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Change Logs

Version: 1.8.3-bp152.1.3
* Thu Apr 02 2020 Hillwood Yang <>
- Update version to 1.8.3
  * Fixed a CD Text reading issue
  * Added title formatting functions: len2, longer, longest, padcut,
    padcut_right, progress, progress2, right, roman, rot13, shortest, strchr,
    stricmp, strrchr, strstr, substr, tab, trim (esainane@github)
  * Fixed a bunch of memory bugs in title formatting (esainane@github)
  * Added optional automatic playlist sorting (kpcee@github)
  * Added title formatting value %playback_time_ms% (nonoo@github)
  * Added an option to start deadbeef hidden / minimized to tray (kpcee@github)
  * Fixed %_path_raw% to always produce an URI (Evgeny Kravchenko)
  * Fixed rounding of %selection_playback_time% (kpcee@github)
  * Fixed a memory leak in AAC plugin
  * Fixed crash when removing playlist from UI layout (Nicolai Syvertsen)
  * Added logging of plugin load errors
  * Added an option to replaygain scan all unscanned files in playlist
  * Added detecting and ignoring freeformat MP3 files
  * Removed logging of playlist load debug messages
  * Fixed playback stuttering after deleting files
  * Fixed deleting files using playlist tab context menu
  * Fixed saving playlist after deleting files
  * Fixed saving playlist after replaygain scan
  * Fixed a bunch of crashes and memory leaks when opening playlist context menu
    (Christian Boxdörfer)
  * Fixed a performance issue when seeking in MP3 files
  * Fixed a bunch of issues with Repeat and Shuffle implementation
  * Fixed handling of in-stream HTTP headers for streaming audio
  * Fixed a bunch of bugs in HTTP stream interruption
  * Fixed semicolon-separated values handling in track properties dialog
  * Fixed choosing next track when the currently playing track was removed
  * Fixed seeking out of bounds using hotkeys
  * Fixed saving opus header gain when no replaygain info is present
  * Improved remove from disk dialog (kpcee@github)
  * Fixed ID3v2 TLAN (LANGUAGE) and TMED (MEDIA TYPE) mapping to be consistent
    with other formats
  * Fixed replaygain bug causing it to be ON by default
  * Fixed bug in elapsed time calculation in replaygain scanner UI
  * Fixed a stack overflow bug when writing ID3v1
  * Added ID3v2 POPM rating support, both reading and writing
  * Fixed an issue with splitters not reaching the view edges
  * Fixed single-quote escaping issue in ShellExec
  * Fixed Add Location dialog not adding URLs
  * Fixed ffmpeg file handle leak
  * Added remove playlist confirmation dialog in GTK UI (kpcee@github)
  * Fixed DTS channel count metadata
  * Fixed loading MP3 album art of APIC type=0 (Other)
  * Added album art fallback to png (jakesfr@github)
  * Fixed ALSA hanging after audio format change
  * Fixed handling "ICY 200 OK" status in vfs-curl (thesame)
  * Improved EQ UI layout in the DSP settings
  * Fixed streamer being stuck in buffering mode when trying to play deleted files
- Drop deadbeef-fix_ubuntu_unity_desktop.patch, merged by upstream.
* Sun Feb 16 2020 Hillwood Yang <>
- More profiles for ogg and aac
  add deadbeef-better-ogg-and-aac-converter-support.patch
* Thu Jan 16 2020
- Fix potential buffer overflow in on_group_by_custom_activate
* Mon Jan 06 2020 Hillwood Yang <>
- Update version to 1.8.2
  * Volume control from command line supports increment syntax (by
  * Fixed writing multi-value fields into FLAC tags
  * Map ALBUMARTIST field to ALBUM ARTIST field in FLAC
  * Fixed sound output plugin selection bug in GTK UI
  * Fixed crash when opening files of 0 size
  * Fixed UI freeze when nullout plugin is selected
  * Fixed a regression in restoring the last selected folder in GTK file chooser
- Fixed reture type, add deadbeef-fix-return-type.patch
- Install documents by rpmbuild, add deadbeef-drop-documents-installation.patch
* Sat Jun 29 2019 Alexei Sorokin <>
- Update to version 1.8.1:
  * Fix audio freeze while sorting.
  * Fix a crash when resuming playback of a file that has been
  * Fix error messages when loading PLS playlist with relative
  * Fix adjusting shuffle queue after a user initiated track change.
  * Write Album Artist field into OGG files as "ALBUMARTIST".
  * Load external album covers before embedded.
  * Remove the unmaintained sndio plugin.
  * Fix localisation of status bar.
  * Add experimental subgrouping support in playlist, via using a
    "|||" separator for each subsequent nested group, when using
    Group by -> Custom.
  * Add new title formatting functions "$stripprefix" and
  * Change supereq DSP configuration to be more compact
    horizontally and to have more slider precision.
  * Update Repeat and Shuffle hotkey names to match the menus.
  * Fix rounding bug of total playtime in statusbar.
  * Fix design mode splitter handles dragging beyond the window edges.
  * Fix setting album art size based on larger dimension (by ToadKing).
  * Fix a regression causing custom layouts with splitters look
  * Add a FLAC plugin option to ignore corrupted stream errors.
  * Fix a supereq reentrancy bug, potentially causing crash after
    changing audio output configuration.
  * Fix reloading replaygain info.
  * Fix writing replaygain info to APEv2 tags.
- Rebase deadbeef-compiler-warnings.patch,
* Fri May 24 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Added _service file to remove the non-distributable plugins/psf
  and other undesired files
- Added deadbeef_disable_psf.patch
* Mon Apr 08 2019
- Fix filelist for restricted build
* Sun Apr 07 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 1.8.0
  * added Opus support
  * added ReplayGain Scanner
  * added proper tracks+cue support (in cooperation with wdlkmpx)
  * added/improved MP4 tag reading and writing
  * added loading embedded album art from MP4 files
  * added File Copy and File Move converter presets
  * added Log Window displaying error information from various
    sources (in cooperation with Saivert)
  * improved replaygain configuration and runtime behavior
  * fixed replaygain support in Converter
  * improved reading, storing and editing multi-value tag fields
  * added GBS support to Game_Music_Emu (kode54)
  * added SGC support to Game_Music_Emu
  * fixed clipping prevention for mp3, replaygain is applied
    before clipping
  * fixed vfz_zip handling of colons in filenames
  * fixed wma decoding precision error
  * fixed issues with playing very short files
  * fixed a number of known issues in the Converter
  * UI splitter proportional resizing (cboxdoerfer)
  * added to title formatting: $num, %_path_raw%,
    %_playlist_name%, $replace, $upper, $lower,
    %playback_bitrate%, $repeat, $insert, $len, <<<>>>, >>><<<,
    $pad, $pad_right (saivert)
  * added support for dim and bright text in playlist columns
  * improved detecting GTK theme colors for custom widgets
  * added new multiline tag editing dialog for individual values
  * added Copy&Paste in playlist (cboxdoerfer)
  * added localization support for plugin UI
  * added Drag'n'drop support from deadbeef to other
    applications (cboxdoerfer)
  * fixed a number of ogg file tagging issues (kode54)
  * fixed multiple crash bugs in AdPlug plugin
  * added UMX module support, ported from foo_dumb
  * updated Game_Music_Emu and VGMplay (kode54)
  * added an option to Converter, to copy the files if the
    format doesn't change
  * added a configuration option `gtkui.start_hidden`, to start
    the player with hidden main window (Radics Péter)
  * added a converter option to retag the files after copying
  * added a context menu action for duplicating playlists (Alex
  * fixed a number of fadeout issues in Game_Music_Emu
  * fixed musepack seeking issue
  * fixed loading album covers from ID3v2.2
  * fixed mp3 bitrate calculation bug for incomplete files with
    LAME header
  * improved large file support with many internal values
    converted to use 64 bits for sample counts
  * use title formatting for displaying status bar text
  * added %seltime% title formatting value, for displaying
    playback time of selected tracks (Thomas Ross)
  * added reading SONGWRITER field from cue sheets (wdlkmpx)
  * added playlist group spacing configuration (saivert)
  * improved mp3 USLT lyrics support (in copperation with Ignat
  * improved playlist browser configurability (Jakub Wasylków)
  * added hotkey action for opening track properties (Jakub
  * added hotkey actions for add/remove/toggle in playqueue
    (Jakub Wasylków)
  * added --volume command line option (Saivert)
  * improved ISRC and subindex handling in CUE (wdlkmpx)
  * added hotkey actions to move selected tracks up/down (Jakub
  * fixed memory access bugs in config handling and supereq
  * added charset detection based on the whole ID3v2 tag content
  * added automatic charset detection for cdtext (Jakub Wasylków)
  * added configuration for output samplerate setting
  * removed fast scanning mp3 option, since it was too inaccurate
  * improved detection of PSF files, to disambiguate them
    against other files which use the same extension
  * added Edit In Place and Crop options to the track properties
  * fixed WildMidi playback of some MID files playing more than
    1024 simultaneous notes
  * fixed playing stereo APE files with single-channel silence
  * added wavpack version 5 support with DSD
  * fixed performance issue when reading AdPlug's HSC files
  * fixed loading audio files from GVFS volumes
  * fixed handling of cuesheets in zip files
  * fixed writing tags into tiny ogg files
  * fixed handling FLAC files with huge block sizes over 100KB
  * replaced mp3 parsing code with the new library, which is
    more reliable and tested, and can handle even more obscure
    mp3 files
  * renamed Looping and Order menus to Repeat and Shuffle,
  * fixed loading larger Songlenths.txt in sid plugin, and added
    support for Songlengths.md5
- Refreshed deadbeef-fix_ubuntu_unity_desktop.patch and
- Dropped 0001-Explicitly-specify-signedness-for-char.patch and
  (no longer necessary)
- Enabled opus
Version: 0.7.2-bp150.2.1
* Wed Feb 14 2018
- Add missing direct buildRequires
- Remove buildrequires on xorg-x11-libs metapackage
* Fri Nov 03 2017
- Add deadbeef.appdata.xml as a separate file and remove
  deadbeef-add-appdata.patch (boo#1066408): the patch was rejected
  upstream. Remove intltool stubs, which fixes the bug.
* Thu Nov 02 2017
Fix build on ARM/PPC:
  * Add 0001-Explicitly-specify-signedness-for-char.patch
  * Add 0002-Use-signed-values-instead-of-potentially-unsigned-li.patch
  * Add 0003-Fix-operator-precedence-and-uninitialized-value-warn.patch
* Fri Aug 25 2017
- Remove mpg123/mad conditional because it is always present
* Fri Jun 30 2017
- Better conditional for
* Tue Jun 27 2017
- buildconditional for mad and mpg123
* Thu May 11 2017
- Enable building with libmpg123 and libmad for newer openSUSE
  releases even outside of Packman.
* Wed Mar 15 2017
- List all %doc files to fix build with rpm 4.13
* Sun Feb 05 2017
- Add deadbeef-add-appdata.patch for
* Sun Feb 05 2017
- Update description
* Wed May 04 2016
- Update to version 0.7.2:
  * Fix title formatting %filename% crash.
  * Fix streaming of aac content in mp4 container.
  * Add https:// support to vfs_curl.
  * Add zh_TW translation to deadbeef.desktop.
  * Fix loading cue sheets without any metadata fields.
  * Fix file close bug in VTX plugin.
  * Fix evaluating nested square brackets syntax in title
  * Improve support for large fields in ID3v2 tags.
  * Fix potential crash bug in artwork plugin.
  * Fix path separator '/' escaping regression in converter.
  * Move ffmpeg plugin to the end of plugin list, to prevent
    conflicts with other input plugins.
  * Add $fix_eol, $hex title formatting.
  * Fix importing [, ] and \n characters from old configuration
  * Fix "Group by artist/date/title" title formatting.
  * Add enumerating/exposing of all supported file extensions to
    ffmpeg plugin.
  * Fix handling of ':' in file path in vfs_zip plugin.
  * Fix old ffmpeg versions support.
  * Fix wma decoder loudness issue.
  * Fix DCA buffer allocation, to make it more musl-friendly.
  * Add $num implementation to title formatting.
  * Fix --nowplaying-tf behavior when player is stopped.
- Remove deadbeef-0.7.1-fix-osd-notify.patch.
- Rebase deadbeef-fix_ubuntu_unity_desktop.patch.
* Wed Apr 06 2016
- Add deadbeef-0.7.1-fix-osd-notify.patch from the upstream commit
  da89020: fix a crash when processing "%filename%".
* Tue Mar 15 2016
- Update to 0.7.1:
  * Fix GTKUI maximised window layout saving/restoring.
  * Fix GTKUI maximised window column autoresize saving/restoring.
  * Fix artwork plugin version checks.
  * Disable bogus shift-jis detection, which was overriding cp1252.
  * Fix MP3 bitrate calculation regression.
  * Fix wrong padding of formatted time.
  * Fix importing legacy title formatting fields bug.
  * Fix incorrect output format after resuming paused session.
  * Fix $ext title formatting bug.
  * Fix %tracknumber% title formatting bug.
  * Fix auto-updating title formatting fields.
  * Fix cache cleaner crash bug.
  * Fix crash when trying to play GYM files.
  * Fix importing legacy playlist grouping config.
  * Fix FLAC metadata field mapping.
  * Fix FLAC metadata track/total and disc/total splitting.
* Mon Feb 01 2016
- Update to 0.7.0:
  * converter: Fix bug overwriting the source file with destination.
  * artwork: add cache cleaner, MusicBrainz backend;
    + configurable default picture, numerous bugfixes;
    + performance improvements, more customisation options.
  * playlist browser: improve drag-n-drop;
    + double-click / middle-click on empty area to create new
    + middle-click on playlist to remove it;
    + highlight current playlist, configurable columns;
    + sort columns by clicking their headers;
    + performance optimisations.
  * Various selection properties improvements.
  * Add "Skip to ..." next/prev album/genre/composer actions.
  * More appearance customisation options in GTK+UI.
  * Add center-alignment option to playlist columns.
  * Add 1 and 5 second "Seek forward/backward" actions.
  * Fix random gtkui crash when closing playlist via menu.
  * New title formatting implementation, aiming to be compatible
    with fb2k, replacing the old one.
  * Add grouping to search window.
  * Improve error handling in vfs_curl.
  * Fix volume control via mouse scroll when using Gtk3.
  * Fix unwanted restarting when unpausing streaming tracks of
    known length.
  * sid: Use stereo by default, with an option to force mono;
    fix performance issues.
  * cdda: Improve cddb support, libcdparanoia, multiple CD drives,
    speed selection.
  * gtkui: Add selection focus, such that the found tracks will be
    focused while using the search window.
  * tags: Use cp1252 instead of iso8859-1 everywhere.
  * Fix resuming network streams after losing network connection.
  * Fix cuesheet charset detection crash bug.
  * Rename mpgmad plugin to "mp3".
  * Add libmpg123 support as a 2nd backend to mp3 plugin, as default.
  * mp3: Fix xing header parsing, length calculation issues.
  * Favour album artist over artist in "stop after current album"
  * gme: Fix SAP file duration and improved looping handling.
  * sid: Automatic detection of HVSC SongLengths.txt from sid file
  * gtkui: Add Tabs widget in Design mode.
  * Add sc68 plugin for playing Atari ST music.
  * Add on-demand initialisation to wild-midi, to speed up player
  * flac: Fix legacy cuesheet handling.
  * Add writing updated replaygain info to all supported tag
  * Fix setting focus on the main window / playlist on startup.
  * Change volume up/down actions to have a step of 1dB instead of
  * Fix bigendian support in the converter.
  * Update DUMB and GME to the newest versions.
  * Fix handling of several formats in sndfile plugin.
    metadata fields.
  * Add loading plugins from a $DEADBEEF_PLUGIN_DIR directory.
  * Fix a bug which was skipping next track after deleting current
  * DUMB and GME can now do their own proper infinite looping in
    "Loop single" mode.
  * alac: Fix bits per sample varying from what the MP4 container
  * psf: Fix crash after format probing failure.
  * Search window title will show the number of search results.
  * SRC resampler: Fix very rare buffer overflow crash.
  * mp3: Add LAME preset support.
  * album art: Fix scaling of non-square images.
  * ffmpeg: Update to support new library versions.
  * gtkui: Improve playlist column drag-n-drop.
  * Configuration file is now written with 0600 permissions.
  * Add tracktotal and disctotal support for many tagging formats.
  * Add extended ID3v1 genres.
  * Fix int-float conversion off-by-one precision bug.
  * Fix sorting algorithm u8_strcasecmp stability issue.
  * Fix playlist context menu actions to work on clicked playlist,
    instead of the current one.
- Add plugin licences to the main package.
- Move GME plugin to the main package.
- Rebase deadbeef-fix_ubuntu_unity_desktop.patch.
- Update deadbeef-compiler-warnings.patch.
- Remove workaround_div_by_zero.diff: merged upstream.
* Tue Sep 01 2015
- Enable Gtk2 build.
- Move Game Music Emu and AOSDK plugins to deadbeef-plugins-extra
  package: non-commercial restriction makes these plugins non-FOSS.
- Require deadbeef-plugins-extra instead of recommending in PMBS.
* Thu Jun 25 2015
- Fix compiler warnings
* Tue Jun 02 2015
- Fix build of vfs_zip plugin.
- Rename deadbeef-restricted-plugins to deadbeef-plugins-extra.
- Move locales to deadbeef-lang package.
- Move documentation to a proper directory.
- Do not use _service for downloading the tarball.
- Spec cleanup.
* Sat Nov 08 2014
- New upstream version 0.6.2
  - added "Stop playback after current album finished" (Aleksejs Popovs)
  - added ALAC, OPUS, OggFlac encoder presets (Ian Nartowicz)
  - added configure option to build artwork plugin without network support
  - added new widget for muting chiptune voices
  - added support for SHIFT-JIS charset detection/recoding (off by default)
  - fixed "stop after current" bug, which required player restart on every change
  - fixed --gui command line option
  - fixed GUI seeking accuracy bug
  - fixed bug in extended frame flags conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tag formats
  - fixed crash when loading playlist from command line
  - fixed loading album art (APIC frame) from ID3v2.4 with data length indicator
  - fixed non-utf8 locale support in console
  - fixed support for vorbis files with more than 6 channels
  - fixed playlist count limit bug
  - fixed preserving file permissions after editing ogg files
  - fixed several bugs in PLS playlist format support
  - improved FreeBSD and OSX support
  - improved charset detection in CUE and ID3v1
  - improved album art column rendering/resizing (Christian Boxdörfer)
  - improved the build system and the output build quality
  - improved detection of config changes, to avoid unnecessary config writing
  - improved support for reading APEv2 and ID3v1 tags from large files (>2Gb)
  - updated licensing information in all plugins, to include information about all used libraries
  - aac: added workaround for 7 channel sound playback bug
  - ape: play files with format >= 4.11, improved error handling
  - artwork: many fixes and improvements, including support for non-tagged files
  - dumb: added option to configure internal volume
  - ffmpeg: fixed bitrate calculation
  - ffmpeg: fixed replaygain support
  - flac: fixed/improved many things in tag reading and writing code
  - gme: added support for loading gzipped modules from supported archives (e.g. from zips)
  - gtkui, pltbrowser: better accessibility
  - gtkui: added option to disable seekbar overlay
  - gtkui: added option to display playback state as unicode characters, instead of bitmaps
    (works better on HDPI screens)
  - gtkui: added support for design mode to more widgets (seekbak, volumebar, playback toolbar)
  - gtkui: fixed bug in gtk_drag_check_threshold handler
  - gtkui: numerous fixes in widget layout code
  - gtkui: single/double clicking on album art column will select/play the album/group
    (Christian Boxdörfer)
  - lastfm: added support for scrobbling radio streams (off by default)
  - lastfm: added support for scrobbling tracks shorter than 30 sec (off by default)
  - lastfm: improved support for musicbrainz track id
  - mms: fixed few buffer overflow bugs, improved responsiveness
  - mp3: optimized scanner: less backward seeks during frame syncing
  - shellexec: fixed escaping of single quotes, prevent opening copies of shxui dialogs
  - vfs_zip: huge speed improvements
  - vorbis, oggflac: new tagging code (Ian Nartowicz)
  - improved plugin duplicate checking
  - fixed RIFF WAVE header writing in converter
  - fixed 8bit png crash in album art plugin (Ian Nartowicz)
  - static builds now use -O3 -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 compiler flags
  - fixed few issues with implementation of the Play button
  - improved tag writing in converter
  - fixed issues with "background jobs are running" warning
  - changed all wiki links to point to the new wiki on github
  - improved streamer event handling, to make the GUI more responsive and stable
  - fixed cleaning up downloaded temporary playlist files
  - Fixed skipping bad FLAC__METADATA_TYPE_CUESHEET blocks in FLAC
  - added support for uppercase .CUE extension
  - added "mpga" extension support (mp3)
  - fixed seeking backwards using hotkeys when in the beginning of a track
* Mon Mar 03 2014
- libffmpeg_oldabi-devel (required to build) was replaced by
  libffmpeg-devel to fix packman's build.
* Sat Feb 22 2014
- new upsream version 0.6.1
  - don't allow spawning multiple instances of converter
  - added config option to help debug buffering/streaming
  - ffmpeg plugin can now handle dynamic data format changes
  - added support for loading plugins from ~/.local/lib{32|64}/
    /deadbeef, depending on running deadbeef build version
  - removed libstdc++ hacks from C++ plugins
  - paused network streams don't attempt to prebuffer until played
  - unpausing network streams always restarts them
  - prevent loading playlists from archives
    (treat them like folders)
  - hide the "Hotkeys" tab from preferences
    if hotkeys plugin is not available
  - don't build shellexecui if not building shellexec
  - prevent passing non-utf8 filenames to progress dialog
  - don't delete replaygain info from FLACs when writing tags
  - gui layout designer, with a set of widgets to choose from
    (View -> Design mode, then use right click)
  - new API for creating GUI extension plugins
  - visualization support, spectrum analyzer and scope widgets
  - new hotkeys system, which adds local hotkeys,
    and many more actions to choose from
  - playlist browser widget:
    a vertical alternative to playlist tabs
  - album art viewer widget
  - selection properties widget
  - button widget: put custom buttons to main window,
    and assign any actions to them
  - showing seek time in the bar during seeking
  - added worldofspectrum downloader to artwork plugin
    (for AY tunes)
  - native flac cuesheet support
  - added GTK3.6 filechooser filter regression workaround
  - added location field to the metadata tab in track properties
  - new WMA plugin
  - added customizable content-type mapper,
    to associate network streams with plugins
  - subtracks no longer get written to pls and m3u
  - warn a user if he attempts to quit while a job is running
    (e.g. converter)
  - added GTK3 touchpad smooth scrolling support
    (kudos to thesame)
  - added option to always convert 16 bit input signal to 24 bit
  - added OPUS and TAK support in the static build (via ffmpeg)
- switched to _service file.
- post-build-checks were disabled because of
- update deadbeef-fix_ubuntu_unity_desktop.patch