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* Mon Jan 29 2018
- Add patch dmtcp-overflow.patch
  * This is to not block post-build-checks and run all the scans
    on the resulting package
* Wed Dec 27 2017
- Disabled some troublesome tests.
- Updated to 2.5.2.
  Release notes for 2.5.2:
  * All fixes in Release DMTCP-2.4.9 are incorporated in this release.
  * An incompatibility of DMTCP with Open MPI 1.10 when using orterun (mpirun)
    was discovered. This does not affect recent versions, such as Open MPI 2.x.
  * In some rare cases, open files were not properly restored due to
    a use-after-free bug. This is now fixed.
  * In some rare cases, one process had created a SysV shared memory object,
    and a different process was assigned to restore it on restart. This
    was not handled correctly, and is now fixed.
  * Correctly restore CPU affinities of threads
  * Virtualized SysV shared memory keys to avoid race condition on restart
  * Fixed logic for checking if relative path to file was a duplicate
    of another existing path
  * The NSCD area for name service caching daemon was not handled correctly
    in CentOS 6.8 and later correctly. Fixed now.
  * The Linux sched.h include file for scheduling of cores was added to
    satisfy some older Linux distros that needed it for compiling DMTCP.
  * Fixed a regression in which --enable-debug (for verbose debug logs)
    was not being properly written.
  * The DMTCP coordinator was displaying a spurious warning, "Failed to find
    coordinator IP address", because it did not check for a canoncial hostname.
  * A related issue prevented DMTCP from working properly on some
    SUSE/openSUSE distros.
  Release notes for 2.5.1:
  This release mostly provides added robustness.  Two notable items of
  added functionality are:
  i. DMTCP_RESTART_PAUSE and DMTCP_RESTART_PAUSE0 environment variables
    for easier debugging upon initial restart
  ii. The --debug-logs flag was added to dmtcp_launch/dmtcp_restart.
    One can now turn on logging individually for separate plugins,
    instead of only turning it on globally.
  An incompatibility of DMTCP with Open MPI 1.10 when using orterun (mpirun)
  was discovered.  This may also affect some other versions of Open MPI 1.10.
  This bug will be fixed in a future release.
  * Fixed an issue when starting multiple DMTCP coordinators on same host
    at approximately the same time
  * Fixed issue with PBS scheduler for HPC
  * Fixed issue when restarting on a different host with a larger
    limit on the number of open file descriptors
  * dmtcp_launch/dmtcp_restart now accept '--debug-logs' flag to specify
    which DMTCP plugins should produce logging information
    (It used to be all or nothing.)
  * Improved robustness for IB (InfiniBand) plugin
  * Fixed DMTCP_RESTART_PAUSE and DMTCP_RESTART_PAUSE0 environment variables
    for debugging upon restart
  * The brk() call was failing on restart on Debian due to overly strict assert
  * dmtcp_launch was hanging on some RHEL5 and RHEL6 due to deadlock with
    libc low-level locks.  Fixed now.
  * Updated tls_pid_offset in DMTCP to handle newer GLIBc (versions > 2.24)
  * Fixed launch of 32-bit binary when forking/execing from a 64-bit executable
  * Fixed issue that can affect a parent holding a malloc-lock while forking
  * Fixed issue when a user thread calls 'dmtcp_get_coord_ckpt_dir()'
* Fri Jan 20 2017
- Update to v 2.5.0.
  This release includes a few new plugins and several bug fixes for robustness.
  Some of the highlights include:
  * Support for InfiniBand UD (in addition to the more common InfiniBand RC).
  * Added support for CMA (Cross-Memory Attach):
    process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev
  * Improved multi-arch (mixed 32-/64- bit) support.
  * Re-added --enable-fast-restart.
  * Added a new commandline option --with-plugin-32 for dmtcp_launch to specify
    32-bit plugins in a 64-bit environment.
  * Added --enable-pthread-mutex-wrappers configure flag to enable
    pthread_mutex_{lock,unlock} wrappers needed for Open MPI.
  * Added ability to specify environment file used in the modify-env plugin.
  * Allow dmtcp_restart to be invoked by root.
  * The following new plugins were added:
    pathvirt: to virtualize filesystem paths.
    delayresume: for finer-grained control over resuming of user threads
    during resume/restart.
* Wed Jun 08 2016
- Update to DMTCP 2.4.1: primarily a bug fix release.
  fixes an issue with version 2.4.0 and deleted shared memory files
- Update to DMTCP 2.4.2:
  configure script fixes; interval checkpointing; etc
- Update to DMTCP 2.4.3:
  added support for CMA, fixed a regression affecting dmtcp_checkpoint()
- Update to DMTCP 2.4.4:
  supports InfiniBand UD, misc fixes
- Adapt spec file to the new 2.4.4 tarball
* Wed Jul 15 2015
- Removed includes.patch and dmtcp-glibc-2.21.patch from patch list.
- Updated to upstream release 2.4.0.
  * Release notes:
  Several important changes and enhancements were added:
- dmtcp_launch/restart/command/coordinator now take the flags
  - h, -p, --coord-host/port and environment variables
    DMTCP_COORD_HOST/PORT.  The older --host, --port, DMTCP_HOST/PORT
    are now deprecated.
- Newer versions of MATLAB (matlab-2013 and later) were using additional
  Linux features.  All recent versions of matlab are again supported.
- Intensive testing done for integration of MPI/SLURM
  for the following MPI dialects:  Intel MPI/MVAPICH-2/MPICH-2/Open MPI.
  See plugin/batch-queue/job_examples/ for SLURM/DMTCP submission scripts.
  Preliminary support for some other resource managers also provided,
  especially including ibrun.
  - Open MPI version 1.8 _with_ InfiniBand is not yet supported.
    This is due to the OMPI use of UD (unreliable datagrams) for InfiniBand.
    Support is planned for the near future.  Earlier OMPI versions continue
    to work with IB.  We do not currently know of a config in OMPI-1.8 to
    avoid IB/UD (to use only IB/CM).  Such a workaround would let DMTCP work.
- Added support for newest Linux kernels: split of [vdso]
  into [vdso] and [vvar]; To see if this affects you, do:
    cat /proc/self/maps | grep '\[vvar]'
- Support for glibc version 2.21 added.  To see if this affects you, do:
    ls -l /lib*/ /lib/*/
- The environment variable DMTCP_GDB_ATTACH_ON_RESTART was added.  Setting
    this permanently is a security risk. But on a temporary basis,
    it can enable easier debugging of restarted processes:
    DMTCP_GDB_ATTACH_ON_RESTART=1 dmtcp_restart ckpt_a.out_*.dmtcp &
    gdb a.out `pgrep -n a.out`
- Enhancements added for newer 32-bit ARM (armv7) CPUs
- Experimental support is now provided for 64-bit ARM (armv8)
- Bug fixes
* Tue Mar 24 2015
- Add dmtcp-glibc-2.21.patch: Fix build with glibc 2.21.
* Tue Aug 12 2014
- include string.h to fix compilation (bnc#889400)
  Add includes.patch
* Tue Jul 29 2014
- Updated to upstream release 2.3.1.
  * Release notes:
- This is primarily a bug fix release.  However, if you are using DMTCP for the
  ARM v7 CPU, or if you are using DMTCP either with the InfiniBand network or
  with the SLURM batch system, then it is strongly recommended to upgrade.
- Bug fix affecting building for ARM on some recent armv7a CPUs.
- Improvements in support for InfiniBand network and for SLURM
  batch system.
- Other smaller bug fixes.
* Fri Mar 14 2014
-  Updated to upstream release 2.2.
  * Release notes:
- In this release, the lowest layers have been re-organized and partially
  re-written for greater clarity of code and greater maintainability.
  These changes should be transparent to end users.
- Users relying on the use of DMTCP with MPI, InfiniBand or the Toruqe or
  SLURM batch queues are strongly advised to upgrade.
  * Other changes are:
- A --exit-after-ckpt flag was added for dmtcp_coordinator.
- Scalability improvements were added.  DMTCP has now been tested
  on an MPI jobs using 2048 MPI ranks over 2048  CPU cores.
- Anybody using DMTCP with InfiniBand is strongly recommended to upgrade
  to inherit important bug fixes.  The InfiniBand plugin is still
  formally part of the 'contrib' directory during this release.  It was
  tested primarily against Open MPI.  Further testing is still needed
  before the InfiniBand plugin can be promoted from the 'contrib'
  directory to the 'plugin' directory.
- The --infiniband flag of dmtcp_launch was not fully functional in
  version 2.1.  This is now fixed.
- The 'dmtcp_launch --no-coordinator' option was broken in version 2.1.
  This is now fixed.
- The --disable-dl-plugin flag was added to dmtcp_launch.  Most users will
  not need this option.  But software relying on DT_RPATH, DT_RUNPATH,
  or certain other uncommon cases in loading dynamic libraries may need
  to invoke this for stability.  It is hoped to remove the need for this
  flag in a future release.
- A similar comment holds for the --disable-alloc-plugin flag in dmtcp_launch.
  If there appear to be issues with a memory allocator, consider invoking
  this flag.
- Numerous minor bug fixes and enhancements were added.
* Sun Jan 12 2014
- Updated to upstream release 2.1.
  * Short release notes:
- some newly stable plugins - batch-queue, modify-env, ptrace (see below)
- full support for 32-/64-bit multilib architecture. (see below)
- other enhancements to the core feature set (see below)
- adapting DMTCP to application requirements:  removal of the old dmtcpaware
  interface in favor of the newer interface:  test/plugin/applic-*ckpt/
  (see below)
- attempt to restore current working directory on restart (may be impossible
  if restart host has different filesystem)
- 'dmtcp_coordinator --port-file <FILE>' causes coordinator to write the port
- number on which it listens into FILE.  This is useful in
  conjunction with 'dmtcp_coordinator --port 0', which starts a coordinator
  at a random unused port.
- 'dmtcp_restart --ckptdir <DIR>' and ' --ckptdir <DIR>'
  will change to a new directory to hold checkpoint images on restart.
- 'dmtcp_restart --no-strict-uid-checking'
  or 'dmtcp_coordinator --no-strict-uid-checking'
  [ allows a user with a different uid to restart a checkpoint image;
  process uid will be changed to that of the new user ]
- './configure --enable-run-as-root'  [ self explanatory; normally running
  as root is bad practice ]
- a new internal plugin to handle 'ssh' uniformly; Some corner cases
  in checkpointing MPI could have been affected by this.
- some bug fixes related to the new plugin software architecture initiated
  with DMTCP 2.0
* Tue Aug 13 2013
- New upstream release 1.2.8.
- Removed dmtcp-includes.patch as it has been included in the new tarball.
  * Release Notes:
- Bug fixes for newer ARM CPUs --- especially addressing cache coherency issues
  of multi-core ARM, and the more aggressive out-of-order execution for newer
- On restart, gzip zombie processes associated with compressed checkpoint
  images were not always reaped properly. This is now handled correctly.
- Peliminary support for using C++11 compilers to compile DMTCP (but not yet
  intensively tested).
- Minor bug fixes.
* Wed Jul 18 2012
- Add missing include for <sys/resource.h> (glibc 2.16)
* Thu Jun 28 2012
- Updating to upstream release 1.2.5
  * Release Notes:
- epoll, eventfd, and signalfd are now supported
- The ARM architecture for Linux is now supported.
  (Linux currently supports 32-bit ARM EABI.)
- The name "DMTCP module" is changed to "DMTCP plugin" (more common terminology).
  User plugins can greatly customize the behavior of DMTCP.
- The dmtcp_checkpoint cmd was resetting the checkpoint interval even
    if the user did not specify the -i/--interval flag.  This is now fixed.
- Improved support for a planned Fedora package for DMTCP
- On resume from ckpt, zero pages were sometimes expanded (increasing the
    memory footprint).  This affected Java.  This is now fixed.
- Some bug fixes were provided for programs that intensively create
    and destroy threads (e.g. OpenMP, Java)
- After restart, the floating point rounding mode (fesetround) was not being
    properly restored.  This is now fixed.
- There have been requests for support of DMTCP for PBS/TORQUE.  Some partial
    support has now been added to the svn only (_not_ to this release).
    Please write to us if you need this support from DMTCP.
- The FAQ at the DMTCP web site was expanded.
- 15% slowdown observed in an unusual case:
  A user reports that if your program frequently does both of these:
    a.  is heavily multi-threaded; and
    b.  calls malloc/free intensively;
  This has been diagnosed.  It was seen too close to this 1.2.5 release,
  and so the fix will be provided for the next release (and in the public svn).
* Sat Mar 24 2012
- Add dmctp-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7
* Thu Feb 16 2012
- Some changes were accidently reverted in the previous two commits.
  Adding them back.
* Mon Jan 23 2012
- There was a minor glitch in the previous tarball. This one fixes it.
* Mon Jan 23 2012
- Updating to upstream release 1.2.4
  * Release Notes:
- Preparing for upstream release 1.2.4.
  + Release Notes from upstream:
- There is now much more robust treatment of processes that rapidly
    create and destroy threads.  This was the case for the Java JVM
    (both for OpenJDK and Oracle (Sun) Java).  This was also the case
    for Cilk.  Cilk++ was not tested.  We believe this new DMTCP to now be
    highly robust -- and we would appreciate receiving a notification if
    you find a Java or Cilk program that is not compatible with DMTCP.
- Zero-mapped pages are no longer expanded and saved to the DMTCP checkpoint
    image.  For Java programs (and other programs using zero-mapped
    pages for their allocation arena or garbage collecotr), the checkpoint
    image will now be much smaller.  Checkpoint and restart times
    will also be faster.
- DMTCP_ROOT/dmtcp/doc directory added with documentation of some
    DMTCP internals.  architecture-of-dmtcp.pdf is a good place to
    start reading for those who are curious.
- The directory of example modules was moved to DMTCP_ROOT/test/module.
    This continues to support third-part wrappers around system calls,
    can registering functions to be called by DMTCP at interesting times
    (like pre-checkpoint, post-resume, post-restart, new thread created, etc.).
- This version of MTCP (inside this package) should be compatible with
    the checkpoint-restart service of Open MPI.  The usage will be
    documented soon through the Open MPI web site.  As before, an alternative
    is to simply start Open MPI inside DMTCP, and let DMTCP treat all of
    Open MPI as a "black box" that happens to be a ditributed computation
- A new --prefix command line flag has been added to dmtcp_checkpoint.
    It operates similarly to the flag of the same name in Open MPI.
    For distributed computations, remote processes will use the prefix
    as part of the path to find the remote dmtcp_checkpoint command.
    This is useful when a gateway machine has a different directory
    structure from the remote nodes.
- configure --enable-ptrace-support now uses ptrace module (more modular code).
    The ptrace module should also be more robust.  It now fixes some
    additional cases that were missing earlier
- ./configure --enable-unique-checkpoint-filenames  was not respecting
    bin/dmtcp_checkpoint --checkpoint-open-files .  This is now fixed.
- If the coordinator received a kill request in the middle of a checkpoint,
    the coordinator could freeze or die.  This has now been fixed, with
    the expected behavior:  Kill the old computation that is in the
    middle of a checkpoint, and then allow any new computations to begin.
- dmtcp_inspector utility was broken in last release; now fixed
- configure --enable-forked-checkpoint was broken in the last release.
    It is fixed again.
- Many smaller bug fixes.
* Sun Dec 04 2011
- don't fail on unknown options from %configure
* Sun Sep 18 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
  (cf. packaging guidelines)
* Tue Jul 26 2011
- Top level configure files updated to fix configure error.