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Change Logs

* Mon Feb 18 2019 Egbert Eich <>
- Add FFTW_BIN to environment variable with module file (bsc#1125824).
* Mon Feb 26 2018
- Add support for openmpi2 for the HPC build (FATE#325089).
* Thu Feb 22 2018
- Switch to openmpi2 instead of openmpi (bsc#1082302),
  apart from ppc64 as openmpi2 does not support it.
* Mon Jan 22 2018
- Fix typo in flavor gnu7-hpc settings.
* Fri Jan 19 2018
- Change the name of the MPI version of the module file directory
  to pfftw3 to distinguish it from the 'serial' one (boo#1075933).
* Fri Jan 12 2018
- Disable the openmpi3 flavor in some products.
* Fri Jan 05 2018
- Add gcc7 as additional compiler flavor for HPC on SLES.
- Fix library package requires - use HPC macro (boo#1074890).
- Add support for mpich and openmpi3 for HPC.
* Tue Nov 14 2017
- Fix library package dependencies - limit certain
  dependencies to HPC packages.
* Sun Nov 12 2017
- Fix HPC library requires package and modules file.
* Tue Nov 07 2017
- update to 3.3.6-pl2
  * Bugfix: MPI Fortran-03 headers were missing in FFTW 3.3.6-pl1.
  * Bugfix: FFTW 3.3.6 had the wrong libtool version number, and generated
    shared libraries of the form instead of*.
  * The fftw_make_planner_thread_safe() API introduced in 3.3.5 didn't
    work, and this 3.3.6 fixes it.  Sorry about that.
  * compilation fixes for IBM XLC
  * compilation fixes for threads on Windows
  * fix SIMD autodetection on amd64 when (_MSC_VER > 1500)
* Mon Oct 23 2017
- Don't use openmpi-devel for HPC builds.
* Thu Oct 19 2017
- Fix dependencies for the HPC devel package.
* Tue Oct 17 2017
- Add magic to limit the number of flavors built in the
  in the OBS ring.
* Sat Oct 14 2017
- For HPC build package static libraries as well.
* Thu Oct 12 2017
- Generate baselib.conf dynamically and only for the non-HPC
  build: this avoids issues with the source validator.
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- removed unnedded dependency packages
* Thu Sep 07 2017
- rewrote for hpc library support
  * added environment modules
  * reduced number of hpc realted packages to two
* Mon Aug 01 2016
- update to version 3.3.5
  * New SIMD support:
  - Power8 VSX instructions in single and double precision.
    To use, add --enable-vsx to configure.
  - Support for AVX2 (256-bit FMA instructions).
    To use, add --enable-avx2 to configure.
  - Experimental support for AVX512 and KCVI. (--enable-avx512, --enable-kcvi)
    This code is expected to work but the FFTW maintainers do not have
    hardware to test it.
  - Support for AVX128/FMA (for some AMD machines) (--enable-avx128-fma)
  - Double precision Neon SIMD for aarch64.
    This code is expected to work but the FFTW maintainers do not have
    hardware to test it.
  - generic SIMD support using gcc vector intrinsics
  * Add fftw_make_planner_thread_safe() API
  * fix #18 (disable float128 for CUDACC)
  * fix #19: missing Fortran interface for fftwq_alloc_real
  * fix #21 (don't use float128 on Portland compilers, which pretend to be gcc)
  * fix: Avoid segfaults due to double free in MPI transpose
* Sat Apr 19 2014
- add support for long-double precision
* Sat Apr 19 2014
- update to version 3.3.4
  * New functions fftw_alignment_of (to check whether two arrays are equally
    aligned for the purposes of applying a plan) and fftw_sprint_plan
    (to output a description of plan to a string).
  * Bugfix in fftw-wisdom-to-conf; thanks to Florian Oppermann for the bug report.
  * Fixed manual to work with texinfo-5.
  * Increased timing interval on x86_64 to reduce timing errors.
  * Default to Win32 threads, not pthreads, if both are present.
  * Various build-script fixes.
- Drop obsoleted 1_man_macro.patch