fixed css issues
  Bug #1491: fixed changing of webserver-user/group in the users-table when they were changed in the settings
  Bug #1492: fixed missing LSB tags for php-fcgi on debian based distros
  Bug #1503: fixed database-connection when using sockets, do not replace 'host' value but use 'socket'
  Bug #1507: fixed open_basedir-path when using mod_php
  Bug #1512: enhanced domain-import, see
  Bug #1535: fixed problem when using sub-subdomain (or deeper) with apache due to file-naming
  Bug #1541: enhanced default ssl-cipher-list to be more secure
-      removed webftp-script a possible security issue and not necessary.
-      removed, upstream removed deprecated configuration templates
    including SUSE Linux Enterprise. Removed OpenSUSE templates incldung
* Fri Jul 31 2015
- upstream upgrade to version (bnc#846355)
  security issue in the database logging system
* Tue Apr 14 2015
- update and typo fix in documentation template suse_linux_1x_x
- update Copyright (c) 2015 SUSE LINUX GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany.
* Mon Apr 13 2015
- upstream upgrade to version (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1489: MySQL externe Datenbank
  Bug #1498: Problem with nginx vhost block merging
  Bug #1499: 0.9.33 wants to connect to host as socket
  Bug #1500: "Global PEAR directories" settings value in php-fpm settings ignored in php.ini settings variable "{PEAR_DIR}"
  Support #1494: new customer | webaccess Forbidden
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.33 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1479: Update of password hash leads to security hole
  Bug #1483: Lockfile from crashed cronjob does not get deleted
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.33-rc2 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1427: [nginx] OwnCloud Requires PHP alterations
  Bug #1459: [configs] Debian postfix templates are in deprecated format
  Bug #1462: [configs] Ubuntu 14.04 does not use SystemV
  Bug #1465: [configs] Dovecot/Postfix Config says to use dovecot as transport but does not
  Bug #1469: Misleading "PHP compiled without pcntl" error message
  Feature #1289: Passwords in panel_customers always MD5 encrypted
  Feature #1335: [database] Froxlor should also use MySQL-Socket to connect to db
  Feature #1414: [configs] Ubuntu 14.04 LTS support
  Feature #1471: Zusätzliches Feld für Notizen in den Kundenstammdaten
  Feature #1477: Ability to set the path of a (sub)domain to a file
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.33-rc1 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1216: suggested password should match to password restriction in settings
  Bug #1280: DKIM: define custom user and group in the settings
  Bug #1399: [proftpd] quota support OFF but working qoutas at FTP upload
  Bug #1418: [php-fpm] Fix for CVE-2014-0185 needed (php5-fpm vulnerability)
  Bug #1426: Umlaute problem
  Bug #1428: Creating SSL enabled Alias Domain -> SQL Integrity constraint violation
  Bug #1430: [nginx] If in location ~ \.php$
  Bug #1435: Nach entfernen aller Daten im root-Verzeichnis erscheint folgender Fehler (Froxlor WebFTP)
  Bug #1437: 0.9.32 - FreeBSD - crontab
  Bug #1440: Validation check for AXFR server failing
  Bug #1445: Froxlor cron du's /proc
  Bug #1446: nginx auto index is not working
  Bug #1447: Dateirechte beim Anlegen neuer Kunden falsch
  Bug #1450: [nginx] Directory protection duplicate directives
  Bug #1455: [apache] Directory protection not working (froxlor 0.9.31, Apache 2.4.6)
  Bug #1456: dns entry for "system_hostname" breaks dns if the domain is manually configured
  Bug #1458: Security check too strict on mailboxsize cronscript
  Bug #1464: class.Settings.php
  Bug #1466: CSS: Overview pages without add-button missing float-clear
  Bug #1467: Progressbars on admin_customers.php?page=customer
  Bug #1468: MYSQL: BLOB and TEXT columns cannot have DEFAULT values.
  Feature #496: [panel] Import default subject/body for e-mails templates
  Feature #1036: Improve the montly traffic report
  Feature #1166: [panel] Allow customer transfer between admins
  Feature #1332: mehrzeiliger SPF support
  Feature #1408: Eigener Newsbereich im Kunden-Dashboard
  Feature #1410: Verschieben von Kunden unter Admins
  Feature #1425: Php-fpm custom listen
  Feature #1452: Massenupdate beim Hinzufügen von Domains
* Wed Mar 19 2014
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.32-rc2 (bnc#846355)
  [#1090]: bind doesn't create entry for system setting "system_hostname"
  [#1342]: add option to automatically run database-updates instead of dying with "version mismatch" in cronjob
  [#1389]: fixed minor sql-query variable-issues
  [#1392]: fixed setting default-theme if != Sparkle when adding new customers
  [#1377]: fixed FS-quota on FreeBSD
* Tue Feb 25 2014
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.32-rc1 (bnc#846355)
  [#69]: calculate/show mail-traffic
  [#433]: redirect to last URL after session-timeout
  [#1321]: log faulty login-attempts
  [#1340]: add 'description' to ftp-users
  [#1378]: added database validation in the admin menu to check for its integrity
  [#858]: runtime of cronjobs
- APS (complete)
- Autoresponder (complete)
- Backup (complete)
* Fri Jan 31 2014
- upstream upgrade to version (bnc#846355)
  bugfix-release ( Due to a tiny bug in the installer, which did not add a new php-configuration correctly.
  [#1331]	High ERROR 1064 (42000) at line 718: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '2, 'Froxlor Vhost Config'
  bugfix release ( Due to wrong usage of a recently changed function which resulted in wrong default path-values in textfields.
  [#1329] Parse error bei aufruf Cronjob-Einstellungen
* Thu Dec 19 2013
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.31 (bnc#846355)
  Completely redesigned dashboard in Sparkle-theme
  [#432]: added new template-variables for the 'customer welcome email' template: SERVER_HOSTNAME, SERVER_IP, SERVER_PORT and DOMAINNAME
  [#722]: added logical operators (<, > and =) which can be used when searching for numeric values, e.g. Webspace: ">100", "<2048" or "=1234"
  [#729]: Usage of an activation code instead of password reset
  [#1051]: Enable usage of php-slowlog for FPM users
  [#1287]: Switch database implementation to PDO
  [#701]: split tickets in pages on overview and correct sorting
  [#1295]: make vhost-query of webserver-crons mariadb-compatible
  [#1314]: when using DKIM and no MX server is given, also add a dkim-TXT entry for the 'mail' a-record
  [#1323]: fix hardcoded sendmail_path config option in PHP-FPM pool config
* Mon Dec 02 2013
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.30 (bnc#846355)
  [#365] SSL certificates should be settable per domain
  [#581] Allow multiple IPs (IPv4/IPv6) to be used on one domain
  [#1007] Userpanel: Show size of mail accounts
  [#1270] Show phpinfo() in the admin-panel
  [#201] fix SSL-redirect on non-standard SSL-ip/ports
  [#1147], #1194 Improve wildcard/www-alias domain-settings for admins and customers
  [#1271] remove build-in logrotate feature - provide logrotate-config-template instead
- fix wrong alias in default-froxlor-server.conf to froxlor
* Fri Oct 11 2013
- added configuration files openSUSE 12.x (at Server Configuration)
* Tue Oct 08 2013
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.29 (bnc#846355)
  Bug #1139: Froxlor package for armhf doesn't show up in aptitude
  Bug #1258: unable to register 'memcache' SSL session cache: Memcache support not enabled
  Bug #1260: Cron Domain-SSL Zertifikat
  Bug #1261: Fehler Apache mod_write
  Feature #587: Provide php.ini Konfiguration for php-fpm
* Mon Apr 15 2013
- upstream upragde to version
  Due to a syntax-error in the updater we had to re-release as version
- upstream upragde to version 0.9.28
  [#536] Use complete domain name as default path for DocumentRoot
  [#1150] added possibility to add random prefixes to a customers database-name
  [#668] fixed FreeBSD 8.2: Bind 9 is missing from list of Daemons
  [#758] fixed bug in "Amount of APS installations" counter
  [#916] fixed webserver-specific default vHost settings don't work in ligHTTPd
  [#1023] fixed Redirect with SSL Enabled Domain
  [#1058] fixed bug in "Amount of autoresponders" counter
  [#1085] fixed incorrect configuration command for awstats under Gentoo
  [#1127] fixed falsely used e-mail sender name
  [#1134] updated default parameter list of sendmail-program in php.ini-template
  [#1136] fixed falsely added specialsettings to a ssl-redirect
  [#1160] fixed usage of empty value for CertificateChainFile (it's allowed)
  [#1172] cleaned up language files
  [#1173] fixed redirect to "ip:port"
  [#1180] fixed clean-up if fcgid/php-fpm configurations
Version: 0.10.23-bp152.4.3.1
* Mon Jan 18 2021
- fixed build (openSUSE_Tumbleweed,openSUSE_Factory) dir conf.d owner
* Mon Jan 18 2021
- Upstream upgrade to version 0.10.23 (bsc#846355)
  Spec file clean up
* Mon Dec 21 2020
- Upstream upgrade to version 0.10.22 (bsc#846355)
* Wed Dec 09 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
- Use system apache rpm macros
* Tue Aug 20 2019
- BuildRequire cron as this contains now the cron directories
- Use %license for COPYING file instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Thu Jul 11 2019
- removing froxlor-suse-config.diff not needed
* Thu Jul 11 2019
patch froxlor-suse-config.diff and
  patch froxlor-pdns.diff
  added for update the froxlor configuration documentation in UI
* Tue Jul 09 2019
- Upstream upgrade to version (bsc#846355)
  new features besides API that found their way in:
  - 2FA / TwoFactor Authentication for accounts
  - MySQL8 compatibility
  - new implementation of Let's Encrypt (
  - customizable error/access log handling for webserver (format, level,
    pipe-to-script, etc.)
  - lots and lots of bugfixes and small enhancements
* Thu Jun 07 2018
- Upstream upgrade to version (bnc#846355)
- Dropping froxlor from future distributions and (bnc#958100)
- PHP rand function for random number generation fixed in previous
  version (bnc#1025193) CVE-2016-5100
* Thu Feb 08 2018
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.39 (bnc#846355)
* Wed Aug 30 2017
- Add and change of froxlor config files and manual