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Change Logs

* Mon Mar 05 2018
- Update require libfilezilla to 0.12.1 as described in configure
* Sat Feb 24 2018
- update to 0.31.0
  * New features:
  - Allow trusting all subject alternative names (SAN) in a
    certificate if the current hostname matches the certificate
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - OS X: Fix file lists becoming inresponsive when a file rename
    edit box is discarded by clicking to the right of the last
    column in the file list
  - Fix rare crash during directory removal
  - Fix rare crash in the transfer queue
* Thu Jan 25 2018
- update to 0.30.0
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Add additional logging if autoupdate mechanism fails
- update to 3.30.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - In the search dialog local files can now be deleted or opened
  - The root node in the remote directory tree is now expanded
    by default
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fix uploading from search dialog
  - Fix formatting of filename in rename dialog
  - MSW: Fix installer crash if an update installation is started
    with the updated version having been installed
* Sun Nov 12 2017
- update to 0.29.0
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fix activity indicators not working after the update check
    has been run
- update to 0.29.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - Added new quick search filter to file lists,
    accessed through Ctrl+F
  - FTP over TLS: Mismatched hostnames are now highlighted in red
    in the certificate verification dialog
  - Filters using regular expressions can now be case-insensitive
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Explicitly wait for the settings to be written to disk before
    removing the backup file to prevent loss of data in case of
    system crashes
* Mon Oct 02 2017
- update to 3.28.0
  * New features:
  - *nix: Official Linux binaries are now built for Debian 9
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Do not disable password saving settings if fzdefaults.xml
    contains a kiosk mode setting of 0.
- update to 3.28.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - Add "Close once" as queue completion action
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fixed crash if FileZilla is forced to close, e.g. when the
    system is shutting down, while there are open dialogs
  - If the transfer queue asks for a password and the password
    dialog is canceled the queue processing is now stopped
  - OS X, *nix: Improve detection of invalid character encodings
    in local filenames
  - Fix potential crash expanding directory tree items while
    changing selections
* Sun Aug 20 2017
- update to 3.27.1
  * Fixed vulnerabilities:
  - Change client identification string if connecting with SFTP
    due to OpenSSH disregarding the supported ciphers announced
    by the client, resulting in less secure algorithms being
    chosen by OpenSSH.
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - MSW: Improve handling of NTFS reparse points
  - MSW: If running the installer with /S, previous versions
    where not uninstalled prior to the new version being
  - MSW: The installer can be run with /quiet for a semi-silent
  - OS X, *nix: Potential fix for a rare crash if changing local
    directories while the local directory list is being updated
    and vice versa.
- remove patch putty-no_DATE_and_TIME_.patch because it is now in
* Thu Aug 10 2017
- add COPYING file to %doc
* Sat Aug 05 2017
- update to
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - MSW: Add misssing file to .zip binary package
  - MSW: Fix toolchain issues breaking the shell extension
- update to 3.27.0
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - SFTP components have been updated and are now based on
    PuTTY 0.70
- update to 3.27.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - Support for the Storj decentralized cloud storage provider
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - MSW: Fix display of file type of directories if the directory
    name contains a dot
  - Fix assertion if entering an invalid protocol prefix into the
    host field on the quickconnect bar or in the site manager
  - Improve error message if TLS certificate verification fails
    due to a missing stapled OCSP resonse
  - Building and running FileZilla now depends on
    libfilezilla >= 0.10.0 (
* Thu Jun 15 2017
- update to 3.26.2
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fixed crash if using master passwords and decrypting very
    long passwords
* Sun Jun 04 2017
- update to 3.26.1
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fixed crash if changing password settings and the
    Site Manager contains subdirectories
  - *nix: Fixed saving of sites having more than one
    site-specific bookmark
- update to 3.26.0
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - When changing or removing the master password, update
    protected credentials of server items in the transfer queue
  - Fix display of remember checkbox when showing the password
    entry dialog for sites that have no username set and are
    using the "Ask" logon type
  - Some icons were missing in the Windows .zip binary archive
- update to 3.26.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - Passwords can now be stored encrypted, protected with
    a master password
  - Building and running FileZilla now depends on
    libfilezilla >= 0.9.2 (
  - Building and running FileZilla now depends on
    wxWidgets >= 3.0.3
* Tue May 02 2017
- update to 3.25.2
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - SFTP components have been updated and are now based on
    PuTTY 0.69
  - Fixed potential stall during the final listing operation when
    finishing a queue which contained uploads
- update to 3.25.2-rc1
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fix crash if filters.xml has become corrupted
  - Fix FTP proxy support
  - Fix sending of FTP keep-alive commands
  - MSW: Windows Vista is no longer supported
  - MSW: File and directory icons now also appear on systems that
    have no Windows directory
- update to 3.25.1
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - OS X: Fixed a crash if connecting to old servers not
    supporting UTF-8
  - Fixed timeout detection
* Wed Mar 15 2017
- update to 3.25.0
  * New features:
  - OS X: The minimum required OS X version is now 10.9
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - OS X: Disable App Nap during transfers and other operations
  - OS X: Downloaded updates are now stored in the Downloads
  - OS X: Fix initial toolbar state on startup if it was hidden
    when FileZilla was last closed
  - Fix reconnect delay logic which broke in 3.25.0-beta1
  - Fix piecewise creation of remote paths using FTP which broke
    in 3.25.0-beta1
- update to 3.25.0-rc1
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fix encryption selection for FTP in the Site Manager which
    broke in 3.25.0-beta1
  - Small changes to error message texts
- update to 3.25.0-beta1
  * New features:
  - Major refactoring of the FileZilla internals.
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Scale width of fields in the status line control on high-DPI
  - Fix duplicate mnemonic in "Files currently being edited"
- Drop patch filezilla-3.24.1-config_parse_error.patch because now
  in upstream
* Thu Feb 23 2017
- update to 3.24.1
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fixed rendering icons in the remote directory tree when DPI
    scaling is enabled on Windows Vista and some Windows 7
  - SFTP components have been updated and are now based on
    PuTTY 0.68
  - Updated builtin pugixml to version 1.8
- Add patch filezilla-3.24.1-config_parse_error.patch to prevent
  build error.
* Sun Jan 15 2017
- update to 3.24.0
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fixed a possible crash if sending FTP commands fails during
    a directory listing operation
  - *nix: Fixed a scrolling issue in the message log if wxWidgets
    is built against GTK3
- update to 3.24.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - The context menu for remote file search results now has
    a "Copy URL(s) to clipboard" item
  - Alt+number can now be used to switch between tabs in addition
    to Ctrl+number
  - SFTP hostkey fingerprints are now also shown as base64
    encoded SHA256 hashes to match the new format displayed by
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Errors at the end of SFTP transfers now correctly result in
    transfer failures instead
  - Cancelling synchronized browsing questions no longer prevents
    further directory changes
  - Fix display issues for the filter conditions dialog
  - Fix deleting multiple extensions on the filetype page in the
  - OS X: Do not open dialogs while already processing an event,
    e.g. while a context menu is open
* Tue Dec 06 2016
- update to
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Key file paths entered in the Site Manager are now saved to
    corresponding server entries in the transfer queue
  - MSW: Work around a bug in wxWidgets causing bad icons in the
    remote directory tree due to wxImageList::GetBitmap
    errorneously stripping the alpha channel from images
  - Allow relative paths and environment variables in the
    "Cache directory" setting.
- update to
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Work around a bug in wxWidgets that has been causing a
    virtually infinite loop when deleting toolbar buttons
- update to 3.23.0
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Speed up icon scaling and cache scaled icons for faster
    subsequent loading. The cache directory can be changed
    through fzdefaults.xml using the "Cache directory" setting
  - OS X: Fixed icon display on high-DPI displays in a few more
  - Loading a corrupted layout.xml or search.xml no longer shows
    an error message, these files are now silently overwritten
  - MSW: Fixed a regression where UNC paths where not handled
    correctly as config location in fzdefaults.xml
- update to 3.23.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - New high-resolution icons
  - Improvements to the sizing of icons and other user interface
    elements on high-DPI displays. For technical reasons,
    existing theme settings have been reverted to their default
    values. They can be changed again in the settings dialog.
  - Make use of the Unix.ownername and Unix.groupname facts for
    MLSD if available
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - The bookmarks menu updates again after changing global
  - Adding a site to the Site Manager as part of adding a
    site-specific bookmark no longer fails if sitemanager.xml
    does not yet exist
  - Strip byte order marks at the beginning of directory listings
  - Add an option to filezilla.xml to control cache ttl
* Sun Nov 20 2016
- update to
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fixed trimming of FEAT response lines leading to incorrectly
    detected server features
- update to
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - OS X: Rebuilt to work around a nasty bug in XCode: Even when
    linking with -Wl,-no-weak-imports it links against functions
    not available on older OS X versions
  - Fixed a crash on exotic servers only implementing factless
- update to 3.22.2
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Tuned appearance of progress bar in transfer queue
- update to 3.22.2-rc2
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - SFTP: Renaming a file or directory where the new name already
    refers to a directory no longer moves the file into this
  - Fix regression from -rc1 with custom ports in the
    quickconnect bar
  - Fix regression from -rc1 parsing the EPSV reply
- update to 3.22.2-rc1
  * New features:
    + Building and running FileZilla now depends on
    libfilezilla >= 0.8.0 (
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Non-existing key files are no longer silently dropped from
    the SFTP page in the settings dialog
  - Further abbreviate log output if transferring files using
  - Generic proxy usernames and passwords containing non-ASCII
    characters are again handled correctly
  - Fixed an assertion if Ctrl+A is pressed in an empty file list
  - *nix: Fixed color of status message in the message log
  - *nix, OS X: Fixed an assertion adding files to the queue
    after having selected a large range of items
  - *nix, OS X: Fixed an assertion due to a timing issue when
    renaming local files
- rebase buildinfo-no-date.patch
  - Drop Patch filezilla-3.5.3-buildinfo-no-date.patch
  - Add Patch filezilla-3.22.2-buildinfo-no-date.patch
* Sat Oct 08 2016
- update to 3.22.1
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - OS X: Work around a nasty bug in XCode where programs
    explicitly compiled for older versions of OS X were silently
    pulling in features exclusive to the new version, resulting
    in crashes at runtime
  - Fixed a potential crash when using SFTP
* Sun Oct 02 2016
- update to 3.22.0
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Bookmarks with the "Directory comparison" checkbox set now
    work correctly
  - MSW: Fix background clearing issue on the size format
    settings page
  - MSW: Toggling the log timestamp option no longer results in
    wrong log colors
  - Fix for premature queue completion action
- update to 3.22.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - Directory listing filters can now be exported and imported
  - Added the "not all" filter match type to filter out all items
    not matching all conditions
  - Added the "not all" search match type to search for all items
    not matching all conditions
  - Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla
    >= 0.7.0 (
  - Building and running FileZilla now depends on GnuTLS
    >= 3.4.15
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Speed up creation of socket and file i/o threads through the
    use of a thread pool
  - Replace invalid characters in filenames when calculating the
    local filename for editing remote files
  - The updater can now handle HTTPS servers that redirect to
    other HTTPS servers
  - SFTP: Try password based login if a password-protected
    keyfile is rejected by the server instead of failing the
  - MSW: Tee shell extension now supports long paths on
    Windows 10
* Thu Aug 25 2016
- update to 3.21.0
  * Fixed vulnerabilities:
  - Fixed a string format vulnerability introduced in 3.20.0-rc1
    when listing directories using SFTP
  * New features:
  - SFTP: Added support for AES-GCM ciphers as implemented in
  - OS X: Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab can now be used to switch
    forward and backward between opened tabs
* Thu Aug 04 2016
- update to 3.20.1
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fixed rename file exists action on downloads
  - Fixed possible crash if disabling log abbreviation
  - Official binaries now link against a patched version of
    GnuTLS so that a better error message can be printed on
    broken servers that send malformed certificate chains
- update to 3.20.0
  * New features:
  - Display error message if entering a non-existing path on
    local file search
  - Building and running FileZilla now depends on
    libfilezilla >= 0.6.1 (
- update to 3.20.0-rc1
  * New features:
  - Building and running FileZilla now depends on
    libfilezilla >= 0.6.0 (
  - Building and running FileZilla now depends on GnuTLS 3.4.0
    or higher
  * Bugfixes and minor changes:
  - Fixed regression introduced in 3.19.0-rc1, reconnecting again
    uses the last used remote directory instead of the initial
    default remote directory
  - Fixed crash if creating a new site via the bookmarks dialog
  - Queuing remote directories for transfer no longer exits
    comparison mode
  - Fixed a rare crash using FTP over TLS if the control
    connection fails at the same time the data connection gets
  - Entering invalid regular expressions in filter and search
    conditions now shows an error message
  - Fixed title of search dialog
  - Stricter certificate chain validation to supplement the Tofu
  - *nix: Fix initial size of Site Manager dialog with some GTK