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Change Logs

* Fri May 25 2018
- remove own old definition of CHECK_CXX_SYMBOL_EXISTS to compile
  again with cmake 3.11+
* Thu May 24 2018
- bugfix release
  * fix #1094520 - New or imported features are sometimes not
  shown/editable, thanks to Dwain Sims
  * fix #1081921 - explicitely select feature if it is the first one
  * enhanced ECO approver handling
  * implement adding of single ECO approver
  * fix #1080586 - Misleading label in ECO form
  * fix #1088478 - Prefs can have invalid Products, thanks to Adam Majer
  * integrate experimental list and tree view (sparetime project) to
    help SLE12SP4 business value process experiment
  * make some space in PriorityTable for context menu to select
  * give additional productid for each approver for each diff or history
  * include caching of productId for ECO approvers
* Fri Dec 08 2017
- bugfix release
  * fix #1071535 - Prio P1: Changes to Dev/QA in ECO tab are not recognized or saved
  * fix #962999  - CSS: Font size 8pt too small for reading
  * fix #1059515 - Fate repeatedly crashing
  * fix #1054023 - Can change ECO fields after initial save
  * fix #1047302 - Duplicated features not visible in FATE
  * fix #984459  - Crash after not saving new entry and quitting
* Mon Aug 14 2017
- bugfix release
  * fix #1049390 - Standard approvers are not prepopulated anymore in ECOs
  * fix #1052788 - attachments are accepted , but not added / referenced
  * fix #1053025 - Crash when trying to approve an ECO
  * fix #1052391 - Cannot add Engineering Manager
  * fix #1052799 - Cannot change Priority
* Mon Jul 31 2017
- bugfix release
  * fix bsc#1050997 in query by ids, thanks to reporter afaerber@
    and aschwab@
  * fix freeze/unfreeze in FeatureTableView
  * do not copy xml representation in Feature::operator=
  * eliminate public method FeatureMap::recordChange that nobody needs
  * FeatureMapListView: derive directly from FeatureTableView
  * fix reloading of single features, eliminate signal
  * let FeatureView handle its stuff alone in MainView
  * handle signals from FeatureMap properly in FeatureView if they apply
  * add a new public method FeatureMap::addNewFeature, making
    addFeature/addFeatures protected
  * hide progress bar after Feature import or cloning
  * make Feature::operator= an internal operation for friend classes only
  * do not bail out on new Features in FeatureDiffView::showFeatureChanges
  * remove non-emitted signal FeatureDisplay::featureSelected(Feature*)
  * remove FeatureMap* from FeatureView constructor
  * fix bug in Feature::operator=
* Tue Jun 27 2017
- bugfix: bring back signal FeatureMap::featureReloaded
* Fri Jun 23 2017
- bugfix release
  * bsc#1044954 FATE crashes on selected feature in query (TumbleWeed only)
Version: 1.6.0-13.1
* Thu Jun 08 2017
- update to version 1.6
  * override the productName in features with the one from the database
    if available
  * remove "show Document Source" functionality nobody really needs
- Easier workflow fo Save/SaveAll features (bsc#1036753):
  * add save actions w/ kbd shortcuts to separate FeatureViews
  * add save actions to menues and tool bars
  * Fix naming for explicit number queries
  * adding actions for save_feature and save_all_features to FeatureView
  * change Query shortcut from Ctrl-S to Ctrl-F
- Multiple changes at once:
  * distinguish between updateProduct and addProduct in
  * change editable flag of requester prio dynamically in PriorityTable
  * always keep old values in PriorityTable
  * avoid usage of QSignalMapper in PriorityTable
  * use Feature::updateProduct in PriorityTable
  * implement MultiFeature::updateProduct
  * implement Feature::updateProduct()
  * move down PriorityTable::addAsRequester() for newly added products to
    class Feature
  * pass a real list in Feature::products() instead of a const reference
  * pass a real list of actors up instead of a reference so that the compiler
    does not optimize in multifeature
  * use class MultiOpView in FeatureView
  * implement class MultiOpView
  * implement class MultiFeature
  * avoid excess signals in Feature::removeProduct
  * implement Priority::operator=
- Use class FeatureViewBase wherever appropriate:
  * SimpleEditor, more use of macro FeatureViewBase_setFeature
  * derive SimpleEditor from FeatureViewBase
  * also disconnect the other way round in FeatureViewBase_setFeature
  * prepare Simpleeditor for using FeatureViewBase
  * remove acccess includes in ecoeditor.cpp
  * include verticalpage.h directly for ecoeditor
  * split out VerticalPage from simpleeditor into separate files
  * use FVB extension in EcoEditor, PriorityTable, FeatureDisplay,
    FeatureDiffView and FeatureActorEdit
  * derive class FeatureView from FeatureViewBase
  * extend class FeatureViewBase
- Enhance presenting Diffs (bsc#1039533 and more):
  * dimm green and red by 10% used for presenting changed lines in
  * use monospaced font for presenting diffs
- Simpleeditor:
  * refactor to use new class Feature signals
  * avoid cursor position reset (wrong feedback from Feature) when editing in
  * use QLineEdit instead of KLineEdit
  * fix richtext conversion in all RichTextEdit widgets, report from
- Multiple FeatureView windows:
  * set default size 800x600 for newFeatureView
  * fix crash when calling context menu outside of table
  * fix crashes on reload of the feature
  * open new window on signal requestFeatureView in MainView
  * implement a context menu just to signal a requestFeatureView(Feature *)
  * implement class FateTableWidget to avoid selection on right mouse button
  * remove obsoleted slot FeatureTableView::updateTitle
  * make ProductMap a singleton class and use it in FeatureView, EcoEditor,
    PriorityTable, ApproverListEdit, SimpleEditor, MainView
  * added TODO comments about what needs to be done
  * update signal connections to FeatureView
  * eliminate MainView::selectFeature() only used once
  * for initial feature selection also highlight it in FeatureListView
  * add helpful coments to mainview.cpp
  * remove FeatureView::save() finally
- Make ECO code compliant to refactored class feature
  * avoid warnings from early translation
  * fix FeatureView::startECO
  * signal modified moved from VerticalPage where it disappeared
  * remove duplicated code and fix wrong usage of derived virtual methods
  * eliminate obsolete FeatureView::saveData()
  * transform EcoEditor to derive from FeatureViewBase
  * implement signal Feature::saveECO()
- Refactor SimpleEditor to use new signals of class Feature:
  * fix problems saving single modified feature (email report from
    Matthias Eckermann)
  * implement FeatureDisplay::updateView for obvious reasons
  * comment out currentFeatureAboutToBeSaved
  * remove connects to deprecated signal modified()
  * remove FeatureView::slotTitleChanged
  * remove obsoleted code and declarations
  * FeatureView: no more need to actively update other widgets
  * remove modified signals, slots and flag, class Feature keeps state
  * remove signal titleChanged, class Feature has it now
  * remove signal titleChanged() form FeatureView which now comes from Feature
  * remove no longer needed method saveData(bool)
  * use-feature-signals for ReleaseNotesPage, InternalPage, MiscPage,
    PartnerPage, GeneralPage
  * get independent from definitions of documentationStatus in FeatureData
  * remove dead, commented or debug code
  * RichtextEditor: implement signal textEdited(s), make setPlainText a slot
  * RichtextEditor: update copyright notice
- New product&priority editor:
  * update feature data model when deleting a single product in PriorityTable
  * fix unintended changes of feature in PriorityTable::setArch
  * add completion to PriorityTable::addAsRequester
  * priorityTable: remove warnings
  * transform PriorityTable to derive from FeatureViewBase
  * eliminate PriorityTable::clear
  * show milestone column only when needed
  * cleanup PriorityTable::addProduct
  * remove passthrough slot for priorityTable
  * get confusing column and row out of the names, use product_ix and attribute
  * remove scrollbarpolicy that is without effect
  * delete unused archeditor
  * cleanup debug and warning messages
  * split out common code from changeProduct and editProduct to method void
    changeProduct(int, QString);
  * rename editProduct to editSingleProduct, be less confusing same with
    addProduct(void) to slotAddProduct
  * prioritytable: simplify and clean code a bit
  * prepare for extended status handling
  * fix status tooltip and add for duplicates and products cleanup status
  * eliminate mEditing, setEnabled() is enough
  * also add products through product pulldown
  * add tooltips to row headers
  * removed always hidden duplicateRow and unsuse TableCol enum
  * create a popup QMenu for editing single products
  * simplify setXX functions, delete unused
  * pass generalpage in constructor of PriorityTable
  * eliminate slotEditProductList()
  * simplyfy code and loops, heavy use of foreach macro
  * disable text editing of product name item
  * adjust style for comboboxes
  * remove KDE3 #if remainders
  * Convert  mEntries to be a QList<Entry>
  * prioritytable: implement size hints and resize handling
  * derive PriorityTable directly from QTableWidget
  * remove unused sort function
  * remember products by name rather than id
  * eliminate productlisteditorbase
  * exchange order of PrjMgr and PM, PM first
  * edit architectures through QxtCheckComboBox now
  * simplyfy setComboItem and use it where possible
  * Turn priority dialog by 90 degrees
- New ActorList Editor:
  * Merge branch 'new-actorlist-editor'
  * fix item association in ActorListEdit::showActorMenu
  * highlist role when it contains yourself
  * use FeatureActorEdit instead of ActorListEdit in GeneralPage
  * commentDialog acts directly on Feature object
  * implement class FeatureActorEdit as a FeatureViewBase wrapper around
  * enable context menu on left click as well
  * remove Delete shortcut from ListEdit which does not work as the action
    needs to be added to a global widget
  * fix updating of display
  * fix functionality when roleHidden is set
  * fix crash in removeActor
  * fix layout for other dialogs using ActorListEdit
  * updateView is virtual
  * use SIGNAL ActorListEdit::actorsEdited in simpleeditor
  * implement ActorListEdit::showActorMenu
  * implement ActorListEdit::slotAddMyself(QString roleId) and heavily use it
  * remove all radio and check boxes from ActorEditor
  * remove debugging messages
  * refine layout mgmt for ActorListEdit
  * implement ActorListEdit::sizeHint() and minimumSizeHint()
  * remove commented broken code
  * nicer name list and tooltip
  * make sure the list has the requester first, followed by ProdMgr
  * remove remaining KDE deps
  * make slotXXitem methods work again
  * let addActor(QSharedActor *) handle duplicates
  * add another findRow(QSharedActor*) method
  * fix setToolTip and move into updateView
  * remove unused ActorListEdit::actorUpdated(), adjust removeActor methods
  * First stage: - exchanged role and person column which now contains a list of
    all person in that role - loading and storing of the data works - all slots
    need testing/adjusting
  * use Actor::displayName() in eco.cpp, remove unused static method
  * ListEdit: enhance layout management and reimplement removeRow() for that
  * ListEdit: sizeHint() is virtual
  * ListEdit: remove unused kDebug
  * implemented ListEdit::insertRow() methods
  * remove unused stuff, eliminate roleHidden and listView in ActorListEdit
  * adjust ListEdit's sizePolicy
  * deprecate ListEdit::listView()
  * choose a nicer label for roles and actors
  * fix toolTips using Qt4 style finally
  * implement signal actorsEdited() replacing signal modified() and make
    setActors() a slot
- Configurable tabbed FeatureView:
  * some tuning for FeatureDiffView
  * better default tabs in FeatureView
  * add a placeholder for a multiOperation widget
  * initialize newly added FeatureViewBase tab with current feature data
  * FeatureDiffView: keep config over restart
  * implement FeatureDiffView::setFeature(Feature *), eliminate diff() and
  * implement FeatureDiffView::configure (dialog)
  * transform FeatureDiffView to derive from FeatureViewBase
  * transform FeatureDisplay to derive from FeatureViewBase
  * implement class FeatureViewBase
  * adjust CMakeLists.txt and editor/featurediffview* to compile again in the
    new location
  * mv ui/diffgenerator to editor/featurediffview
  * use new FeatureDiffView in FeatureView
  * transform DiffGenerator to class FeatureDiffView
  * replace FeatureMap::showDiff dialog by the data provider origFeature()
  * show ECO tab when selected feature has an ECO section
  * remove all bottom buttons in ECOEditor, SimpleEditor and FeatureDisplay
  * implement configurable QTabWidget w/ all bottom buttons in a QMenu
- Eliminate use of some KDE widgets including KTabWidget
  * directly derive FeatureView from QTabWidget, eliminate KTabWidget
  * SimpleEditor: port from KTabWidget -> QTabWidget
  * directly derive ECOEditor from QTabWidget
  * MainView: better icons for reload actions
  * MainView: port from KTabWidget -> QTabWidget
  * use class RelationTreeMap as a singleton class
  * reduce usage of KLineEdit
  * replace KTextEdit
  * replace KPushButton
- Refactor class Feature model alike
  * simplify Feature::productByName
  * Do not allow duplicate actors (bsc#961147)
  * Feature::addProduct() does now also work for update
  * implement Feature::removeProduct(const QString &id)
  * implement ProductContext::operator=
  * add architecture strings to featuredata
  * fix FeatureData::Actor::match to handle empty identity special and not as a
    catchall wildcard
  * make FeatureData::Actor::operator= and operator!= const
  * adding FeatureData::Actor::displayName() and Actor::displayEmail()
  * feature: export assigned featureMap
  * avoid crash on destruction of HtmlView
  * do not use intelligent setter functions while parsing feature
  * update copyright notice, fold long lines
  * feature: optimize/minimize emitting of signals
  * feature: remove unused method removeActorRole()
  * feature: simplify code
  * featuremap: pass through signal Feature::featureChanged()
  * implemented Feature::operator=
  * make handling of documentationStatus in FeatureData case insensitive, return
    upcase-first strings
  * implement emitting of signals
  * make class Feature a decendent of QObject
  * make setter methods public slots for class Feature
  * remove unused methods from class Feature
  * remove or comment support for feature tagging/voting, disable code compilation
  * removed support for unused feature element 'effort'
- Also resolves bugzillas:
  * bsc#887741  normal quit of fate client triggers KCrash
  * bsc#961147  Duplicate Person Box
  * bsc#1024737 FATE: Does not show up in menu
  * bsc#1032240 Segfault when removing Info Provider
  * bsc#1036753 Two clicks required to save a FATE entry
  * bsc#1032321 No save button after changing product
  * bsc#1032481 Unable to save a feature
  * bsc#1040654 Rename SLE-13-HPC to SLE-15-HPC
* Thu Jun 08 2017
- test build of version 1.6
* Thu Mar 16 2017
- limit query title label to a single line, EMail bug from Kai Dupke
* Tue Mar 07 2017
- remove dependency to libBoost, contribution from Michael Matz
* Mon Mar 06 2017
- update to version
  * bsc#1028004: Error when generating a query that uses milestones
  * remember DeltaDialog size over restart
  * make diffs in 'Changes' dialog coloured
* Fri Feb 10 2017
- weekend update, pl2 ;-)
  * the mouse wheel is now (better) usable in the general tab of
    the feature editor
  * better label for priority editor table
  * bsc#1024737: update fate.desktop file to have official menu
    categories listed
* Tue Jan 31 2017
- replaces outdated inttools@ mail adress by featureadmin@ (bug via email)
* Sat Jan 28 2017
- more fixes:
  * bsc#837526: fix filter in productviewer, rearrange columns and layout,
    also show feature open dates and deadlines
  * bsc#964882: fix crash, QList::first() returns undefined on empty list, so
    check first
* Thu Jan 26 2017
- update to version
  * make comments always editable by original author
  * bsc#1006192: have UTC time stamps in comments as in openfate
  * bsc#940928: fix formatting and limit comment threads
  * bsc#967367: remove bookmarks feature which is currently broken
  * bsc#1004536 : create an extra list for ECO stakeholders in feature view
* Tue Jan 24 2017
- removed old style 'norootforbuild'
- require oxygen-icon-theme instead of oxygen5-icon-theme (bsc#1015881)
* Thu Jan 19 2017
- update to version
  * make fate.spec clean for "spec-cleaner"
  * cleanup of cmakefiles, adapting to current style and syntax with much help
    from Tomas Chvatal
  * removed code for unused query-history tracking
  * replace deprecated code from qt3 compatability remaining from last port
  * remove code for unused tagging and voting
  * clean old outdated comments/code from specfile, use new Makefile
  * included patches from dmolkentin to fix fate process help view
  * switched to using repo on new, adjusted update script
  * fix ProgressWidget as a final step away from Qt3 remainders
  * fixes BSC#980276, #978153, #956270, #1004536, #957827, #934673
  * fixes 8+ years old bsc#401198: Saving changes list of displayed features
* Thu Dec 15 2016
- added requirement for oxygen5-icon-theme (bsc#980276)
* Mon Mar 21 2016
- update to version
  * add editing person as additional requester when he adds a new
    product to the feature
* Fri Feb 26 2016
- update to version
  * prioritytable: reenable editing of requester prio by himself
* Thu Feb 25 2016
- update to version
  * replace splitter by scrollbars in simpleeditor&ecoeditor
  * give more space for labels in VerticalPage
  * eco editor: move long labels to be tool tips and give short labels instead
  * add optional toolTip to RichTextEditors in VerticalPage
  * implement ListEdit::sizeHint()
  * richtexteditor: fix/adjust layout
  * prioritytable: fix/adjust layout
  * prioritytable: make sure requester prio is not editable
* Tue Feb 09 2016
- update to version
- add new build dep to build with newer libboost v1.60+
- fixes BSC#962053, #964836
* Thu Dec 17 2015
- update to version
  which fixes BSC#957386
  points to instead of bugs.kde.or
* Fri Nov 20 2015
- update to version 1.5.5
  which fixes the following BSCs and more
    [#937337] 	Current fate version 1.5.4 not available in Bugzilla
    [#934672] 	Version 1.5.4 is missing in the selection list ;-)
    [#924455] 	Adjustment in "default approvals" on ECOs against released products
    [#907293] 	Upload of documents does not work, error 455
    [#940055] 	@microfocus email aren't recognized as "internal" email
    [#917101] 	/FList/ sort ordering of numeric feature IDs is alphabetical
    [#930132] 	"show documentation" button on first time setup screen does nothing
    [#359579] 	Click below a combo box will select the item
    [#863488] 	Edit sections can disappear
    [#886374] 	Error: TPM-Priority must be empty
    [#889548] 	Improving Fate Workflow
    [#846030] 	Documentation for Release Notes ready to merge
    [#683452] 	doc-impact and category Documentation should be interconnected
    [#834823] 	/Relations/ adding relation type url always erases the url
    [#743587] 	/Relations/ editing novell/bugzilla/id removes the bugzilla id
    [#631460] 	/Relations/ Bugzilla ID in relations resets to zero
    [#848282] 	FATE did not update list_approvers
    [#954953] 	/ECO/ ecoapprovers format set wrong by feature parser
  plus some support for BSCs#939788, #913038, #943048
- new display for comments, dimming down longish unproductive discussions
- compactify general feature display to fit more on one page enabling to be
  more productive with the fate client
- phase out relation type novell/bugzilla/id
- fix bug in querydialog, wrong/misleading error msg/warning
- lots of small internal stability fixes
* Tue May 26 2015
- update to version 1.5.4
  which fixes the following BSCs and more
  [#915184]    Fate crashes clicking 'new feature'
  [#899494]    "active product" on reload not re-set
  [#902672]    Setting "Active products" to 'none' results in status for
  first or more feature not being cleared
  [#899491]    state for features sometimes not shown correctly
  [#931484]    New features results in a segfault
* Tue Mar 31 2015
- fix relationtree creation
    BSC#913206    Can't save newly created relation tree
* Tue Mar 31 2015
- fix relationtree creation
    BSC#913206    Can't save newly created relation tree
* Mon Mar 23 2015
- fix problems in saving attachments
* Thu Feb 19 2015
- bump internal version to 1.5.3 as well
* Thu Feb 05 2015
- update to version 1.5.3
* Tue Feb 03 2015
- some bugfixes, ready for release ...
* Sat Dec 13 2014
- bugfix: wrong order for short feature status
- preparation for next production release