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Change Logs

* Sat Apr 21 2018
- Updated to version Changelog:
  * fixed JSON serialization for the set-object within dump into database (gh-2103).
- Updated to version 0.10.3. Changelog:
- Fixes
  * `filter.d/asterisk.conf`: fixed failregex prefix by log over remote syslog server (gh-2060);
  * `filter.d/exim.conf`: failregex extended - SMTP call dropped: too many syntax or protocol errors (gh-2048);
  * `filter.d/recidive.conf`: fixed if logging into systemd-journal (SYSLOG) with daemon name in prefix, gh-2069;
  * `filter.d/sendmail-auth.conf`, `filter.d/sendmail-reject.conf` :
  - fixed failregex, sendmail uses prefix 'IPv6:' logging of IPv6 addresses (gh-2064);
  * `filter.d/sshd.conf`:
  - failregex got an optional space in order to match new log-format (see gh-2061);
  - fixed ddos-mode regex to match refactored message (some versions can contain port now, see gh-2062);
  - fixed root login refused regex (optional port before preauth, gh-2080);
  - avoid banning of legitimate users when pam_unix used in combination with other password method, so
    bypass pam_unix failures if accepted available for this user gh-2070;
  - amend to gh-1263 with better handling of multiple attempts (failures for different user-names recognized immediatelly);
  - mode `ddos` (and `aggressive`) extended to catch `Connection closed by ... [preauth]`, so in DDOS mode
    it counts failure on closing connection within preauth-stage (gh-2085);
  * `action.d/abuseipdb.conf`: fixed curl cypher errors and comment quote-issue (gh-2044, gh-2101);
  * `action.d/`: implicit convert IPAddr to str, solves an issue "expected string, IPAddr found" (gh-2059);
  * `action.d/hostsdeny.conf`: fixed IPv6 syntax (enclosed in square brackets, gh-2066);
  * (Free)BSD ipfw actionban fixed to allow same rule added several times (gh-2054);
- New Features
  * several stability and performance optimizations, more effective filter parsing, etc;
  * stable runnable within python versions 3.6 (as well as within 3.7-dev);
- Enhancements
  * `filter.d/apache-auth.conf`: detection of Apache SNI errors resp. misredirect attempts (gh-2017, gh-2097);
  * `filter.d/apache-noscript.conf`: extend failregex to match "Primary script unknown", e. g. from php-fpm (gh-2073);
  * date-detector extended with long epoch (`LEPOCH`) to parse milliseconds/microseconds posix-dates (gh-2029);
  * possibility to specify own regex-pattern to match epoch date-time, e. g. `^\[{EPOCH}\]` or `^\[{LEPOCH}\]` (gh-2038);
    the epoch-pattern similar to `{DATE}` patterns does the capture and cuts out the match of whole pattern from the log-line,
    e. g. date-pattern `^\[{LEPOCH}\]\s+:` will match and cut out `[1516469849551000] :` from begin of the log-line.
  * now uses https instead of plain http when requesting (gh-2057);
  * add support for "any" bancategory, to be able to retrieve IPs from all categories with a desired score (gh-2056);
  * Introduced new parameter `padding` for logging within fail2ban-server (default on, excepting SYSLOG):
    Usage `logtarget = target[padding=on|off]`
* Tue Feb 20 2018
- Updated to version 0.10.2. Changelog:
- rebased patch
- Incompatibility list (compared to v.0.9):
  * Filter (or `failregex`) internal capture-groups:
  - If you've your own `failregex` or custom filters using conditional match `(?P=host)`, you should
    rewrite the regex like in example below resp. using `(?:(?P=ip4)|(?P=ip6)` instead of `(?P=host)`
    (or `(?:(?P=ip4)|(?P=ip6)|(?P=dns))` corresponding your `usedns` and `raw` settings).
    Of course you can always define your own capture-group (like below `_cond_ip_`) to do this.
    testln="1500000000 failure from bad host"
    fail2ban-regex "$testln" "^\s*failure from (?P<_cond_ip_><HOST>): bad host (?P=_cond_ip_)$"
  - New internal groups (currently reserved for internal usage):
    `ip4`, `ip6`, `dns`, `fid`, `fport`, additionally `user` and another captures in lower case if
    mapping from tag `<F-*>` used in failregex (e. g. `user` by `<F-USER>`).
  * v.0.10 uses more precise date template handling, that can be theoretically incompatible to some
    user configurations resp. `datepattern`.
  * Since v0.10 fail2ban supports the matching of the IPv6 addresses, but not all ban actions are
    IPv6-capable now.
- Incompatibility:
  * The configuration for jails using banaction `pf` can be incompatible after upgrade, because pf-action uses
    anchors now (see `action.d/pf.conf` for more information). If you want use obsolete handling without anchors,
    just rewrite it in the `jail.local` by overwrite of `pfctl` parameter, e. g. like `banaction = pf[pfctl="pfctl"]`.
- Fixes
  * Fixed logging to systemd-journal: new logtarget value SYSOUT can be used instead of STDOUT, to avoid
    write of the time-stamp, if logging to systemd-journal from foreground mode (gh-1876)
  * Fixed recognition of the new date-format on mysqld-auth filter (gh-1639)
  * jail.conf: port `imap3` replaced with `imap` everywhere, since imap3 is not a standard port and old rarely
    (if ever) used and can missing on some systems (e. g. debian stretch), see gh-1942.
  * config/paths-common.conf: added missing initial values (and small normalization in config/paths-*.conf)
    in order to avoid errors while interpolating (e. g. starting with systemd-backend), see gh-1955.
  * `action.d/pf.conf`:
  - fixed syntax error in achnor definition (documentation, see gh-1919);
  - enclose ports in braces for multiport jails (see gh-1925);
  * `action.d/firewallcmd-ipset.conf`: fixed create of set for ipv6 (missing `family inet6`, gh-1990)
  * `filter.d/sshd.conf`:
  - extended failregex for modes "extra"/"aggressive": now finds all possible (also future)
    forms of "no matching (cipher|mac|MAC|compression method|key exchange method|host key type) found",
    see "ssherr.c" for all possible SSH_ERR_..._ALG_MATCH errors (gh-1943, gh-1944);
  - fixed failregex in order to avoid banning of legitimate users with multiple public keys (gh-2014, gh-1263);
- New Features
  * datedetector: extended default date-patterns (allows extra space between the date and time stamps);
    introduces 2 new format directives (with corresponding %Ex prefix for more precise parsing):
  - %k - one- or two-digit number giving the hour of the day (0-23) on a 24-hour clock,
    (corresponds %H, but allows space if not zero-padded).
  - %l - one- or two-digit number giving the hour of the day (12-11) on a 12-hour clock,
    (corresponds %I, but allows space if not zero-padded).
  * `filter.d/exim.conf`: added mode `aggressive` to ban flood resp. DDOS-similar failures (gh-1983);
- New Actions:
  * `action.d/nginx-block-map.conf` - in order to ban not IP-related tickets via nginx (session blacklisting in
    nginx-location with map-file);
  - Enhancements
  * jail.conf: extended with new parameter `mode` for the filters supporting it (gh-1988);
  * action.d/pf.conf: extended with bulk-unban, command `actionflush` in order to flush all bans at once.
  * Introduced new parameters for logging within fail2ban-server (gh-1980).
    Usage `logtarget = target[facility=..., datetime=on|off, format="..."]`:
  - `facility` - specify syslog facility (default `daemon`, see
    for the list of facilities);
  - `datetime` - add date-time to the message (default on, ignored if `format` specified);
  - `format` - specify own format how it will be logged, for example for short-log into STDOUT:
    `fail2ban-server -f --logtarget 'stdout[format="%(relativeCreated)5d | %(message)s"]' start`;
  * Automatically recover or recreate corrupt persistent database (e. g. if failed to open with
    'database disk image is malformed'). Fail2ban will create a backup, try to repair the database,
    if repair fails - recreate new database (gh-1465, gh-2004).
* Thu Nov 23 2017
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
  %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Sat Oct 21 2017
- Updated to version 0.10.1. Changelog:
- Removed 607568f.patch and 1783.patch
- New features:
  * IPv6 support
  - IP addresses are now handled as objects rather than strings capable for
    handling both address types IPv4 and IPv6
  - iptables related actions have been amended to support IPv6 specific actions
  - hostsdeny and route actions have been tested to be aware of v4 and v6 already
  - pf action for *BSD systems has been improved and supports now also v4 and v6
  - name resolution is now working for either address type
  - new conditional section functionality used in config resp. includes:
  - [Init?family=inet4] - IPv4 qualified hosts only
  - [Init?family=inet6] - IPv6 qualified hosts only
  * Reporting via
  - Bans can now be reported to abuseipdb
  - Catagories must be set in the config
  - Relevant log lines included in report
  * Several commands extended and new commands introduced
  * Implemented execution of `actionstart` on demand
  * nftables actions are IPv6-capable now
  * Introduced new filter option `prefregex` for pre-filtering using single regular expression
  * Many times faster because of several optimizations
  * Several filters optimized
  * Introduced new jail option "ignoreself"
- Lots of fixes and internal improvements
- Incompatibitilities:
  * Filter (or `failregex`) internal capture-groups:
  - If you've your own `failregex` or custom filters using conditional match `(?P=host)`, you should
    rewrite the regex like in example below resp. using `(?:(?P=ip4)|(?P=ip6)` instead of `(?P=host)`
    (or `(?:(?P=ip4)|(?P=ip6)|(?P=dns))` corresponding your `usedns` and `raw` settings).
    Of course you can always your own capture-group (like below `_cond_ip_`) to do this.
    testln="1500000000 failure from bad host"
    fail2ban-regex "$testln" "^\s*failure from (?P<_cond_ip_><HOST>): bad host (?P=_cond_ip_)$"
  - New internal groups (currently reserved for internal usage):
    `ip4`, `ip6`, `dns`, `fid`, `fport`, additionally `user` and another captures in lower case if
    mapping from tag `<F-*>` used in failregex (e. g. `user` by `<F-USER>`).
  * v.0.10 uses more precise date template handling, that can be theoretically incompatible to some
  user configurations resp. `datepattern`.
  * Since v0.10 fail2ban supports the matching of the IPv6 addresses, but not all ban actions are
  IPv6-capable now.
* Mon Jun 26 2017
- added 1783.patch from upstream: "Updated roundcube authentication filter"
- use tmpfiles_create macro
* Mon May 15 2017
- added 607568f.patch from upstream: "Postfix RBL: 554 & SMTP"
  this fixes bnc#1036928 " fail2ban-rbl regex incorrect, takes no
  action as a result"
- Update to 0.9.7
  * Fixed a systemd-journal handling in fail2ban-regex
  * filter.d/sshd.conf
  - Fixed non-anchored part of failregex (misleading match of colon inside
    IPv6 address instead of `: ` in the reason-part by missing space,
    (0.10th resp. IPv6 relevant only, amend for gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1479)
  * config/pathes-freebsd.conf
  - Fixed filenames for apache and nginx log files (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1667)
  * filter.d/exim.conf
  - optional part `(...)` after host-name before `[IP]`
  - new reason "Unrouteable address" for "rejected RCPT" regex
  - match of complex time like `D=2m42s` in regex "no MAIL in SMTP
    connection" (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1766)
  * filter.d/sshd.conf
  - new aggressive rules (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#864):
  - Connection reset by peer (multi-line rule during authorization process)
  - No supported authentication methods available
  - single line and multi-line expression optimized, added optional prefixes
    and suffix (logged from several ssh versions), according
    to gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1206;
  - fixed expression received disconnect auth fail (optional space after port
    part, gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1652)
    and suffix (logged from several ssh versions), according to gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1206;
  * filter.d/suhosin.conf
  - greedy catch-all before `<HOST>` fixed (potential vulnerability)
  * filter.d/cyrus-imap.conf
  - accept entries without login-info resp. hostname before IP address (#fail2ban/fail2ban#707)
  * Filter tests extended with check of all config-regexp, that contains greedy catch-all
    before `<HOST>`, that is hard-anchored at end or precise sub expression after `<HOST>`
  * New Actions:
  - action.d/netscaler: Block IPs on a Citrix Netscaler ADC (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1663)
  * New Filters:
  - filter.d/domino-smtp: IBM Domino SMTP task (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1603)
  * Introduced new log-level `MSG` (as INFO-2, equivalent to 18)
* Sun Mar 05 2017
- rename nagios-plugins-fail2ban to monitoring-plugins-fail2ban
* Thu Jan 26 2017
- Update to 0.9.6 (2016/12/10)
  [#]## Fixes
  * Misleading add resp. enable of (already available) jail in database, that
  induced a subsequent error: last position of log file will be never retrieved (gh-795)
  * Fixed a distribution related bug within testReadStockJailConfForceEnabled
  (e.g. test-cases faults on Fedora, see gh-1353)
  * Fixed pythonic filters and test scripts (running via wrong python version,
  uses "fail2ban-python" now);
  * Fixed test case "testSetupInstallRoot" for not default python version (also
  using direct call, out of virtualenv);
  * Fixed ambiguous wrong recognized date pattern resp. its optional parts (see gh-1512);
  * FIPS compliant, use sha1 instead of md5 if it not allowed (see gh-1540)
  * Monit config: scripting is not supported in path (gh-1556)
  * `filter.d/apache-modsecurity.conf`
  - Fixed for newer version (one space, gh-1626), optimized: non-greedy catch-all
    replaced for safer match, unneeded catch-all anchoring removed, non-capturing
  * `filter.d/asterisk.conf`
  - Fixed to match different asterisk log prefix (source file: method:)
  * `filter.d/dovecot.conf`
  - Fixed failregex ignores failures through some not relevant info (gh-1623)
  * `filter.d/ignorecommands/apache-fakegooglebot`
  - Fixed error within apache-fakegooglebot, that will be called
    with wrong python version (gh-1506)
  * `filter.d/assp.conf`
  - Extended failregex and test cases to handle ASSP V1 and V2 (gh-1494)
  * `filter.d/postfix-sasl.conf`
  - Allow for having no trailing space after 'failed:' (gh-1497)
  * `filter.d/vsftpd.conf`
  - Optional reason part in message after FAIL LOGIN (gh-1543)
  * `filter.d/sendmail-reject.conf`
  - removed mandatory double space (if dns-host available, gh-1579)
  * filter.d/sshd.conf
  - recognized "Failed publickey for" (gh-1477);
  - optimized failregex to match all of "Failed any-method for ... from <HOST>" (gh-1479)
  - eliminated possible complex injections (on user-name resp. auth-info, see gh-1479)
  - optional port part after host (see gh-1533, gh-1581)
  [#]## New Features
  * New Actions:
  - `action.d/npf.conf` for NPF, the latest packet filter for NetBSD
  * New Filters:
  - `filter.d/mongodb-auth.conf` for MongoDB (document-oriented NoSQL database engine)
    (gh-1586, gh-1606 and gh-1607)
  [#]## Enhancements
  * DateTemplate regexp extended with the word-end boundary, additionally to
  word-start boundary
  * Introduces new command "fail2ban-python", as automatically created symlink to
  python executable, where fail2ban currently installed (resp. its modules are located):
  - allows to use the same version, fail2ban currently running, e.g. in
    external scripts just via replace python with fail2ban-python:
  - #!/usr/bin/env python
    +#!/usr/bin/env fail2ban-python
  - always the same pickle protocol
  - the same (and also guaranteed available) fail2ban modules
  - simplified stand-alone install, resp. stand-alone installation possibility
    via setup (like gh-1487) is getting closer
  * Several test cases rewritten using new methods assertIn, assertNotIn
  * New forward compatibility method assertRaisesRegexp (normally python >= 2.7).
  Methods assertIn, assertNotIn, assertRaisesRegexp, assertLogged, assertNotLogged
  are test covered now
  * Jail configuration extended with new syntax to pass options to the backend (see gh-1408),
  - `backend = systemd[journalpath=/run/log/journal/machine-1]`
  - `backend = systemd[journalfiles="/run/log/journal/machine-1/system.journal, /run/log/journal/machine-1/user.journal"]`
  - `backend = systemd[journalflags=2]`
- rebase fail2ban-opensuse-locations.patch, fail2ban-opensuse-service.patch
* Mon Jul 25 2016
- Update to version 0.9.5
  New Features
  * New Actions: action.d/firewallcmd-rich-rules and
    action.d/firewallcmd-rich-logging (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1367)
  * New filter: slapd - ban hosts, that were failed to connect with invalid
    credentials: error code 49 (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1478)
  * Extreme speedup of all sqlite database operations
    (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1436), by using of following sqlite options:
  - (synchronous = OFF) write data through OS without syncing
  - (journal_mode = MEMORY) use memory for the transaction logging
  - (temp_store = MEMORY) temporary tables and indices are kept in memory
  * journald journalmatch for pure-ftpd (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1362)
  * Added additional regex filter for dovecot ldap authentication
    failures (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1370)
  * filter.d/exim*conf
  - Added additional regexes (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1371)
  - Made port entry optional
  * filter.d/monit.conf
  - Extended failregex with new monit "access denied" version
  - failregex of previous monit version merged as single expression
  * filter.d/postfix.conf, filter.d/postfix-sasl.conf
  - Extended failregex daemon part, matching also postfix/smtps/smtpd now
  * Fixed a grave bug within tags substitutions because of incorrect detection
    of recursion in case of multiple inline substitutions of the same tag
    (affected actions: bsd-ipfw, etc). Now tracks the actual list of the
    already substituted tags (per tag instead of single list)
  * filter.d/common.conf
  - Unexpected extra regex-space in generic __prefix_line
  - All optional spaces normalized in common.conf, test covered now
  - Generic __prefix_line extended with optional brackets for the date ambit
    (gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1421), added new parameter __date_ambit
  * gentoo-initd fixed --pidfile bug: --pidfile is option of start-stop-daemon,
    not argument of fail2ban (see gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#1434)
  * filter.d/asterisk.conf
  - Fixed security log support for PJSIP and Asterisk 13+
  - Improved log support for PJSIP and Asterisk 13+ with different callID
* Thu Mar 10 2016
- Mark /etc/fail2ban/fail2ban.conf as noreplace.
* Thu Mar 10 2016
- Removed patch: fail2ban-exclude-dev-log-tests.patch
- Removed patch: fail2ban-upstream-fix-ExecuteTimeoutWithNastyChildren-test.patch
- rebased other patches
- Defined services which per default uses systemd logger
- Provide /usr/sbin/rcfail2ban also on systemd based distros
- All files in /etc/fail2ban/ except jail.local are now automatically replaced
  upon installation of fail2ban
- The update to this versions allow to close boo#917818, as the logger-backends for
  several services are now centrally set in /etc/fail2ban/paths-opensuse.conf
- Update to version 0.9.4
  New Features:
  * New interpolation feature for definition config readers - `<known/parameter>`
    (means last known init definition of filters or actions with name `parameter`).
    This interpolation makes possible to extend a parameters of stock filter or
    action directly in jail inside jail.local file, without creating a separately
    filter.d/*.local file.
    As extension to interpolation `%(known/parameter)s`, that does not works for
    filter and action init parameters
  * New actions:
  - nftables-multiport and nftables-allports - filtering using nftables
    framework. Note: it requires a pre-existing chain for the filtering rule.
  * New filters:
  - openhab - domotic software authentication failure with the
    rest api and web interface (gh-1223)
  - nginx-limit-req - ban hosts, that were failed through nginx by limit
    request processing rate (ngx_http_limit_req_module)
  - murmur - ban hosts that repeatedly attempt to connect to
    murmur/mumble-server with an invalid server password or certificate.
  - haproxy-http-auth - filter to match failed HTTP Authentications against a
    HAProxy server
  * New jails:
  - murmur - bans TCP and UDP from the bad host on the default murmur port.
  * sshd filter got new failregex to match "maximum authentication
    attempts exceeded" (introduced in openssh 6.8)
  * Added filter for Mac OS screen sharing (VNC) daemon
  * Do not rotate empty log files
  * Added new date pattern with year after day (e.g. Sun Jan 23 2005 21:59:59)
  * Added openSUSE path configuration (Thanks Johannes Weberhofer)
  * Allow to split ignoreip entries by ',' as well as by ' ' (gh-1197)
  * Added a timeout (3 sec) to urlopen within action
    (Thanks M. Maraun)
  * Added check against atacker's Googlebot PTR fake records
    (Thanks Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez)
  * Enhance filter against atacker's Googlebot PTR fake records
  * Nginx log paths extended (prefixed with "*" wildcard) (gh-1237)
  * Added filter for openhab domotic software authentication failure with the
    rest api and web interface (gh-1223)
  * Add *_backend options for services to allow distros to set the default
    backend per service, set default to systemd for Fedora as appropriate
  * Performance improvements while monitoring large number of files (gh-1265).
    Use associative array (dict) for monitored log files to speed up lookup
    operations. Thanks @kshetragia
  * Specified that fail2ban is PartOf iptables.service firewalld.service in
    .service file -- would reload fail2ban if those services are restarted
  * Provides new default `fail2ban_version` and interpolation variable
    `fail2ban_agent` in jail.conf
  * Enhance filter 'postfix' to ban incoming SMTP client with no fqdn hostname,
    and to support multiple instances of postfix having varying suffix (gh-1331)
    (Thanks Tom Hendrikx)
  * files/gentoo-initd to use start-stop-daemon to robustify restarting the service
  * roundcube-auth jail typo for logpath
  * Fix dnsToIp resolver for fqdn with large list of IPs (gh-1164)
  * filter.d/apache-badbots.conf
  - Updated useragent string regex adding escape for `+`
  * filter.d/mysqld-auth.conf
  gg  - Updated "Access denied ..." regex for MySQL 5.6 and later (gh-1211, gh-1332)
  * filter.d/sshd.conf
  - Updated "Auth fail" regex for OpenSSH 5.9 and later
  * Treat failed and killed execution of commands identically (only
    different log messages), which addresses different behavior on different
    exit codes of dash and bash (gh-1155)
  * Fix jail.conf.5 man's section (gh-1226)
  * Fixed default banaction for allports jails like pam-generic, recidive, etc
    with new default variable `banaction_allports` (gh-1216)
  * Fixed `fail2ban-regex` stops working on invalid (wrong encoded) character
    for python version < 3.x (gh-1248)
  * Use postfix_log logpath for postfix-rbl jail
  * filters.d/postfix.conf - add 'Sender address rejected: Domain not found' failregex
  * use `fail2ban_agent` as user-agent in actions badips, blocklist_de, etc (gh-1271)
  * Fix ignoring the sender option by action_mw, action_mwl and action_c_mwl
  * Changed filter.d/asterisk regex for "Call from ..." (few vulnerable now)
  * Removed compression and rotation count from logrotate (inherit them from
    the global logrotate config)
* Thu Feb 04 2016
- Require python-systemd for openSUSE 12.3+
- Cleaned up the spec file
- Added /run/fail2ban for openSUSE 13.2+
- Don't fail on test-errors
* Wed Sep 23 2015
- Added fail2ban-upstream-fix-ExecuteTimeoutWithNastyChildren-test.patch
  to fix the former failing test and removed
- Do not longer create test-package. Developers should not use the packaged
  version of fail2ban.
* Mon Sep 07 2015
- patches are no longer included conditionally
* Mon Sep 07 2015
- fail2ban-exclude-ExecuteTimeoutWithNastyChildren-test.patch excludes the
  ExecuteTimeoutWithNastyChildren test, as it doesn't run correctly on
- fail2ban-disable-iptables-w-option.patch disables iptables "-w" option for
  older releases.
- Update to version 0.9.3
- IMPORTANT incompatible changes:
  * filter.d/roundcube-auth.conf
  - Changed logpath to 'errors' log (was 'userlogins')
  * action.d/iptables-common.conf
  - All calls to iptables command now use -w switch introduced in
    iptables 1.4.20 (some distribution could have patched their
    earlier base version as well) to provide this locking mechanism
    useful under heavy load to avoid contesting on iptables calls.
    If you need to disable, define 'action.d/iptables-common.local'
    with empty value for 'lockingopt' in `[Init]` section.
  * mail-whois-lines, sendmail-geoip-lines and sendmail-whois-lines
    actions now include by default only the first 1000 log lines in
    the emails.  Adjust <grepopts> to augment the behavior.
- Fixes:
  * reload in interactive mode appends all the jails twice (gh-825)
  * reload server/jail failed if database used (but was not changed) and
    some jail active (gh-1072)
  * filter.d/dovecot.conf - also match unknown user in passwd-file.
    Thanks Anton Shestakov
  * Fix fail2ban-regex not parsing journalmatch correctly from filter config
  * filter.d/asterisk.conf - fix security log support for Asterisk 12+
  * filter.d/roundcube-auth.conf
  - Updated regex to work with 'errors' log (1.0.5 and 1.1.1)
  - Added regex to work with 'userlogins' log
  * action.d/sendmail*.conf - use LC_ALL (superseeding LC_TIME) to override
    locale on systems with customized LC_ALL
  * performance fix: minimizes connection overhead, close socket only at
    communication end (gh-1099)
  * unbanip always deletes ip from database (independent of bantime, also if
    currently not banned or persistent)
  * guarantee order of dbfile to be before dbpurgeage (gh-1048)
  * always set 'dbfile' before other database options (gh-1050)
  * kill the entire process group of the child process upon timeout (gh-1129).
    Otherwise could lead to resource exhaustion due to hanging whois
  * resolve /var/run/fail2ban path in to help installation
    on platforms with /var/run -> /run symlink (gh-1142)
- New Features:
  * RETURN iptables target is now a variable: <returntype>
  * New type of operation: pass2allow, use fail2ban for "knocking",
    opening a closed port by swapping blocktype and returntype
  * New filters:
  - froxlor-auth - Thanks Joern Muehlencord
  - apache-pass - filter Apache access log for successful authentication
  * New actions:
  - shorewall-ipset-proto6 - using proto feature of the Shorewall. Still requires
  manual pre-configuration of the shorewall. See the action file for detail.
  * New jails:
  - pass2allow-ftp - allows FTP traffic after successful HTTP authentication
- Enhancements:
  * action.d/cloudflare.conf - improved documentation on how to allow
    multiple CF accounts, and jail.conf got new compound action
    definition action_cf_mwl to submit cloudflare report.
  * Check access to socket for more detailed logging on error (gh-595)
  * fail2ban-testcases man page
  * filter.d/apache-badbots.conf, filter.d/nginx-botsearch.conf - add
    HEAD method verb
  * Revamp of Travis and coverage automated testing
  * Added a space between IP address and the following colon
    in notification emails for easier text selection
  * Character detection heuristics for whois output via optional setting
    in mail-whois*.conf. Thanks Thomas Mayer.
    Not enabled by default, if _whois_command is set to be
    %(_whois_convert_charset)s (e.g. in action.d/mail-whois-common.local),
  - detects character set of whois output (which is undefined by
    RFC 3912) via heuristics of the file command
  - converts whois data to UTF-8 character set with iconv
  - sends the whois output in UTF-8 character set to mail program
  - avoids that heirloom mailx creates binary attachment for input with
    unknown character set
* Thu Jul 02 2015
- Note: fail2ban-issue_906-strptime.patch has been removed as it is already
  integrated in the current version.
* Mon Jun 08 2015
- Removed "backend" setting from paths-opensuse.conf
* Fri May 08 2015
- Update to version 0.9.2 (requested in boo#917818)
  Read the full changelog in /usr/share/doc/packages/fail2ban/ChangeLog
  Here are some notes to be read when updating existing installations:
  The default log-backend for openssue 13.2+ is now systemd
  * jail.conf was heavily refactored and now is similar to how it looked on
    Debian systems:
  - default action could be configured once for all jails
  - jails definitions only provide customizations (port, logpath)
  - no need to specify 'filter' if name matches jail name
  * Added fail2ban persistent database
  - default location at /var/lib/fail2ban/fail2ban.sqlite3
  - allows active bans to be reinstated on restart
  - log files read from last position after restart
  * Added systemd journal backend
  - Dependency on python-systemd
  - New "journalmatch" option added to filter configs files
  - New "systemd-journal" option added to fail2ban-regex
  * Support %z (Timezone offset) and %f (sub-seconds) support for datedetector.
    Enhanced existing date/time have been updated patterns to support these.
    ISO8601 now defaults to localtime unless specified otherwise.  Some filters
    have been change as required to capture these elements in the right
    timezone correctly.
  * Log levels are now set by Syslog style strings e.g. DEBUG, ERROR.
  * Optionally can read log files starting from "head" or "tail". See "logpath"
    option in jail.conf(5) man page.
  * Can now set log encoding for files per jail.Default uses systemd locale.
  * iptables-common.conf replaced iptables-blocktype.conf
    (iptables-blocktype.local should still be read) and now also provides
    defaults for the chain, port, protocol and name tags
- Require whois
- Whereever possible, path-definitions have been moved paths-opensuse.conf
  which has been submittet upstream
- Use default fail2ban.service including fail2ban-opensuse-service.patch
- Use default suse-initd from upstream
- Run test-cases during build
- run fdupes
- Tests have been moved to a seperate page
- Added rpmlintrc file to ignore some hidden files in the test package
- Must build arch-depended packages for SLES 11
- Removed two tests which can't run on the build server with openSUSE
  before 13.3: fail2ban-exclude-dev-log-tests.patch
* Tue Apr 14 2015
- Add missing dependency on ed (boo#926943)
* Wed Jan 21 2015
- Fixed strptime thread safety issue.
  fail2ban-issue_906-strptime.patch (bnc#914075 gh#fail2ban/fail2ban#906)