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Change Logs

* Tue Jun 12 2018
- Add equalx-adapt-headers-for-qt5_11.patch: Include additional
  header files where needed for compilation against Qt 5.11
- Only run post(un) scripts for openSUSE < 1500; rpm file triggers
  take care of these for newer releases.
Version: 0.7.1-bp150.2.15
* Sun Oct 02 2016
- Add manually created appdata file and install it.
* Sun Jul 05 2015
- Use inkscape instead of convert to generate the hires icons;
  convert messes up the icon image geometry for unknown reasons.
* Thu Apr 30 2015
- In factory, compile against QT5.
* Wed Mar 26 2014
- Update to version 0.7.1:
  + No list of changes from upstream
  + Build process changed: make install no longer does anything;
    use 'install' to manually copy generated binary to %{_bindir}
- Use desktop file shipped in upstream tarball
  + Drop external .desktop file
  + Add equalx-fix-desktop-file.patch: Fix icon tag in shipped
    desktop file and categories for compatibility with openSUSE
    defined ones; also fix incorrect Version tag usage
- Add BuildRequires on inkscape too, required for generation of
  proper hi-res png icons from svg icon file.
* Tue Mar 25 2014
- Update to version 0.7.0:
  + No list of changes from upstream
- Add explicit Requires on ghostscript and poppler-tools (these
  would have been pulled in by texlive-latex anyway, but just in
- Add Requires on libqt4-sql-sqlite: required for working history
  and bookmark features
- Do not package COPYING: file is no longer present in upstream
- Also supply and package .desktop file and necessary icons:
  introduces BuildRequires on desktop-file-utils and
  hicolor-icon-theme (additionally, /usr/bin/convert is used to
  generate some missing hi-res icons during %install, also needs
  ghostscript fonts)
- Package the resources dir in %{_datadir} so that equalx can find
  the necessary resources (e.g. symbols) at runtime.
* Wed Jun 26 2013
- Update to version 0.6.0:
  + Corrected transparent background bug for latex
  + Corrected square brackets
  + Corrected quadratic formula from templates
  + Equation font size defaults to size 20
  + Empty text in equation editor shows information text
  + Solved minor bugs in output of latex log
  + Implemented zoom & zoom slider
  + Preferences Dialog allows to show/hide Log
  + Latex output visible in Log Tab
  + Polished GUI
  + Now Preamble can be toggle from a button in mainwindow
  + Preferences allows to show/hide only the latex log tab
  + LatexEditor shows line numbers, same for the Preamble editor
  + Reported errors by latex output are highlighted in Equation
    editor and Preamble editor. A nice sign shows along the line
    number also
  + Fixed warnings
  + Some modifications to About Dialog
  + Fixed About Dialog links
  + Corrected "Remeber" in Preferences Dialog
  + Added class ConfigButton required for a polished GUI in the
    Modified tab "Commands" from Preferences Dialog
  + Added the GPL 3 License boilerplate to all remaining files
  + Added a check for the requirements (latex, dvipng,etc)
  + Commands paths in Preferences Dialog are now readonly - they
    can be changed only the "Change" buttons
  + Change buttons for the commands select only the specific
    executables (filters other files)
  + Added fg color, bg color, preview font size and mode in
    Preferences dialog which are saved in the settings
  + Added button "Reset Defaults" to the Preferences dialog and
  + Removed Util function from defines.h and moved the Util
    functions in Util.h
  + Fixed a bug in Preferences dialog to set Font family and size
    for the equation editor
  + Corrected UpdateEquation and UpdateImage to call runCommand()
  + Added more environments: display, inline(which were before)
    and align and text. Select them from the Mainwindow and
  + Modified UI mainwindow and polished it for better smaller
  + Removed Latex log output and tabs from mainwindow. There is no
    need since the error parser is enough
  + Removed Parser and latex-template
  + Modified Zoom slider to show zoom level in a tooltip
  + Solved bug for find and highlight when dealing with
    transparent background color. If color is transparent than
    highlight in white
  + Fixed WidgetColorPicker.h to show real swatch transparent
  + Fixed custom color selection in WidgetColorPicker
  + Modified foreground color combobox to not show transparent
    option (latex can not render transparent color)
  + Implemented a RenderEngine class to deal with the rendering
    and programs execution
  + Fixed RenderEngine
  + Added a nice preloader to show instead of the equation while
    the RenderEngine generates the files
  + Cleaned up some obsolete and unused code in MainWindow
  + Modified RenderEngine to not take care of latex exitcode. This
    is required so that we parse and display the latex errors
  + Changed preloader image with a nicer one
  + Functional preview of the generated image PNG
  + Modified RenderEngine to do check for the latex errors and
    stop if errors are found
  + Modified EquationItem to clear if no image is available.
    Equation item now shows a grab cursor (hand) if it is possible
    to drag it, normal cursor otherwise
  + Modified Mainwindow and Equation item in order to not be
    possible to drag empty equation
  + Mainwindow shows a busy cursor while the RenderEngine is
- Drop equalx-fix-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch --
  corrected upstream
- Now requires libexempi-devel and libqt4 >= 4.8.0 for building.
* Mon Dec 12 2011
- Initial package (version 0.51)