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Version: 12.1-bp150.2.8
* Wed Apr 18 2018
- Update to 12.1 due bug boo#1088548
  * AUCTeX now requires GNU Emacs 24 or higher.  Support for XEmacs has
  * Besides the change in the supported version of Emacs, there has
    been no functional change in this release, which is equivalent to
    version 11.92.
  * preview-latex is compatible with Ghostscript 9.22 where the
    operator '.runandhide' is removed.  All occurrences of
    '.runandhide' in preview-latex are replaced by alternative code
    making it work with Ghostscript 9.22 again.
  * AUCTeX has a new customize option
    'TeX-math-input-method-off-regexp'.  When you begin to input a math
    formula, the current input method is turned off if its name matches
    this regular expression.
  * The window system focus is pulled back to Emacs when viewing with
    evince-compatible viewers if a new customize option
    'TeX-view-evince-keep-focus' is non-nil.
  * The usual dose of bug fixes was administered.
  * Now AUCTeX has a logo.  The LaTeX code to create it is available in
    the 'etc/' directory of the package.
  * Add support for 'upmendex', an extension of 'makeindex' capable of
    sorting indexes by unicode based ICU.
  * Fix preview-latex to interact correctly with Japanese LaTeX.  The
    parsing routine was made robust not to be confused by the 7-bit
    encoding of Japanese text and the necessary option to LaTeX command
    is kept even when preamble caching is enabled.
  * The new "Glossaries" entry in 'TeX-command-list' runs the command
  * Fontification of control symbols has been improved.  Characters
    defined in 'font-latex-match-simple-exclude-list' do not receive
    any fontification.  In DocTeX mode, the character '_' is removed
    from 'font-latex-match-simple-exclude-list' in order to fontify
    macros like '\__module_foo:nnn' correctly.
  * Fontification of math environments has been improved.  Optional
    and/or mandatory argument(s) to environments are not fontified.
  * 'preview.sty' loads 'luatex85.sty' if possible and should be
    compatible with newer luaTeX versions.
  * AUCTeX has a new customize option 'TeX-ispell-verb-delimiters'.
    This string contains usual characters used as delimiters for
    in-line verbatim macros like '\verb'.  Text between delimiters
    after an in-line verbatim macro will be skipped during spell
  * Fontification of in-line verbatim macros has been improved.
    'font-latex.el' recognizes an optional or a mandatory argument for
    macros like '\Verb' from 'fancyvrb.sty', '\mint' and '\mintinline'
    from 'minted.sty' and fontifies verbatim content correctly.
  * AUCTeX can put and parse labels in optional argument of
    environments.  Inserting labels is done by new function
    'LaTeX-env-label-as-keyval'.  A new customize option
    'LaTeX-listing-label' is available as prefix to labels in code
    typesetting environments, e.g.  'lstlisting' environment provided
    by 'listings' package.  'LaTeX-listing-label' defaults to 'lst:'.
    Parsing of labels for later referencing relies on two requirements:
    1. Label should come as last key-value argument, and
    2. label must be enclosed in braces, e.g.
    \begin{lstlisting}[caption=Some Caption,label={lst:foo}]
  * The function 'LaTeX-label' now takes a second optional argument
    'NO-INSERT'.  When non-'nil', 'LaTeX-label' reads a label and
    returns it as a string.  This argument is also passed to any
    function bound to 'LaTeX-label-function' (see next item).
  * *Incompatible change:* The signature for the function passed with
    the customize option 'LaTeX-label-function' has changed.  The
    function bound to this variable is now expected to take an optional
    second argument 'NO-INSERT'.  When this argument is non-'nil', the
    function should read and only return a label as a string; insertion
    is done by another function.
  * Directory local variables were ineffective for
    'japanese-latex-mode' and 'japanese-plain-tex-mode'.  This bug was
    fixed.  (This was actually done in AUCTeX 11.90, but not
  * The output of Japanese text from Japanese TeX engines is decoded
    correctly for most cases, according to the encoding of the TeX
    documents and the locale.  The difference between MS Windows, macOS
    and unix-like OS is taken into account.  (This was actually done in
    AUCTeX 11.90, but not advertised)
  * Quite a few new LaTeX packages are supported.
  * As usual, many bugs were fixed.
* Thu Jun 29 2017
- Update to 11.90
  * In addition to the completion performed by 'TeX-complete-symbol',
    AUCTeX now also supports the new Emacs standard completion-at-point
    facility (see the Emacs command 'completion-at-point').  This also
    means that modern completion UIs like company-mode work out of the
    box in TeX and LaTeX buffers.
  * Completion is now aware of being inside a math environment and then
    completes math macros.
  * AUCTeX is able to display several levels of super- and subscripts,
    each one raised above and a bit smaller than its basis.  For this
    feature, have a look at the customize options
    'font-latex-fontify-script' (especially the new values
    'multi-level' and 'invisible') and
    'font-latex-fontify-script-max-level'.  Also, the script characters
    '^' and '_' are also fontified with a special face named
  * Parsing of format specification in various tabular environments has
    been improved.  The function 'LaTeX-insert-item' ('C-c <LFD>')
    inserts suitable number of ampersands for '*{num}{cols}'
    constructs.  Style files for LaTeX packages 'tabularx', 'tabulary',
    'longtable', 'dcolumn' and 'siunitx' are adapted to take advantage
    of this improvement.
  * AUCTeX has a new Ispell dictionary 'tex-ispell.el' for macros and
    environments which will be skipped during spell checking.  The
    activiation of this feature is controlled by a new customize option
    'TeX-ispell-extend-skip-list', which is set to 't' and activated by
  * AUCTeX has a new customize option 'TeX-raise-frame-function' that
    is currently only used by Evince and Atril inverse search to raise
    the Emacs frame.
  * When inserting a new float, AUCTeX will now prompt for a
    short-caption if the length of the caption provided is greater than
    a certain size.  This size is controlled via a new user option
  * Parsing of the compilation log has been reworked.  You should
    encounter fewer mistaken files while navigating through errors and
  * Two new user options, 'TeX-ignore-warnings' and
    'TeX-suppress-ignored-warnings', allow ignoring certain warnings
    after compilation of the document.
  * A new option, 'TeX-PDF-from-DVI', controls if and how to produce a
    PDF file by converting a DVI file.  This supersedes
    'TeX-PDF-via-dvips-ps2pdf' which is still recognized but marked as
    obsolete and may be removed in future releases.
  * Support for a number of external viewers has been added
  * A new function, 'TeX-documentation-texdoc', for reading
    documentation with 'texdoc' has been added.  'TeX-doc' is still
    available but now 'C-c ?' runs 'TeX-documentation-texdoc'.
  * AUCTeX has a new custom option
    'LaTeX-reftex-cite-format-auto-activate' which controls the
    automatic activation of citation formats provided by RefTeX when a
    style file is loaded and RefTeX is enabled.  Currently,
    'biblatex.el', 'harvard.el', 'jurabib.el' and 'natbib.el' use this
    feature.  If you have customized 'reftex-cite-format' and want to
    use your settings, you should set this variable to 'nil'.
  * AUCTeX now has limited support for the TikZ package.  For the
    moment, this includes some basic support for prompting the user of
    arguments to the '\draw' macro.
  * The style 'graphicx.el' went through a bigger overhaul.  The
    optional argument of command '\includegraphics' now supports
    key-val query; keys can independently be chosen anytime by pressing
    the <,> key.  As a side effect, the variable
    'LaTeX-includegraphics-options-alist' is now no-op and is removed
    from 'tex-style.el'.  You can safely remove any customization of it
    from your init file.  The mandatory argument of '\includegraphics'
    knows about image file extensions supported by the used engine and
    offers them for inclusion.
  * Support for other LaTeX packages was improved, and style files for
    several new packages were added.
  * Many bugs were crushed along the way.
- Remove patch 0001-Fix_bug_in_subfigure_style_filee.patch as now upstream
* Tue Sep 20 2016
- Add patch 0001-Fix_bug_in_subfigure_style_filee.patch
  to fix build with GNU Emacs 25.1
* Fri Nov 13 2015
- Remove auctex-11.86-dinbrief.dif, as it's been merged upstream, and
  everything in auctex-11.87.dif except for the dvips part (now in
- Update to 18.89.
  * You can now run all commands needed to compile a document and then
    open the viewer with a single command: 'TeX-command-run-all', bound
    to 'C-c C-a'.
  * Commands such as LaTeX and View can now be executed conveniently on
    the current section (or part, chapter, subsection, etc).  See
    'LaTeX-command-section' and 'LaTeX-command-section-change-level'.
  * Forward and backward search with Evince now also work when only a
    region of the document is compiled/viewed.
  * To open the PDF output file you can now use also PDF Tools, a
    document viewer for Emacs.  With it, as a plus, forward and
    backward search is accurate at word level.
  * With new option 'TeX-PDF-via-dvips-ps2pdf' it is possible to
    compile a document to DVI and then convert it to PDF using
    'dvips'-'ps2pdf' before viewing it.
  * New option 'TeX-file-line-error' allows to select file:line:error
    style for error messages.
  * Indent '\[...\]' math mode as a regular environment by default.
  * Now AUCTeX suggests to run 'makeindex' when appropriate.
  * 'TeX-view-program-list' can contain, as third optional element of
    each item, the name of the executable(s) needed to open the viewer.
  * 'TeX-expand-list' variable has been split into 'TeX-expand-list'
    and 'TeX-expand-list-builtin'.  Only the former is intended to be
    customized by the user, the latter contains built-in expanders.
    You might want to keep in 'TeX-expand-list' only new expansion
  * When new option 'TeX-check-engine' is non-nil, before running LaTeX
    commands AUCTeX will check whether the correct engine has been set,
    based upon known restrictions posed by LaTeX packages.
  * Basic support to ConTeXt Mark IV has been added.  Users can now
    select the Mark version to be used with new option
    'ConTeXt-Mark-version', and AUCTeX is able to catch error messages
    in the output log of a Mark IV document.
* Sun Sep 13 2015
- Update to 11.88
  * 'TeX-PDF-mode' is now enabled.
  * 'biblatex' support was greatly expanded.  If parsing is enabled, AUCTeX
    looks at 'backend' option to decide whether to use Biber or BibTeX. The
    'LaTeX-biblatex-use-Biber' variable was changed to be file local only
    and is no more default.
  * Now you can insert '$...$' or '\(...\)' by typing a single '$'.  To do
    this, customize the new option 'TeX-electric-math'.
    'TeX-math-close-double-dollar' was removed.
  * Brace pairing feature was enhanced in LaTeX documents.  Support for
    '\bigl', '\Bigl', '\biggl' and '\Biggl', the same as the one for
    '\left', was added to 'TeX-insert-macro'.  For example, 'C-c <RET> bigl
    <RET> ( <RET>' inserts '\bigl(\bigr)'.
  * You can insert brace pair '()', '{}' and '[]' by typing a single left
    brace if the new user option 'LaTeX-electric-left-right-brace' is
* Tue Oct 07 2014
- No shared libraries are needed for build, this is a noarch
* Wed Sep 25 2013
- Make it build again as we have now a site-start.d below site-lisp
* Fri Jun 07 2013
- Use latest upstream update of dinbrief.el
* Thu Jun 06 2013
- Update to auctex 11.87
  * Includes the preview fix for ghostscript
  * Includes the changes for font-late.elc
- Remove auctex-11.86-font-latex.5.194.patch
* Thu Jun 06 2013
- Add patch auctex-11.86-font-latex.5.194.patch from upstream to
  make GNU emacs 24.3 silent about font-late.elc (reported by
  Johannes Roth)
* Fri Feb 22 2013
- Make dinbrief work again
* Mon Jul 23 2012
- Use texlive-texinfo for build and add also all LaTeX styles to
  be scanned during AucTeX build.
- Use texinfo *and* makeinfo for build as both are required
* Sun Sep 18 2011
- Remove redundant/obsolete tags/sections from specfile
  (cf. packaging guidelines)
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
* Wed Oct 13 2010
- Allow also to read PDF file its self to be able to generate the
  descriptions of those file (based on patch of Dieter Jurzitza)
* Wed Aug 11 2010
- Make fix for bnc#623719 more flexible
* Sun Jul 25 2010
- Package all info files.
* Wed Jul 21 2010
- Update to auctex 11.86
  * Parsing of LaTeX output was improved.  It is now less likely that
    AUCTeX opens a non-existent file upon calling `TeX-next-error'; a
    problem for example encountered when using MiKTeX 2.8.  In addition
    quoted file names as emitted by MiKTeX are now supported.
  * A new framework for the definition and selection of viewers was
    implemented.  If you have customizations regarding viewers you
    will have to redo them in this new framework or reenable the old
    one.  See the section on viewers in the manual for details.
  * Comprehensive editing support for PSTricks was added.
  * Support for various LaTeX packages was added, e.g. `tabularx',
    `CJK', and `hyperref'.
  * An easy way to switch between TeX engines (PDFTeX, LuaTeX, XeTeX,
    Omega) was added.
  * Support for SyncTeX was added.  This involves the command line
    options for LaTeX and the viewer.
  * Folding can now be customized to use macro arguments as replacement
  * `preview.sty' now works with XeTeX.
  * A lot of smaller and larger bugs have been squashed.
* Wed Jul 21 2010
- Fix the usage of ghostscript for preview mode also switch over to
  faster dvipng mode which is much faster than ghostscript (bnc#623719)
* Mon Mar 17 2008
- Use texlive-tools instead of lacheck
* Tue Mar 11 2008
- Avoid overlong file lists use find and xargs instead