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Change Logs

Version: 1.14+git.20180110-bp150.2.4
* Sat Feb 17 2018
- Switch to mutability's fork
- Run tests during build
* Mon Apr 24 2017
- Install all executeables
- Small packaging adjustement
* Sun Nov 02 2014
- Update to version 0.0.0+git.1414760519.bff92c4:
  + link to FlightAware for flight details
  + Add Distance to Table Info
  + Center "Distance from Site" for Selected Plane
  + Add Degree Symbol to Track Value
  + Change the Background Color for a Plotted Plane
  + Improve map display layout and styling
  + Don't restrict sidebar width
  + Add link
  + B"H make sure to close sockets when finished
  + B"H net_io.c: revert previous change and advertise HTTP 1.1
  + Check if bit correction happened before bailing out due to a bad CRC.
  + B"H net_io: http: check if file can be sent
  + Rearrange phase enhancement so that it handles phase errors in both directions. This almost doubles the number of messages recovered by phase enhancement.
  + B"H net_io.c: add missing else statement
  + B"H net_io.c: http serve: return HTTP response codes
  + B"H net_io.c: use %d like local code
  + B"H net_io.c: http server: content should be dynamically allocated
  + B"H net_io.c http server: hopefully mem code is OK now
  + Fix --gain with fractional gain values.
  + Reject out-of-range latitudes when doing CPR decoding.
  + Prefer to use global CPR decoding where possible.
  + Add --stats-every <secs> option.
  + Add stats for number of sample blocks processed and dropped.
  + Don't output message reception time in SBS format for remote messages.
  + Move the stats reset strictly after stats display, so the total message count is shown correctly.
  + Undo Parts of Pull request #29
  + Read Files are binary
  + Only use O_BINARY on Win32
  + Detect client EOF properly. Handle EWOULDBLOCK.
  + Use the anet-reported error string when reporting bind errors.
  + Always emit a message reception time, as otherwise the FR24 uploader is unhappy.
  + Make Pull # compatible with Pull #42
  + Change the marker color for aircraft with no recent updates.
  + Ability to assign bind address for services
  + Fix W3C Validation Errors #34
  + Add Windows resource file for version numbering
  + Fix warnings and Windows compile problems
  + Change default binding to
  + Publish version 1.10.2910.14
  + More Updates to Pull #54
  + Publish version 1.10.3010.14
* Tue Sep 23 2014
- Update to version 0.0.0+git.1407335348.a82df07:
  + Version 1.09.1007.14
  + Version 1.09.1607.14
  + Tidy up interactive.c
  + net_io port 30003 bug
  + Version 1.09.0608.14
* Sat Aug 02 2014
- Update to version 0.0.0+git.1405520502.a17e5b0
* Wed Sep 04 2013
- initial package written from scratch