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Change Logs

* Mon Dec 27 2021 Chris Josten <>
- Update to version 2.098.1
  * DMD Compiler regression fixes
  * [REG2.084.0] Bogus slice assignment in recursive CTFE call
  * spurious deprecation warnings on function calls within with(X)
    blocks while X has a deprecated alias this target
  * OpDispatch does not work for structs with constructor and
  * error in static struct initialization causes wrong position for
    subsequent members, producing extra errors
  * alias this returns 'null' for ref types when put into array
  * Rebindable does not work when class has alias this to inout
  * A case of compiler crash when using auto ref
  * Spurious "non-constant expression" error with immutable
  * Compiler segfault on static array in a struct at CTFE
  * [REG2.097] Error: mismatched function return type inference of
    void and noreturn
  * Compiler crash when attempting to assign to function
  * [REG 2.098-rc.2] -checkaction=context of a shared type with an
    opCast fails to compile
  * CTFE fails to iterate over associative array previously indexed
    with implicit conversion to enum base type
  * [REG2.094] function with tuple parameter with default argument
    fails if there's a qualifier
  * [REG2.098] Apparent CTFE regression wrt. alias this
  * Invalid error message for void return from non-void functions
  * importC: incomplete array type must have initializer
  * Invalid duplicate case error when the switched value has errors
  * Segfault for function literal in struct initializer with
    previous errors
  * wrong deprecation about empty statement
  * [REG 2.098] Error: function 'core.stdc.stdio.vfprintf'
    'pragma(printf)' functions must be
    'extern(C) int vfprintf([parameters...], const(char)*, va_list)'
  * more arguments than fields allowed in struct constructor
  * importC: Error: undefined reference to 'parameter' when no
    parameter names in forward declaration
  * importC: Error: variable 'var' extern symbols cannot have
  * importC: Segmentation fault indexing global array at run-time
  * ICE on overloaded constructors
  * DMD Compiler bug fixes
  * ReturnStatement[CallExp(DotVarExp)]: Corrupted runtime on missed
    manifest constant propagation
  * Wrong cast of float constant to bool
  * 'export' keyword on OSX/Linux globals causing segfaults
  * [ICE] AssertError@dmd/optimize.d(691): Assertion failure
  * Internal compiler assertion
  * ICE (illegal instruction) with bad code
  * cod1: Assertion failure for noreturn parameter
  * ice for global / tls variable of type noreturn
  * ice when dmd computes the alignment of an union containing a
  * importC: Parser accepts arrays with incomplete element types
  * ImportC: #pragma pack is not implemented
  * Link error for virtual destructor of C++ class in DLL
  * ImportC: error parsing compound literal with more than one value
    at function scope.
  * importC: Error: C non-array initializer not supported yet
  * importC: Error: cannot use non-constant CTFE pointer in an
  * Wrong overload selected for @safe delegate
  * noreturn functions are allowed to return normally
  * importC: Error: unknown, when compiling source with non-constant
  * importC: Error: static variable cannot be read at compile time
  * importC: Error: unknown, when compiling source with typedef'd
  * importC: Error: can't subtract '__tag2[1]' from pointer
  * importC: Error: cannot pass argument '0' of type 'int' to
    parameter 'const(char)*'
  * importC: Error: cannot modify 'const' expression '(*s).field'
  * importC: Error: 'switch' statement without a 'default'; use
    'final switch' or add 'default: assert(0);' or add
    'default: break;'
  * importC: Error: cannot implicitly convert expression of type
    'extern (C) int(int a)' to 'const(extern (C) int function(int))'
  * importC: [ICE] Error: struct no size because of forward reference
  * importC: Error: cannot implicitly convert expression of type
    'const(char*)' to 'char*'
  * importC: Error: array index 0 is out of bounds
  * ImportC: parse gnu attributes after a function parameter
  * importC: static variables/functions emit global symbols
  * ImportC: casting result of postfix operator on a parenthesized
    expression to a typedef’d type is parsed incorrectly
  * ImportC: Lots of errors when compiling tomlc99
  * ImportC: address of member of struct can’t be taken at compile
  * [REG 2.093][ICE] Bus error at dmd/lexer.d:398
  * Explicit cast between classes incorrectly goes through
    'alias this' inside CTFE
  * importC: D name mangling applied to forward declaration of
    function inside function
  * ImportC: const pointer (not pointer to const) is treated as
    transitive const
  * importC: function 'func' conflicts with function 'func' when
    using static in forward declaration
  * importC: float literal should support leading zero
  * ImportC: extra semicolon not allowed outside of functions
  * DMD compiler errors on Illumos/Solaris
  * ImportC: cannot implicitly convert expression S(0) of type S to
    int in an S array
  * ImportC: decay of function to typedef'd const function pointer
    causes ICE.
  * importC: Error: undefined reference to '__builtin_va_start' and
  * importC: Debug information for C sources have DW_AT_language set
    to D.
  * importC: Segmentation fault initializing va_list with
  * importC: Error: cannot convert string literal to 'void*'
  * Phobos regression fixes
  * [REG2.069] TaskPool.reduce fails to compile "cannot get frame
    pointer to D main"
  * Phobos bug fixes
  * OpenBSD: Add OpenBSD to std/system.d OS list
  * Array! crashes
  * Phobos enhancements
  * data should work with const/immutable Array's
  * Nullable is not copyable when templated type has elaborate copy
  * std.traits.fqnType is missing support for typeof(null)
  * Druntime regression fixes
  * [REG2.091] Wrong file read during exception stringification
    leads to SIGBUS
  * std.meta.allSatisfy in mutual recursion classes cannot be
  * core.demangle does not support noreturn
  * Druntime bug fixes
  * Unify polyImpl implementations
  * Remove useless conditional assignment of DISABLED_TESTS in
  * Druntime enhancements
  * Explicitly cast backtrace results to int
- Update to version 2.098.0
  * Compiler changes
  * Add Alias Assignment
  * Accessing C Declarations From D Via ImportC Compiler
  * Using the syntax (args) => {} now triggers a deprecation message
  * Improvements for the C++ header generation
  * -preview=dtorfields is now enabled by default
  * Add .min, .max, etc. properties for vector types
  * Using a mutable variable as a switch case now triggers an error
  * Out of bounds array access now gives a better error message
  * Class allocators have been removed from the language
  * Initialization of immutable global data from static this now
    triggers an error
  * Add -target=<triple> for operating system, c, and c++ runtime
    cross compilation
  * Default initialization of union field that isn't the first member
    now triggers an error
  * Runtime changes
  * TypeInfo names for aggregates are fully qualified and hence
    unique now
  * A concurrent GC for Posix systems
  * Improve POSIX imports
  * Library changes
  * New function isValidCharacter in std.utf
  * Dub changes
  * Added support for environment variables to use compilation and
    run (or test) option to the dub settings file and
Version: 2.097.0-bp154.1.68
* Tue Jun 08 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 2.097.0
  * Compiler changes
  * Deprecation period for ambiguous ternary expressions has ended
  * Usage of the body keyword has been deprecated
  * Deprecate a case of using fully-qualified names to bypass imports
  * Explicit package visibility attribute is now always applied to
    new scopes
  * pragma(mangle) can now be applied to aggregates
  * Complex and imaginary types are now deprecated
  * while (auto n = expression) is now supported
  * Library changes
  * Centering formatted output.
  * AllImplicitConversionTargets replaces ImplicitConversionTargets
  * Formatting integers with %e, %f, %g and %a is now possible.
  * Implementation of pow(f, -2) and f ^^ -2 changed
  * Deprecate std.format : enforceValidFormatSpec
  * Deprecate std.format : formatElement
  * Deprecate std.format : unformatElement
  * FieldnameTuple now returns an empty tuple for interfaces
  * Fields (formerly FieldTypeTuple) now returns an empty
    tuple for interfaces
  * Floating point numbers can be formatted at compile time
  * Formatting floating point numbers don't allocate with the
    GC anymore.
  * Some reals will be downcast to double when used with
  * std.typecons.Nullable: Remove deprecated alias get this.
  * Documentation of std.format has been completely reworked.
  * Module std.format has been split into smaller modules
  * Module std.math has been split into smaller modules
  * splitWhen added to std.algorithm.iteration
  * The old benchmarking functionality in std.datetime has been
  * std.exception.enforceEx has been removed.
  * New module: std.sumtype
  * std.range.Transposed: Remove deprecated member save
  * Dub changes
  * Added support for low memory compilation option to the dub
    settings file.
* Mon May 17 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 2.096.1
  * Runtime changes:
  * Variables suspendSignalNumber and resumeSignalNumber are now
  * The druntime option callStructDtorsDuringGC has been removed
  * Experimental llvm-libunwind based backtrace printing was added
  * Library changes
  * Return the number of characters consumed by std.conv.parse
  * Deprecate std.stdio.getdelim and std.stdio.getline
  * Add integer conversions in JSONValue.get
  * Deprecate std.math : approxEqual
  * Compiler changes
  * Deprecate bypassing of symbol visibility when doing overload
  * Deprecation triggered inside of templates now show instantiation
  * Improvements for the C++ header generation
  * Diagnostics for conflicting function definitions within a module
  * extern(Pascal) has been removed
  * The compiler now accepts -extern-std=c++20
  * C++ compability standard now c++11 by default
  * Add -preview=inclusiveincontracts: in contracts must be an
    explicit superset of the parent in contracts.
  * Add support for Objective-C protocols
  * Allow any compile-time argument in pragma(inline)
  * Add __traits(getCppNamespaces, symbol) to retrieve the C++
    namespaces a symbol resides in.
  * DMD Compiler regressions / bugs:
  * printf check does not recognize GNU extensions
  * Function alias reported as conflicting function
  * Slice assignment segmentation fault
  * ssignment inside assert accepted if -checkaction=context
    is given
  * Struct dtor is called twice if struct is created inside
    ternary operator
  * Mangling problem wrt. backrefs and function types
  * build.d install fails, can't find dmd.conf
  * Constructor flow analysis doesn't understand unions
  * Confusing error message for CTFE pointer in static initializer
  * checkaction=context creates temporary of type void
  * Overload selection ignores slice
  * -preview=rvaluerefparam does not work with template deduction
  * CTFE doesn't call base class destructor for extern(D) classes
  * Wrong ParameterStorageClass when -preview=in is used
  * Phobos enhancements / regression fixes:
  * std.process.browse does not work with URLs 256 characters
    or longer
  * std.regex performance regression (additional GC allocation)
  * Specifying null as bitfields variable name now fails
  * avoid quadratic template expansion in constraints of multiple
    search term versions of std.algorithm.searching.startsWith & endsWith
  * casting std.BigInts to built-in floating point types
    doesn't work without -preview=dip1000
  * std.algorithm.mutation.copy fails on overlapping arrays if
    the source array's pointer is less than the destination
    array's pointer
  * std.experimental.checkedint opBinaryRight with integer
    left-hand side does not compile for any operators
  * std.typecons.ReplaceType does not work for in parameters
  * Deprecated Nullable.get warning with Appenders
  * Druntime bugs / regression fixes:
  * std.conv.emplace not usable in betterC - 2.096
  * casWeak is not implemented
  * joining a detached thread results in segfault.
  * core.atomic.atomicFetchSub for pointers incorrectly calls
    wrong function from core.internal.atomic
Version: 2.094.2-bp153.1.74
* Sun Dec 27 2020 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 2.094.2
  - Runtime changes:
  * Support time64 changes for CRuntime_Musl
  - DMD Compiler regressions:
  * Delegate covariance broken between 2.092 and 2.094 (git master).
  * False deprecation raised for templated overloaded struct method
  - DMD Compiler bugs:
  * Calling __traits(getUnitTests) on a template causes compiler segfault
  * __traits(getUnitTests) should include unittests from anonymous mixins
  * 'With()' statement ignores symbol visibility in some cases.
  * Name clash between import and method triggers a segfault
  - Phobos bugs:
  * Segfault with Appender!string.init.toString()
  * join can iterates ranges multiple times
  * std.random.uniform!T(urng) when T is dchar disregards urng and always uses a thread-local random
  * std.random.uniform!T() and std.random.uniform!T(urng) when T is dchar with any qualifiers can exceed dchar.max
  - Druntime bugs:
  * core.stdcpp.string.basic_string does not implement opEquals
  * core.stdcpp.vector.vector does not implement opEquals
  * TypeInfo.swap must not allow reachable memory to be freed if interrupted by a garbage collection pass
- refresh dmd_use_tarball_bootstrap.diff patch
* Wed Aug 14 2019 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 2.087.1
  - Runtime changes:
  * Add all missing symbols to core.sys.darwin.mach.loader
  - DMD Compiler regressions:
  * ICE when taking address of member function passed as template parameter
  * [REG] modification of member of a manifest constant that's also a struct is allowed
  * POSIX: extern(C++, namespace) does not apply namespace to enum
  * DMD Segfault in 2.087
  * compiler segfaults on passing templates expression to lazy val
  * [REG2.086] foreach no longer works on range with alias front
  - DMD Compiler bugs:
  * Templates inside templates used as mixins
  * DMD segfault with circular template constraints
  * [ICE] Internal error: ddmd/backend/cgcs.c 352 - CTFE appending to an array on a struct from a template
  * Unable to remove a tuple from associative array.
  * Can't use __traits(getAttributes, ...)[...] as a type
  * access violation at compile time, possibly via template constraint and alias interaction
  * Symbol not found: _dyld_enumerate_tlv_storage on macOS 10.15
  * alias this combined with a copy constructor seems to lead to undefined behaviour.
  * [ICE] Segmentation fault in ExpressionPrettyPrintVisitor::visit(IntegerExp*) at dmd/hdrgen.d:1775
  * ICE from double template instantiation with getMember of overload of class and template function
  * __vector CTFE crashes the compiler
  * Compiler crash when using an opaque struct as template parameter
  * bogus error: "integer constant expression expected instead of (uint).sizeof"
  * [Windows] Program segfaults when running tests
  * ICE in func literal used in __traits(compiles)
  * SIMD 32 bytes causes obscure segfault
  * [2.087.0] Mixin templates: no property somevar for type some.Type, did you mean some.Type.__anonymous.somevar
  - DMD Compiler enhancements:
  * Empty AliasSeq can't be used to form compiletime array literal
  - Phobos bugs:
  * std.variant.VariantN does not work with a class that inherits from a template instantiation
  * ReplaceType replaces type with the type forwarding using alias this
  * ReplaceType fails to compile for self-referential inheritance chains
  * someAllocator.make!T doesn't compile if T is a shared value type
  * [2.087.0] std.conv.toImpl matches two functions when using static arrays as inout( T )
  - Phobos enhancements:
  * RefCounted fails to instantiate due to pureness of moveEmplace
  * Tuple.rename doesn't work with const
  - Druntime bugs:
  * retrying while pthread_cond_signal/pthread_cond_broadcast return EAGAIN
  * object.destroy doesn't propagate attributes
- Add missing provides/obsoletes to the versioned phobos shared library package.
Version: 2.085.1-bp151.1.5
* Sat Apr 13 2019 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 2.085.1
  - DMD Compiler regressions:
  * DMD generates wrong code for some circular dependencies
  * D compiler fails to resolve circular module dependency when modules are compiled separately
  * D compiler fails to resolve circular module dependency when modules are compiled together
  * ICE on null default value for struct parameter in constructor
  * DMD 2.085 changes to gsroa make DCD crashing
  * Regression: wrong order of linker arguments, again: -L-l before -L--start-group
  * if (auto x) {} isn't properly rejected
  * DMD fails to compile some circular dependencies spiced with is (T == super) condition
  * [Reg v2.070.2] DMD fails with some circular module refs with Template/Mixin instances
  - DMD Compiler bugs:
  * wrong codegen for destructor call of unnamed struct instance on 64 bit environments
  * case of undetected circular reference in function parameter
  * ICE with multiple mixin templates containing conflicting ctor declarations
  * Segfault when types are used in array literals
  * DMD crash due to circular reference in function return type
  * -checkaction=context not working with attributes
  * [2.085.0-beta.2] Obj-C wrong code overloading selectors and extern(D)
  * case of segfault due to undetected forward reference
  * Compiler crash
  * crash on invalid initializer at CTFE
  * ICE on invalid code
  - Phobos regressions:
  * VariantN has unittests that are compiled into user modules
  - Phobos bugs:
  * std.algorithm.searching.findAmong doesn't save like it should
  - Druntime bugs:
  * wrong time values in GC.profileStats
* Sun Mar 17 2019 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 2.085.0
  - Compiler changes:
  * Add support for Objective-C classes
  * Add support for Objective-C instance variable
  * Add support for Objective-C super calls
  * Deprecate Objective-C interfaces
  * Context-aware assertion error messages
  * Avoid calling the struct constructor from const-casts
  * dmd now supports expressive diagnostic error messages with -verrors=context
  * memcmp() compares are no longer performed for struct equality tests, memberwise comparisons are done instead, per the spec
  * OSX 32-bit is no longer supported
  * -preview and -revert command line switches have been introduced
  * Transition to C++11 character types
  - Runtime changes:
  * Added GC.profileStats() to core.memory
  * Added core.stdcpp.new_
  * Added core.sys.linux.sched.CPU_COUNT.
  * Added core.sys.linux.sched.CPU_ISSET.
  * Moved std.conv.emplace, std.algorithm.mutation.move, std.algorithm.mutation.moveEmplace, and std.functional.forward to core/lifetime.d
  * GC cleanup can now be configured as a DRT GC option
  * A garbage collector with precise heap scanning can now be selected
  * GC.realloc is now more consistent and robust
  * User supplied garbage collectors can now be linked with the runtime
  * Added core.stdcpp.allocator
  * char/wchar fields in most D runtime (core.* and rt.*) structs are now zero-initialized
* Sat Feb 16 2019 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 2.084.1
  - Compiler bugs
  * -check=in=off doesn't work
  * corrupt ELF library when using pragma(crt_constructor)
  - Compiler enhancements
  * Shared object "" not found, required by "dmd"
-----  --------------------------------------------------------------
* Sat Jan 05 2019 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 2.084.0
  - Compiler changes
  * Aliases can be created directly from a __trait.
  * Added -check switch to turn on and off each category of runtime checks.
  * Add -checkaction=D|C|halt compiler switch.
  * -color and -color=on will now always output colorized console output
  * The code generated by mixin statements can now be saved with -mixin
  * Deprecate invalid binary literals
  * Deprecated extern(Pascal) linkage
  * The deprecation phase for fully qualified names that bypassed private imports is finished
  * Templates are now mangled correctly on POSIX
  * Added __c_wchar_t as a correct mangling type for C's wchar_t
  - Runtime changes
  * Added core.stdcpp.array.
  * Add D header file core.sys.darwin.crt_externs for libc/crt_externs.h on Darwin.
  * Added initialize template argument to object.destroy().
  * Added core.stdcpp.string_view.
  - Library changes
  * Add overload std.random.unpredictableSeed!UIntType
* Wed Dec 05 2018 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 2.083.0
  - Compiler changes
  * Add CppRuntime_* version identifiers
  * Deprecated CLI switch -gc have been removed
  * Expose __traits(isZeroInit, T)
  * Implement new C++ mangling syntax
  * Add pragma(linkerDirective), to emit linker directives into object files
  * fix Issue 14246 - RAII - proper destruction of partially constructed objects
  * Add __traits(getTargetInfo, "key") to query details about the compilation target
  - Library changes
  * std.algorithm.iteration.each is now capable of early-stopping
  * toHash function has been added to std.experimental.checkedint.Checked
* Sun Oct 14 2018 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to 2.082.1
  - DMD Compiler regressions
  * Could not CTFE with std.math.exp from 2.082.0
  * [REG 2.081] Can no longer override pragma(lib) with -L switch
  * Some source files names are no longer accepted
  - Phobos regressions
  * Templated format with variable width allocates 2GB of RAM per call.
  - Phobos bugs
  * cannot be used with !ubyte
  * std.algorithm.subsitute wrong results for single subrange substitution
* Sun Sep 09 2018 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to 2.082.0
  - Compiler changes
  * Support for comparing arrays of unsigned byte-sized types and structs has been added to -betterC
  * Added D_ModuleInfo, D_Exceptions, and D_TypeInfo version identifiers
  * Deprecate conditional expression followed by an assign expression
  * Unsafe code can now be used in debug blocks
  * Deprecate usage of opDot
  * D now supports deprecated, @disable and user-defined attributes on enum members
  * Deprecated C-style array declarations will now result in a compilation error
  * Mangling of extern(C++) template on Windows now correctly mangles const non-pointer template parameters.
  * .offsetof and .tupleof for fields of Objective-C classes have now been disabled
  * 64-bit OS X: Revert C++ mangling of long to pre-2.079 to restore size_t interop
  * UDAs on function parameters are now supported
  - Runtime changes
  * Exception trapping can now be disabled via --DRT-trapExceptions=0
  * Additional functions for associative arrays
  * TypeInfo.getHash now uses core.internal.hash.hashOf functions for hash computing
  * core.sys.posix.utsname.update renamed to version_
  - Library changes
  * Single- and double-precision implementations for (a)tan and exp function families
  * std.algorithm.iteration.each is now capable of early-stopping
  * std.algorithm.iteration.joiner can now be used for bidirectional ranges
  * std.algorithm.searching.skipOver can now handle variadic arguments
  * Added staticArray to construct a static array from array / input range. Includes a length-inferring compile-time variant.
  * Deprecated functions for getting the timezone have been removed.
* Sat Aug 18 2018
- Update to 2.081.2
  - DMD Compiler regressions
  * [REG 2.080] SIGSEGV in el_ptr (s=0x15) at dmd/backend/el.c:1760
  * dmd 2.081 crashed by getVirtualFunctions for a interface extended interface
  - DMD Compiler bugs
  * Associative array opIn with static array key fails with dynamic array
  - Phobos bugs
  * Cannot inline "...Slides.numberOfFullFrames", ""
  - Druntime bugs
  * __delete doesn't work with immutable
- Changes in 2.081.1
  - DMD Compiler regressions
  * [REG2.081] getOverloads traits returns empty tuples for void functions
  * [REG 2.080.1] Error: const(Object) is used as a type with structs that have symbol named Object
* Sat Jul 07 2018
- Update to 2.081.0
  - Compiler changes
  * Deprecate allowing a constructor declaration in a static block
  * Deprecate usage of this and super as types
  * Implement DIP 1009 - Add Expression-Based Contract Syntax
  * extern (C++) construction, destruction, operators and other mangling improvements
  * Support for iterating template overloads
  * __traits(getLinkage, ...) now works on structs, classes, and interfaces.
  * Implicit catch statements will now result in an error
  * Implicit comparison of different enums will now result in an error
  * Implicit string concatenation will now result in an error
  * IRETQ is now supported in inline assembler.
  * Interfaces and classes can be used without the runtime if only static fields are utilized
  * Specifying redundant storage classes will now result in a compiler error
  - Runtime changes
  * Filenames and line numbers have been added to stacktraces on macOS
  * object.destroy() supports extern(C++) classes.
  * Add missing declarations to core.sys.darwin.mach.getsect
  - Library changes
  * The deprecated std.c package has been removed.
  * The performance of std.algorithm.iteration.joiner has been improved
  * std.algorithm.mutation.remove now only accepts integral values or pair of integral values as offset
  * Changed semantics of std.math.{fmin,fmax} wrt. NaNs.
- Use same auto_bootstrap define for all builds.
* Fri Jun 08 2018
- Update to 2.080.1
  - DMD Compiler regressions
  * [REG 2.073] object initializer omitted when it should be included.
  * [REG2.078-b1] case where && is not shortcut anymore in CTFE
  * DMD segfault when doing unsafe operation outside of any function
  - DMD Compiler bugs
  * static foreach segfaults on __traits(allMembers)
  * Access violation when generating JSON on static foreach
  * DMD compilation crash
  * -lib crashes on static libraries in the command line
  - Phobos regressions
  * [REG 2.080.0] Compiling byGrapheme Fails
  * DMD "illegal hardware instruction" crash
  * getSymbolsByUDA fails on AliasSeq members
  - Druntime bugs
  * core.internal.string has issues with radix
* Mon May 07 2018
- Update to 2.080.0
  See the full changelog here:
- Refresh dmd_use_tarball_bootstrap.diff
Version: 2.079.1-bp150.2.4
* Mon Apr 16 2018
- Update to 2.079.1
  - DMD Compiler regressions
  * [REG 2.073] [DIP1000] Error on bad interplay of 'auto ref' and 'return' attribute deduction.
  * DMD segmentation fault
  - DMD Compiler bugs
  * Enums are evaluated differently in global scope
  * compiler segfault if new on a union type with dip1000
  - DMD Compiler enhancements
  * Use of delete should be allowed without a deprecation in a deprecated scope
  - Phobos regressions
  * std.regex Captures opAssign returns void since v2.079.0
  * getSymbolsByUDA produces wrong result if one of the symbols having the UDA is a function
  * assigning a std.regex.Captures with 3 or more groups causes double free
  - Phobos bugs
  * [2.079] std.format ignores templated toString if another toString is not a template
  - Phobos enhancements
  * Document the type of std.stdio.stdin and friends
  - Druntime regressions
  * [Reg 2.079] src/rt/tracegc.d(43): Deprecation: The delete keyword has been deprecated
* Tue Apr 10 2018
- Enable auto_bootstrap for Tumbleweed to get successful builds
- Run spec-cleaner
* Fri Mar 30 2018
- Build only for %ix86 and x86_64 since other arch cannot be boostrapped
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- Update to 2.079.0
  * Full changelog:
- spec-cleaner was run
- use %config(noreplace) for dmd.conf
  Make sure we don't replace if users modify this config.
* Thu Mar 01 2018
- Enable auto_bootrap for Leap 15.0
- Add !buildignore gcc-PIE for i586 arch since it will not compile on i586 with PIE enabled
* Sun Feb 18 2018
- Update to 2.078.3
  - DMD Compiler regressions
  * [REG2.078.2] Access violation when dmd tries to print highlighted code
  - DMD Compiler bugs
  * Switch skips over declaration issued for explicitly uninitialized variables
* Sun Feb 11 2018
- Update to 2.078.2
  - DMD Compiler regressions
  * [REG 2.078] dmd can't generate 64-bit binaries on Windows 10 with VS 2015
  * [Reg 2.078] Building fails with VC 2015 Build Tools
  - DMD Compiler bugs
  * wrong code for int.min > 0
  - Druntime regressions
  * [Reg 2.078] comparison of arrays of associative arrays no longer compiles
* Wed Jan 24 2018
- Update to 2.078.1
  - DMD Compiler regressions
  * [REG2.060] DMD hang in semantic3 on alias this
  - DMD Compiler bugs
  * undefined reference to __coverage
  * unittests get different names depending on how the files are passed to dmd
  * building with -m64 doesn't work with sc.ini from the zip distribution and VS2017
  - Phobos bugs
  * std.array.replace throws a range violation if the from range is longer than the array
  * Generic functions in std.math cannot be overloaded
  - Druntime regressions
  * module config is in file 'rt/config.d' which cannot be read
* Sat Jan 13 2018
- Update to 2.078.0
- Update auto_bootstrap version to 2.078.0
- Remove bootrap option for ldc since we have working bootstraping with dmd
- Did some more clean-up in spec of build flags that was wrong and redundant
- Update default dmd.conf with more accurate includes
* Mon Jan 01 2018
- Enable PIC and set Model=32 for i586 builds
- Disable auto_bootstrap
* Tue Dec 12 2017
- Enable auto_bootstrap to make it build on i586.
* Sat Dec 09 2017
- Update to 2.077.1
  * [REG2.068] compile-time string concatenation fails with CTFE and char[] literal involved
  * compiler segfault in DsymbolSemanticVisitor::visit(UnittestDeclaration*)
  * [REG 2.077.0] dmd 2.077.0 crashes when computing mangling symbol for simple program
  * [Reg 2.077] don't build libphobos2.a with PIC for i386
  * [Reg 2.075] Fibers guard page uses a lot more memory mappings
- Add "-fPIC" to DFLAGS in dmd.conf for 32bit so we can compile D programs for i586.
* Fri Nov 17 2017
- Added missing LICENSE.txt to docs
- Improved the spec file
* Sun Nov 05 2017
- Update to 2.077.0
  * Mangled Symbols now back reference types and identifiers
  * Removed prelude assert for constructors & destructors
  * DMD builds are now reproducible
  * core.atomic.atomicLoad's returns types have changed for aggregate types that have indirections
  * Vectorized array operations are now templated
- Build with AUTO_BOOTSTRAP disabled
- Run spec-cleaner
* Thu Oct 26 2017
- Update to 2.076.1
  * fix Issue 16997 - Integral promotion rules not being followed for unary + - ~ operators
  * Mangled Symbols now back reference types and identifiers.
  * Removed prelude assert for constructors & destructors
  * DMD builds are now reproducible
* Fri Jun 09 2017
- Rework description
* Fri May 26 2017
- Update to 2.073.2
* Sat Mar 11 2017
- Update to 2.073.1
* Thu Apr 07 2016
- Update to 2.071.0
  Compiler Changes
- Import access checks for fully qualified names were fixed.
- Protection for selective and renamed imports were fixed.
  Language Changes
- Imports no longer hide locals declared in outer scopes.
- Private symbols are no longer visible in other modules.
- Manifest constant can now be used for deprecation message.
  Library Changes
- A clear method has been added to associative arrays to remove all elements.
- The GC now uses a spinlock instead of a recursive mutex.
- Calls to are now ignored during finalization instead of throwing an InvalidMemoryOperationError, see Bugzilla 15353.
- GC.addRoot and GC.addRange now use a separate lock.
- GCAllocator.goodAllocSize was added.
- High-level API of now uses Appender for received content. Which generally makes all calls slightly faster. Up to 200ms for large amounts of data.
- Repeat was added to obtain a repeating AliasSeq consisting of template arguments.
- fold was added as an alternative to reduce with argument order swapped.
- Added nextPow2 and truncPow2 to std.math.
- bsf, bsr, and popcnt now work with ulongs on 32 bit systems.
- topN is now 5% - 7% faster.
- Unary overloads of startsWith and endsWith were added.
- maxCount and maxPos were added.
- Range support for the convenience wrapper redBlackTree was added.
  See the full changelog here:
* Fri Mar 04 2016
- Update to 2.070.2
  This is a bugfix release, please refer to the changelog for details: