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Change Logs

* Sat Mar 24 2018
- Update to 5.9.0:
- New features (from NEWS):
  General      : Libraw updated to last 0.18.8.
- 45 bugs fixed
- Drop upstream patches:
  * fix-font-size-in-tooltips.patch
  * digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0001.patch
  * digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0002.patch
  * digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0003.patch
  * digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0004.patch
  * update-internal-libraw-to-last-stable-0.18.7.patch
  * update-internal-libraw-to-last-0.18.8.patch
- Drop fix-italian-docs-with-older-kdoctools.patch, Leap 42.2 is no
  longer supported
- Don't try to delete libkvkontakte translations, they are no
  longer installed (kde#369517)
- Also don't try to delete *.a files and locale/x-test, no longer
* Wed Mar 07 2018
- Add upstream patches to fix build in Tumbleweed:
  * update-internal-libraw-to-last-stable-0.18.7.patch
  * update-internal-libraw-to-last-0.18.8.patch
* Fri Feb 09 2018
- Fix broken rebase of 0001-Disable-detection-of-OpenGL-for-GLES-platforms.patch
* Thu Feb 08 2018
- Drop xorg-x11-devel BuildRequires, all x11 dependencies are
  via Qt and covered by the Qt5* BuildRequires
- Drop BuildRequires on gphoto binary, the version is discovered
  using pkgconfig now.
* Thu Feb 08 2018
- Drop xorg-x11-devel BuildRequires, all x11 dependencies are
  via Qt and covered by the Qt5* BuildRequires
- Drop BuildRequires on gphoto binary, the version is discovered
  using pkgconfig now.
* Thu Jan 18 2018
- Add digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0001.patch (adapted to 5.8.0),
  digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0003.patch, and
  digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0004.patch to fix MySQL DB
  migration issues (kde#388824, kde#388867, kde#388977)
* Wed Jan 17 2018
- Add fix-font-size-in-tooltips.patch to make tooltips respect the
  configured font size (kde#337243)
- Remove some no longer respected cmake options
* Mon Jan 15 2018
- Update to 5.8.0:
- New features (from NEWS):
  General      : Add support to OpenCV 3.4.x.
  General      : Updated internal Libraw to last 0.18.6.
  General      : New Upnp/Dlna media server to share collections on local network.
  Image Editor : New clone tool to replace old CImg in-painting tool.
  DropBox : tool ported AuthO2 API.
- 231 bugs fixed
- Remove unneeded libkface-devel build requirement, it's not used
  anymore since over 2 years
- Add 0001-Revert-replace-obsolete-qSort-function.patch and
  0002-Revert-replace-obsolete-qSort-function.patch to fix build
  with gcc 4.8 on Leap 42
- Add fix-italian-docs-with-older-kdoctools.patch to make it build
  on Leap 42.2
- Pass --without-kde to %find_lang to prevent the docs being added
  to the lang package, we have a separate docs subpackage
  (it supports the KF5 docs location starting with rpm 4.14.0, and
  that would break the build)
- Drop upstream patches:
  * Adapt-to-KCalCore-API-changes.patch
  * fix-Qt-5.9.3-empty-album-problem.patch
* Fri Dec 08 2017
- Add fix-Qt-5.9.3-empty-album-problem.patch to fix albums showing
  up empty with Qt 5.9.3 or higher (kde#387373)
* Wed Nov 22 2017
- Add Adapt-to-KCalCore-API-changes.patch to make it build with
  KDE Applications 17.12
* Thu Sep 14 2017
- Add 0001-Disable-detection-of-OpenGL-for-GLES-platforms.patch
  Disable OpenGL detection on embedded platforms (e.g. ARM)
  Currently digikam depends on Desktop GL and fails to build when
  using a Qt5OpenGL build with GLES, see kde#383715
* Tue Sep 12 2017
- Update to 5.7.0:
- New features (from NEWS):
  General     : Add online handbook reader not dependant of desktop.
  General     : New tool to export albums by email.
  General     : New tool to create advance print layout.
  General     : Send by Mail tool can remove all metadata to attached items.
  General     : Replaced the minimum and maximum similarity selection boxes in fuzzy
    search, duplicates search and maintenance by a new, generic DIntRangeBox
    which makes the look, feel and behavious consistent in all places.
    Also, this makes redundant code obsolete and reduces the probability of bugs.
  PrintCreator: Add option to create printing from albums or images selection.
  PrintCreator: Add option to customize output image properties to render printing.
  PrintCreator: Tool is now multi-threaded to process images while preview and printing.
  ImageEditor : Add SendByMail and PrintCreator tools support.
  Showfoto    : Add SendByMail and PrintCreator tools support.
  LightTable  : Add SendByMail and PrintCreator tools support.
  Panorama    : Add Hugin 2017.0 support.
  Geolocation : Add new tool to export GPS trace to KML file from geolocation editor.
- Many bugs fixed
- Drop fix-build-cmake39.patch, now upstream
- Drop find_libastro-qt5.patch, 42.1 is no longer supported and
  its Qt5 is too old anyway
- Drop unneeded exiv2 requirement, digikam uses libexiv2 only
- Add libkvkontakte-devel and libmediawiki-devel build requirements
  (both have been released as KF5 versions meanwhile) to enable the
  corresponding kipi plugins
- Build with opencv-devel instead of opencv-qt5-devel, the latter
  doesn't exist any more
* Sat Aug 26 2017
- Add patch to fix build with cmake 3.9:
  * fix-build-cmake39.patch
* Sun Jun 25 2017
- BuildRequire Qt >= 5.6.0
* Thu Jun 22 2017
- Update to 5.6.0:
- New features (from NEWS):
  Database    : We activated database shrinking for MySQL as part of
    the maintenance since now we can test the affected
    tables for integrity.
  Searches    : Users can now restrict the results of fuzzy
    image/drop/sketch search to be in specific albums.
  Searches    : Users can now select both tags and albums in duplicates
    search and restrict the set of images in which
    duplicates are searched with logical operations (in
    selected albums or/and tags, in selected albums but not
    tags and vice versa and only in selected objects of
    current tab)
  Searches    : In extended search, the tags selection can also be
    restricted such that images must be either tagged with
    at least one of or with all selected tags.
  General     : New tool to export Albums to static HTML gallery.
  General     : New tool to export Albums to video diaporama.
  HTMLGallery : New "Elegant" theme using javascript to render image
    as slideshow in web browser.
  HTMLGallery : New "SimpleRounded" theme that uses flat shapes with
    rounded corners.
  HTMLGallery : New "BlueCurved" theme with a blue rubbon on the left
    and an area for navigation arrows.
  HTMLGallery : Add option to generate a Gallery from a selection of
    images instead an album list.
  ImageEditor : Add HTMLGallery, Calendar, ExpoBlending, VideSlideshow,
    and Panorama tools support.
  Showfoto    : Add HTMLGallery, Calendar, ExpoBlending, VideSlideshow,
    and Panorama tools support.
  LightTable  : Add HTMLGallery, Calendar, ExpoBlending, VideSlideshow,
    and Panorama tools support.
- Many bugs fixed
- Enable building docs again, the problems are fixed
Version: 5.5.0-2.4
* Fri Aug 04 2017
- Add fix-exiv-version.patch to let digikam build on SLE with exiv 0.23
* Tue May 30 2017
- digikam now recommends marble in order for the geolocation widgets
  to work by default.
* Tue Mar 14 2017
- Update to 5.5.0:
- New features (from NEWS):
  Database    : Add new options to ignore some kind of directories while scanning collections.
  Database    : We introduced garbage collection for databases as maintenance stage. This stage removes stale image,
    thumbnail and face entries gut does not shrink Databases automatically.
  Faces       : It is now possible to remove face tags from people sidebar but preserve them in tags sidebar.
  Faces       : Recognised but unconfirmed faces are now visible both in the recognised face tag and also in a special tag called Unconfirmed.
  Faces       : The list of proposed names for name assignment in people sidebar can now be reduced to face tags with a setup option.
  Faces       : Tags in tags sidebar can now be marked as face tags via context menu if they are not already.
  Maintenance : The maintenance now does not generate massive amounts of threads anymore. Instead, we use a queue based approach to
    level the load on the CPUs more appropriate. This should improve the reactiveness during maintenance.
  Searches    : Improved the exactness of similarity recognition for external images dropped in fuzzy search.
  Searches    : Introduced a configurable lower bound for the minimum similarity in fuzzy and duplicates search.
  Searches    : The results of duplicates searches can now be restricted. It is now possible to restrict the duplicates to the ones that
    are in the same album as the reference image or in another album. This feature is also usable in maintenance.
  Searches    : In duplicates view, the reference image is more clearly identified by the description reference image in the image information.
  BQM         : Several usability improvements in Watermark tool.
  General     : Unsharp Mask filter can now reduce color noise to process image in HSL color space.
  General     : Update internal Libraw to 0.18.2 : new camera supported: Sigma Quattro H.
    Fixed bug in exposure computation for Fuji camera. Fix wrong black level in Sony A350.
    Fix Sony metadata parser. Fix Phase One decoding.
- Many bugs fixed
- Remove patches, now upstream:
  * fix-build-with-ecm-5.31.patch
  * hide-functions-that-are-no-longer-available.patch
- Disable building docs, those are broken upstream (kde#377597)
* Thu Mar 02 2017
- add hide-functions-that-are-no-longer-available.patch: hide functions
  that are no longer available in the current Google (kde#376913)
* Sun Feb 26 2017
- Drop the useless Buildrequires on soprano
* Sun Feb 19 2017
- Added fix-build-with-ecm-5.31.patch to fix build with the latest
  KDE Frameworks 5.31.0
* Wed Jan 11 2017
- update to 5.4.0
  - Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to introduce a
    range of similarity of items.
  - Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to be able to
    sort search albums list view by similary level.
  - Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to permit
    multiple selection in search albums list view.
  - Searches: Improvements of fuzzy searches to permit fuzzy
    search on local images not present in the
    database via drag & drop.
  - Searches: Improvements of duplicate/fuzzy/sketch searches
    to permit sorting the resulting images in image
    view by similarity level.
  - Searches: Improvements of duplicate/fuzzy/sketch search
    results by showing the concrete similarity values
    in table view.
  - AlbumGUI: Improvements of grouped images to apply renaming,
    copying or metadata actions to all images.
  - General: Media player is now ported to QtAV instead
    Qt5Multimedia (
  - General: Add support of animated GIF in preview mode.
  - SlideShow: Add video support.
  - Presentation: Add video support.
  - General: Update internal Libraw to last 0.18.
  - over 193 bugfixes, among them:
    kde#366624, kde#372027, kde#372232, kde#294579, kde#307332,
    kde#368762, kde#371543, kde#369051, kde#372217, kde#372362,
    kde#372341, kde#372326, kde#372314, kde#372164, kde#372433,
    kde#372442, kde#366567, kde#274360, kde#372380, kde#372484,
    kde#372323, kde#372583, kde#372584, kde#372683, kde#372640,
    kde#370150, kde#372672, kde#372722, kde#204006, kde#372312,
    kde#366162, kde#261417, kde#354232, kde#372684, kde#372781,
    kde#372831, kde#372872, kde#372859, kde#367611, kde#371899,
    kde#363998, kde#361848, kde#330062, kde#372900, kde#372427,
    kde#102500, kde#330064, kde#372628, kde#372540, kde#373003,
    kde#370553, kde#372093, kde#352870, kde#373100, kde#334799,
    kde#321145, kde#320628, kde#285910, kde#340609, kde#370744,
    kde#339961, kde#312054, kde#373500, kde#362406, kde#301936,
    kde#327244, kde#256179, kde#327391, kde#373272, kde#159824,
    kde#372755, kde#366387, kde#348933, kde#330112, kde#222319,
    kde#281718, kde#280755, kde#373715, kde#301029, kde#242799,
    kde#260594, kde#230985, kde#151539, kde#332074, kde#336309,
    kde#335996, kde#336594, kde#225731, kde#096133, kde#091538,
    kde#151540, kde#372485, kde#370228, kde#216655, kde#248586,
    kde#139690, kde#373606, kde#373954, kde#373754, kde#373562,
    kde#374010, kde#339748, kde#337300, kde#349924, kde#292316,
    kde#152522, kde#144078, kde#336791, kde#132369, kde#142051,
    kde#340093, kde#335299, kde#147466, kde#187959, kde#330579,
    kde#356939, kde#333348, kde#320666, kde#302923, kde#374109,
    kde#339027, kde#339092, kde#175626, kde#335885, kde#267992,
    kde#235920, kde#294432, kde#264035, kde#369681, kde#369595,
    kde#366440, kde#349929, kde#221690, kde#363116, kde#374071,
    kde#313507, kde#353534, kde#097078, kde#096878, kde#119424,
    kde#145228, kde#354867, kde#150076, kde#374135, kde#203714,
    kde#374178, kde#374179, kde#370392, kde#372420, kde#366234,
    kde#374185, kde#372481, kde#284780, kde#368124, kde#360155,
    kde#374354, kde#360955, kde#371530, kde#365313, kde#366247,
    kde#374326, kde#374327, kde#374413, kde#296580, kde#374428,
    kde#340986, kde#339308, kde#321531, kde#372159, kde#357696,
    kde#199608, kde#335915, kde#274893, kde#180701, kde#362300,
    kde#358092, kde#288658, kde#352295, kde#361111, kde#292230,
    kde#220201, kde#374191, kde#344698, kde#335340, kde#335051,
    kde#333737, kde#330848, kde#319702, kde#244789, kde#261914,
    kde#323194, kde#261397, kde#323514
  - kde#373434 - No exif data in pictures exported to Flickr.
  - kde#374242 - exported photos to Gphoto are rotated.
  - kde#374409 - Export to Flickr ignores EXIF Orientation.
  - kde#329309 - TIF files appear not in correct orientation in
  - kde#374510 - Creating albums on flickr with line breaks in
    their descriptions fails.
  - kde#374442 - Exporting images with line breaks in their
    captions to flickr fails.
  - kde#374293 - Google albums reload button still display
    albums which have  been removed from google
* Tue Nov 08 2016
- Update to Digikam v5.3.0:
  * bugfixes
- Drop upstreamed patch migration_from_digikam4.diff
* Mon Oct 03 2016
- Updated migration_from_digikam4.diff to migrate also the
  geobookmarks.xml file from digikam4. This patch thus fixes
  kde#364258, kde#357944 and kde#368968.
* Mon Oct 03 2016
- Added migration_from_digikam4.diff to support migration of
  settings and database from digikam4 the first time digikam5
  is run by adding a migration page in the welcome wizard and
  letting the user choose what to do (kde#364258).
* Thu Sep 29 2016
- Workaround kde#369517 by removing libvkontakte translations
  (not built but installed anyway)
* Tue Sep 27 2016
- Ensure akonadi-contact-devel is not pulled in for ppc64, as
  QWebEngine is not available for that platform
* Sun Sep 25 2016
- Don't disable building the documentation any more, kde#365135 is
  fixed in 5.2.0
* Sat Sep 24 2016
- Update to Digikam v5.2.0:
  * many bugfixes
  * updated documentation
- Remove build-32bits.patch again, fixed upstream
- Add threadweaver and gphoto buildrequires
- Enable appstyles to not force fusion style
- Fix miscellaneous rpmlint warnings
* Wed Aug 10 2016
- Add find_libastro-qt5.patch to fix build of geolocation support
  in Leap 42.1
* Wed Aug 10 2016
- Update to Digikam v5.1.0:
  * many bugfixes
  * supports new RAW cameras
- Add build-32bits.patch to fix build on 32-bit x86
* Fri Jul 15 2016
- Enable mediaplayer (Qt5Multimedia support)
* Wed Jul 13 2016
- Drop unused build dependency on sqlite2
- Obsolete the kipi-plugins5 package
* Sun Jul 10 2016
- raise dependency on libkipi version
* Fri Jul 08 2016
- Update to Digikam v5.0
  * Now Qt5/KF5 based
- Drop patches no longer required:
  - fix_opencv3.patch
  - digikam-4.14.0-lensfun-0.3.2.patch
  - remove-gplv2-only.patch
  - digikam-buildtime.patch
- Drop library tarball, as we now depend on the external libraries
  - digikam-libs.tar.bz2
- Disable documentation for now based on bko#365135