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Change Logs

* Wed Mar 21 2018
- Update to version 1.0.6:
  * dkg-keysign: added option "-k" (keyring with external keys)
  * dkg-encrypt: added option "-k" (keyring with external keys)
  * dkg-verify: added option "-k" (keyring with external keys)
  * dkg-keycheck: added option "-k" (keyring with external keys)
  * dkg-keycheck: added output of allowed external revocation keys
  * dkg-encrypt: added option "-s" to select appropriate subkey
  * dkg-encrypt: renamed option "-z" to "-t" for convenience
  * dkg-keysign: include only exportable signatures to output
  * check and set strict permissions (0600) for private key file
  * dkg-sign: added option "-U" (policy URI) and improved manpage
  * dkg-refresh: support generic verification and public key parsing
  * dkg-keysign: added options "-1" through "-3" (validation level)
  * dkg-keysign: added option "-u" (select user IDs) for CLT18
  * dkg-keysign: support generic verification and public key parsing
  * dkg-verify: support generic verification and public key parsing
  * dkg-encrypt: support generic encryption and public key parsing
  * dkg-generate: added no-modify key server preferences (0x80)
  * improved error handling for unrecognized OpenPGP (sub)packets
  * dkg-keycheck: changed semantics of option "-r" (reduce subkeys)
  * dkg-keycheck: uses new public-key block parser from LibTMCG
  * new default domain parameter set (CRS) due to LibTMCG changes
  * raised the requirement of libgcrypt version to >= 1.7.0
* Sat Feb 10 2018
- Trim/compact long description for size, and wrap at 70 cols.
* Thu Feb 08 2018
- Update to version 1.0.5
  * added secure memory allocation from libgcrypt for some parts
  * dkg-verify: added options "-f" and "-t" for a validity period
  * added simple initalization procedure for memory locking
  * added basic check on signature strength in parse_signature()
  * added some basic checks on key strength in parse_public_key()
  * added check for revocation signatures in parse_public_key()
  * dkg-encrypt: added option "-z" for improved privacy (zero key ID)
  * dkg-verify: added validity checks on key and signature
  * dkg-keycheck: added ROCA vulnerability detector (Infineon RSALib)
  * added option "-U" for dkg-keysign (policy URI)
  * added option "-r" for dkg-keysign (revocation signature)
  * added option "-r" for dkg-keycheck (support for RSA keys)
  * added program dkg-keysign for creating certification signatures
  * dkg-decrypt: removed support for not integrity protected messages
  * dkg-keycheck: added test for small/same k in DSA signatures
  * dkg-refresh: added cache for very strong randomness
- Use https instead of http
* Mon Jan 15 2018
- Initial packaging of version 1.0.4