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Change Logs

* Mon Jun 07 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 1.0.124
  * functions: Turn for loops variables into locals
  * functions: add zstd control&data support to the ar extractor
  * stage1: re-mkdir /proc if it is a symlink instead of umount.
  * Add --inrelease-path option to allow specifying by-hash
    InRelease location.
Version: 1.0.123-bp152.1.1
* Sun May 03 2020 Alexei Sorokin <>
- Update version to 1.0.123:
  * See /usr/share/doc/packages/debootstrap/changelog
* Sat Jul 27 2019 Alexei Sorokin <>
- Update version to 1.0.115:
  * See /usr/share/doc/packages/debootstrap/changelog
* Wed Jun 28 2017
- Update version to 1.0.97 (changes since 1.0.90):
  * Avoid the "type" shell command (deb#860545).
  * Add (Ubuntu) bionic as a symlink to gutsy.
  * scripts/gutsy: Incorporate changes from Ubuntu:
    + Synch from scripts/sid.
    + Fix debootstrap --variant=fakechroot failure because
    initscripts is no longer part of the base system.
  * Use force_md5 for breezy, dapper and edgy (deb#659360,
    deb#676373). Now you can create Ubuntu breezy/dapper/edgy chroot.
  * Change repository URI for old Ubuntu releases (deb#676370,
    Archived Ubuntu releases are at
  * Set correct keyring and default mirror for old debian releases.
    Now you can fetch popato/woody/sarge/etch/lenny/squeeze if you
    want (deb#891404, deb#600647, deb#792729).
  * Avoid pre-exist directory causes failure (deb#864734).
  * Split common code from scripts/sid to scripts/debian-common and
    share it between distributions (deb#798562).
  * Don't let host PATH leak into the target commands. It works on
    chroots that have different PATH like Arch Linux and Fedora
    (deb#718632, deb#770658, deb#890418).
  * Escape spaces to fix debootstrap on path contains space fails
    (deb#586158, deb#762431).
  * Add warning if file specified via --keyring does not exist
    (deb#754318, deb#775474).
  * Avoid unnecessary keyring warning with --second-stage option
  * Output warning if falling back to sha1 (deb#775444).
  * Prevent unintended removal with --print-debs option
  * Add scripts for Kali Linux (deb#798564).
  * Improve manpage description for --{unpack,make}-tarball options
  * Fix multiple components usage for --foreign/--second-stage
  * Try to auto-detect proxy if available
    (e.g. squid-deb-proxy-client) (deb#732628).
  * Handle existing /dev (deb#872577).
  * Create /dev/console as same as previous (deb#872059).
  * Do not ignore HTTPS mirror setting (deb#893954).
  * Improve manpage "what is calls a Debian base system" (deb#872948).
  * Improve the error message when download fails (deb#866401).
  * Use wget --non-verbose option instead of --quiet.
  * Improve error message on Release signed by unknown key
  * Add a --cache-dir feature (deb#844118)
    It is enabled by default and uses /var/cache/apt/archives as a
    default value.
  * Use arch-test if installed to check whether second stage is
    possible (deb#826709).
  * Fix boostrapping libvirt LXC containers (deb#890419).
  * Use "command -v apt-config" to check for apt-config's presence
  * Drop default value for the --cache-dir parameter.
  * Forbid the usage of non-empty directories with --print-debs and
  - -make-tarball.
  * Do not use HTTPS for the Kali bootstrap script.
- Add a missing wget depenendency.