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Version: 1.18.7-bp150.2.4
* Wed Oct 18 2017
- update to 1.18.7:
  * Will work on systems that don't have perl. (Perl is still used
    when available).
  * Prevent LC_ALL overriding the LC_COLLATE used to sort metadata.
- includes changes from 1.18.6:
  * Only show errors (no progress indicators) when pushing
    Git/Mercurial repos to avoid unecessary cron mails.
  * Fix regex in 20-warn-problem-files.
  * Support added for apk (alpine linux)
- Lint spec file
- Point source URL to upstream tarball
- Mark dependency on python-base per rpmlint
- Patches / source modifications:
  * Add 0001-Remove-env-from-shebang-in-zypper-plugin.patch
  - fixes rpmlint warning about dependency detection
  * Rebase etckeeeper-avoid-packagelist.patch
  * Remove junk file caught by rpmlint (.mdwn)
* Sat Oct 22 2016
- Remove redundant sections
* Sat Oct 15 2016
- update Source to 1.18.5:
  - Make etckeeper commit store metadata changes. The pre-commit
    hook has always (and continues) to do that, but pre-commit is
    only run when there are changes to tommit. This makes
    metadata-only changes get committed.
  - Move systemd files to /lib/systemd; /usr/lib/systemd is not
    used on Debian.
- fix wrong path for systemd in rpm based distros with sed in spec
* Sun Jul 03 2016
- update Source to 1.18.4:
  - Optimised find for special and hard linked files.
  - Adjust when Pacman 5 calls etckeeper hooks.
  - Only run Pacman hooks when files in /etc have changed.
  - Added systemd timer that can run etckeeper 10 minutes after boot, and also
    daily. It's not enabled by default, partly because of overlap with the
    cron job.
- update Source to 1.18.3:
  - Added support for pacmatic, contributed by nicolaichuk.
  - bzr: make sure EMAIL is defined
  - Fix Makefile version patterns to ignore non-native version number
  - Support ~/.config/git/config when determining the author name and email.
  - Added support for Arch's pacman package manager version 5.
  - Set HOME if it's not set, as is the case when using ubuntu's
  - Move bash completion out of etc and into usr.
- update Source to 1.18.2:
  - Use getent utility instead of perl. (Elan Ruusamäe)
  - Initial FreeBSD support with pkgng plugin. (William Johansson)
  - Fix symlink in package (Sebastian Schmidt, Antoine Beaupré,
    closes: #791566)
  - Fix typo of GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL.
- update Source to 1.18.1
  - Add myself as maintainer (Closes: #768516)
  - Keeping the package native as I do not intend to diverge from
  - Update git URL in control file.
- update to Sourcce to 1.18:
  - Send yum pre-commit output to /dev/null
  - Set LANG=C internally when doing some operations that have
    been reported to fail in other locales.
- update Source to 1.17:
  - Fix name of DNF plugin.
  - Add --version
    Thanks Andreas Wansner.
  - New website,
  - Add build-depends on dh-python.
- update Source to 1.16:
  - Added support for Fedora's DNF highlevel package manager.
  - Add architecture info to dpkg list-installed. Closes: #768145
  - Orphaned the Debian package.
- rebase patch etckeeper-avoid-packagelist.patch
- change source url to github
- remove unnecessary file etckeeper-rpmlintrc
* Fri Jun 03 2016
- update Source to 1.15:
  - Recommend cron-daemon, rather than cron, as etckeeper only needs
    cron.daily functionality. Closes: #762721
- update Source to 1.14:
  - Handle failure to commit in post-install, pre-install by showing a
    warning, rather than propigating the error to apt.
    This avoids breaking the apt run when eg, git is misconfigured and
    cannot commit.
    pre-install already did this when it was able to use debconf to display a
    message, but now debconf is not used, and it always behaves this way.
    Closes: #760011
- change to new url
* Mon Aug 18 2014
- renamed to etckeeper-rpmlintrc from etckeeper.rpmlintrc:
  To follow the packaging guidelines.
  Please see also:
* Fri Aug 15 2014
- updated Source to 1.13:
  + Ignore check-mk-agent-logwatch's FHS violating
    /etc/check_mk/logwatch.state. Closes: deb#753903
  + Only allow [-a-z_] in etckeeper commands to avoid any possible
    directory traversal etc issues.
  + update-ignore, uninit: Fix parsing of ignore files containing '\'
- added etckeeper-avoid-packagelist.patch:
  Because it is slow that some package manager make the packagelist
  (eg, rpm -qa), high-level package manager might time out
  (eg. zypper in/remove).
  So I added this patch.
  If you think that the packagelist is unnecessary,
  set AVOID_PACKAGELIST=1 in etckeeper.conf.
  Or if you want to avoid it temporarily,
  you can use environment variable ETCKEEPER_AVOID_PACKAGELIST=1 .
  (eg, ETCKEEPER_AVOID_PACKAGELIST=1 zypper update).
  This patch was sent to upstream, but Joey does not accept it yet.
  Please see also gh#joeyh/etckeeper#17 .
- rename subpackage from pkgmanager-collabo
  to zypp-plugin or yum-plugin.
  please see also:
- added "Provides:" for renaming:
  pkgmanager-collabo => (zypp|yum)-plugin.
  Please see also:
- added "Provides:" for split packages: etekeeper-cron and plugins.
  Please see also:
- added "Reccomends: git".
  please see also:
- added bzr support files.
  Their files need "Buildrequires: python-devel bzr",
  but did not write them, so they were not installed untill now.
- added Python Compatibility with older distributions codes.
  Please see also:
- added version-release number to Recommendes and Requires.
  It is desirable that etckeeper packages are same version.
- removed lib/zypp directories:
  They should belong libzypp.
  + remove them.
  + added "BuildRequire: zypp-plugin-python".
* Mon Jul 07 2014
- modified etckeeper.spec style
  by "osc service run format_spec_file".
- removed lint code 'rm -rf "%{buildroot}%{_prefix}/lib"/python*'.
  This line does not work.
- removed "Requires: git".
  users can select VCS.
- divide etckeeper package into 3.
  + etckeeper:
    main function.
  + etckeeper-cron:
    cron function.
  + etckeeper-pkgmanager-collabo:
    collaboration with package manager.
- fix (bnc#884154): forgot to reqire zypp-plugin-python.
* Wed Jul 02 2014
- fix (bnc#884154).  change permission and locale.
  + added etckeeper-zypp.patch
    1) changed 's permission from 644 to 755
    (in Makefile).
    2) in set LANG to C.
  please see also:
- version up to 1.12 from 1.7
  + README's filename changed from README to
  + fix some bugs.
  + fix some typos.
  for detail,
  please do "git clone git://"
  and "git log".
* Wed Aug 21 2013
- don't require git to build
- relax git version requirement
* Sat Aug 10 2013
- initial version (1.7)